Hello! Today, I finally have some pictures to show!

But first:

DM DOKURO finally finished all of the character themes!
Download all the themes here, or listen to them individually here at my Youtube channel.

Next; have some pictures. My dads computer broke, so I had to hook the scanner up to my computer and use some shitty scanning program, so the quality is kinda bad. Should still be watchable though.
Here's some sketches!
Zoo using her roller blades!
Some sketches of Za.

Very nice, indeed.
Now I have some adult pictures as well.

Meet Zee, creator of characters such as Motoki and Nekata!
Nekata & Motoki. Much fail in this picture.
Jay and Ellie.
^This one picture is a scene from a mini story taking place inbetween part 1 & 2 "What some people do for love". Download link to that ministory is in the picture description.

Speaking of that, part 3 is done!
'What some people do for love' Part 3
Written by 'Five'.


Also, the Ran flash is almost done, at least the animation... I have no idea when I can finish it though.
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So yah, work on the Ran flash is really slow. I get distracted too easily...
And it really didn't help that I bought Mario Kart Wii.I've been playing it for three days now. I'll go back to work on flashes soon, I promise ;3;

Anyway, I got 'Death List 2' yesterday, written by 'The Storyteller', yesterday.

If you liked the first one, I dunno what you'll think about this.
It's really gory, and the weakminded shouldn't be reading this.

>Download here<
>Download old format here<

Enjoy, I guess!
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Whew, that weekend took a lot out of me...

I was at a Game Convention, I guess you could call it, it was a bunch of guys (and some girls) from all over Sweden coming to that place to play some games. It was pretty fun. I played some Mario Kart and Mario Strikers.

There even was this girl who nagged at me about Zu Triple. Even IRL people nags about that.

There was nowhere to sleep, so I curled up on a bunch of chairs and slept on them. It was much uncomfortable.

So when I came back on sunday night I went to sleep almost instantly, and I was too tired to do anything of value on monday & tuesday, but now I feel refreshed again.


Anyway, part two of 'What some people does for love' is finished!
>Download here<
Written by 'Five'.
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I'm going away for 4 days today, I wont be back until Sunday. Just incase someone wants to contact me or wants to ask me something.

Anyway, I would like to show you what I've been working on lately.
It's an updated version of Zu's biography; though I left some parts out...
>Download here<

I will update all biographies, the old ones is not very well written...
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So yeah, Zu Triple is canceled! No joke, it is.

Because it's shitty. I started on this flash when I was a beginner at flashing. Now, when I've grown some skill, I realize how ugly this is.

The way I started to animate this is clumsy and bulky, and it suffers from being edited so many times. The .fla file is just a mess.

I can do better than this, and that is why I am canceling it, to make something better instead.

Quit bitching about it.
It was not going to be epic.
It was only going to be ugly and faily.
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I've gotten a lot of fanfictions lately, which is nice!
3 different stories from 3 different people.

First one up is called "What some people do for love", written by 'Five'.
>Download here<
It's centered around Ellie and a new guy called 'Jay'.

Second one is called "A night of unrelenting horror", written by 'Wilizin'.
>Download here<
It's about Zoo and Zu watching a horror movie!

And the third one is just a preview. It's called "A New Friend", written by 'Anthony'.
>Download here<
It's about a kid who winds up meeting Zu and the other catgirls...

Not only have I gotten a bunch of fanfictions, but I've gotten music themes for the catgirls as well! ...At least three of them, the other two isn't done yet.

Not A Care For the World... (Zu's Theme)

Magic That Was Never Used (Zoo's Theme)

Another Traumatic Night at the Hospital(Ellie's Theme)

These are all made by DM DOKURO, a lot of thanks to him :3
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A little preview. This is what the flash looks like now. I will start to animate it very soon. :3
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an update?!?!?

Yes! I've been busy drawing shit for a while, but now I'm done. Almost.

anyway, let's start off this art-update with this:

Colored by Exhörder. Thanks to him... Though he choose a picture that I don't like very much.

Next up is a bunch of single pictures of my characters. I'm going to color all of these. It's gonna take a while, but hopefully it wont take too long.

Za 2.
Zu 2.
Zoo 2.
Ellie 2.
Sixten 2.

Ending this update with a picture of Ellie with a gun and light clothing :V
She looks sexy... Maybe?
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Hello, everybody!

Sorry for not updating for quite a while, but I've been busy with updating biographies and writing Sixten into the "story".
But when it is done, you'll enjoy it for sure.

Anyway, the next part of "Influence" is done! It's 57 pages long, so you'll have something to read until I am done with my stuff.

"Influence" is Fan Fiction, it is not anything that comes from me, it's all made by "The Storyteller".

!Normal Download!

!Download in an older format in case the first one doesn't work!

So yeah, I hope you'll enjoy this part of the story, I sure did! :3
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