I was in Japan for two weeks, and when I came back, my PC wasn't starting up. Being the PC pleb that I am, I couldn't fix it by my own, so I was unable to get it working again for around a week, until a friend from Norway came over and solved the problem. That explains my long absence. I've been very frustrated the entire time. I have so much to catch up on now, it feels terrible. Barely even know where to start.

I'll have to figure that out soon I guess. Got myself a new disk, so I have some file migrating and such to do as well.

Anyway, won't bother you with the details. Let me post some art & fan art I recieved while I was away.

Something I drew before I headed off to Japan, I exchanged drawings with Jessie while we met up over there.
He guided me around Akihabara and I got some cool loot with me!
Panty Treasures

And here's some of what Jessie gave me! He's so fast at sketching up things, and so consistent too! And he said he wasn't good at traditional art!
Sofi Zoo Wong
Jessie Sketches
Sofi and Jessie (I requested this one!)

Next up is one from Avv, based off of one of our Worms Armaggeddon sessions:
Fat Ass Nun Sofi

Here's fan art of Sixten made by americano sunflower!
Sixten in the Water

And some 3D scenes of Johanna, recreated in Honey Select I believe, done by Martux!
Johanna Glory Hole 1
Johanna Glory Hole 2
Johanna Glory Hole 3

Really amazing stuff from everyone!

Well, I need to catch up on a lot, so I'll leave it at this for now. I really just needed to post an update.
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Hey, a little heads up! I'm going on a trip next week and I'll be away for a while, so don't look for a new update until the end of April! I really wish I wasn't though, because I have so many things to do... Well, I'll leave some things for my collaborators to do in the meantime. Recently, I've started up a bunch... We'll see if they lead anywhere. But, the Gooper Blooper remake is still on hold until EX can get working on and finish a commission I asked him to do before the alien stuff even came up. That's what we're gonna get done first now. Hm.

Well, I finished the work on the extra feature for Zu&Jo, and it's basically finished right now. I'm still waiting for voice work though, so hopefully I'll recieve those voice things while I'm gone and I can put it together. I considered showcasing it in motion before I left, but it looks kinda drab without the girls reacting to it so I'm holding it off for now.

Here's one thing that I spent the last three days or so finishing up before I leave as well!
Shoplifting Shenanigans Page 5, the page that was gonna be the last one, until it wasn't anymore.
Drawing all of those extra details on Zara took a whole lot of time.

Someone commissioned a thing from Red Eye Samurai, who's doing Project X modding stuff, to do a Zu animation in the game style. It's pretty thorough, so definitely take a look.
Zu & Velociraptor

That's it for me. I gotta go sleep and then prepare for the trip.
Hope to see ya guys when I get back again.
I'll be active on discord every now and then though, most likely.
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I've spent like one and a half weeks working on the new feature, but I finally finished all of the graphics for it. Hoped to get it done in time for Fallow to code it together, but no such luck. Gotta wait til next week to see it in action.

Otherwise, there's been a whole lot lately for me to fight for my attention. Suddenly there's multiple projects to juggle.
I'm going on a trip this month too, so I have to prioritize what I need to finish for the boys before I leave.

One of these things will be the last part of the shoplifting shenanigans comic, so that's what I'm gonna be doing next.

We'll see what I have in store for ya next. Even I barely know right now. Hope to give some solid news next week!
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Been working on one final additional feature for Zu&Jo the last few days. Something I've wanted to include for a while and just decided to start doing in the middle of last week. Once it is ready and functional I'll let you know and show a picture or two! I still have a lot left to draw.

I also heard back from Jo's OG VA, DornsVoice, that she can record the remaining voice lines at the end of the month or at the beginning of April! So that's gonna be neat! I wanted some new lines recorded for the new feature as well, so it's good timing.

Otherwise, we're making progress on the baby presentation and the new menues and UI stuff. Still got some ways to go, but there's a lot to take into consideration. Design is difficult.

I've been focusing a lot on HHHW lately, so a lot of other things have been left on the backburner. But, I'll get to them in time.
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Whoops, I almost forgot to update. Forgot that yesterday was sunday.
Been working on more of the UI elements of the whole baby thing. There's more to it than you'd think. I was planning on releaseing it together with other small fixes and improvements, but I might just do those as separate releases. We'll see. There's so much small shit to doooo!

By the way, if you're an audio or composer boy, and you wanna do some work with the sound design and music for HHHW, please get into contact with me. You can DM me on discord or twitter.
I'm in need of someone who knows what they're doing.
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Got a few artsy things done recently. I've still not drawn enough to feel really confident in my drawings, but I had to get this next page of the Shoplifting Shenanigans done. It came out decent enough, I'd say.
Check for yourself: Shoplifting Shenanigans Page 4!

I also finished up my Zara re-design (I think), here's what those look like:

As you can see, I made her a bit more brighter. I made her outfits a bit more girly as well, and returning to a version of her kinky outfit that resembles the original one I made. I think it still fits her pretty well. Let me know what you think!

We're making progress with the baby stuff too... I didn't realize how much effort was going to be needed to make the presentation for the baby results, being able to save the babies and whatnot! Our first attempt might not be beautiful, but hopefully functional. We're probably gonna have to see what feedback we can get on things once it's comes out.
Here's a Sofi baby. Don't think I've shown off one of them before, mostly because it's been a struggle to get things to work with her.

Sofi's part is so old, it's been a pain to make it work with the new stuff we've implemented!

Along making a good looking baby results screen, we're also gonna completely redo the main menu in HHHW. We've heard the complaints about things being hard to find and whatnot, and with the help of people who are better at designing things than I am (which admittely, is not very difficult, I have 0 sense for such things) I have managed to put together a menu that will be easier to browse.
Here's what the new design will look like!

Still a WIP so things might change, there are still concept text on it as you can see.

Oh and ye, we want to make it so that you can print out a picture of any babies you like! Like, the game will fart out a PNG of a baby, so you can... I dunno, share it online, use it as a display picture or something.

See a nice looking baby in your saved babies gallery? Print it out! Let it be free from the constraints of the game!
Such technology, isn't it amazing?

Still a lot left to do though, so many small things scattered here and there that needs to get attention. Pretty hard to keep track of it all. Gah. I'm gonna go do some more of that now.
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Keepin' it really short today.
I've mostly been doing background work on various things, so not a lot to say or show.
Got so many different things to work on that it is difficult to decide what to prioritize!

Well, at least there's this life sign of me, so... I'm off to most likely figure out some particles effects stuff.
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As march marches in, it seems like things are clearing up though. Sure hope so.

Anyway, I've been working on getting the scene for the Gooper Blooper remake to look presentable. It's not completely finished yet, but you can see what we're going for here.

I have to tweak and finish up some of the remaining art needed, we'll see when I get to that. I'm also trying to make some progress on the baby stuff for HHHW! There's a lot of other background stuff I need to do for it, so there's plenty of things to do.

I'll leave you with this for now, I want to get some good progress in these last days of february!
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Sorry for being late again. I've had an unusual amount of things to get through these last couple of weeks, and I get easily overwhelmed. It should let up soon though.

I've been focusing mostly on trying to get the Ellie scene ready for EX to get animating. He's gonna have to get into creating scenes in flash eventually, but I have to show him how to do it most efficiently. I'm trying to get in some work on HHHW in between. Also trying to get the new Zara redesign ready as well. I'm almost done with that though! I'm just having some issues with a few outfit designs...

Got some mixed responses from the baby showcase last update.
The baby stuff will matter in the story mode, but since we need everything to be done before we can put that together, getting the baby stuff done now will also make for a fun toy to play with in the scene select. Don't worry, how it works will make sense once the story is revealed.

Before I go, I have this fan art from Synced Up! A 3 page story:
Sofi & Zara Page 1
Sofi & Zara Page 2
Sofi & Zara Page 3
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Sorry for the long wait. A combination of wanting everyone to see the previous announcement, doing a bit of traveling and becoming sick right after made me delay a bit longer than I wanted. I'm still sick, so I'll keep this short.

Let me show you some babies!

I've had the assets for babies done since last summer, at least the majority of it, so there's not a whole lot left when it comes to the baby graphics at all. It's mostly programming and UI design from here on out, plus some bug fixing and tiny all-around improvements.

The babies you make will be influenced by what dicks you use. It's really fun to see some of the combinations you can get. I sometimes just get stuck making new ones 'cause it amuses me. Here are some of my... favorites?

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