After being a mostly snowless winter, there suddenly came in a whole bunch yesterday. Feels a bit late... Just like this update, I guess. I'm really bad at getting these done on sunday nights, but I always am too busy or tired to write 'em. Blahgh.

I did finish up those animations, once I got into the groove again it went smoother than I expected. Now, I return to making mouth animations... Jo needs to get some expressions made. Was thinking of streaming some today, but it got real late all of a sudden, so I'll save it for tomorrow.

Have some drawings I finished instead!
A Different Kind of Wrecking Game, I am always skeptical of myself when drawing characters from a different art style...
Taking Action, a request from here on If you're still around, this one is for you!
Catching Up, Trixie has a revelation.

Posted 21st of February 2022 - 20:09 by