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Latest news
I was hoping to have the results of the Yulia art contest we held during September, but Yulia got delayed so it'll have to wait til later. That's why I'm late today. Once we've got the results, I'll post the submissions we got!

Spent the week doing a lot of sketching. I did a lot but I felt like I didn't get anywhere! I still have parts left of the commission on hand to draw, but if I can sketch those up soon I can get to cleaning them up and it'll feel like I actually make progress.

Fallow made the improvements to the editor that I asked for, so I'll possibly also have some WIP screenshots of the baby stuff soon. I gotta add in a bunch of colors and palettes... Not my strong suit, since I'm super colorblind, but I've asked some people to help me out with that. Hope the results look good in game. It will be really interesting to see how it will turn out.

I recieved a couple of surprise fan arts this weekend, from Fran-chan!
Thick Sofi and Building a Snowman! Cute stuff!

Oh ye, I also finished some drawings.
The Golden Ticket, a beginning of yet another story line.
Easy to Misinterpret, Zu doesn't always know what her ideas might look like in the eyes of others.

And, I updated some bios and summaries to be up to date.
Did a lot of tweaking on Lollo; especially on the latter part of her backstory. Read it here if you are interested.

Elias Summary
Simon Summary
Lotta Summary
Felix Summary
Matilda Summary
Hampus Summary
Malin Summary
Mikaela Summary
Johanna Summary
Sixten Summary
Ellie Summary
Sofi Summary
Zu Summary
Zara and Lollo are coming, I got an error trying to upload those for some reason.

Mm, and I think that was all I got for today. Hope to have some good stuff to show off on sunday, along with the Yulia submissions.
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