•Full Name:
Felix Nyqvist


~2 meters. (6’6”)

~110 kg (243lbs)

•Eye color:

•Hair color:

Lives in a big mansion on the outskirts of Granköping.

Junior COO at his father's scandinavian hotel chain. His job description is currently somewhat undefined.

Felix is the first child of Gustav Nyqvist, a successful hotelier. His mother passed away when he was very young, he does not have many memories of her. Felix received all of his father’s support growing up, who formed him into becoming an outgoing, charming and clever businessman. Felix attended a private school to study economics and enterprise, where he thrived and developed. His interest in bodybuilding stemmed from idol movie actors in his teens. With his charm and well toned body, he quickly became popular with the ladies. His success with the girls boosted his self confidence and turned him into a rather successful womanizer.

Whilst Felix handles his business assignments and duties professionally, he’s still a teen at heart, he loves to party and have a good time in general. As a result, his antics sometimes create trouble for the staff, since he usually doesn’t care about the aftermath of whatever stunts or parties he decides to throw. He’s used to having someone else clean up after him. He does sometimes join in to help out the staff at the mansion, they usually consider him a nuisance rather than a help, since he often has an ulterior motive or just enjoys messing with them instead of actually helping. So whenever he’s around, work for the poor staff is usually increased and becomes unpredictable.

He likes to show off his body any chance he gets, much to the female staff’s delight. During the summer, he’ll usually wear thin shirts, often unbuttoned, while during the colder months, he often goes swimming in their indoor private pool. He’s a very talented swimmer and sometimes gathers a small crowd of maids watching him with interest.

His meddling with the maids usually enrages the head maid, Matilda, since it always puts them behind schedule. If she happens to rant at him for disturbing and delaying their work, he oftens waves her off with a smile, uncaring or perhaps uncomprehending of her anger. A few maids have even been forced to quit due to his meddling with them, often after engaging in inappropriate acts in many inappropriate locations.

But even if he gets into trouble with the workforce at the mansion, his father still thinks highly of him.
His relationship with his younger half-sister is strained, they were never very close. Many snide remarks are exchanged between them, but Felix mostly brushes them off. If he can, he avoids her. He much prefers the company of his workout or party buddies, with one or two girls on the side.
I love felix! he is my favourite character! i like the fact that he uh exists he uh he uh he uh uh he mains grover! thats it post the fucking comment