•Full Name:
Hampus Tubén


~1.63 meters. (5’4”)

~60 kg (132 lbs)

•Eye color:

•Hair color:

Lives with his parents, but is looking to move out.


Unlike his more reserved older brother, Sixten, Hampus is very extroverted and lively. Hampus likes to crack jokes a lot and generally goof off for laughs. He’s very direct in his manner and doesn’t mind striking up conversation with total strangers. His lack of respect for their personal space, however, is usually considered rude or inconsiderate by most, but he means no harm. Many think he’s pretty overwhelming and annoying, so perhaps he’s best experienced in small doses.

More often than not, he speaks before he thinks. He can blurt out inappropriate things before he realises what he’s said, which can create awkward situations. As he’s pretty open with his thoughts and opinions, the chances of accidentally offending somebody is rather high. Apologizing isn’t a strong side of his, but he never means any ill will. Most of his relations with other people are only surface level, but he doesn’t need to know people on a deep level to have a good time. Unfortunately, it has not proven to be a popular attitude when it comes to picking up girls. He’s more of a clown than a Romeo in their eyes.

Hampus isn’t afraid to be brave and try out new things. He also loves competitive sports and games, be they quizzes, board games or physical. His team spirit is unrivaled by most and he’s rarely a sore loser or a bad winner.

After the incident with Zu, Hampus got introduced to the group of catgirls. He gets along well with them for the most part, but he gets to meet Zu and Sofi the most, since Zu is now Sixten’s girlfriend and Sofi is a close friend of theirs. He doesn’t have much patience with Zu, but loves to compete and banter with Sofi, even if she can get really angry at him. Ellie’s gallant demeanor makes him suppress his usual spunky behaviour, but he wouldn’t mind seeing her undressed. He’s had the most luck with Zara, who wound up seducing him and introducing him to the many things a man and woman can do together. While they’re not a couple of any kind, it’s Hampus’ main motivation to visit Granköping.
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