Today, I uploaded updated biographies for Za, Zu, Zoo and Sixten. I've not drawn Ellie's profile picture yet, so I'll upload hers later.

I let their lifes go forward by one year, which means that Zu has graduated from school and such things.
Please, go read them. I'll delete the old ones as soon as I finish up Ellie's.

Also, [?=size]I had 'The Storyteller' write the story about how Zu and Sixten met, which would be a very important read if you like Zu.[/?]
The script was written by me. Download here:
A Fateful Meeting! Download Link!
A Fateful Meeting! Download Link! (old format)

Yus, go read it, as well as their bios for getting updated on their past and present lifes. I upgraded them by a whole lot and let good writers read them through and correct them, so you should have no problem reading them.

...As for other new things...

Pictures by me:
Za, colored!
Zoo, getting it on with three black men!
Mina the cat! A request from... The guy who created her!

Pictures by me, but colored by 'Extreme-Brah'!
Zoo in boyish clothes.
Sixten in Captain Murasa's outfit!

Screen shot of the flash-in-progress:
I'm a Zu and I can't get out of bed!!

...Was there something else...?
Oh, right.
A small preview of Influence - The Peak:
Download Link!
Download Link! (old format)

And that was all, I think.
Posted 1st of February 2011 - 16:43 by Rock Candy | 2 comments.
oh hai

Long time, no see.

A lot of stuff happened these last weeks.
Glasses broke, cat got sick, was on a gaming convention, had to play through MOTHER3...

Anyway, I'm back in business again.
Let's get started with some pictures n' shit.

Zu! In color! Colored by me!?
Colorful Sixten!
Zoo put her colors on too. She even dyed her hair back to red for us..

And now; pictures I drew when I was away from home and bored out of my mind. Don't expect them to awesome or anything, I was far too bored to check anatomy and such.
Ness & Zoo.
Zu in her winter clothes, blowing at a piece of falling snow.
Zoo on her rollerblades again!
Adultie pictures:
Ellie... Tentacles... Drugs... etc.
Ewwwie~!! Also has Ellie and tentacles.

Captcha Comics:
Captcha Comic #7!
Captcha Comic #8!
Captcha Comic #9!
Captcha Comic #10!

And the last update for the pictures section:
Old, crappy picture of Zu being something'd. The first colored piece of adult art from me ever...

And now, upcoming flashes!!
Here's a little preview for ya all!
I and another flash artist, who stumbled upon me, are going to smack or lazy asses together and make a sidescrolling flash game, starring Za. It is going to be an adult flash, and all of my five characters will get their own original sex scene.
It will be a very time consuming flash, so don't expect it coming out soon. We've not started yet.

Before we start it up, we're going to make another small flash, starring Zu.
It will be a bit brutal... So if you like loveydovey things, this will not be for you.
So, now you know what flashes are going to come next.

Then we head over to the fan stuff. Two new pictures from DM DOKURO:
Motivational thingie!
Angry Za... Is angry with you.
And a tribute flash to me! And Exhörder. But he's not around anymore so... Yeah. This was made like 6 months ago anyway. Ffff-
I uploaded it into the 'Misc' section, because I dunno where else to put it... D:

That was all from me this time!
in the next update, you can look forward to upgraded Character biographies, a story about how Sixten met Zu (Manuscript by me, written by The Storyteller) and more pictures!

Now, I'm gonna be lazy and play more MOTHER3.
Posted 22nd of January 2011 - 13:03 by Rock Candy | 10 comments.
A few days after christmas, my computer started to freeze n' shit, so I had to reformat... And then I had to leave home for a while over new years eve. I came back home yesterday, so I've been installing stuff and things that I need.

This of course made working on content impossible, but I should get back to getting stuff done soon.

AS for now, I only have this to show you:
Captcha Comic #6!!!

I also got some more fan art from DM DOKURO!
Cats and Games Don't Mix #1
Cats and Games Don't Mix #2
Cats and Games Don't Mix #3
Cats and Games Don't Mix #4
Cats and Games Don't Mix #5
Cats and Games Don't Mix #6
Cats and Games Don't Mix #7
Cats and Games Don't Mix #8

Oh, and I recently got new versions of the 'Influence' stories, with some fixed misspellings and small improvements!
If you've not read them, go read them!

Influence - The Tales:
Download Link!
Download Link! (old format)

Influence - The Climb:
Download Link!
Download Link! (old format)

There was something else too...
But I've forgotten what it was.... Oh well.
Belated Happy new year and Merry christmas, I guess xD
Posted 4th of January 2011 - 18:21 by Rock Candy | 5 comments.
I think I've updated everything I want to update now...

So, lets jump straight into the new stuffs!

First of all, the ABOUT page is finally fixed, so go SHAKE IT OUT for a short FAQ and some info about me and LM.

Next, I uploaded a all of the Fan Fictions in the Fan Stuff section. There's a download link in the description, so you'll have to click the 'COMMENT NOW' link to see it. I put the beginning of every part in the 'thumbnails' so you can see a bit of what you're downloading.
Also check out the new fan arts there of course.

Uhmm, yes, a bit of sad news too, Exhörder, who sometimes helps out with flashes and colors some of my art, left me. He was too lazy or some shit like that. His last colored picture: CLICK ME I'M A LINK PLEASE CLICK ME!!!

This means that if some cool, bored dude feels like coloring my arts, is more than welcome to help me out coloring stuff, as I am usually too 'busy' to do it myself.

And, some new arts as well.
Captcha Comic #4
Captcha Comic #5
Both of these were drawn with a tablet I recently got... Awesome sauce, yes?
Bird Marisa :3

Now, that was all for now, I think, unless I forgot something...

Oh yea, do comment in the Fan Art section, let the artists/writers know what you think about their work. We don't want them to feel ignored, no?
So, please, take a minute and tell them your opinions :3

EDIT: I should also write that What some people do for love Part 4 is finished!! It's christmas themed, so you should SHAKE IT OUT!!
Posted 21st of December 2010 - 18:07 by Rock Candy | 21 comments.
I got into a drawy mood yesterday and finished 3 whole pictures~!

Vicky! A character from a dude I know... I kidnapped Vicky and let someone her >:3
Another Fran picture, because people wanted one of those...
Rei, being raped by Death! She's a character of DM DOKURO's, the guy who made the character themes for my characters!

Also, I made some crappy captcha comics:
Captcha Comic #1.
Captcha Comic #2.
Captcha Comic #3.


EDIT: Fan stuff now works! I uploaded all the pictures I could find, will upload stories n' stuff later...

If you want to submit something to the Fan Stuff section, here's the instructions:

1. Draw something that has something of mine in it, otherwise it's not fan stuff, duh.
2. Save as a PNG. (If it is a flash or story, I'll upload it to mediafire and put a link in the descriptions)
3. Send it to me through email or a link to it in the Guest Book.
4. I will upload it to the Fan Stuff section. Send additional comments with the picture if you want me to post those as well. There's a limit on how much you can write, so keep it short.
5. Done!


I'm back in Project X as well, just so you guys know...
Making sprites and whatnot...
That game is the only game that'll ever have vagina sex made by me (Except Zu Triple demos), so go check it out, if you dare to.

(I found this on the internetz)

That was all... I think...
Posted 15th of December 2010 - 06:09 by Rock Candy | 10 comments.
The biography is removed and replaced by "About"

There you will find info about Rock Candy and other stuff.
We have also added a fan stuff section where the RC will upload things.

Posted 11th of December 2010 - 05:15 by LM | 3 comments.
We excuse the long downtime; we were changing server and stuff. The page was not supposed to be down this long. There was a lot of trouble with moving everything for some reason.
Well, now everything works again ... Almost. There's still some things that should be fixed.

I tried to make a back-up of all data, but it wouldn't let me do so, so a few comments and the latest flash was lost, but it will come up again soon.

But now we're back, so SHAKE IT OUT!

Posted 7th of December 2010 - 09:38 by LM | 7 comments.
Hello! Today, I finally have some pictures to show!

But first:

DM DOKURO finally finished all of the character themes!
Download all the themes here, or listen to them individually here at my Youtube channel.

Next; have some pictures. My dads computer broke, so I had to hook the scanner up to my computer and use some shitty scanning program, so the quality is kinda bad. Should still be watchable though.
Here's some sketches!
Zoo using her roller blades!
Some sketches of Za.

Very nice, indeed.
Now I have some adult pictures as well.

Meet Zee, creator of characters such as Motoki and Nekata!
Nekata & Motoki. Much fail in this picture.
Jay and Ellie.
^This one picture is a scene from a mini story taking place inbetween part 1 & 2 "What some people do for love". Download link to that ministory is in the picture description.

Speaking of that, part 3 is done!
'What some people do for love' Part 3
Written by 'Five'.


Also, the Ran flash is almost done, at least the animation... I have no idea when I can finish it though.
Posted 27th of November 2010 - 11:01 by Rock Candy | 2 comments.
So yah, work on the Ran flash is really slow. I get distracted too easily...
And it really didn't help that I bought Mario Kart Wii.I've been playing it for three days now. I'll go back to work on flashes soon, I promise ;3;

Anyway, I got 'Death List 2' yesterday, written by 'The Storyteller', yesterday.

If you liked the first one, I dunno what you'll think about this.
It's really gory, and the weakminded shouldn't be reading this.

>Download here<
>Download old format here<

Enjoy, I guess!
Posted 18th of November 2010 - 08:23 by Rock Candy | 9 comments.
Whew, that weekend took a lot out of me...

I was at a Game Convention, I guess you could call it, it was a bunch of guys (and some girls) from all over Sweden coming to that place to play some games. It was pretty fun. I played some Mario Kart and Mario Strikers.

There even was this girl who nagged at me about Zu Triple. Even IRL people nags about that.

There was nowhere to sleep, so I curled up on a bunch of chairs and slept on them. It was much uncomfortable.

So when I came back on sunday night I went to sleep almost instantly, and I was too tired to do anything of value on monday & tuesday, but now I feel refreshed again.


Anyway, part two of 'What some people does for love' is finished!
>Download here<
Written by 'Five'.
Posted 10th of November 2010 - 04:39 by Rock Candy | 6 comments.