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Latest news
And Zu now has around 950 voice clips all by herself, rather than the shared amount between the two being around the same amount.
I'm already done with 10% tho, so maybe it won't take forever?

I only started I think... Wednesday or thursday, because I tweaked and added some extra stuff elsewhere beforehand. I added in a few new expressions for Sofi's first phase, to make it more distinct. I thought it was sorely needed. Also changed two of Zu's horny eye variations, because I thought they looked kinda bad (the wide open, small pupil ones.) They're now replaced with these two:

Now there's nothing left to do with Sofi or Zu&Jo, so lipsync is all I'll have to look forward to for the near future!
If you wanna catch me streaming the process, I do that here: https://picarto.tv/RockCandy.

I also finished a couple of drawings.
Foal Breeder, you want to know what Zu looks like after a session in HHHW?
50 Butt Babies?!, someone posted something silly and I had to doodle it.
I have a comic page in the works, it is around 55% complete. Featuring Zara, 'cause there's actually 0 Zara on the current to-draw list, this is a bonus thing unrelated to that.

Sinsigat colored the Sofi marriage follow up!
Sofi Marrying 2 Colored
I added the wedding cosmetic options for Sofi in Sofi's part because of these drawings.
Oh ye, I totally forgot to show off some of the Sofi cosmetics last time, but here they are for those who are curious:
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