Sixten Tubén
The somewhat bashful cat boy with an interest in mysteries and the sea.

•Full Name:
Sixten Truls Tubén

•Theme Song:
Restless Sea, Clouded Sky


~1.80 meters. [5'11"]

80 kg [176 lbs]

Wednesday, 3rd July, 1990

•Eye Color:

•Hair Color:

•Favorite set of clothes:
Sixten doesn't have much of a fashion sense. Comfort over style is his preference. Since he likes to explore at night, he prefers dark clothing so he remains stealthy. Pockets are always a plus, he likes to have tools ready in case something unexpected happens. Also great when going fishing.

His most common setup is as follows:

A black fleece jacket.
It has two pockets with zippers. Great for most weathers, but he'll most likely leave it at home in the summer.

A red T-shirt.
A plain T-shirt. Used very often, so it smells a lot like Sixten.

A necklace with a cat face charm.
He found this in an old curiosity store while searching for items with possible connections to the paranormal. The eyes that glow faintly in the dark caught his attention. For some reason he feels safe wearing it, so he sees it as a charm of protection and good luck.

A black wristwatch.
A gift he received from his parents when he moved out of home. It shows the time both digitally and in analog. He wears it on his right arm.

Dark grey cargo shorts.
Sixten likes to carry a lot of things around with him, and these shorts make that possible. Sometimes he'll bring a backpack, but for the most part the cargo shorts are enough.

A pair of brown socks.
Rather ordinary socks.

A pair of brown boots.
Good for most terrain. Thick and sturdy, but not impervious to water.

A pair of black boxer underpants.
Preferred over any other types of underwear.

•Penis size:
23 cm [9 in]
Pretty thick, and is not very big when flaccid.

Sweden, Granköping. He is renting a small house near the harbor and beach part of the city.

Works at a boat service company, where he repairs and services boats and boat engines. He also performs other tasks relating to marine vehicles like jet skis.

Sixten is somewhat of a dreamer. He likes to think about doing great things, but is not always likely to act them out. Giving him a little push in the right direction will often lead to success.

He's a little shy and will stay quiet around strangers or groups of people. His gentle and withdrawn manner often causes him to go by unnoticed. Most people will probably see him as boring, but he simply does not want to make a fool out of himself. Around friends he'll be more active and act and speak more lively.

Since he grew up in a small town, he enjoys places without a lot of people. There aren't that many isolated places in the big city, so he'll often stay at home. Nothing beats the fresh air and the natural sounds of the country. The only thing he enjoys about living in the city is that there is a lot more access to various stores and services.

When presented with things that interest him, he can be very passionate about them. Pursuing them for hours on end, whilst things that doesn't catch his attention often get forgotten. Most of his interests are indulged in alone, such as book reading, single player video games and researching online. Otherwise, just resting somewhere while letting his thoughts wander is enough for him.

Sixten is generally a lot better at listening than talking, and will gladly listen to anybody who wants or needs to vent their troubles at someone. He'll offer advice if he can. He is entirely trustworthy and he won't tell anybody else about whatever is confided in him, unless he feels that it is absolutely necessary.

It is not common to see Sixten angry, but enough agitation can make him very mad. He'll rarely take to fists, but will instead yell and let his frustration out on the responsible party. Whoever or whatever that made him mad will know why and how when he's all done.

Sixten has been interested in the sea and boats ever since he was a child. Stories about sailing and exploring mysterious islands have always intrigued him. His interest hasn't faded since then. Books, movies and games with nautical themes are very likely to be acquired by him. Visiting lakes and watercourses is a common occurrence and he's saving up money so that he can one day buy his own boat.

He enjoys fishing as well. He has a bunch of fishing rods, baits and lures. That boat he's saving for will make him able to fish on the sea some day as well, and not just from the shores. He likes to bring Zu and Zoo along, but can just as well go by himself and not feel alone.

Preparing and cooking fish he’s caught is something he’s very good at. It’s a process that’s very satisfying, eating something you’ve caught yourself. But just cooking anything is pretty chill too, it’s always nice to make people happy and hear their compliments if they liked the dish. His specialty is seafood.

Mysteries and the paranormal have also caught Sixten's interest. This ranges from simple detective stories to paranormal investigations and horror media. It's safe to say that he believes that ghosts exist and some day he'd like to see evidence of it himself.

Perhaps that is the reason he likes to go urban exploring. He used to explore the woods and old buildings in his hometown. There are a lot more places to visit in the city, but it also requires much more preparation and discretion. Sometimes he'll bring Zoo along due to her in-depth knowledge of the city streets.

Females. Sixten was never able to get close to girls when he grew up, yet sought a girlfriend strongly. Since he never managed to, he was left with his fantasies. His favorite fantasies include girls he fancies as sailor girls, or coming across exotic women on unexplored islands. Ever since he got together with Zu, he's been trying to dress her up in a sailor costume.

Relaxing and taking it easy. Taking in the peaceful outside scenery during the evenings or listening to the rain under a roof or a tree, while not doing anything in particular. He likes the silence and subtle sounds of nature. Something that's very seldom found in the city, much to his disdain.

Sports and similar events. He's not against good health or exercise, but he's completely disinterested in either participating in or viewing any sporting events. Most of it has to do with the exaggerated attention and reactions around the sports spurred on by the media and fans.

To be disturbed during his downtime. This can range from indirect noise, like from a loud lawn mower in a neighbouring yard or a loud and rowdy person who's pestering him directly. It can change his mood from relaxed to grumpy and passive aggressive in a few seconds.

•Favorite Food:
He prefers food that mixes a lot of flavors and ingredients. There's little he dislikes and is often eager to try out new dishes.

•Favorite Animal:
Bird. With the exception of birds with cawing and shrieking cries, he enjoys birdsong.
It reminds him of the days when he’d play around in the forest near his home when he was younger. He often wonders what it would be like to be able to fly.

•Music Tastes:
Sixten likes ambient, relaxing music. It should be soft and floaty tunes, preferably instrumental or with calm vocals.

•Linguistic Quirk:
Speaks in a calm tone.

•Top Kinks:
Big boobs
Deserted Island Fantasies

•Important/Dear items:
A necklace with a cat face charm.
He finds that it has a calming effect on him, so he tends to keep it around.

A wristwatch.
A present from his father and mother on the day he moved away from home. Sixten's not very good at keeping the time, so they were thoughtful enough to give him a watch that shows both analog and digital time.

A hammock.
His favorite place to relax at during the summer. He shares a lot of good memories in it with Zu.

A picture he got from Zu.
It pictures the two of them on a boat together. Its simplicity warms his heart. He has had it framed and it now hangs over his bed.

A boat in a bottle.
Sixten and his grandpa built it together when he was a child. He’d like to learn how to make one by himself.

•Goal in life:
To afford an around the world trip in a boat of his own.

•Greatest fears:
To get injured or stuck in some remote location and be unable to seek help.
Getting attacked by paranormal entities.

Sixten has lost contact with most of his childhood friends and didn't make many new ones when he moved to Granköping. He doesn't really feel that he needs many close friends, since his brother and the four catgirls are quite enough to deal with as it is.

When he learnt that Zu had feelings for him, he was unsure how to react. He felt awkward because of her history and setbacks. But her naked innocence, how she acts on pure emotion and true feelings were not something he could say no to. She wanted him because she saw him as a man who could protect and guide her, with no hidden intentions or underlying dark secrets. To refuse such a genuine love would be unforgivable. While she can be a hassle to handle when she's excited or feeling mischievous, the way she curls up to him and snuggles when he's relaxing more than makes up for it. Her simple and kind-hearted nature makes her the perfect person to be with when he’s worked himself up on a mystery. Their sex is also amazing.

Zara was the person who wanted to keep in contact with him and his brother after the awful events that involved Zu. They get along very well, and it's through her he met Ellie, Sofi and Zu. They see each other pretty often, as Zara tends to invite herself over or drag him out on various activities. Even though he's good friends with Zara, he still fears her sudden mood swings and sometimes has trouble with her very extroverted personality. However he finds her very attractive and wouldn't mind getting a taste of her, even though he's with Zu. Most likely because of how open Zara is about her sexuality.

At first, Sixten didn't like Sofi very much. She was a constant annoyance and since he became Zu's boyfriend, her curiosity couldn't be stopped. Her way of getting to know him consisted of attempts at provocation and continuous challenges. It didn't take long for him to realize that she was jealous of his relationship with Zu. Zu had been Sofi's only friend for a long time and she had a hard time accepting that Zu had turned her attention to someone else. Sixten had to force Sofi to sit down so that he could explain that he didn't want to steal Zu from her and that all three of them could hang out together if she wanted. After that, Sofi started to open up to him. Now, she seems happy to have somebody to do more risky and exciting things with, since Zu is a big coward. They often go exploring and are frequently trying to one up each other while playing or watching horror media.

It can be difficult for Sixten to act natural around Ellie at times. He respects her for being a doctor, but feels a little uncomfortable with her posh behaviour. The way she seems to ignore her obviously attractive appearance and odd sense of humor makes it difficult to read her. He certainly wouldn’t mind seeing her in a sailor girl outfit though. She seems to be content with him dating Zu and likes to speak to him about various topics since he is a good listener. They don't see each other very often due to her busy schedule. When they do, it's seldom that only the two of them meet up, but they do chat online sometimes.

Sixten was very close to his parents, so when it was decided he was going to move to the city, things got a bit emotional. He likes to keep in contact by phone and enjoys updating them on anything that he thinks is noteworthy in his life. He is closest to his mom, Jennifer. His dad, Sten, is supportive of him as well.

Older Sister Malin:
Malin is six years older than Sixten. She's always been very antisocial and cold towards other people. Her unwillingness to get along with Sixten might be the reason as to why he failed to make any meaningful relationships with females during his childhood. To this day, they barely speak to each other. The only time they meet are at various family gatherings, which Sixten guesses the only reason she shows up to is to try to agitate her two brothers and other family.

Little Brother Hampus:
Hampus is two years younger than Sixten. He's very extroverted, but he and Sixten get along well even if they quarrel at times. Unlike Sixten, Hampus likes to hit on girls and will do all kinds of stunts to receive attention. More often than not, it results in making him look like a goof, but he's seldom discouraged. He knew of Sixten's struggle with girls and tried to assist him, but had little luck. Hampus likes to visit Sixten and his friends, and they seem to enjoy his company as well. They share a lot of secrets together.

•Skills/Special Abilities:
He is a good listener, has a calming effect on people and always tries to think rationally and logically, often thinks outside of the box.

•If You Could Have Three Wishes?:
Wish 1: "I wish I had my very own boat. The bigger, the better..."
Wish 2: "I wish I could move back to the countryside."
Wish 3: "I wish that my girlfriend was bustier..."

•Random & Miscellaneous Facts:
1. Sixten is based off of a pet cat that I had when I was younger, though the similarities end with the name at this point.
2. Sixten would like to kick the bucket at sea, or at least has his ashes spread into the ocean.
3. Due to Sixten's interest in exploring abandoned and mysterious places, he's become quite sneaky and observant.
4. The reason Sixten was created was because fans asked for Zu to have a partner. He was created on a whim, so he's changed quite a lot since his first appearance.

Sixten was born and raised in the outskirts of a small town named Rännilstorp. He and his younger brother Hampus often played in the woods that surround their home. Since there's a lot of becks and rills going through the forest, much time was spent playing with the water. They'd let their imagination run wild as they put bark boats in the streams and explored the vast woods.

His fascination with water and boats grew stronger when his grandfather brought him and his brother along on fishing trips when they grew older. But Hampus didn't share his interest, so it was often just Sixten and his grandfather that went out. Sixten was taught how to use fishing rods and how to manage and prepare caught fish for consumption. His parents could tell if their fishing trip was successful by the genuine smile on his face when he came back home.

When he entered puberty and started to seek out the opposite sex, he found out that his introverted personality plus his interests weren't a hit with the girls. Even though he tried his best, he always failed to impress the females he fancied. Eventually he put the girls aside and focused on the studies instead. Perhaps he will have better luck with the girls outside of this small community, he reasoned.

His upper secondary school of choice was a maritime technology school. The closest MT school was in the city of Granköping. The commute, however, was unreasonable, so he had no choice but to move away from the small town of Rännilstorp to the city. The student housing he was placed in was not too shabby, but it was quite a change in environment and mood from what Sixten was used to. He didn't have any luck with the city girls either.

While he didn't find the city life very appealing, he had to compromise his old lifestyle with the new one. Whenever he had some free time, he'd take long strolls through the city. It didn't take long before he came up with the idea of urban exploring. Looking up tips online became the next step and soon after that he started to scout for areas to explore. He found it more interesting than he expected it to be. It became a regular activity of his.

After graduating his first year of MT, Sixten invited his younger brother to come visit him for a few days. He knew that Hampus enjoyed the city more than he did that uneventful home town of theirs. While they were walking down the lakeside of Granköping in the hot summer weather, something unexpected happened. His energetic brother had sped ahead of him, and as he was about to turn a street corner, a person bumped into him. From what Sixten could tell, a girl who was pretty upset and crying. But he was too far away to make out what they were saying.

As he quickened his pace to catch up to them, a second person came around the corner and started to argue with Hampus. It quickly turned physical, and the guy punched Hampus straight in the face, sending him to the ground. Now agitated, Sixten broke into a run. As he was getting closer, the guy was starting to kick the girl, who was also lying on the ground. Acting on pure instinct, he punched the guy in the side of the jaw, before he could even see him coming. He staggered, and as he tried to regain balance, Sixten kicked him in the chest, sending him stumbling backwards. A set of ornate potted plants sitting on the side of the street made him lose his footing, and he fell over them, hitting his head on the pavement. The impact clearly had caused some sort of concussion, because he quickly retreated on unstable legs.

Sixten turned his attention to his brother and the girl. They were relatively unharmed. He picked the girl up and took her to a bench a short distance away, where the girl attempted to explain the situation. It turned out they had just stumbled into and finally interrupted a long time abuse situation. The girl’s caretakers were called and together they all tried to get a clear grasp on the events that had just unfolded. The authorities got involved and during that whole process, Sixten and Hampus got to know the girl they had saved, Zu, and her caretakers, Ellie and Zara, very well.

Zu, who apparently had some sort of learning disability, found strong comfort in Sixten after the traumatic events, they got to know each other very closely. Introvert as Sixten was, he hadn’t really made any friends outside of school, so the friendship he made with the three other catgirls was very valuable to him. Over time, he even got to meet a fourth, a shorter girl who called herself Zoo. She also became weirdly attached to him, often hanging out in his dorm room even when he wasn’t around.

Sixten eventually graduated from his MT education and shortly after got a job at a boat service and fishing shop in Granköping. His interest and knowledge had impressed the employer during his earlier internship. It was a job that really fit him, and since it was located in Granköping, a city that he had grown very close to, he decided to settle there. So he moved into a small house, where the rent was reasonable. A very comfy place, as it turned out to be.

At the end of summer, he was called up by Ellie, who needed him to come to talk to Zu, who had seemingly become depressed and refused to talk to her. But she suspected she might open up to him, seeing as they had become very close. Of course he would assist. What he didn’t expect was that Zu would reveal her feelings to him and admit that she’d like for them to become a pair. He wasn’t really sure how to react, it came out of the blue for him. He couldn’t really say no to such a sweet girl, though, and it really seemed like she had made up her mind anyway, because she somehow managed to steamroll Ellie’s protesting.

He however had to undergo intense grilling by Zara and Ellie to make sure that he wouldn’t hurt her. Zu wasn’t the only one who had been traumatized by earlier events it seemed. Sixten managed to convince the two women and Zu got her way in the end. Now she lives at this place when she’s not working, so they mostly see each other during the weekends and holidays. The time apart from each other makes it so much better when they meet up again.

Sixten’s time since arriving in Granköping sure had offered a lot of things he never thought he’d experience. He hopes that the city will continue to surprise him, because he’s grown to enjoy the more hectic pace. It makes winding down so much more satisfying.

•Current Life:
Sixten works from morning to evening during the week, and sees Zu only during the weekends or when she is free from work, since she sleeps at her workplace. Even though he misses her, having some quality alone time is worth it.

His newfound female friends often want to hang out with him, too. Especially Sofi, who constantly wants to prove how she's better than him or just leech off of his cooking skills. From time to time, he'll take Sofi and Zu out fishing during the warmer seasons.

Sixten has been a tough nut to crack! But I think I've found good balance with him now. If anything seems off, do tell and I'll try to specify or answer your questions and concerns.
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This is my father.
This is my father.
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Rock Candy wrote:
JESUS B.R wrote:
Might make Sixten end his relationship with Zu because I also have the same disability Zu and she likes me and makes me sad to have a boyfriend and unfortunately I have to follow God's commandment not to covet your neighbor's wife please you what charge
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therocker wrote:
Rock Candy wrote:
JESUS B.R wrote:
Might make Sixten end his relationship with Zu because I also have the same disability Zu and she likes me and makes me sad to have a boyfriend and unfortunately I have to follow God's commandment not to covet your neighbor's wife please you what charge
: '(
You lost me
am i having a stroe
Rock Candy wrote:
JESUS B.R wrote:
Might make Sixten end his relationship with Zu because I also have the same disability Zu and she likes me and makes me sad to have a boyfriend and unfortunately I have to follow God's commandment not to covet your neighbor's wife please you what charge
: '(
You lost me
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