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Latest news
A feature that's been requested by deaf fans, is subtitles. We're getting 'em to work, but I gotta type in and/or copy paste each one in manually! There are sometimes deviations from script to voiced line, so I gotta make sure I catch each! Here's what it looks like currently. Don't mind the placeholder graphics and such. I'll be able to change font and color of the text later, so we'll see how good it'll look after I've gotten all of 'em in there.

We're also working on making achievements more worthwhile, adding a bunch of bonus features and customization in the process. Otherwise new players might get overwhelmed by all of the things we've added. Along those also comes the much requested achievement requirement hint list, so you're not in the dark of what to do unlock the more out there ones.

Here's also a comic page I finished up!
Zu, Orc Masturbator Aid, a pretty fun idea, if I do say so myself.
I've got another comic page to do after this, so maybe I'll have that done in a week or two.

I'm all done with Zelda now, so things will return to normal again!
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