Welcome to the About page! Here I'll cover some frequently asked questions.


...Flash, Games and Animations.

My flash projects are what I'm most known for, aren't they? What goes into making a flash animation? Well, it quite depends on the scope of it. In the early days, I'd just animate a simple concept and string it together with some basic buttons. As I wanted to make more complex works, the need for more complex code was needed. Since I'm terrible at coding myself, I found myself in need of a coding partner. I've had a few different guys help me out during the years, but I've lost contact with a lot of them since then. Still, I'm grateful to everyone who helped me out to create these flashes! Couldn't have done it without the lot of you.
Making a flash game or animation can be a very demanding task, and that is why I gotta have personal interest in what I'm making. If I've got no interest in working on something, then I'm not gonna have much motivation to work on it, and the quality will take a huge dip, or even result in it being scrapped. That is why I gotta have an interesting idea or concept that keeps me going all the way through!
Nowadays, my games have become much more complex than what I started out with, I hope you've taken notice. So developement times are very long, especially since I'm just a single man doing most of the art, animation, sound design & mixing and various other tasks. I'm lucky to have FallowWing to help out with the coding, he's very talented!
By the way, if you have trouble playing the older flash games, it's because flash has been discontinued. You can still play them by downloading the swf files and then playing them in a standalone Flash player.
You can download the Flash player here: https://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/updaters/32/flashplayer_32_sa.exe

...the Other Content I Make.

Outside of the flash content, I also draw traditional art. Good way to spice things up and not get burnt out. I don't have any education in art, which might be obvious to some. Instead I've just been drawing because I find it fun and somehow reached a point where my art looks decent most of the time.
I like drawing things that play off or challenge the personality of abilities of characters. I prefer drawing new ideas and concepts, even if I might have a general theme in my art. Even if something is quite out there in themes or content, it's all just for fun and kinks. Don't try to look for something deep in there, 'cause there isn't any. I leave stuff like politics, real world events and memes out of what I draw. Plenty of that stuff elsewhere.
Now, why don't I color my art, you ask? Quite simply, I'm colorblind. I can't say which type I have, but I can't really make out hues across the entire spectrum. This is why my colored refs and flash work might look quite bright and in your face, or so I have been told. I need that to tell which color I'm looking at, which is why I'm quite bad at drawing moody stuff. I focus on the line art, story and character portrayal instead.


If you like what you've been seeing and want to support me and the work I'm creating, you can find our Patreon page here: https://www.patreon.com/rockcandy
It's the only option we've got set up so far, maybe we'll look into alternatives in the future if needed or asked for.
Supporting us with money means we've got more incentive to continue working on the games! With your support I can improve my work and your experience in the following ways;
  • Coding
  • With FallowWing on my team, I can continue to create in Flash with his custom built engine! It'll only get better as we work with it, and we can make other types of games as well.
  • Additional Art
  • Having extra artists work on various parts of the project while I work on animation speeds up the developement a lot! Extra animators would be even more helpful, but they're hard to come by.
  • Voice Acting
  • Good voice acting doesn't come cheap, I've come to learn. With your support I can continue to have my characters fully voiced in various projects.
  • Music
  • Having original music in my games has always been something I held in high regard. Paying composers to make original tracks for my projects is sure to make the experience better.
  • Tech Support and Website Developement
  • Building the site to be bigger and better and keeping it running has been troublesome for me for a long time. With your support, I hope that can change!
I'm very grateful to everyone who supports me! Even small monthly donations helps when it all adds up! It all helps me to continue the work I do and not keep anything behind paywalls.

...Commissions, Art Trades & Fan Made Content.

I do art commissions sometimes. The way I do it is, I open up a bunch of slots, make a list and then hold a poll with all of the commissions, requests and art trades on it. Then the highest voted for option gets drawn next. Repeat until the list is empty. So if you want to be on this list, be ready once the list is starting to empty up.
Art trades go the same way! Ask me about it and if I accept to do an art trade, I'll add you to the list. I might prioritise the trade if I recieve the traded piece, to be fair.
Wanna draw fan art? Or write fan fiction? Fine with me! I only have a few guidelines I'd like you to respect.
  • Try to keep their personalities intact
  • Try to keep them on model
  • Don't involve them distasteful content, like politics and real-world events.
  • Otherwise, most fetish art is fine. Even if I might not personally enjoy the fetish.
Send your content to me through either of these means:
  • DM on Discord
  • Post in the #fan-art channel on the RC.se Discord server
  • DM on Twitter
  • DM on NewGrounds
(Links to these platforms down below)


Interested in what we're doing here and want to team up with us? I'll gladly accept any help I can get! There are many things I'd like to do, but cannot, due to lack of manpower.
The remaking of old flash projects, creating an RPG game featuring my characters and their universe, creating new character music themes... A lot of things I want to do, but requires the help of people with different talents than I have!
I'd offer compensation for your work as well, if you truly want to join us in the creating of more games and animations.
A list of useful skills I'm in need of:
  • Animating in Adobe Flash/Animate
  • Digital Art
  • Sprite Art
  • Music Composition
  • Sound Editing/Mixing
  • Voice Acting
If you're interested, don't be afraid to contact me at any of the places below:

...Contact & Other Platforms.

Wanna get into contact with me? If you leave a comment on the site anywhere, I'm gonna notice it within 24 hours usually.
If you want to get into direct contact with me, you can do so by any of these methods: If RC.se happens to be down, you can also find and get into contact with me at these other platforms: I update these very seldom, but I still check in from time to time, so if you leave a message I'll let your know what's up.