I have been working my butt off finishing a commission of two comic pages worth of stuff.
Trixie's Cucking Session Part 3
Trixie's Cucking Session Part 4 (Edit: Oops, I accidentally uploaded the same pagfe twice, but I fixed it now.)
Hope there are other people out there that enjoy dickgirls with huge dicks and lots of massive cum inflated bellies.

Cinndrie has drawn something truly forbidden...
Cursed Content from a Forbidden Timeline

This is what the new summary style would look like with the stats attached. What do you think?

I didn't get that many bites on my Zu&Jo face templates, which is unfortunate... But I guess I'll have to come up with a bunch myself, then. Perhaps I'll do some streaming again next week, it's been quite a while now, eh?
Remember this link if you wanna check it out: RockCandy on Picarto
Can't really say when I'll stream, gotta do some prep work to set up and think through how to build the mouth/eye stuff. Mm. Sitting here thinking about it now, but I should go to bed and actually look at it tomorrow, so... Night!
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I believe I have a VA for both Zu and Jo now. I won't be able to get Jo's lines recorded til November though, since the VA was quite busy til then. Nonetheless, it feels good to have one settled. Should get Zu's recorded some time soon though, if things go as they should.

So, I'm at a stage where there's not really a lot of things I can do with the flash project right now. Waiting for coding, voices and music... Although I haven't heard from the music guy in months, so I don't think I'll have much luck there. Perhaps I need to look for an alternative.
There's one thing I can do though, and that is facial expressions.
I'm doing this thing again; draw a face for Zu & Jo that I might add in the game! I got a lot of faces done for Sofi, and it really made her become super expressive due to all the different ideas.

Unlike Sofi's faces though, happy faces are welcome along with sad ones.

While I wait for facial expressions to drop in, I've been working on drawing stuff. So far I've made... One.
Toilet Tentacles Revisited
The thing I'm working on currently is two comic pages, so it's taking some time to finish.

We've got Sofi fan art by OverSleeperGirl as well!
Sofi Blow

I also did some tweaking to Zu's winter clothes colors, but I don't know what color to give her hat and gloves, really.

Also updated the stats thing, just to see if it perhaps makes things more clear. I might tweak them slightly though.

Tell me what you think, ya?
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From sickness and what not. Being sick directly after a trip really threw me off my game. Feels like I lost all of my drawing experience and I'm starting over from zero. Also been struggling with giving Zu new facial expressions in her new refs. Very frustrating.

Here's what I got currently, outside of the facial expressions, I think they're pretty much done.

I was also toying with the idea of adding some character attribute ratings to perhaps help with getting a good grasp of them. But it has also been quite difficult, with deciding what categories to include and what each term actually represents... Here's my first draft of them, I'm not sure if it is a good idea or not. But if it seems interesting, I'm all for ideas on how to improve it.

Well, I shall continue to try to get myself back in the game again. Hopefully I have something more worthwhile to share next week.
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I'm sick with a cold right now, so I'm gonna keep this short.
I've been traveling a bit, so I was away from friday until yesterday, but I managed to catch a cold during it. It was constantly raining, utterly terrible.

So I'm just gonna dump some art and fan art without much fanfare here.

The Yakumo Anal Incident

Fan art from Cinndrie:
Zoo's Revenge
Sad Girl

Fan art from other:
Scary Murder Lady
Scary Murder Lady 2

Just sitting upright makes me feel light headed, so I'll go back to resting now...
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Finding a VA that don't chicken out on bestiality and rape themes is very difficult, which makes it really difficult to also get one that fits the voice I'm imagining Zu would have. I've got only a handful that have auditioned, but none that really sticks the role so far. Bleh.

Well, I'm late this week because I wanted to finish a drawing in time for the update, but then as I uploaded it I realised that I already had one to post. So whatever, here's two drawings!

Hungry Succubus, a "custom" drawing that was voted forward by the discord community.
Should've Used the Web, Ellie gets a nasty surprised in the old library archives.

Also got a piece of commissioned fan art!
Zara & Dickgirl Ellie
Pretty interesting to see how my characters were adapted into this anime style!
Good piece overall, too!
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I mentioned how I was using a new way of lipsyncing last time, ye? Well, I'm now all done with the lipsyncing. I've successfully lipsynced around probably 400 voice clips in just a few days. Pretty good, I'd say!

I might not have told you about this before, but the new version of the game won't be released as a swf; it's now an executable, and should also work with HTML5... I just need to get a new version of RC.se to support it, but that's also on its way. Thanks to all of the patrons, I'm able to hire a guy who's working on a new version of the site which will most likely be a lot more userfriendly and be worth sticking around at.

Anyway, since it's not in flash anymore, there's a lot of tweaking and optimizing that needs to be made to make sure the game runs well, and that there aren't ugly visual glitches amongst other things. It is why it's taking a long time to get this thing out, FallowWing has been working on porting flash to this new format basically singlehandedly.
We've also added a lot more customization to Sofi's part, along with fixing a lot of small issues and adding further details. A few examples are, eyebrows changing color with the hair, pube styles and being able to turn off the belly button squirt.

Here's a screenshot of what it looks currently; although we might see a lot of small changes before it's ready to be released. And I can't really say when that will be, either.

Wow! It's like Sofi is our guinea pig as we experiment to see what's possible and not!
There are still a lot of things for us to do, but we're doing our best. It's a lot of fun too.
(unlike trying to find voiceactresses, blergh)

Anyway, I've finished a commission!
Beach Bunny Breeding, Zu gets a surprise dicking on the beach.

Well, I think that's all I had for today. I'm off to do more Sofi tweaking, since there's always some new issues that come up.
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Here's a drawing!
Mouth Butt 2; I remade that old picture... But I don't know if it came out any better.

And as I promised last time, here's a screenshot of the Zu&Jo part!

What do you think?

I've been working on lipsyncing this week, with Fallow's new lipsync program. It's looking surprisingly good, even though it's not as smooth as doing it all by hand. But of course, we're getting a lot more done much faster, this way. I tried streaming it, but the debug version is rather taxing on my computer, so I can't really stream it without massive frame drops. Which makes it super difficult to time phonemes. Unfortunate, but I'm making progress!

Right now, I'm hunting for a VA for Zu. She needs a pretty specific type of voice and acting... Finding a good one is very difficult.
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Eyo, all! An update coming on time this time!

I have now finished all the cum animations needed in Zu&Jo's part, along with actually finalizing Jo's look. It was a pretty easy process, aside from me having to go in and adding some animation to a static piece of hair thorough the entire thing. I'll prolly show you a preview of her next update. Next up, I'm gonna go back to working on Sofi's part again; this time redoing the lipsync... Kind of a waste to let all that old animation go to waste, but since we got completely new voice lines recorded, and the way the voice system was changed it's a necessary change. This time, however, it's not all gonna be animated by hand, but by code. Even though, you gotta manually input the strings, so it'll still take a while to get through them all. There's a little more than 500 different voice clips for Sofi, so it's definitely going to be faster than animating the lipsync all by hand, hoahoa. It won't look as smooth, but hopefully it will give the flash a bit more variety in how it sounds and looks. We're gonna use the same system for the other parts eventually as well. I will stream some of this process, most likely, since... Why not?

Enough about flash. I've got a drawing to share today.
Dream Request, I dreamt somebody commissioned this; so I tried to replicate it from memory. It's not an exact replica, but the jist of it is still there.

I've got a two page comic sketch laying in wait to be cleaned up as well, but I'm waiting to get some help writing the script and dialog for it... Since I'm doing traditional art, it's important to be able to make space for all the text boxes before you start cleaning it up, hard to add 'em in post.
By the way, have you guys noticed how in 3D porn comics, the speechbubbles and text always seem to be made in MSPaint or something similarly basic and often being terribly placed, sized and made hard to read... And also often full of spelling errors? I dunno, it's just something that I've noticed.
I guess it's not really relevant to anything, but I just started thinking about it and I'm tired and rambling. Let's just move on...

I have some more commissioned fan art by a fan! This time, based on an idea I've had for a while, but didn't get to making myself.
Anal on Skis Version 1
Anal on Skis Version 2
I wasn't told who the artist actually was, so I don't know made it... But it's nice, nonetheless!
This is what my original sketch looked like, for anyone interested.

And lastly... New ref sketch of Zu. I didn't want to do it, but I had to in the end.

I'm looking for feedback on her still, so please let me know what you think.
I've always had such a trouble getting her face look right when digitalizing her. I don't really have the same problem with the other characters' faces. But don't just focus on the face, take a good look on the entirety of her!
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For a while now, I've been working on cum splatter effects for the different dick options in Zu&Jo's part. 3 unique sets of 4 different splurt anmiations per dick, minus the dog, in total. Just finished 'em up, and boy am I glad I don't plan on having multiple dick options in any other part, hoahoa. That took forever.
The more frustrating part is that I've been getting nowhere with my Zu VAs. They keep leading me on and then after a long time has passed they say they're unable to, which really suuuuucks so now I gotta hunt for a new one again.

I've also been working on finishing my to-draw list, as I've been talking about before, I think. There's only 2 items on it left! And I've been sketching on one of them during this week. What I was thinking would be a two part drawing turned into a two page comic instead, due to some fun suggestions and ideas... So much for keeping it simple.
Well, the last one should at least be straight forward.
Unfortunately, the next list already has 25 items on it already...

Before I go, I'm leaving these funny sketches of Sofi that Sinsigat made!
Sofi Sketch 1
Sofi Sketch 2
Sofi Sketch 3
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I recorded nearly 4 hours of gameplay for a highlights video, only to find out at the end that all audio was muted. And there was so many good moments in there, now all lost. It's such a soul crushing feeling, I had a hard time recovering enough to do anything worthwhile after that.

But, I managed to get this drawing done, at least:
Meaty Mishaps, Rebecka has done some experimenting on Zara...

I also got a bunch of fan art this week! The first set comes from a fan who commissioned some Ellie stuff.
Wardrobe Malfunction 1
Wardrobe Malfunction 2
Wardrobe Malfunction 3
Wardrobe Malfunction 4
Wardrobe Malfunction 5
Wardrobe Malfunction 6

And the second set from SyncedUp on our discord server!
Sofi's Thighs
Sofi's Thighs Cum Version

Thanks a lot to both of you!

Now, I can't remember if there was anything else I wanted to say, because of that whole audio failure grating on my mind, so... I'm just gonna go to bed. Will stream some flash progress during the week, though, I started that back up again.
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