•Full Name:
Simon Björk


~1.80 meters. (5’11”)

~88 kg (194lbs)

•Eye color:

•Hair color:

Currently incarcerated at a juvenile prison outside of Granköping.

Student and prisoner.

Simon was raised by his alcoholic single father, who didn’t take kindly to any mistakes Simon made or accidents he was involved in. Punishment would often consist of being locked into his room or worse, beatings. As a result, he’s turned into a less than stellar person, often rebelling against authority and not being above committing petty thefts. Bullying other kids and getting into fights have been consistent elements sprinkled through his childhood, although most often when no adults are nearby to witness his acts.

He normally keeps a low profile, his rough look usually keeps people at distance. His rowdy and sometimes edgy humor is only appreciated by his peers, and he’s prone to boss them around for his own gain or amusement at times. Perhaps they put up with it due to a mix of fear and respect.

Smoking and consuming trashy magazines became early habits of his, which increased his disdain for other people further, especially women. Most of his advances are rejected, while the few successful ones didn’t last longer than a week at best. The girls quickly caught on to his lack of compassion and desire to only keep them around as sexy toys, leaving him dissatisfied and frustrated.

So when a lonely, but cute and gullible catgirl became his classmate at school, desperate for affection from anyone, he saw his chance. He quickly befriended her and let her into his group of comrades. With some basic manipulation tactics, Simon and his friends bullied, hurt and degraded her while still making her believe she was at fault. This power trip swiftly turned sexual, although Zu was older and more developed than Simon, she was still shorter and completely inexperienced sexually. Things escalated very quickly from there. Simon violated and defiled her in the most cruel of ways, until his dad found out what he’d been up to. His father wasn’t angry about what he’d done to Zu, however, he was more concerned about what would happen if anyone found out about it.

A plan was set in motion to eliminate Zu, but it was stumbled upon by Sixten and Hampus and the whole affair was brought to light. Simon was sentenced to a few years in juvenile prison, where he currently resides. There, he is quietly obsessing over Zu. He spends his time working out and planning what he’ll do to her once he gets out of there. In his mind, Zu is to blame for what happened. The fact that he only got to experience her pussy a single time before she got snatched away from him grates greatly at his psyche. When Simon is a free man again, he’ll do anything in his power to make sure Zu gets what she deserves. She must be punished.
Sparrow wrote:
I hope he gets exactly what he did to Zu, ass raped in prison.
Well, he's not in prison, so it is unlikely.
I hope he gets exactly what he did to Zu, ass raped in prison.