Meh, I ran out of paper a while ago and there is no store that sells paper in this small town, so I had to wait until I went to another city to buy new paper... And now when I have paper, here's three new pictures! All adult ones, because that is fun.

As I looked back at my old Ran picture, I realized how ugly it was.
So I drew a new one; this.

I'll probably look back at this and think that this is ugly too sometime...

Anyway, onto the next picture:
Za Bukkake.
I've never drawn a picture like this before, so I hope it came out OKay. I think it did.

Third and last picture:
Zoo the Anal Slut.
Is she pregnant or just inflated?
... I dunno. Decide for yourself.

Also, I've been busy updating the character bio's, so you'll have that to look forward to. I'll soon have a story out where Sixten meets up with the other girls.
Posted 14th of September 2010 - 08:37 by Rock Candy | 4 comments.

I just got this short story from The Storyteller.

It's only like 4~5 pages long, and it's about Zu!

EDIT: Yeah, I forgot that if you don't have the newest version of Word the textfile will appear as broken. So click here for an older version!

Some heavy stuff in it though, so beware. Or something. Derp.
Posted 6th of September 2010 - 13:29 by Rock Candy | 7 comments.
Oh wow.

It's done.

It sure took a while, eh?
Mostly because of the scripts and soundeffects.
Luckily, I found some voices in a folder deep down in my soundeffects folder, and those were pretty good.

Though a voiceactress would be the best.
If there are any girls here that are interested in voiceacting for this kind of stuff, email me :3

Anyway, enjoy, I guess!

Posted 31st of August 2010 - 13:20 by Rock Candy | 12 comments.
I FINALLY found the cause of the annoying bug, that tells you that you've entered the wrong CAPTCHA.

Only a few bugs left to fix by now.
Happy browsing!
Posted 31st of August 2010 - 08:25 by Izze | 1 comment.
Hello everybody!

Today, we've updated the page with a new design, that will hopefully make browsing the site easier. It also looks a little bit better.

We have, for example, added a "Remember me"-checkbox, that, when checked, remebers your name and email address, for quicker commenting!
We've also made proper thumbnails in the pictures section, picture commenting, character commenting, a request box and some other stuff.

We hope that this new design is more satisfying than the old one, and that no nasty bugs will pop up.

Thanks for visiting, and happy browsing!

EDIT: (written by LM)
Commenting are a bit buggy right now, but Izze will fix it as soon as possible! (The site will say that you wrote wrong captcha even if you didn't.)

If you find any bugs, please report them in the Guestbook or on this News.

Izze, after 4 hours of bug fixes and "FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU-"s

Posted 28th of August 2010 - 17:05 by Izze, Webmaster (sort of) | 14 comments.
Let's start off with two new pictures:

Zoo's toilet adventure!
Zoo woke up in the middle of the night. She really had to go to the bathroom. Jumping out of her bed, not minding turning on the lights, she walked to the bathroom and locked the door. She pulled down her panties and sat down on the cold toilet seat, shivering a little.
Just as she let go, she felt something slamming into her butt, and she rose from the toilet set into the air. Before she could realize what was going on, she was already caught. The nasty tentacles grabbed her legs and body and started to thrust into her small butthole. After a good 10 minutes of struggling she felt something hot being pumped into her guts. The tentacle pulled out of her ass, making the tentacle-semen ooze out of her.
Thinking that it was over, she tried to stand up, but the tentacles wouldn't let go of her. She looked back only to see more tentacles coming out of the toilet.
She wouldn't get much sleep this night...

Yay, I wrote a little story. I dunno why, I just felt like it.
Also, it was a request written by... Pinkara, I think, so be happeh! :3

Mmm.. Second picture:

Za finds herself trapped in between an octopi fight!
But she doesn't mind! ;3

I am done with all the animation in my new flash, "Zoo-philia".

It really took a while to make this, mostly beacuse I had to help dad with living.
Only things left now are the sound effects and the scripting... It should not take very long time, I hope. :3
Posted 17th of August 2010 - 13:55 by Rock Candy | 19 comments.
Hello... I only have adult pictures to show today.
I'm pretty sure no one minds!

So, here we go!
Ellie got captured by sewer tentacles, oh noes! (Wet version)
I also made a part 2, but it didn't turn out very well.
I made her butt too big, but it was too late to change it when I notcied it. Ffff-

And lastly, I drew this for a friend;
Nude Nekata.
Yesh, that was all.

My dad started work again this week, so I'll have more time to work on animations and things without being interrupted all the time.
Hopefully, I'll finish "Zoo-philia" this month.
Posted 10th of August 2010 - 05:13 by Rock Candy | 11 comments.
Yesh, I got another story written for me, or "fan fic" as it is called!

It was written by a guy who wanted to be called "The Storyteller", and it is called "Influence".

It has some adult scenes, but it is mostly a normal story! It is not a pornstory :3

It is pretty long, 30 pages, so you'll have to download it at MegaUpload!

And here it is in an older filetyp, just in case you don't have this modern new word stuff.

Please leave a comment and tell him, and me, what you thought of the story :3
Posted 4th of August 2010 - 03:46 by Rock Candy | 14 comments.

Sixten Tubén.
Bigger picture!

More about him when I've found a good writer~!
As for now, he doesn't know any of the catgirls.
Posted 29th of July 2010 - 06:24 by Rock Candy | 23 comments.

His name is Charlie!
I only had the webcam to take pictures with, so the quality is baaad.
This must be the best photo ever taken.

Anyway, I've started working on the Zoo flash, and it's going slowly forward. Cat likes attention.

Here's some more pictures too:

This was a request from a guy on MSN.

Adult pictures:

Za is visiting the spermbank. What's she doing the-oh.
She's just buying some of her favorite soda -w-

I drew a scene from "A Day at the Beach." I hope you liked the story and the picture! :3

And the last picture is a picture of Zu thinking about her life.

And that's all for now!
Posted 26th of July 2010 - 07:18 by Rock Candy | 11 comments.