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Latest news
The new menu and UI stuff is starting to come together... We won't have everything we've planned ready for the next release, but I'm looking forward to seeing reactions to the new stuff at least. Fallow wasn't able to stream this weekend, so the release might be pushed back a little! I did a bunch of small things that has piled up during the week, and combined with a lot of bugs I found, Fallow has a lot of things to get through next time. We'll see once we get there, I suppose.

I've been working on a lot of drawings too, but I got a bunch of unfinished sketches just laying about waiting for confirmation from the people who asked for them... But I managed to finish one!

The Pepperspray Incident, Aisha comes back to see Ellie again.

I also had a spurt of creativity and created the audio for Rock n' Raz 19. That's something I might get to animating while the feedback for the next release is pouring in and before I return to the Zara remake.
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