•Full Name:
Simon Björk


~1.80 meters. (5’11”)

~88 kg (194lbs)

•Eye color:

•Hair color:

Unknown, but outside of Granköping, presumably.

Student and prisoner.

Simon was raised by his alcoholic single father, who didn’t take kindly to any mistakes Simon made or accidents he was involved in. Punishment would often consist of being locked into his room or worse, beatings. As a result, he’s turned into a less than stellar person, often rebelling against authority and not being above committing petty thefts. Bullying other kids and getting into fights have been consistent elements sprinkled through his childhood, although most often when no adults are nearby to witness his acts.

He normally keeps a low profile, his rough look usually keeps people at a distance. His rowdy and sometimes edgy humor is only appreciated by his peers, and he’s prone to boss them around for his own gain or amusement at times. Perhaps they put up with it due to a mix of fear and respect.

Smoking and consuming trashy magazines became early habits of his, which increased his disdain for other people further, especially women. Most of his advances were rejected, while the few successful ones didn’t last longer than a week at best. The girls quickly caught on to his lack of compassion and desire to only keep them around as sexy toys, leaving him dissatisfied and frustrated.

So when a lonely, but cute and gullible catgirl became his classmate at school, desperate for affection from anyone, he saw his chance. He quickly befriended her and let her into his group of buddies. With some basic manipulation tactics, Simon and his friends bullied, hurt and degraded her while still making her believe she was at fault. Since Simon’s hormones were running wild, Zu’s older and more developed body quickly turned the bullying into sexual harassment. The short, inexperienced girl became the perfect outlet for his desires. Obsessed with his new plaything, Simon lashed out at any of his friends who tried to make advances at her. Simon wanted Zu all for himself.

While Zu at first was somewhat receptive to Simon’s advances, she suddenly started to reject them, claiming that the things they were doing were only meant for people in love. Frustrated, but not willing to give up, Simon would set a plan up to make sure he and Zu would get some valuable alone time together. That would make her see what’s best for her. So by stealing Zu’s permission slip for an upcoming field trip, he made sure that he and Zu would stay at school while all the other students were away for the day.

Once the day of the field trip came around, he took Zu to the Gym’s locker room which was not in use that day. Unfortunately, Zu still rejected his advances and would not agree to his desires. While forcing himself upon the protesting girl, she said something that made him see red. Claiming that sex was only meant for people in love, he’d show her what would happen until she accepted his love for her. Inspired by his trashy magazines, he sexually assaulted her anally. The power and pleasure he felt from controlling and having his way with the scared, crying Zu was unlike anything he had ever felt. After the deed was done, he threatened Zu to keep quiet about what had happened. He wouldn’t repeat the assault again, but he toyed with her a great deal. She was too afraid to refuse him now. His obsession over her grew stronger.

However, on the last day of school for the year, Zu would do something that made Simon again see red. She had drawn what seemed to be a declaration of love for one of the boys in his group. He took the drawing and set it on fire. Zu’s reaction of pure anguish made him furious and he pressed the lit cigarette he was smoking into her neck. This in turn made Zu scramble out of the café they were in, running down the street. When he gave chase, he found Zu in the arms of some stranger.

After starting a small brawl with him, the guy’s older brother surprised him and he was sent falling backwards. The back of his head hit the pavement quite hard and he suffered a bad enough concussion to make a hasty retreat with his gang. Apparently, Zu had snitched on him after this incident and he was soon apprehended by the police. Once the truth was out in the open, Simon couldn’t do anything to stop the consequences.

Since he was only 14 years old, he couldn’t be sentenced for his crimes. Instead, he was relocated to a foster home by the social services, who deemed his alcoholic father unfit for proper care. This foster home was outside of Granköping and he was under strict supervision for a long time. To vent his frustrations, Simon started to work out and applied to a boxing club to become stronger and healthier. However, he couldn’t get rid of his smoking habit, even though it was forbidden by his foster parents.

As both his physical and mental states started to improve, he finally got more attention from girls. But any relationships he got into wouldn’t last. None of them were as easily malleable as Zu had been, and that kept being a major turn off. Instead, he kept fantasizing about her. Once he was completely independent, he would try to get Zu back. But for the time being, he would have to lay low.
Sparrow wrote:
I hope he gets exactly what he did to Zu, ass raped in prison.
Well, he's not in prison, so it is unlikely.
I hope he gets exactly what he did to Zu, ass raped in prison.