Zu Therese Kat
The intellectually disabled girl with a heart of gold.

•Full Name:
Zu Therese Kat

•Theme Song:
The Never-ending Imaginary Adventures of a Childlike Mind


~1.60 meters. [5’3”]

53 kg [116 lbs]

Wednesday, 6th March, 1991

•Eye Color:

•Hair Color:

•Favorite set of clothes:
Zu doesn’t like tight or taut clothes. What’s important to her is the feeling of freedom and nature against her skin. At least during spring and summer, Granköping is a cold city otherwise.
She has no qualms about getting naked when she’s alone or with friends. Around strangers, she prefers to stay clothed.

Zara and Ellie think that Zu’s choice of clothing may give people the wrong idea about her. But Zu won’t listen, she doesn’t like it when clothes itch or chafe. Bras in particular make her feel very confined. Often she’ll redress herself into something she finds more comfortable when people aren’t looking.

During the summer and at home, she can usually be found wearing this:

A little green short T-shirt.
It shows her belly and isn't too tight. If it is cold, you might still see her nipples poking through.

A yellow skirt.
Usually pulled up under her tail, as she doesn't like it being covered by anything. It is also short, but it serves its purpose. Most of the time.

Simple light blue & white striped panties.
While she’s got a lot of underwear to choose from, these ones are her favorites. The colors and size are just right.

Red boots with green toes & heels.
Boots are easy to slip into and out of; no shoelaces or complications. They also come in handy when it rains, since Zu enjoys playing in puddles.

A ribbon in her hair along a smaller one on her tail, also green.
Zu used to have her hair let out when she was younger. But when she saw Zara tie hers into a ponytail one day, Zu also wanted to have her set up that way. Zara then helped her out, putting on a huge ribbon for cuteness factor. Zu became so impressed by it that she always wanted to wear it.
Now she knows how to put it up herself, she still sleeps with her hair let out.

The ribbon on her tail is merely for decoration. Double the ribbons doubles the cuteness, according to Zu.

•Breast size:
EU: 70B [US/UK: 32B]
Her tits are cute and perky. When aroused, her nipples grow perky too!

Sweden, in the city of Granköping. She shares a small house with Sixten, but is also welcome to stay overnight at Zara’s or Ellie’s any time.

Maid. She works in a giant mansion, along with several other maids on the outskirts of Granköping.
During her work shift she stays overnight, as the mansion is located more than a reasonable travel time out of town.

Zu suffers from a mental incapacity which restricts her thought processes similar to that of a child, induced by neglect and physical abuse by her parents at a very young age. Her parents kept her disconnected from the outside world by locking up in their basement for almost nine years severely stunting her mental growth.
Due to this, Zu has a hard time thinking logically, understanding concepts like time and money and learning simple math, writing, reading, speaking and other everyday things. Even if she now has the ability to perform the very basics of what’s mentioned above, she still struggles with anything that requires above novice level skills.

Due to her childishness, she is very naive, joyful, cheerful and energetic. But she is very sensitive. Her mood and emotions can change quickly, from happy, to sad, to scared and back again. She is easily confused, quite gullible and will believe most things she is told. Zu has never expressed anger towards anything, but she still dislikes and sometimes refuses to do certain things.

Her disorder makes simple, everyday tasks very difficult for her. A task that’s deemed important, either by her or whoever asked her to do it, might make her very nervous. Zu always tries her best when asked of something and never slacks off consciously. So if she messes up her task or things become stressful, she might retreat into hiding to avoid panicking or having an emotional breakdown. During her childhood, she was always punished severely by her parents, so her reaction to accidents is to keep quiet and pretend nothing happened. It’s ingrained into her and she’s deathly afraid to be scolded by angry people and tries to avoid facing any consequences if she can. If confronted with strong evidence or heavy questioning, her quiet defence usually breaks down into tears and an honest apology, followed by pleas to not be yelled at or beaten.

She always speaks and acts from her heart, she would never lie or do anything to harm other people or other living creatures. It is also pretty easy to hurt her feelings this way, as she takes everything literally and directly. Therefore, she's wary around strangers who she thinks look scary or mean. She doesn't want to hurt, and she doesn't want to be hurt. She’s a natural pacifist.

Zu’s attention span and memory is not very good, which makes it difficult for her to get the hang of new things and experiences. Technology and Zu doesn’t get along well at all, she has extreme trouble with comprehending devices like computers, smartphones and cars. Even though many have tried to teach her, she can’t seem to understand the connection between input and reaction. Devices meant to communicate or give out extended information often stress her out, making her shy away and want to do something easier to understand. More often than not, it leads to a lot of frustration between Zu and the person who wants or needs her to do something with the device in question.

Zu’s favorite hobby is to draw and paint. She’s a creative soul, so she always tries to make something if she finds the opportunity. Creating portraits of friends or things with various materials like clay, snow or whatever stuff she finds laying around. But her favorite of all is to draw. She’s not very good at it and the things she draw seldom change motif: Herself and her friends participating in whatever Zu thought up in the moment. There’s seldom any planning ahead in her drawings, so if she runs out of space, the proportion of certain aspects might become hilariously wrong. Nonetheless, she likes giving her drawings and creations to people as gifts, hoping it’ll make them happy.

She likes to watch cartoons on TV or other devices, although she rarely appreciates the deeper story in them, she enjoys the animations and colorfulness. Zu is very impressionable, so it’s important to not let her watch something that could be harmful or scary.

Since she became a maid, she has found a new passion in cleaning and keeping things tidy, even at home and friends’ places. Sometimes she moves objects around to fit her idea of tidiness and categorizing, leaving an unfortunate friend or stranger puzzled by where an object they were looking for has gone.

Zu likes to be outdoors, preferably in areas where the flora and fauna are flourishing. She enjoys climbing trees and playing imaginary games in wooded areas, bathing in ponds or rivers, lying in the grass and watching the clouds or the stars. It soothes her mind, even though you'd think she would go crazy with questions. Sometimes it makes her feel as if she might leave the ground and float up into the air. While she might enjoy the feeling of just flying away, her senses usually come back to her, making her sit up with fright. Zu thrives best down on earth after all.

She likes to make people happy, and be happy herself. If someone around her isn't happy, she can't be happy. So she does her best to do whatever she can to cheer the person up. Unfortunately, this makes her very easily manipulated.

Zu has been called useless and worthless by many people many times. It has hurt her feelings a lot, as she wants to be useful and do things that other people can do. You'll often find her attempting to imitate other people in an attempt to be more useful. Of course, she has a lot of trouble living up to those expectations, so praising her makes her very happy and helps her poor self esteem.

Zu dislikes all kinds of violence. She would never hurt anything, even if it meant to save her own life. She hates being hurt and hit, so she will always avoid confrontation to the best of her ability. If she thinks a person, animal or object looks mean, she will immediately run away or hide somewhere.

She’s very easily scared and upset. Being as gullible as she is together with her difficulty to sometimes differentiate fact from fiction, she is easily scared of movies and video games or even stories. So if she can, she likes to stick to colorful, happy things. Otherwise, she might become rather clingy and afraid to be left alone.

Zu hates loud noises. She is quite sensitive to them, due to her large cat ears. She associates loud noises with being scolded by her father, from back when she was locked in the basement. If something makes a loud noise, she’ll often retreat or hide to avoid whatever was loud.

Competition games and sports with complex rules are something Zu avoids. From experience, she’s going to be yelled at for being worthless to the team or doing things wrong. She’s never won anything on her own either, so unless she can team up with a friend and just have fun, she’d rather just watch and cheer on.

Most of all, she hates to be different from other people. From what she can comprehend, her mom and dad locked her away because she was different. Now, people call her "special", "like she is" or other phrases that makes it clear that she is different from others. She usually doesn't think about it, but you might hurt her feelings and make her sad if you mention it around her.
Being "different" has also hindered her from doing other fun looking things, for example going to an amusement park or anything that might seem unsuitable for her. As a result she feels very left out sometimes.

•Favorite Food:
Mostly plain, but satisfying home cooked food. She doesn’t like spicy or exotic tastes.
She enjoys sweet things.

•Favorite Animal:
Cat. She finds it strangely amusing that there's an animal that has the same set of ears as herself. And they’re just so cute and fun to play and cuddle with!

•Music Tastes:
Music aimed at children is what falls best into Zu’s tastes. But she likes traditional music with a lot of emotion or energy to it the best.

•Linguistic Quirk:
Speaks rather simplistic.
Has trouble with pronunciations when upset or attempting difficult words.

•Top Kinks:

•Important/Dear items:
A drawing of her friends.
She drew it herself. It's framed and hung in her room. The drawing reminds her of a more simple time, when she could see her friends anytime she wanted. Nowadays, Zu can feel that she's starting to drift apart from them, with all the things going on in her life.

Her favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Kitten.
It's a black and white cat with green eyes. It was the first one she ever got, and therefore it has a lot of sentimental value. Whenever she feels unsafe, she'll go to Mr. Kitten for comfort. He also tags along on long journeys or on days when Zu feels a little down. She almost lost him once when she brought him to school, due to her bully, Simon. He still wears a visible scar from the incident, so Zu comforts herself by comforting Mr. Kitten whenever she has it rough. It is very possible that Zu wouldn't have pulled through her ordeals without him.

A beautiful yellow dress.
The dress Zu wore on her graduation. It is proof that she successfully pulled through school. It is also very pretty on her!

A painting of herself, made by Ellie.
It's also hanging in her room. Zu is amazed how Ellie can paint so well, and it inspires Zu to become as good as her.

An Mp3 player filled with songs that Zu enjoys.
It was a gift from Ellie, who thought Zu could use it when Zara was having visitors. She's been told to use it when she has to wait for a longer time, like bus rides or in waiting rooms. You'll know when she is using it, as you can hear her hum and sing along to the songs, lost in her own world.

A cellphone that Zara bought for her.
She doesn't know how to use it very well, but she can answer calls at least. It is used by her friends to get a hold of her if they want to know where she is or check up on her. She has no idea how to make calls or send texts though, and trying to teach her is futile. She'll get confused and eventually upset and frustrated, resulting in her backing off or just dropping the device to the ground in shame.

A red bike.
Another gift from Ellie. The bike has three gears and support wheels. Zu was not able to grasp the concept of balancing and speeding up at the same time, she would simply sit down on the bike, thinking it would do both on its own. With the support wheels, Zu can easily focus on steering and pedaling, without having to worry about falling.

•Goal in life:
Zu's personal goal is to become a mother. She really wants to have a baby to care for and shower in her love. Seeing other mothers with their children makes Zu become very frustrated and sad that she has not been able to convince Sixten to help her out. Little does she know that there’s so much else to discuss when it comes to letting her have a baby. Things Zu can’t even begin to comprehend about the society of today.

Another goal she's encouraged by Ellie and other friends to reach is, to overcome her mental challenge and turn into a normal girl. Although she tries with all her might, it mostly serves as a reminder that she can never reach the expectations they put on her.

•Greatest fears:
Her greatest fear is to be left alone in a dark and enclosed area. Basements and other similar places inflicts great fear within her and she might have panic attacks if she's forced into a place like that. Even if somebody is with her, the fear of being abandoned and locked away again scares her more than anything.

She is also greatly afraid of heights.

A fear she's not even aware of and that would send her into a crippling depression would be if her ability to have children would be taken away from her.

Most people that meet Zu don't want anything to do with her, due to her weird and childish behavior. She has problems making and keeping new friends because of that.

When Zu's in public, she often gets strange looks. She doesn't know about the unspoken rules of society, neither does she think much of it. Instead she acts like she wants to, rather than how people would want her to act. If she notices people looking at her strangely, she’ll shy away.

She has a great deal of trouble gaining friends her own age, most kids within her mental age look strangely at her too. She means well, but the majority of society files her in with other mentally handicapped people, even though there's quite a difference in their problems and limits.

Zara was the person who Zu connected the best with during the first years she was adapting to the world. Zara would teach her the tiny and big things around them that Ellie’s and her therapists and specialists couldn’t, resulting in a deeper understanding between the two. Zara also comforted Zu when she was upset, and was not afraid of getting close to her physically, hugging and petting her when needed or just while relaxing. It was something Zu had never experienced before. Zu looks up to Zara as if she was her mommy and trusts her completely. To this day, Zu favors Zara whenever she needs help with anything.

Sofi is Zu’s best friend. She’s the only one who wants to actually play with Zu, going on imaginary adventures and just fooling around, having a good time. They both lack a proper childhood, so they make up for that together, when nobody else is around. It feels like Sofi is the only one who actually makes Zu part of their activities, rather than seeing her as an obstacle that must be considered. Zu is amazed by Sofi’s bravery and wishes she could be just as fearless as her. When she’s with Sofi, she feels less insecure of herself. Even if Sofi can be rude sometimes, her apologies are often genuine when she notices Zu got upset. Unsurprisingly, Sofi awakened Zu’s mischievous side.

Ellie is Zu’s mentor in life. She’s always nice, helpful, generous and intelligent. A role model for Zu, who aims to spread happiness around her. However, Ellie can be rather strict sometimes and Zu feels like she has very high expectations. While Zu wants to live up to those expectations, it’s really taxing on her mind. It can be really frustrating sometimes. Ellie often wants to play games with Zu that can be considered educational, like chess and monopoly. Unfortunately, Ellie seldom goes easy on her, which makes Zu reluctant to partake in games that only the two of them play. Zu still greatly respects and appreciates Ellie’s efforts and enjoys her company.

Zu’s hero. Zu has no memory of how things went down that afternoon, so she’s made up her own version of how Sixten found and saved her from Simon and those other bad men. His calm and relaxing demeanor makes Zu feel very safe in his presence. She always gets butterflies in her tummy when she hasn’t seen him in a while. Once they are together she just wants to hug and snuggle and kiss him until he can’t help but subject himself to Zu’s newfound sex drive. Due to Sixten’s laid back nature, Zu can push him around a lot, making him partake in activities she wants to do. But she also likes to observe Sixten when he’s doing chores or his hobbies, the way he performs makes her feel all serene and at peace. Zu feels really lucky to have found a man to love and that loves her back.

Zu’s father, Albin Nilsson, is a very strict and gruff man with very strong opinions. He always strives to do what he thinks is right. When things don’t go his way, he can become really upset. He used to be a teacher, but his relation with the students and the other teachers was pretty strained.

Zu’s mother, Lovisa Nilsson, shares her husband’s ideologies. Around other people, she acts superior and aloof, you wouldn’t think her lifestyle and background would generate behaviours like that. She’s worked most of her life as a secretary, but has dabbled in substitute teacher jobs, which is how she and Albin met.

Their view of catpeople are very regressive, considering them as lessers. Hence the mistreatment Zu was given during her childhood. Zu liked seeing her parents when she was still young and didn’t know any better, but these days she tries not to think about them. What seemed like good memories has instead turned into nightmares which she sometimes experiences.

Little Sister Johanna:
Zu never saw much of her younger sister, since her parents made sure they were to never meet. But she still heard her younger sister talking and playing through the floor. Most of what she saw of her was through photos when she was allowed upstairs for cleaning. Then, one day her sister surprisingly came to see her down in the basement. Unfortunately, it seemed like Zu had scared Johanna, because she bolted right out of there, screaming. That was the last Zu ever saw or heard from her sister. The memory of Johanna still lingers in Zu’s mind, though very faint these days.

•Skills/Special Abilities:

•If You Could Have Three Wishes?:
Wish 1: "I wish everyone was happy!"
Wish 2: "I wish I had a baby!"
Wish 3: "I wish I could be like a normal girl..."

•Random & Miscellaneous Facts:
1. Zu can run very fast for a long period of time, but is very weak.
2. Zu cannot swim, and needs floaties to stay above the surface when going out on deeper water.
3. When the characters were first created, Zu was originally the smart one and Zara the dumb one.
4. She also used to have thick stick that she used for various things.
5. Zu's favorite smell is vanilla.
6. Zu cannot speak or understand any other language than Swedish. (Her dialogue is all in English though for readers to understand)
7. Her butt may not be big, but it's plump, full and soft.
8. Her boobs are perky, but not very sensitive.
9. Zu is a squirter.

Being born to parents who thought of catpeople as people of less value, little Therese Nilsson never received any love from her parents. She was a shame to the newly founded family. But they were too proud to just give her up for adoption immediately. Instead she was isolated from the outside world. Albin and Lovisa were not a very social folk to begin with and their countryside villa didn’t have any immediate neighbours. Keeping Therese hidden from outside eyes was not a difficult task.

Never receiving any pity from her parents, it didn’t take long for the abuse of Therese to begin. Upon the birth of her younger sister, Johanna, she was hidden away entirely. Kept in the basement, which was slightly remodeled for the purpose, Therese was largely left to her own devices. With only a few cast-off toys and a mirror to keep her busy.

Johanna, who was born a regular human, got all the love and care while carefully being kept separated from her older sister. This was done so thoroughly, Johanna wasn’t even aware her sister existed.

But as she grew older, the mysteriously locked basement door, frosted windows and the sometimes mysterious sounds coming from there piqued her curiosity. Her parents simply dismissed it as the boiler being noisy and told her that it’s dangerous down there for children. She should stay away from there.

But the curiosity of a child is seldom satisfied by dismission. While home alone she managed to locate the keys to the basement and went to investigate. When she flicked the lightswitch saw the thin, long haired girl in rags approaching the bottom of the basement stairs, she froze with fear. For a moment, the two sisters looked at each other, neither one of them sure how to react. Of course, Johanna didn’t know the girl in the basement was her sister. Then, Therese began to try to communicate with her younger sister. But Johanna was too frightened to make out Therese’s slurred speech to realize that she was trying to greet her. Thinking she was a ghost, Johanna bolted screaming out, slamming the door shut and locking tightly.

When Johanna then told her parents what she had seen in the basement, they realised they had to get rid of Therese as quickly as possible. Having heard of the catperson doctor, Ellie des Chaton, and her willingness to take on any and all kinds of charities, they thought she could take care of their daughter too. Both of them were catpeople anyway.

Spiking Therese’s food with some sleeping powder to knock her out while Johanna was out, they put her in the car and drove for the city Granköping where Ellie resided. Arriving at nightfall, they dumped off Therese on Ellie’s doorstep, wrapped up in a blanket along with an envelope with a made up sob story.

Ellie took Zu in, suspicious but still worried about the girl. When Therese came to, she became frightened by the unknown voluptuous woman and this unfamiliar surrounding. Panicking, she ran around Ellie’s home, knocking things over trying to get away or find a place to hide. There was so many new impressions and strange objects all around her that her mind couldn’t handle it and she fainted again.

The next time she woke up, she was laying on top of something very soft and there was a plate with some nice smelling food on it on a small table next to it. After she shoveled it into her mouth two curious faces carefully approached her. They wanted to know who she was and where she came from, but there wasn’t a lot she could tell them. Ellie contacted the authorities and her colleagues in social services, something was definitely not right. With the shape this poor catgirl was in, she took pity and she decided to adopt her.

By searching through the database for any person born with cat features at the hospital, she managed to pinpoint down Therese’s information and take legal action against her parents. At this point, Ellie and Zara had already given Therese a new name, since they didn’t know her real name. Ellie had wanted something short and easy to help her pronounce and spell her own name. After some discussion, they agreed on the name Zu. A mix of the name Sue and a tradition in Zara’s family of names starting with a Z, then dropping the E. They changed her legal name to Zu Kat, borrowing Zara’s last name to simplify it even further for her, keeping Therese as her middle name.

As Zara and Ellie got to know her, they helped her catch up for those many lost years of growing up. Psychiatrists and speech therapists were employed to help, which wasn’t an easy process, but a challenge Zu met with a strong will, eager to learn.

Embracing her new life, Zu grew fond of forests and similar nature areas. Sprinting around, she’d explore and climb trees, taking in the smells and experiences. This, however, didn’t help her fear of crowds.

Over time, Zu managed to make it into the school system, on Ellie’s request. Starting from Third Grade at the age of 12, she got to experience a classroom for the first time in her life. She was very nervous, but the teachers and her classmates were really nice to her. With not all too much trouble she reached sixth grade and was ready to start Junior High.
The classes and subjects would only become more complex from here on out.

Coincidentally, Zara moved into a new apartment, a longer distance away from Ellie. That way they both had their own room, unfortunately that meant Zu had to go to a different school where she had no friends from Elementary.

Zu struggled to keep up in classes. But for the most part, she managed. The trouble, however, began when a small gang of five started to take her into their group. Which, in reality, was nothing more than assigning her as a regular bullying target.

It started with minor pushes and bumps, making her trip or close the door on her tail. They told her she was clumsy, even blamed her for it, and she believed them. It was difficult to follow their conversations sometimes and Zu was oblivious to the fact they were making fun of her.

One of the boys, Elias, didn't bully Zu as much as the others. He was more along for the ride and laughs. Zu subconsciously noticed this, and developed a crush on Elias while the other boys were bullying her. She didn't understand her feelings for him, but she tried to be extra nice to him, by prioritizing his requests and drawing pictures for him. Sadly, he didn't catch onto this and the group made fun of her art instead.

Simon, the bully in charge, was quite bossy and rarely took no for an answer. And as all teenage boys develop over time, so did Simon. His teenage lust started to surface, and saw Zu as a perfect testing ground. This was ideal for him, because he knew Zu wasn’t too clever, and would simply think Simon was starting to become really good friends with her.

But things changed for the worst when Simon had “playfully” tugged down her skirt. By accident, her panties were dragged down as well, which started to give him some very direct ideas…

The smacks and pinching now often landed on her breasts or behind. They would tickle her while feeling her up, abusing the fact that she rarely knew what was going on. The bullying had changed from painful, to embarrassing.

Simon’s poking, especially when they were alone, often had her genitals targeted. He waved it off as innocent. But before she knew he already had a finger inside of her for a split second. She wasn’t sure what she felt, but it felt good enough for her to not complain as much every time he did it. But this wasn’t enough for Simon.

In the next term of the school year, a new boundary was crossed. Simon locked himself in an empty classroom with Zu, and tricked her into giving him a handjob, under the ruse that she should return the favor for the massaging that she got from him.
He forced her to promise to keep it quiet or he’d no longer be her friend. Scared by this, she complied, not fully aware what she really was doing.

Every few days a week, Simon would do this with her. But after a while, Zu complained that her arm got tired, so he instructed her to use her mouth instead. She wasn’t keen on doing this at first, but eventually she got used to the taste.

After a while, Simon would bring in his friends, one by one, to take advantage of her. Just like before, she was told to keep quiet about it, or else they’d all stop being friends with her. So she sat there on her knees, and “massaged” them all. Eventually, even Elias caved in, if only out of sheer curiosity and peer pressure.

Back home Zu would, just as instructed, not tell a soul. Despite this abuse tiring her out and severely impairing her learning, with bad grades as a result, Zara and Ellie were kept in the dark about it all. In the end, they had no choice but to consider it Zu simply struggling through her studies.

But Elias started to feel bad about this. Even though Zu didn’t, he knew what they really were doing to her. How they were exploiting her simple mind. He felt that they were just using her, but when he brought it up, Simon and the others questioned his loyalty. Wondering if they’d perhaps turn on him, he felt pushed in a corner, and felt he had to prove his loyalty.

He decided to push her down some stairs, bruising her up, that would prove his loyalty to his friends. Zu was walking down the stairs toward her locker, and Elias snuck up behind her. He kicked the back of her knee and she lost her balance, going end over end and crashing down the stairs. But what he didn’t foresee was how badly she’d end up falling. A sickening crack resounded in the hall as she landed at the bottom, her wrist was broken and her hand dislocated.
Her heart-piercing wail filled the school corridors, and the startled teachers were quick to act. She eventually passed out from the pain as she was moved.

She was rushed off to the hospital, where she was escorted to Ellie, who healed Zu as quick as she could. After she was done, she let Zu rest in one of the hospital beds while she went into her office to call Zara and told her about the incident and that she had nothing to worry about. She told her she would send Zu home after she had some sleep.

When Zu woke up later that day, Ellie sat by her side on a small chair. They were in a hospital, coincidentally the one where she worked at. Ellie was sorry that they hadn’t seen each other that much, but was also worried. Zu had proven to often be more flexible than a regular cat. Had she been hurt on purpose?

But Zu wasn’t very familiar with the concept of bullying, and she knew that. So she tried to fish out what kind of people she usually talked with. Zu said that she had a few boys who were around her a lot, called them her friends. She described one in specific, Elias. She gave off clearly that she liked him, but also showed she didn’t fully understand these feelings.

Wary about this, Ellie asks Zu if she already had sex with any of these boys, after she explained what it actually was… But the explanation frightened Zu, she realised what she had been doing with the boys, and what the next step was. Ellie reminded her that sex is for people who are in love, and that she must say no to it if that’s not the case. Zu didn’t tell Ellie what she had already done, feeling guilty, but she decided that she would stop all of it now.

When Zu's wrist was healed up and she returned to school, her friends were eager to see her again. Their teen lust had not thawed down. But Zu remembered the talk she had with Ellie, and decided to deny them completely. This went on for at least a month. Zu’s homework started to slightly improve, and there wasn’t much Simon could do.

But he had a plan. One day, there was going to be a field trip with the class they were in. Simon had sweet talked Zu into giving him the papers and money for the trip, convincing he’d take care of it for her.

On the day she was informed that the school had not received her permission slip or the money for the trip, and had to stay at school for a few classes, like the other students who couldn’t or didn’t want to join the trip. Zu was heartbroken, but she sat through the classes anyway. After said classes were over, Simon asked Zu if she wanted to come with him. He wanted to show her something in the stock room of the Gym, which the entirety was abandoned due to the field trip.

Simon’s quickly put his plan into action. He roughly threw her over a bench, and wasted no time ripping off her skirt and panties. He pulled a condom from his stack and was ready to violate her front, but much to his displeasure he found that it easily breaks as he put it on. He didn't know that his condom was well past its expiration date, and so were the others he brought.

Angrily he cursed about the condoms, confusing Zu into a false sense of safety. He didn’t want to take the risk of knocking her up. But he wasn’t willing either to let her get away just yet, so he decided to take her asshole instead. Looking for some kind of lube, he rummaged through Zu’s backpack, and decided to use her drinking yoghurt.

A minute was spent prodding her backdoor, which caused her to panic. She tried to struggle, swinging her legs about and even grab hold of something so she could pull herself away.
But her slender body was no match for the brute and youthful strength of Simon’s arms, keeping her down and close.

As he eventually started to enter her, Zu had started to cry, feeling the sharp pain up her backside.
But nobody would hear her in the abandoned Gym. The entire experience had made her too scared to even try and run at this point. All she could do was whine towards Simon, asking for him to stop, but he had no ears for it.

Simon started slowly, pushing his way in and out, trying to press deeper inside her. To Zu, it felt like an eternity as he slowly ploughed his way into her backdoor. Eventually, he picked up speed as her gaping asshole had widened to accommodate his dick.

After a few minutes, however, sweat started to pearl down on Simon’s forehead. A young boy like him couldn’t possibly last more than ten minutes, so before long he had reached his peak.
A grunt followed, and he released inside of her. Just like a teenage boy would, he flopped down onto her, his member still inside. She felt his dick shrinking, and a small sigh of relief escaped her.

Simon gathered himself and stood up, zipping up his pants. Zu fell off the bench and curled up, holding her thighs as she tried to recover from the pain. A small spark of guilt befell him, but he didn’t want to feel that way and instead yelled at her to make himself feel better, telling her to get up and gather her stuff before anyone saw them.

Before they exited the gym, he grabbed her shoulder and stared her down, reminding her to not tell anyone. He didn’t even have to threaten her with consequences, she already was scared and intimidated enough to immediately nod. She’d consent to anything as long as she could get away.

Zu almost crumpled when Simon let go of her. He made his way out of the Gym and disappeared back into the main building. Zu took a moment to gather herself, and slowly made her way home. The pain in her backdoor had extended to her entire spine, and she could barely make a step without pain moving all over her body as if lightning had struck her every step.

Finally, she made it home. Just as she reached her bed, she dropped into it and stopped moving, passing out from exhaustion and pain. Zara wasn’t home yet, tending to her own business as she expected Zu to be home later than usual.

When she arrived and found Zu in bed, she was clearly surprised. But Zu was in such a deep sleep, she decided to not wake her and leave her be, tucking her in tidily, not even bothering to undress her except for her boots.

The next day, Zu had only partially recovered. Her whole body still ached, as if she had endured a long and strenuous training exercise. She barely had the energy to drag herself to school, let alone pay attention in class.

That day, Simon had left her alone. It seems he was preoccupied with something else. Instead of being relieved, however, she was constantly on edge. Worried that Simon was going to take her away in an instant and rape her again.

At the end of the day, she did feel relieved. And whatever semblance of a normal day she could’ve had, she tried to continue her evening, eating and going to bed after a while, resting her weary body.

She was hopeful for the day after. Maybe Simon had forgotten about her, maybe he fled because of what he did. But in between two classes, to her surprise, she got snagged in an empty room by a pair of hands.
It was Simon, and he wanted more.

Zu struggled and briefly broke free. She shook her head and said she didn’t want to do this again. But Simon smirked, said he’d tell everyone about what she had let Simon do. Simon didn’t really know that Zu was in the care of Ellie and Zara, instead of her parents. But Zu figured that ‘everyone’ included them. And she didn’t want Ellie to know about this.

Like last time, Zu tried to struggle. But as she realized her attempts were futile, so she slowly submitted herself to his whims, positioning herself as he demanded. Too happy that he could have his way, Simon wasted no time and penetrated her again.

So these sex sessions became a regular habit for the two. All the while, Zu’s body kept aching, hardly capable of adjusting to this. Sinking deeper into what could almost be described as depression. As a result it was not too long before stopped struggling, and just submitted to his will immediately.

Zara genuinely started to worry, wondering how school could be this harsh on her, even if she’s mentally challenged. She had trouble believing it was just stress, but Zu would not tell her anything pertaining to what was really happening.

She was puzzled, but was unwilling to let this go. Cheering up Zu barely worked, so she contacted the school. It turned out that Zu’s grades were suffering, and the teachers found that she had been absent-minded.

Eventually, Zu was assigned an assistant from the school, causing her to be more occupied at hours she’d usually get caught by Simon. As a result this helped her to recover a little bit more. She grew a bit more resilient, and Simon had learned that he needed to plan his moves better if he wanted to get the most out of his little ‘toy’.

But Simon wouldn’t let this happen without a consequence. At one point, much to Zu’s surprise, Simon brought one of his friends along, and demanded that she extended her services to him.
Confronted with the exact same blackmail, she willingly complied with their wishes.

Eventually, Simon got greedy. He’d seen an opportunity in milking his friends for more than just degrading Zu. He’d let his friends all get a free ride, except Elias, who didn’t feel like it.
Once he had them ‘hooked’, he’d start charging them money. What started from half a week's allowance, turned into a full week’s. Soon enough he had been whoring out Zu enough to make himself a tidy profit. But he wasn’t too shy on trying out the goods himself from time to time.

When Simon let Zu be, Elias would try to cheer her up and encourage her, since he felt bad for her. Having also not forgotten the blowjob she once gave him. For Zu, getting that kind of attention from a boy she liked, was very welcome. Soon enough, she would always seek out Elias when she could, feeling safe with him.

Simon noticed this and he didn’t like it. So the group turned on Elias, and he started to get bullied as he got closer to Zu.

Eventually, Simon got tired of fucking Zu in the ass. The humiliation and pain he gave her had decreased to Zu just taking it without reacting much. Truth to be told, Zu actually started to enjoy the anal sex, just a little, during the finish and pull out. So Simon now wanted to take Zu’s virginity, and he wanted to do it in style. He told his friends about his plan, all but Elias.

Just a few days later, Simon and his friends persuaded Zu into coming with them after school to his home. She felt afraid, since she’d always been let go after school, and attempted to talk back, but the bullies dismissed her wails and ordered her to come, which she remorsefully did, the fear of being blackmailed if she didn’t comply returning to her.

Elias, who had overheard the boys talking about taking Zu home, became suspicious. He didn’t know what they planned on doing with her, but he believed it was sexual. He also wasn’t sure of what Simon was capable of, so he decided to follow them, albeit at a safe distance.

As soon as Zu took a step inside of Simon’s house, the boys started to tear her clothes off of her body, sending her into a state of panic. The nude girl, even though she was older than the boys, had no chance against the four of them. They pinned her down on Simon’s bed and spread her legs, where Simon started to stimulate her now vulnerable sex. When he’d succeeded in moistening it, he swiftly strapped on a condom and greedily pushed himself inside.

Zu cried as she felt her hymen break. Although it wasn’t as painful as the anal penetration, it was still quite uncomfortable. After getting used to Zu’s tight warmth around his dick, Simon started to thrust inside of her. She felt the other boys feeling her up and toying with her as Simon reached places inside of her she didn’t know she had.

It didn’t take long for Simon to reach his peak, but instead of speeding up to finish, he stopped and pulled his dick out of her. He repositioned himself so that he was laying down on the bed, with Zu now on top of him and reinserted himself into her. He continued at a leisurely pace, wanting to make the most of this “special” moment. While that was going on, another boy started to finger and lube up her butthole. Even though Zu pleaded for them not to, she soon found herself experiencing her first double penetration.

While the boys took turns on her ass, Simon occupied her vagina at all times, claiming it as his and his only. When they had had their fill, Simon upped his pace, aiming to finally finish. Once he was done, he threw Zu off of him, letting her rest and catch her breath while they tried to get ready for round two.

Meanwhile, Elias was walking around on the street outside the house, contemplating whether or not he dared to sneak onto the yard and peek in through the windows to see what was going on.
Eventually he dared, cautiously exploring the outer walls until he had found Simon’s room.

From the window, he could see Simon humping Zu from behind while she was sucking off another boy. It appeared she had some sort of blunt object shoved up her ass as well. He almost fell backwards because of the shocking scenario he just witnessed.
Just as he was going to take another peek, he heard a car coming to a stop behind the house.

It alerted one of the boys, who was resting for a moment. He alerted his friends and Simon said it was probably his dad. Not soon after, they heard the front door being unlocked. In panic, they all scurried for their clothes and exited through the window, leaving Simon beneath Zu. Before they had all escaped, Simon’s dad had stepped in, who wondered what all the noise was about.

Seeing a bunch of boys escape through the window, he angrily demanded to know what was going on. Simon, embarrassed in his half-naked state, said that Zu was his girlfriend.
He took no peace with that answer, and sternly commanded Zu to get off his son, take her clothes and leave the house immediately.

Barely aware what was happening around her, she scurried away. Before she completely closed the door, she could hear the dad yelling at Simon. Little did she know what brutal thrashing Simon would receive from his father, angry at what foolishness he had been up to under his roof.

Having seen what had been done to Zu, Elias felt even worse. But all he could do was comfort her and make her happy whenever he could. Eventually, they ended up bonding very closely. Zu was happy Elias was finally noticing her, and Elias felt good for actually being nice to someone.

Simon, on the other hand, still felt raw over the beating his father gave him. But he also was given instructions. He and the remainder of his friends were to stay away from Zu. To avoid suspicion while his Dad made preparations for a very… ‘special’ event. If anyone found out about what his son had been doing to this girl, it wouldn’t be good for him. The best way to solve this was to remove the girl from the equation completely. But why not have a little fun at the same time?

And then the fateful day came. The plan was to drive right up to Zu whilst she was walking home from school and yank her inside a van. But they hadn’t counted on Elias being with her as well, so in the commotion, a split second decision was made to take him with them too.

They were both tied and gagged, with a bag pulled over their heads swiftly. Zu was scared, but she recognized the scent of Simon’s house, along with a few more new scents as well.

The ten minute trip felt more and more ominous by the minute. Soon enough, they heard the van drive in an area where even the slightest noise created a loud echo. They had arrived in an abandoned warehouse.

When the bags were pulled off their heads, they just saw a pile of dirty mattresses in the middle of the warehouse with a floodlight to light the area.

Elias was left in the Van at first. Zu was to be the one to receive her treatment first. Simon’s Dad took off her gag and in a dominating voice command her to suck his dick.

With her hands still tied behind her back, all she could do was to try and clumsily take it into her mouth. He was big, much bigger than Simon and his friends. But he had no patience for such things, and quickly enough used his hands to force her down on him, deep. She gurgled pathetically as he entered her throat.

Impatient as they were, two of his friends moved over and used box cutters to swiftly remove her clothing. In a few precise cuts, Zu was butt naked, except for her boots. The air in the warehouse was chilly, but with the hands moving all over her body greedily pinching and squeezing at anything they could grab a hold on, it didn’t really affect her. She was swiftly moved over to one of the mattresses, where they began to please themselves in all of Zu’s available orifices.

Elias, horrified by Zu’s screams of pain and pleading for them to stop hurting her, stumbled out from the van, screaming for them to stop this madness. This action only resulted in the men left to watch to laugh at him, throwing him down next to Zu on one of the mattresses, taunting him. If he’s so worried about his precious girlfriend, why doesn’t he take her place? Taunting quickly turned into action in the heated mood.

In a matter of moments, all the men had turned into raging beasts, satisfying their lusts on the holes of both Zu and Elias. One of them took great pleasure in using Zu’s hair as handlebars to hold on to. Something the men busy with Elias didn’t have the pleasure of. So, in order to compensate, one of them grabbed their belts, and secured it around Elias’ neck.

Caught up in the moment, they hardly noticed how Elias was having trouble with breathing. All they did was just add another cock to his throat, apathetic to how his face was slowly turning red, almost purple.

Meanwhile, two boys were sauntering around in the neighbourhood. A boy and a catboy, Sixten and Hampus. Two brothers and close friends, were up to what some would call urban exploring and others would call trespassing. New in town, they wanted to explore the industrial side of town. With spring just passed, casual strolls were quite enjoyable, often done just to feel the early summer breeze on your cheeks.

Sixten, who had scouted the area on his own a few times earlier, became intrigued when he spotted a van he had never seen there before. The both of them snuck around the building and peered in through a window, observing the ongoings.

At first they assumed it was a bunch of fetishists, coming together for their perverted pleasures. But Sixten's position allowed him to see better than Hampus’ could, and he noticed Elias choking, visibly gasping for air.

The men raping Elias and Zu looked big and mean. There was no way these two boys could free them. While Sixten was pulling out his phone to call the police, Hampus took out his camera to record what was going on. Initially believing Hampus was going to film it for his own gain, Sixten lashed out at him. Hampus quickly explained he was recording it as evidence. Understanding now, Sixten phoned 112.

Zu had already passed out. She had turned into little more than a human sized fuckdoll with cat ears. Every hole of hers was abused until she had turned into a body thick with sweat and semen.

The men perked their ears. They heard the shuffling of shoes, but they all were on the dirty piles of mattresses. But their realization came too late, as they saw two pistols pointed at them. Two officers had arrived at the scene, and had already called in backup and an ambulance. They heard the sirens as soon as they saw the pistols pointed at them.

Ordered to raise their hands, the men stood up, leaving their victims like lifeless ragdolls. As they were herded together away from the bodies, one of the officers went to free Elias from the choking belt around his neck.

As reinforcements arrived, the paramedics quickly spoke to each other. One was breathing, the other wasn’t. They hurried to apply CPR and the defibrillator was rushed out the ambulance.

Zu was at peace. Reliving the fun and pleasant memories she had made with her new friends, she was free from the pain and struggles of her years in Junior High together with Simon and his cohorts.

But from somewhere, she could hear screaming and pleading. It sounded like her own voice. But there was someone else screaming too. Elias?

Suddenly she was alone. Her friends were gone and everything became quiet. No, she wasn’t alone anymore. Out from the shadows came Simon, charging straight at her, panting and undoing his pants. She tried to run, but behind her stood Simon’s dad and the other men from the van. They held her in place.

She felt familiar hands grab her hips. Simon was standing behind her, pants down and dick erect. Zu wanted to scream, but somebody was putting their hand in front of her mouth, making her unable to utter any sound. Then, she felt Simon pushing up his dick against her asshole, her body preparing for the piercing sensation that would shoot up her spine along with the crippling feeling of utter helplessness and despair which would someday be the end of her. Next to her laid Elias, motionless. Why wasn’t he moving? Something was really wrong, and all she wanted to do was to just lay down next to him and snuggle him, comforting him and telling him that everything would be fine. But she was held in place sternly, and the panic was rising steadily within her.

Zu shrieked into the hand as Simon penetrated her.

And with a gasp, the poor catgirl woke up. Her eyes were red and her pupils barely adapted to the light. She clawed at her chest, realizing there was a tube in her throat to feed her air as she was unconscious.
Zu had been in the hospital for over a week, slowly recovering her broken body over what had been done to her.

Ellie was there, and quickly held her down, told her to stay calm as she tried her best to calmly remove the tube from her. She remembered nothing of her dream or the events leading up to her hospitalization. When Zu had come by after her initial shock, Ellie started explaining where she was. Zu felt scared at first. She had never been in a hospital like this, but Ellie soothed her and told her to rest some more.

After a few days, Zara came with Ellie on their visits. She wanted to know why Zu didn’t tell her about any of it. Memories of Simon and his actions began to come back to her now. How Zara knew almost the whole story, Zu couldn’t figure out. She said she was afraid Zara would get mad and scold her.

Zara was ready to explode. How could she endure all that just to avoid getting scolded at? She was ready to start a fierce lecture, but she saw how Zu was afraid of her doing the exact thing she wanted to avoid all along.

As they were in a hospital, she wisely decided to tone herself down and removed herself from the room to let out her anger on a poor and innocent tree outside of the hospital. The groundskeepers later found a recently planted sapling lying broken on the ground next to the bed it had previously been planted in.

But recovery is the only way forward, and as Zu regained her strength, she started to ask questions. What had happened to the bad men? And what of Elias?
Ellie told her that the bad men were going away for a long time and wouldn’t hurt anyone else. She also told her that Elias had moved away, whilst she was sleeping. Zu felt sad that Elias had left, and felt like she was to blame for that.

After a week of recovery, the two boys that had “saved” her came by. They introduced themselves as Sixten and Hampus. With no subtlety, Zu made notice of how Sixten also had ears and a tail. She still wasn’t fully aware about the catpeople stigma that surrounded them.

Ellie explained that, without these boys, she’d still be sleeping. She didn’t want to immediately imply death, something she’d want to explain later down the healing process. Regardless, Zu was still grateful and wanted to befriend both of them.

Zu spent the rest of the school year at home, recovering in peace. Meanwhile, the case had come forward of the vicious men that had raped Zu and Elias. With the men barely capable of affording a proper advocate, one of the victims being mentally challenged and Hampus’ video evidence, Zu wasn’t required to even testify in court. She was spared of having to forcibly remember the events.

In the end, the men would spend quite a few years behind bars.
Simon was given a few years in juvenile prison, and would be told to never come in contact with his associates, nor with the victim or her family and friends.
They were all placed on the sex offenders register and moved away from Granköping after eventually being released, the whole city knew what they’d done.

When she started school again, the remaining bullies were gone. Even if they were not sentenced to juvenile prison, the school did not want any problems to surface and expelled those involved. Some of them found a new school, while one had to take up private tutoring. Turns out his parents could afford such a thing.

For a while, it was difficult for Zu. The first few months, she’d be stared at again because of the events that passed, just like when she first started school. It felt like everybody took distance from her, even some of her teachers. She didn’t fully understand why, but remembered to just tough it out like last time. And soon enough, the stares stopped and Zu could continue to learn what she could.

Her last year was quite uneventful. In no small part because of Zara no longer taking her eyes off of Zu, calling the school if she was even in the slightest distress about something that had happened.
Sometimes, Zu just spent some time thinking back on the awful things that had happened to her.

Through this year, she slowly accepted that she’d no longer see Elias again, since nobody knew where he went. Eventually, she allowed herself to move on and started to shift her emotions towards Sixten instead. The catboy who had visited her in the hospital.
She found him handsome, and wanted to see more of him.

The final school year, Zu didn’t make any friends. In fact, if it wasn’t for her new assistant, she’d probably not have been able to pull through. But when she finally arrived at her graduation, she felt fulfilled. Despite all her setbacks and suffering, she had finally achieved what she set out to do. The school choir sang summer songs, she ate ice cream and basked in the sun, feeling like she had not a single care in the world. At home, she even had a party, celebrating that she finished school, and that she was now an adult.

But soon enough came the realization that, as an adult, she was supposed to go find a job.
It put everyone in deep thought. What could Zu possibly do? Even when graduated, she was still mentally challenged. It was a new challenge to be overcome.

Zara had an idea. Zu had always wanted to help people, and being nimble like a cat, a maid may be the perfect job for her. Zu didn’t know what a maid was, so they explained her that maids help people out with cleaning and keeping things sorted. It peaked her curiosity.

Ellie agreed to the idea, saying that a friend of her parents often jokingly asked her to moonlight as a maid in his mansion. Perhaps he would be pleasantly surprised to have an actual catgirl work in his mansion. Quickly enough, Zu was set up for an interview.

She was nervous, as you ought to be for an interview. She got into the car with Zara and they picked up Ellie. She was going to show them to the manor. It was located a bit outside of the city, so it took them half an hour to get there, even with Ellie’s GPS.

Soon enough they reached a long dirt road with neat, well-kept trees adorning both sides of it. And at the end of it, a sterling gate with an intercom within reaching distance from a car.
Zara rolled down her window and pushed the Call button.

“Hello?” a voice asked after a few seconds.
“Zu Kat for her interview?” Zara responded politely.
“Hello~!” Zu shouted excitedly, but Zara hushed her promptly.
“Just a moment.” the voice replied.

Not a moment later, the gate opened up and Zara drove though. Zu and Zara both gave their eyes a feast as they saw the rows of fruit trees, flower beds and hedges cut in a motif. It probably was the most beautiful garden they had ever seen. But their amazement did not end, as the mansion loomed up from in the distance. Four stories high and quite wide. They even spotted stables in the distance and a workshop.

Zara parked her slightly rusty Volvo 240 beside a shiny Porsche on the drive. Looking at her slightly dented yellow car next to the flashy sports car made her feel a bit awkward.

With Zara and Ellie on either side of her, Zu knocked on the door. After a moment, it opened and revealed a man that was unmistakingly dressed as a butler, down to the cufflinks.
She started to blush, her nervousness getting the better of her.
“Miss Zu Kat, I presume?” Zu nodded vigorously.
“Please follow me.” the butler said, and turned around to walk forward.

Zara gave her a nudge, and as she started to follow, her mouth fell agape at the giant lobby she was entering. The ceiling was even higher than the school gym! A pretty chandelier caught her attention, shining bright and glistening in the sunlight streaming from the large windows above the main doors.

Eventually, she was led down a flight of stairs, eventually reaching a decent looking office room. She had seen other girls who were wearing maid dresses. The three were asked to sit down on the empty chairs just before another girl walked in. She introduced herself as the housekeeper and immediately made eye contact with Zu.

Zara briefly placed her hand on Zu’s and whispered that she’d be fine, after which she promptly removed her hand. The interview had officially begun.

The housekeeper made a forced smile, and moved over a piece of paper with a pen.
“This is a checklist of the different kinds of jobs and duties we arranged for you, specifically. Please fill in the things you can handle in these lines” the housekeeper gestured with her finger “and there’s a field on the back for anything else you want to inform us of. Other things you needed or preferences.”

“Mooh… moppin’... the fff... floor.” With an unmoved face, the housekeeper observed Zu’s struggling.
Zu still struggled with reading and writing, but it was worse under stress.
Ellie quickly cut in “I think it would be best if we did this in private.”
The housekeeper sighed and nodded “Very well, I’ll be back in an hour, but you can always ask one of the maids to send for me if you are done early.” she forced a half-hearted smile again, and walked away, closing the door behind her.

Together, the trio looked through the available tasks. But more often than not, it was Zara and Ellie discussing each and explaining it to Zu, with her nodding when she’d agree. Sometimes she’d say she’s willing to try something she hadn’t done before. They wouldn’t always tag that chore, but made sure they added that she was new to it when they did.

No sooner after the list was finished, did they see an hour had passed by, and the housekeeper had come inside, right on time. Not even a second later than she said she would.

Sitting on her office chair again, she scanned the list with a stern face.
“Hmmmm…” she hummed “...most of these simple chores are already well handled by our current maids. Are you sure she can’t do anything else?”

Zu’s ears dropped. She was smart enough to realize that she was being called too unskilled for the job. She started fighting back tears.
The housekeeper nodded in response, seeing Zu’s ears drooping.
“I’m sorry, I don’t think it’d be worth our time and space…”

“I-I just wanted to help…” she murmured sadly, struggling harder to hold back her tears.
“Sorry,” The housekeeper repeated “if I took every-”
“That’s quite enough, Matilda…” a man’s voice interrupted, catching almost everyone by surprise.
As faces turned, they saw a tall but old man, dressed in a grey suit and tie, holding a cane. Yet he seemed healthy enough to not require one.
His grey-brown mixed hair and moustache, while seemingly stern, comforted Zu a little as he seemed both nice and lifeful.

"Gustav!" Ellie gasped in surprise.
"Good day, Ellie, my dear!" Gustav greeted. "And good day to you two too, Miss Linda and Miss Therese."
Gustav waved to them with his free hand as he walked over to Matilda and took a look at the paper. "Excuse my manners, but I have been eavesdropping on you for a while." he spoke to the three cat girls.

"When I heard Ellie had found a cat eared little fellow wanting to become a maid at my mansion, I couldn’t hold back my curiosity. I have always longed for a feline featured maid of my own, you see. I have been stuck with the idea since I met Ellie. But alas, she's too valuable to be wasted on a man like me, especially with her unique body." Ellie blushed a little as Gustav chortled a little at his own remark.

"Let me take a look at you, little one!" Gustav said to Zu, who hid behind Zara upon being approached. "Please, don't be shy. I'm not going to bite you!" He knelt down to Zu's level.
Zara nudged her to step forward. He could see her trying to hold back her tears as she met eyes with him.

He took her hand by the back of it, and used it to turn around her arm, getting a good look at her and the palm of her hand. “My dear, you look mighty flexible. I bet you could reach into places and crevices where none of our other staff could. Considering one of them once was a ballerina, I’m sure that’s quite a feat…”

In his curiosity, he stroked one of her ears, which caused it to twitch. The man looked absolutely fascinated, and couldn’t help himself but reach for her tail. She yelped quietly and moved it away from his hand.
“Oh! Forgive me, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” Zu smiled a little and the man chuckled with her.

“Aren’t you just the cutest little girl…” he said, and stood up, placing his hands on her shoulders. “Consider yourself hired, dear!” The very words brought such a shine on her face, that the man’s heart skipped a beat. Would good luck finally befall Zu?

“But sir…” Matilda sought to interrupt.
“Hush Matilda, we all need a chance in life. And this girl is as excited to work for me as I was when I had my first chance at a job and making something of my life… I stand by my decision.”
“Very well, sir…” Matilda quietly sighed. Hers was now the duty to shape Zu into something more useful.

Gustav gestured for some of the maids to step up. “Would you be dears and show Zu and her guardian where she can stay? Then bring her back to me after I’ve sorted out some details with Ellie dear here. I’ll give her a part of the tour, myself. Matilda, you’ll come with us when we do.”
He efficiently instructed.

“Thanks so much.” Ellie said, and went in for a hug. “It means a lot to me, she’s had her fair share of setbacks way too early in her life.”
“Ah, least I can do for all you’ve done for me. And she really is quite adorable. I hope she’ll fit right in with the other girls.”

Zu and Zara were shown the maid quarters. Despite being in the cellar, it all looked very cosy. There was plenty of heating for cold winter nights, and the maids were all nice to her as well.
On their return, Gustav and Matilda took the trio for a tour.

Conveniently, she was shown all the areas that lead up to Gustav’s private quarters. He excused himself, saying that he felt tired, and that Matilda could finish the tour while wishing Zu well.

The tour didn’t last for much longer. Throughout, Matilda remained stern, if not slightly annoyed with the girl that she’d have to mold into workable shape. She grumbled inwardly at the thought of a member of her staff being hired as eye-candy more than for skill and talent, but was professional enough not to show it.

When they finally reached the front door again, Matilda spoke again “You begin next week Monday. Be here at least by nine, not a minute too late. We’ll need to efficiently time everything so you can unpack and I can show you all your tasks so you can get started that afternoon.”

She shook hands with the three of them, and wished them farewell. She waited at the doorway to see them leave, but awkwardly waved back when Zu intently and excitedly waved at her. Her heart wasn’t made of stone, but hers was the job to stay serene and professional.

Zu spent the remainder of her Wednesday nervously thinking of what it would be like. Zara, not wanting to keep her eyes off Zu for as long as she still could, figured she should enjoy the few free days she has left at home. So she took her to a picnic and other fun activities for the remaining days, spending the Sunday at home just recovering from all the excitement.
And then, Monday finally came. Zu was a hassle to get out of bed, but she managed it anyway.

Being brought right on time by Zara, Zu’s day started exactly as Matilda described. She unpacked all her things, put on her maid outfit, and was shown around the various tasks she was assigned to do. Matilda still hadn’t forgotten how Gustav had overruled her, but Zu’s obedient nature allowed her to slowly let that grudge slip away.

Zu was introduced to the rest of the staff as well. The chefs, butlers and other caretakers.
And then, last but not least, the Nyqvist family itself. Gustav introduced his wife Jonna, their son Felix and daughter Lotta. They were all occupied in their own activities, but didn’t feel too high enough to at least give Zu a nod. She was but an employee, after all.

She found Lotta to be an amateur writer, often staying inside of her room all day. A big, but timid girl who took interest in Zu due to her imaginative stories and unique drawings. Together, they’re trying to make a picture book.

Jonna, the wife, was an avid reader. Yet somehow, she was oftentimes very difficult to find. Which was no problem for Zu, as Jonna was quite snobby, making Zu feel unwanted.

Felix keeps teasing her, although lightheartedly. Zu mostly enjoys herself when Felix is around, because he’s both funny and attractive when he’s showing off. Unfortunately, a lot of his antics leaves a lot of mess for the maids to clean up.

And so, Zu started her work at the mansion. What the other maids see as annoying chores, she always seems to find a challenge in. Being flexible like she is, she easily gets into areas the maids would require a ladder to get to or extra staff to move an obstacle out of the way. It even got as far as to impress Matilda, who hid it under the guise of complaining that a maid should always behave appropriately.

Zu’s life, it seems, was finally coming together.

•Current Life:
At work, Zu and 7 other maids got their own beds in the maid's quarters in the cellar. She gets three meals a day, though most of it is leftovers from the restaurant. She and the other maids work and live in the mansion from monday morning until 13.00 on friday, then another group of maids take over. There's butlers living in the mansion too, but they have their beds in the attic. Unless Zara or Ellie can give her a ride, she travels to and fro by bus. Something which always makes her nervous, even with her bus pass.

She usually cleans, does dishes and washes clothes. But sometimes she's given special missions, like going shopping, meeting guests and showing them their rooms or helping take care of the animals. There are a few horses, dogs and other pets on the mansion premises. This is her favorite chore, since she loves animals. Helping out guests is her least favorite, especially if the guests ask her a lot of questions, or want something particular. It can lead to the guest becoming frustrated with her.

During weekends and days off, she either stays at home with Sixten, unless visiting some of her friends. Zara lives more central, so it’s closer to visiting Ellie and Zoo, so if she is going to meet with any of them, she stays at Zara’s place. She spends her alone time doing what she likes the most; drawing, playing pretend and whatever other unique things her mind comes up with. She's very happy these days.

So that's Zu. I hope you like her new polished but shortened down bio. It was hard to keep it short, since there's a lot I wanted to add in. If there are any questions, I'll try to answer them.
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I feel mad for Zu mental illness but she is still my best friend
Well shit now I really like Elias and hate the rest to eternal damnation.

Good job man very few fictions have gotten that reaction from me
I now understand her disability.
Zu is now my imaginary friend
Shadow ZoDIac wrote:
Wierd I cant find Granköpinge in sweden. Och jag är svensk. Det är skumt.
Det är en fiktiv stad.
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