Zara Linda Kat
The impulsive catgirl with the high sex drive.

•Full Name:
Zara Linda Kat

•Theme Song:
Sex and Wrath.... and more Sex


~1.70 meters. [5’7”]

~72 kg [158 lbs]

Monday, 20th February, 1989

•Eye Color:

•Hair Color:

•Favorite set of clothes:
For someone in her financial situation Zara has an expansive wardrobe, and likes to dress to impress, depending on mood and occasion. A lot of her garments are revealing, daring or sometimes outright kinky, but there are a lot of spontaneously bought colorful items as well.

Here is her casual outfit:

A pink sweater.
A sweater with a white collar and a rim at the bottom. Features black shiny cufflinks on the sleeves. It’s sort of a mix between a shirt and a sweater.

A red push up bra.
A simple push up bra.

A pair of green jeans.
Pretty tight around her ass, but still easy to move around in. They has a hole cut in the back for her tail.

Red panties with a black ribbon.
Matches her bra.

White socks.
Regular socks. Might be a bit smelly after a day worth of moving around.

A pair of red sneakers.
Worn out, but loyal, plain sneakers. They have white laces.

•Breast size:
They have a near-perfect shape and are beautifully symmetrical.

Sweden, in the city of Granköping. She lives in an apartment building outside the city central on the second floor out of three.

Currently working in an adult store where they sell sex toys and porn of various kinds. She occasionally takes up part-time jobs elsewhere to supplement her income.

Zara is generally a nice and fun person. Very social. She likes to pull dirty jokes and puns, perhaps a little too much. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if she's serious or if she's joking. If told to stop, she'll often tone back her dirtiness. She'll gladly speak of whatever comes to mind and is pretty straight forward.

However, she can be pretty moody. Her actions and responses depend wholly on what mood she's in at the moment. One should be cautious when she's mad, a single wrong word can set her off. She's also very headstrong. Once she puts her mind to something, it's very difficult to stop her or make her change her mind about it.

Her impulsiveness is her biggest flaw, acting without thinking about the consequences. She gets bored very easily. Very rarely does she think before acting, which is why she has a hard time keeping a job and saving up money. Zara's been in many fights and arguments because of this, and with how headstrong she is, she often won’t stop even when she knows she's wrong. She wants to be right, or at least feel like she is. It's often up to people in her company to get her to stop. Even then, that might make her lash out at them instead.

If something pushes her over the edge, Zara can have a very hard time controlling her anger. Her tantrums are nothing to laugh at, since she's not afraid to demolish whatever comes her way. All sense of holding back and thinking logically disappears. It's better to just stay out of her way until she has let her anger out and calms down.

It might not look like it, but Zara can defend herself pretty well if she ends up in a fight. She took a few classes in Taekwondo and Judo just in case she ended up in a bad situation some day. Her reflexes are good, she's agile and attacks towards whatever she thinks is the weak point. She can take a few hits before going down, mostly because of her determination to win. She's an extremely bad loser, and won't admit defeat or flee even if her opponent is twice her size. This stays true in games and contests as well.

Zara is very seductive and enjoys teasing people, but seldom leaves anyone with blue balls. She is basically a nymphomaniac. If she's feeling horny, it can be hard for both herself and other people to stop her. However, she can hold back in the presence of close friends or family, or if she feels unsafe.

From time to time, Zara might get struck by sudden waves of guilt and sadness. When this happens, she likes to sit on her bed and stare out the window and think about her life. She knows she should fuck around less, but she hasn't got the willpower to stop. There's a lot of choices she's made where she has taken the easy way out through sex, which sometimes disgusts her. She knows she should focus more on keeping a job and she knows she should try to be more like a mother to Zu, but it is hard to keep that mindset for a long period of time. After all, sex is such a good way to relieve stress.

Zara likes having sex. Since she is pretty attractive, it's not very hard for her to find anybody to get laid with. She likes to hunt younger boys to take their virginity, but also big and buff guys. Therefore she has had a lot of sexual partners, although she seldom keeps up a relationship with a guy. She can be a bit pushy and will become a bit upset if she doesn't get her way through.

Of course, Zara does have other interests than just sex. She loves anything that makes her adrenaline rush, like driving fast in a car or bike, or riding a roller coaster. If they aren’t careful she’s been known to bring friends or new acquaintances along for the ride.

She greatly enjoys window shopping in various stores around the city. Even though she can’t afford much on her limited budget she likes to imagine what she could do if she had more money. Unfortunately, she is sometimes prone to spontaneous purchases where her money would have been better spent on something else.

Zara enjoys traveling too, but unfortunately, she's too poor to go very far. She's too poor to do many of the things she'd like to do. The best thing she can do at the moment is to take a long trip somewhere in her car whenever she has days off and can afford the gas.

As much as Zara likes action and thrilling experiences, she also likes to take it easy or spend time with her friends. After an exhausting day, she just enjoys lying on her couch with a warm cup of tea while watching TV or reading a magazine, or maybe playing some game with Zu.

Since she enjoys sex so much, she’s developed a lot of kinks and fetishes. Some which she just fantasizes about and others which she actually dares to try out. A few things she only imagines trying out are beastiality, rape-play and performing at a glory hole, amongst others. Kinks she’s into and often partakes in are threesomes (or more), pegging, a few exhibitionist acts and her biggest kink and what she loves the most, anal. Receiving anal is the preferred way Zara likes to fuck, it drives her nuts and she gets off of it way more than vaginal. Due to how often she asks for it, word goes around that she’s a butt slut, much to her dislike.

Zara is a very social person, so she wants to hang out with friends and people a lot. She visits movie theatres, parties and different kinds of clubs and bars regularly, hoping to meet new people and have a great time. She can be a bit too forward for most people, though.

Zara likes extreme weather of all kinds as well. Hot summer days, storms, heavy snow and the like. She likes the thrill of standing up against nature and weather.

Zara hates to be ignored or put down, no matter what situation she's in. If she wants to get her word out, she'll make sure everyone gets to hear it. Sometimes she is so intent on getting the last word in she will call back people who have hung up on her, sometimes even repeatedly.
If she feels that she has not been listened to, particularly with customer service calls, she seriously considers driving to the call centre or company in question to yell at whoever is closest.

She doesn't like stuck up people who don't let her have fun. Sometimes she feels as if rules are made just to deny her fun. But she also dislikes when people get too sloppy, lazy or distracted from the matter at hand. Then, rules and acting accordingly are very important to follow!

Waiting is one of Zara's most glaring dislikes, she can be very impatient and impulsive, so it can be hard to make her sit still or quit complaining if put in a waiting room or similar situation.

•Favorite Food:
Meat dishes and spicy food in general. She likes lots of taste.

•Favorite Animal:
Horses. There's just something about them that speaks to her. Their big frame, yet quiet demeanor. She may not be very good at riding on horseback, but she thinks it is fun. There's no doubt that she's fantasized about them in a sexual way.

•Music Tastes:
Zara likes rock music and to a certain limit, techno and trance-ish music. She enjoys fast music with a strong beat and bassline, but doesn't like music with screaming or depressing vocals like heavy metal and similar types. She can also enjoy most other genres, as long as she finds them catchy.

•Linguistic Quirk:
Speaks very fast when excited.

•Top Kinks:
Sex outdoors
Taking virginities

•Important/Dear items:
Her yellow Volvo 240.
It has gone through a lot of reckless rally driving in the city outskirts and on forest roads. Many erotic memories also linger in the backseat of this car. It's a little rusty, but it still works just fine. Might just be a little nostalgia trip for older people who see her driving around in this old hunk o' junk. It’s one of the few things she owns that does not have money owed on. Although she has sucked a few dicks in exchange for petrol or maintenance in the past.

Huge anal beads.
10 big, pink balls on a string. It even has a handle, and Zara likes to swing it around like a whip, like a perverse Indiana Jones. In fact, she uses it more for that than its intended purpose.

A clay dildo.

Made by Zu during an art class in school. Luckily, it barely looks like a dick, so the teachers assumed it was some sort of tower. Zara attempted to use it once, with a lot of lube, but it just didn't work out very well. She placed it on a shelf in her room along with other personal items.

Special headphones.
Specifically designed to fit well with her cat ears. They were expensive, so she is very careful with them.

A pink laptop.
Zara's only computer. It's a bit on the slow side, as it is pretty outdated by today's standards. She wishes she could buy something better, but this is what she's got at the moment. Very useful for emailing, paying bills and keeping up with the news. She has performed sexual favours in the past for technical support.

•Goal in life:
To pay off her debts and buy a house instead of renting.
She wants to live a long, exciting life.

•Greatest fears:
Since she is so open about herself and her sexuality, there’s a great risk of being exploited or worse. She’s afraid that one day in an inattentive moment she’ll be drugged and abducted. So Zara often makes sure she’s in a crowd or with friends when partying.

Even though she is pretty fearless and likes to challenge the world, she is very afraid that something bad is going to happen to Zu. Zara would gladly take a blow if it would mean Zu would be safe.

Aside from a lot of loose relationships with guys and gals she's had sex with, she sadly does not have many close friends. She has a lot of colleagues from different workplaces that she might spend some time with, but she lost most her friends when she realized she's a lot more mature than them.

When Zu was thrown into Zara’s life, Zara was feeling down because she had recently been informed that she was unable to have kids of her own. So Zu became like a daughter to Zara. She taught Zu about many everyday things and rules, comforted her when she was upset and read her stories when she had trouble sleeping. It worked out pretty well, considering Zu calls her mommy to this day. Zu looks up to her a lot, so she’s trying to better herself for Zu’s sake. It’s pretty difficult to change who you are at your core, so instead she does what she thinks would have a negative impact on Zu in secret. It makes her feel pretty bad sometimes. At those times, she likes to spoil Zu with fun and sweets. Zara would do anything to ensure Zu’s safety.

Zara and Sofi don’t get along at all. Not only does she actively mess with or steal Zara’s belongings, but she acts like a little bitch too. Zara always keeps a close eye on Sofi if she’s around. They often get into fights, which can lead to violence if nobody is there to stop them. The only reason she hasn’t completely trashed Sofi, is that she’s Zu’s sole friend, and that Ellie would probably be very upset with her. Yet, she wishes Sofi had never been introduced to them because of the bad influence she has on Zu. Zara refuses to call Sofi “Zoo” because she knows that it annoys her.

Zara and Ellie are the best of friends. Ellie is the only one who Zara feels really understands her, even though there’s quite the age gap between them. When Ellie isn’t busy, they hang out a lot, going on trips together, shopping, working out or just talking. If Zara needs to vent, Ellie listens to her and if Ellie needs to, Zara returns the favor. Zara also picked up on Ellie’s very conservative views on sex and masturbation. She bought Ellie a bunch of sex toys and some soft core porn once, but she doubts Ellie ever bothered to unbox any of it. Ellie is a tough nut to crack, but Zara really wants Ellie to get out there and get rid of her sexual tension. Zara is eternally grateful for each time Ellie has helped her out, and wouldn’t hesitate to help Ellie with anything if she ever needs it.

The circumstances In which Zara met Sixten were anything but good. Zara wasn’t very nice to him either, since she was very upset. Yet he supported her, even though he barely knew her, and despite how she treated him. He was the only one who genuinely listened to what she had to say during this time, Ellie too busy worrying about Zu and her work. Zara is very thankful for this and respects him a lot. Without him, Zara might still have been an emotional wreck. Later, he admitted interest in her, which she respectfully turned down. She had already suspected that was the case. Yet, from what Zu has told her, she might have made a mistake. But now it is too late, she wouldn’t want to have an affair with Zu’s boyfriend, even if it was just a one-time thing. Zara does like to push him around though, his laid back nature makes it fun to put him on the spot.

Sixten's younger brother, who tried too hard to get laid until Zara helped him get rid of his virginity. Zara found it funny how Hampus reacted to that, all shy and insecure, despite being such a horndog. He looks up to her as if she was a being out of this world, which makes the sex even better. They get along pretty well, and they are seen together pretty often. Calling them a pair would probably not be correct, though. She's also thankful to Hampus about the whole Zu thing, and he's never disrespectful about it. Zara’s still amused by the change in personality he goes through when she gets down to business with him.

Zara’s dad Ragnar and her mother Zoe are both native Swedes. However, her mother's family is originally from Britain. Zara still keeps in touch with her parents, mostly over the phone. She calls them often when she needs advice or is upset about something. If they ever need her help, she won’t hesitate to take her car and drive over. She has borrowed a lot of money from them over the years, and she feels bad about it, because she has trouble paying them back. However, this is not a source of tension between them. They do quietly wish she would find a more wholesome and better paying job though.

•Skills/Special Abilities:
Is a quick learner, both practically and mentally.
Great seducer.

•If You Could Have Three Wishes?:
Wish 1: "I wish I had enough money to pay off all my debts."
Wish 2: "I wish for a happy future for me and my friends and family."
Wish 3: "I wish I could get over my addiction..."

•Random & Miscellaneous Facts:
1. Zara's tail is fluffy, unlike the other catgirls' tails.
2. Zara is a lot more intelligent than she lets on, but rarely has the opportunity to use her intellect.
3. Zara was the first catgirl I ever drew.
4. Zara is sterile since birth.
5. If sex was to be forced upon her, she would respond with a passive-aggressive attitude, which she would hope would result in her rapist stopping in disinterest. She would be unlikely to actively fight them off unless they set out to physically set out to harm her or Zu.
6. Zara's favorite smell is lemon/lime.
7. Zara is the character who's changed the most throughout time.

Zara was born and raised in the suburbs of Granköping. She was an extremely cute child, and the more she grew the more attractive she became. Her cat features only helped her appear even cuter. Her parents were always very proud of her. But not only was she cute, she was also a very quick learner. At an age well before many other kids were just starting to learn, Zara had mastered the basics of speech, typing and reading.

When she was eight years old, she could go shopping at the local grocery store by herself, cook and wash her clothes. If she had been taller, she would have been able to drive a car. Since Zara was such an eager learner, school was a cakewalk. Seldom did she fail homework and tests. Now her social side started to show too, she befriended most people in her class and didn’t think better or less of any of them.

Generally she turned out to be a kind, honest person. But even so, she was a curious child. One day while rummaging through the attic, she came across her father’s old collection of adult magazines. There were pictures of naked girls doing all sorts of poses and explicit activities and even stories. A foreign, exciting, tingly feeling started to grow within Zara’s stomach. She knew she wasn’t supposed to look at these things at her age, but the forbidden aspect only made it all the more alluring.

She kept coming back to the attic to read more. With the help of several articles and pictures she learnt about masturbation. It didn’t take long before she was hooked. Her fantasies were running wild as she imagined some of the cute boys at school doing the things in the magazines with her. Soon her imagination became insufficient and she started to crave the real thing.

After working up some courage, she decided to try to seduce her best male friend, Linus by pretending they’d go up into the forest to play. She managed to get the two of them all by themselves. When Zara asked him if he wanted to see her girl parts, Linus was very eager to. But he could only see her naked if she got to see his boy parts in turn. When they left the forest, they could not be referred to as virgins anymore.

Zara and Linus considered themselves girlfriend and boyfriend, but after only a short time, Linus got tired of Zara’s constant sex demands. So when Linus refused to meet up with her, Zara began to approach other boys in her class. It was almost too easy. Eventually she broke up with Linus. But she still came back to him sometimes, as she did not want to hurt his feelings. He hadn’t really done anything wrong, after all.

All these sexual excursions led to a lack of focus on her school work. Her parents started to worry and thought she had begun to act strangely. Zara’s endeavours eventually came to an end with an extremely risky act in one of the school toilets. Her teacher contacted her parents. Zara couldn’t stop crying, thinking about the amount of trouble she’d be in when she got home.

When her father came to pick her up, she apologized profusely. But her dad remained calm. It made her feel uneasy. During the car ride home, Ragnar explained that he suspected something like this would eventually happen. She’s growing up to be such a beautiful, smart and social girl and he didn’t delude himself that she’d remain a virgin forever. He did however hope that it wouldn’t have come this early, and that she’d have told him about it when it did.

Zara opened up and told her father how she had found a bunch of old magazines and grew curious. How she then wanted to try it out herself and got hooked on the feeling. Her father nodded and insisted that they and Zoe would have a serious talk about maturity, sex and safety when they got home.

They came to the conclusion that Zara would have to restrain herself, or else they’d have to punish her in some way, either by grounding her or restricting her allowance. Zara reluctantly agreed. At school, she had teachers looking over her shoulder any time she wasn’t in classes, which was far more annoying than restraining her sexual urges. Being monitored at all times and having to hold back her urges greatly frustrated her, but she focussed that irritation into her school work.

Her performance skyrocketed. She tackled classes higher than what was expected of a fourth grader without problems. The school realized her potential, but knew it did not have the resources to fully nourish her talents. They had Zara apply for a scholarship at a private High School. A returning letter explained she was required to take a test to determine her grade and subjects she’d study for. If she was accepted, it’d mean she’d have to move into the big city to be close enough to the school, and live alone.

Zara liked the idea of that, so she never left her room except for her primary needs. She’d relentlessly study and look up information that she required. Even in school, most of her breaks were spent studying for the test. When the time came to do the test, Zara felt more than ready. She passed with flying colors and earned the scholarship.

Her parents were incredibly proud of her, and Zara felt very accomplished. The following summer break, Zara’s stuff was moved to the student apartment that the scholarship included. Her parents were initially concerned that Zara wouldn’t be able to take care of herself, living alone. But Zara was very confident and reminded her parents that she did most of the chores at home by herself already, and that there wouldn’t be too much of a difference.

So Zara started 7th grade, skipping 5th and 6th. She immediately became very popular in her new class. Her beauty and youth made an impression on pretty much the whole class, and she was nicknamed the “whizz-kid”. It didn’t take long before she wound up in a small group of friends. They were all very interested in her, and the attention made Zara’s lust come back to her. Now that she didn’t have eyes spying at her everywhere, she could live out her fantasies once again. So she began to seduce some of them to sleep with her.

After getting to know some of her male friends a little more intimately, the question about anal sex arose. Would Zara be willing to take it up the ass? Her first response was a determined no, but a seed was already planted. She couldn’t stop thinking about it. The taboo and forbidden had always stirred strong sexual desires in her and anal sex felt like the next step. Zara began to toy with her butt and read up information about how to successfully prepare for anal penetration.

When she felt ready, she approached the friend who had inquired about her butt and told him that she was ready to try it out. He became very happy and excited. Zara thought it was so cute that her ass could make a guy so exalted. It was as if he was a child who was about to have a birthday party. It only helped her to think she made the right decision.

Her first time doing anal was a ride of various different feelings and sensations. She felt so vulnerable, but it turned her on so much. It was a bit painful and weird at first, but at the same time interesting, so she endured it. As the boy kept digging deeper and thrusting lightly, Zara felt a wave of pleasure amongst the questioning feelings her brain gave her. Zara began to guide his dick towards the spot that made her body shiver and they soon orgasmed together.

Even though she was limping a few days after her experience, she wanted to do it again. Anal became her preference shortly after and she began to ask other boys if they wanted to. Not everybody was interested, but some were intrigued and others looked like they were ready to jump her right there and then. Zara even managed to score a threesome, where she was penetrated both in her front and back at the same time. She thought she was going to lose her mind.

But sex wasn’t the only thing on Zara’s mind. She spent a good amount of time on studying as well. Being able to release her urges from time to time without having to hide it lead to a more balanced lifestyle. Her classes were starting to get more complex, but Zara didn’t have much trouble keeping up. She impressed her teachers and her parents were very proud of her achievements.

During the fall Zara started 7th grade, her school was having a special day to inform the students about the importance of health and exercise. A part of that was that a person from the health care would speak to the different classes about this and that. Zara was looking forward to that, hoping that she’d learn something new and interesting. To her surprise, the person who was going to talk to them was a catperson. A very curvy and attractive catperson. She could feel the boys in the class tense up, clearly stunned by her voluptuous frame. It made her a little jealous, but since she had just entered puberty, there was a chance that she might become just as large and attractive as the woman in front of the whiteboard who had just introduced herself as Ellie des Chaton.

The little lecture she held captured Zara. It felt genuine as if the woman truly spoke from her heart about how a healthy lifestyle would make life more enjoyable. Ellie rounded off the lecture with an offer to talk with her in private if anybody had any questions or things that worried them. Zara took her up on that offer, since she became very curious about this other catwoman.

Ellie seemed just as curious about Zara as Zara was about Ellie when she entered the meeting room Ellie had been placed in. Zara was used to, and enjoyed, curious looks and smiled widely as she took a seat.

“Zara, was it?” Ellie asked as she read from a sheet of paper with information and some notes scribbled on. “You’re only 12?” The inquiring look in her eyes was a sign of that she believed there was a misprint on her informative sheet.

“Yup!” Zara said proudly. “I was put ahead a few classes, since I’m apparently some sort of child genius!” she bragged, “But I don’t know about that, I just find it fun to learn new things.”

“That’s very impressive.” Ellie replied. “You don’t find it difficult to keep up with your older classmates at all?”

“No, in fact, I think I might be way ahead of some of them! I’m very mature!” Zara claimed, wondering if Ellie would understand what she really meant by that. Ellie patted her finger against her cheek.

“Do you have CRAD?” she asked after a short time of consideration. Zara had no idea what that was, so Ellie summarized quickly what it stood for. After hearing that, Zara wished that she did have it. Ellie then admitted that she herself has CRAD. This made Zara extremely curious about hearing more, but since there were other classmates waiting, they’d have to talk more about it another time. Right now Ellie wanted to know if there was anything else she could do for Zara’s peace of mind.

Zara asked Ellie a lot of questions about puberty, since that’s what had clung to her mind earlier. She received some satisfying answers and felt ready to leave. Before she did, she persistently asked if they would meet up again soon, since there were some other things that she wanted to ask Ellie when she had time. The catwoman seemed to hesitate, but after some contemplation, she scribbled down her phone number on a page in her notebook which she then tore out and handed to Zara.

“Only because you’re such an inquisitive little lady.” she winked at her. “Call me in a day or two, and I’ll see what I can do for you.” Zara thanked her enthusiastically and left, letting the next student in.

Two excruciatingly long days later, she called Ellie up to set up a date for a new meeting. Ellie suggested that they’d meet at her office in the hospital, but Zara didn’t want that. It was too boring, so she practically forced Ellie to agree to meet at a café instead.

Well there, Zara yapped about this and that she found interesting, while also trying to pry into Ellie’s life and background. She felt it was very easy to talk to Ellie, and also very easy to make Ellie talk about things she’d probably not talk to other people about. Time after time during their conversation, she surprised Ellie by how mature she was for her humble age. But some accidental slips about her own personal weaknesses also came into the conversation.

To her surprise, Ellie opened up fairly easy to her and when they had talked for almost 2 hours until Ellie needed to go, she proposed that they’d meet up again in a few days. Zara gladly agreed. It looked like she had made friends with somebody twice her age. It amazed even her. After some time, Zara was even invited to Ellie’s home.

After spending the holidays with her family, Zara returned to student accommodation. There was a note on the pinboard in the communal hall, saying that some students were planning a huge New Year’s Eve party, and she was interested in experiencing that. They were going to hold it at a large villa where someone’s parents were away over the New Year.

When Zara arrived, the party was already going strong. Loud music was blasting from a modern speaker set and people were dancing, drinking and shouting to each other over the music. There were a lot more strangers there than she expected, in fact she couldn’t find a single familiar face in the crowds of people. She felt like she should leave and go home instead, since it’d feel odd to just mingle into the crowd of absolute strangers.

But before she could, a person came towards her, yelling something over the music. It was an older boy who had recognized her as the cat eared “whizz-kid”. He welcomed her hastily, put an arm around her neck and began to lead her into the villa. He wasn’t entirely sober and he spilled some alcohol from a can in his other hand as he gesticulated excessively as he spoke about things Zara couldn’t make out over the music.

They wound up at a large couch with a bunch of other strangers. The boy explained to his friends who Zara was, by reciting the few facts he knew and filled the rest in with rumors. A barrage of curious questions came her way as she was offered drinks and snacks. Zara felt a bit overwhelmed. She attempted to answer the questions to the best of her ability considering the occurrences. At first she didn’t want to accept the alcoholic beverages that she was offered, but eventually gave into peer pressure.

As Zara quickly became intoxicated and her ability to make sensible decisions was impaired, the questions started to get more personal, and intimate. Did she really like to take it up the butt? Had she really had a threesome? Would she be interested to try it out again? Zara didn’t like the direction these questions were going, but answered anyway. All of a sudden reality seemed to warp itself around her. Something she ate or drank must’ve had something in it, because she felt really giddy, but funny at the same time.

Before she knew it, she was performing fellatio in a bedroom somewhere. It was as if her brain had taken a seat back, and her body just agreed and accepted all that the small crowd asked of her. She was stripped naked and laid down in the bed. Before she fell unconscious, she had had some kind of sexual intercourse with each and every one of them.

Zara awoke to a pulsating headache. Her body felt sluggish when she sat up on the side of the bed. The music had stopped now, but she could hear voices through the door. Pain shot through her lower back side and groin as she stood up and began to recollect her clothes. After getting dressed, she hurried home in the dark early hours.

It wasn’t until she had laid down in her own bed the gravity of the events that had unfolded hit her. She couldn’t remember condoms being involved, and she began to worry about becoming pregnant. The overwhelming feelings of shame and fear caused her to start taking sudden and unexpected panic attacks. She didn’t report the rape to the police and began to beat her stomach to prevent pregnancy. When school started again, she couldn’t focus on her studies at all. She pushed all of her friends away when they noticed that she wasn’t her usual self and wanted to help her.

Ellie listened as Zara told her that she thought she might have gotten herself pregnant. After a barrage of questions as how that happened and at such a young age, Zara explained that she’d rather not go into details. Ellie respected her choice, but told her that if she ever needed to speak out about it, she’d be there for her. She then set up a time and date for her to visit a gynecologist to calm Zara down and see if they couldn’t do anything about her worries.

The results from her visit at the gynecologist’s told that Zara was unable to carry children. This was taken with mixed feelings. She was saddened that she wouldn’t be able to extend her bloodline, but the relief of not having to bear the child of some slimebag was a blessing in disguise. Regardless, she did not report or tell anybody about the gangrape. The memories of that night were hazy and she didn’t want anybody close to her find out about it. Even though it was a horrible thing to experience, she could not help but recall the amazing feelings of pleasure she had never felt before. She was quickly getting back on her feet again.

As her mental state improved, she managed to concentrate on her school work again and reconnected with her friends. When her 13th birthday came along, she was pretty much back to normal again and after she spent the weekend with her family, she felt very refreshed as well.

Two weeks after her 13th birthday, she was awoken late at night by Ellie phoning her. Ellie told her she needed her to come over if she could, because something had happened and she needed someone level headed to talk with. She sounded pretty serious and Zara knew Ellie wasn’t the type to joke around like that, so she said she’d be right over. Ellie would explain in further detail when Zara arrived. Throwing on some clothes, Zara jumped on her bike and sped through the chilly night as fast as she could.

When she arrived, Ellie showed her the thin brunette girl laying in the guest room. Explaining that she had found her wrapped up in a blanket after her doorbell had rung along with an envelope containing the reason behind the abandonment. She had no idea what to do. Zara suggested they should probably stay awake and wait until the girl came to. Maybe even put some food on the bedside table to show that they only mean well.

When the mysterious girl came to, Ellie and Zara had been keeping themselves barely awake by playing cards. They heard her eat up the food they had left, which consisted of some fried eggs, toast and a glass of juice. The girl was a lot calmer now and stared at them curiously, but she seemed frightened still. They began to ask her a few basic questions, but didn’t get a lot of information out of her. But she did not seem to know her own name or where she came from. Her speech was very simple and she was unable to understand questions about anything other than herself.

Unable to get anywhere on their own, the two of them decided to get the authorities involved. By searching the health care database for cat people born within what seemed to be the girl’s age range, Ellie managed to find her name and who her parents were. From there, legal action was taken and the story of Therese Nilsson was made public by the media, who blew it into a huge story. Zara and Ellie changed her name to Zu Therese Kat to spare her unnecessary badgering by the press or curious people.

Ellie and Zara grew close to Zu quickly, and formally started adoption proceedings..

After complicated events and talks with various kinds of authorities, Ellie managed to win them over to her side. The girl had grown close to Ellie as well as Zara, and moving her around would most likely scare and confuse her more than necessary. The best solution would be to work with her from Ellie’s home.

Zara had a bit of difficulty keeping up with everything that happened, since she had school to take care of along with watching Zu from time to time. But whenever she was with Zu, she would teach her anything she thought of. She noticed a big improvement in her speech in just a few weeks. And Zu was very curious of this “school” place that Zara went to.

Since Ellie was all business with Zu, Zara also found that she was the one who played with the girl. Since summer was just around the corner, she took Zu out to some natural areas away from the city for her to get to know the world. It was not a big surprise that Zu kept darting from place to place in excitement and curiosity.

Taking care of Zu was very exhausting, so she didn’t have much time for anything else but her and Zu. But after a year or so, Zu was deemed ready to start school. At first Zara had to help her a bit to get used to being around other kids, but it did not take long before she was accepted. At the same time, Zara felt like she had more time for herself again. She had the last year of high school to finish, so she really needed to focus on her studies this last year.

Zara did not have much trouble of top scoring most of her classes. Her motherly feelings towards Zu made her libido take a step back, allowing her to focus on what she felt necessary. To influence such a simple mind with sexuality did not seem clever or funny. She even took up some self-defense classes, with the year old incident in mind.

When she graduated high school at age 15, Zara’s body had grown a lot in the right places. Ahead lied upper secondary school, and the summer ahead looked promising. She was now old enough to legally have sex, and the thought of that started a strong craving within her. During the summer she had to find a new student apartment. Other than that, she was free to go out and try to score, when she found herself alone.

When the time came to start upper secondary school, Zara was ready. Since she was not sure what vocational orientation she wanted to look into, she had chosen social sciences. It seemed like an easy way to continue, and since it wasn’t necessary to decide exactly what her future profession would be right then. Further studying was something Zara could do without any problems at any time in the future.

Zara’s lust for sex kept growing stronger during her upper high school years. She also became a lot sloppier at trying to hide it from Zu. In the end, Zu found her out. But she seemed clueless about the subject. It was a bit surprising to find out she knew nothing of sex and sexuality, but Zara knew she had a skewed view on it, and therefore explained that it was a secret thing that adults do.

After two years, when Zu had finished middle school, Zara wanted to move from her small student apartment to a bigger one, where Zu could have her own room to live in. So far, they had shared the only room in Zara’s old apartment whenever Zu was staying, and at Ellie’s place, Zu didn’t feel much at home. So it was agreed upon that Zara should find a new apartment for the both of them to stay in. Moving now was easier due to Zu having to switch schools at this point anyhow.

Zara finished upper secondary school one year later, now 18 years old. She had gotten her driver’s license at this point, and a car from her parents as a birthday gift. But she had no idea of what kind of profession she wanted to pick up yet. In any case, she needed money right now. So she took a job as a secretary for a small business firm just to start somewhere.

Even if Zara could handle the work without problems, she found herself getting extremely bored. She’d start to slack off and flirt with her male colleagues. Eventually it went as far as fucking them during work hours. It didn’t take long before she got found out, since some of her activities were caught on tape, thanks to the security cameras.

She was promptly fired, but received a bouquet of flowers and a “Thank you” card from the security manager with a small message that thanked her for making their days less boring. It wasn’t very charming, but Zara took it with good humor. But she was out of a job again. She spent almost two years jumping between various jobs, she tried out being a substitute teacher, cashier, hairdresser and various other odd jobs. But luck was just around the corner, a position had just become available in a porn shop that she was a semi-regular at. She had become friendly with the clerk who was going to quit and he had suggested Zara as his possible replacement and she was called to an interview for employment. Zara gave such a strong impression that she was hired immediately.

This job really fit her and it showed. Her mood improved a lot, and she could still do odd jobs and study on the side. Zara’s future prospects were looking greater than they had in a long time. She was back on top, returning to the fun loving, high energy girl she used to be. Whatever the future had in hold for her, she would be ready to take it on.

•Current Life:
Zara works at an adult store in central Granköping with somewhat flexible working hours. The pay isn't that great, but it's enough to get by. She'll take any chance to earn some extra money, as long as it doesn't require undressing.

During her free time, she'll socialize with family and friends. Or do whatever her impulsive mind tells her to do. She considers herself a free woman who's able to do whatever she wants!

And that's Zara for you. Quite a little hot head, isn't she? I don't think there's anything left unanswered, but if anything pops up, do ask.
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Amber wrote:
What is Zaras types in both men and Women?
I'd say she's pretty open minded. She doesn't like rude or prude people.
What is Zaras types in both men and Women?
I like her, this is my Aunt.
Shes in debt.nice character, R u f*cking serious.
Random person passing by wrote:
Shouldnt she be about 10 years older than zu, since she was taking care of her?
Her and ellie adopted zu, so I'd imagine they'd have to be around 30.
Nvm I came here after reading zu'so bio, and got confused from zaras age.I see that ellie was the one who was old enough to adopt zu.
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