This week went by fast...
I have only been working on larger projects this week, so I have nothing to show.
Project Za & updating character biographies, mostly.

So uhm...


Sorry about that.
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Time for another update!
I've got a lot of different reactions to the Titty Punchan! flash, but that I expected. If you liked it, you liked it, if you didn't, you didn't.

So, here we are once again. Mostly fanstuff this week.

I've drawn one picture since last time, and scanned an old sketch from my sketchbook.

Zu, with a waterhose.

And, because the Crosstail pictures was such a success, I actually drew another one, but put a lot more effort into it:
Something Different #3.
So what we got her is Crosstail (In the middle), being raped by DM DOKURO's various evil characters.

From left to right:
Pomsy (Sorceress), she doesn't have a penis usually, but she decided to use one now!
Ramses (Undead zombie/mummy), Can manipulate any bandages. He's making Crosstail give him a handjob, but you cannot see it very well.
Therapy (Shadowdemon), is... tentacling both Crosstail & Pomsy, while teasing/torturing Crosstail's clockwork.
Feedback: Just a mean guy, nothing special here.
Gasha: Evil clone thingy of Crosstail's dad.

Took a while to draw it. I think it came out pretty well, seeing as I put 6 characters in one group. That's a new record!


Now, fan stuff!
Two drawings by Chestnut Ninja:
Za VS. Tentacles! & Lollo in Luigi's Mansion!
And not soon after, I got another similiar picture! (Luigi's Mansion-mind?)
He also drew this, a picture of DJ and Callie, from EAZGL, and wants you all to take a look at it!

Mhm, mhm...
I got a fan flash this week as well! That's not something you see too often!


That was it for this week. Project Za is being worked on. Mittsies is still working on controls and such, while I... Well, I can't really do much until he's finished with that, so I'm working on various sideprojects and whatnot. Yeah.
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Hey. I have a few things to update with today! I planned to do this yesterday, but... I was busy with Ten Desires.

I'll start off with some art of mine.

I tried to draw something different for once.
Hmmm... This cannot end well.
This was pretty meh to draw, so I didn't put much effort into it.
Don't expect much like this in the future...

Tittyfucking with La, a character of Guodzilla!
Ellie gets raped. Original, huh? Well, I'm a bit proud of this one...

Yesh...Not much, but still. Anyway, fan stuff is next!

Part 6 of Ellie and Zu Get Lost is done!
Download here!

And here's a picture that comes along with it! Ellie & Callie! They look alike...

He drew a lot of other pictures too:
Ellie was supposed to do some laundry, but...
La VS. Lollo, it's a fight to the death!
Sixten and Zu goes to La to have their fortunes told!
DJ does Ellie!

And now, for the stuff you've all been waiting for:

It's not very long, so don't expect much from it.
But still, enjoy, if you can...
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It's Zee's birthday today! She's a real person, no character!
Anyway, I drew a picture of her for her birthday! :3
Shake it out!!
This is also the first time I've used Lollo for anything! Wahaha~!

I also got some fanarts from a guy calling himself ChestnutNinja!
Fanart 1! (Ellie)
Fanart 2! (Zu)
Fanart 3! (Zoo)
Pretty cool, yes?

So, uhm, yeah, my friend, T_2 aka Master Cheep is still here and will stay until monday, so I wont get much stuff done during that time.

Master Cheep says that he's sorry for slowing down my work!
So don't be hating on him!
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Yo yo, everyone, I'm making this update early this week, because I'll be unable to later.
Again, I'll be going away to a "playdate", as we call it, and wont be back until sunday. But, a friend from far away comes to visit me the whole next week, so I won't be able to work at anything at all that time. Just so you know.

For what I have made since last update, is not a lot, but still... Progress!

Me and Mittsies made a very early beta to test out game mechanics and such... And it works pretty good!

You can jump and duck... And that's pretty much it, for now.

It's very early in developement, so don't go think you'll be getting to see or play anything soon. It's very fun to work with though! Making stages are fun, but it takes a lot of time to plan out and draw everything... Can't wait to start making enemies and such~!

...Oh ya, and Tittyupunchan is very close to being finished, but since I started on this, it got put to the side. Dunno when I get motivated enough to finish it...
I need some music too, but DM DOKURO went buttmad, so I dunno if I'll hear from him again. Sad, really.

Anyway, see ya later! :3
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Here's what I've made this week.

... Yeah. s:
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I don't have a lot to update with this week. I waited for EAZGL Part 5 to get fixed before I wanted to update, meh.

Last week I was with Raz, as I said, so I didn't get much work done. I also bought Zelda: the Wind Waker + Zelda: Ocarina of Time, so I have been playing that most of the time since last tuesday.
(Ocarina of Time sure is cryptic.... And a bit difficult, which is nice.)

I finished the sprites I had to do though:

When the next version of Project X is released, you'll see that I edited or changed a lot of Zu's rapes to anal! Which should please the majority of people who come visit here. (I have no idea when that is though.)

I've also started to work a bit on Project ZA, drawing new Za-sprites. I wasn't too happy with the old one. (Here's what it looks like, if you don't remember.)
I started yesterday, so I don't have anything to show just yet. I guess I can show a screenshot when I've come far enough!

Oh, and yes, Ellie And Zu Get Lost - Part 5 is done!
Download! (Old Format)
Written by Guodzilla!

And as usual, a fan art from him as well!
It does NOT feature Ellie this time! :3

I am also thinking about updating my characters' bios again. It is very difficult to think of new things to add, seeing as I only think of the more "important" things, like backstories and personalities and such.
So I created this topic in the forum where you can help me give me ideas. It makes me think more into their characteristics, which could make them a bit more "realistic"... I don't really know what to call it, but it helps.
Go shake it out, and give me some ideas, or simply write down things you would like to know about them!
(Ya, I know I created the topic a while ago, but I forgot about it...)


So, uh, that's all I have to say really. Mittsies still have the Tittypunchan project, though he has been unable do work on it due to IRL stuff. Hopefully I'll have something to show next week. Don't hope for anything major though.
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It's already been a week, huh? Time for updating then!
I don't have much to share though, only a few drawings.

I was asked to draw a picture of DJ & Ellie, and here's the result.
Unfortunately for Ellie; she has to use her ass, unless she wants painful sex. Which is fortunate for the rest of us! :3

Next is a drawing of Zu, put in a sex-machine. Kind of that one old picture I found, except no water inflation, just buttsex.
Zu's going crazy with pleasure, she cannot think straight anymore! It just keeps going!

And two fanarts:
Keke drew me a little picture of Zoo as thanks for drawing his character!
I like it!

I also have a new drawing of Ellie from (you guessed it) Guodzilla!
She's doing some self-sucking this time!

I guess you wanna know how the Tittypunchan flash is coming along, yes?

Well, it's not a lot left to do. I only need to make some emotions, cumshots and a re-animata a few animations. As well find some nice music and soundeffects.

But due to a wierd glitch, we couldn't progress for a few days, but this was fixed, so don't worry about it.
Mittsies has the flash now, so I am making some sprites for Project X in the meantime.
I only have to make two rapes; Zeta raping Zu (Which I'm halfway through) and Zu's rape for that fat guy in the end of the Arena Mode. Big the Cat or something, I think it was.
Ya, I know it already exists, but it wasn't made by me; I let another spriter, NoPenNameGirl, do it. She's good and all (probably better than me), but I thought Zu looked pretty weird. She was all Sonic-ified, with big hands and feet, and I'm very picky about my little Zu!
(Also it wasn't buttsex! And I bet all of ya wanna see Zu getting buttsmexed by a huge guy like that >:3)

So that's what happening now. On a Sunday this week Raz comes to my place so work on stuff will go slow next week. It's "knight week", directly translated. "Medieval Week" makes more sense, yes? He likes to come here at that time, because something actually happens in this tiny town then.

Oh well, I'm just rambling. I'll update when I can next week.
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I was at Raz's place the whole last week, so I have not been working on anything serious. I did, however, draw a lot of pictures. Hurp.

You may have noticed that I merged and moved around in the flash section of the site. I did this because, I felt like there was a lot of unecessary categories. I made new thumbnails for all of them too. Here's a bigger verison of the new 18+ section thumbnail, which I made in photoshop. It's pretty meh, I can't really use photoshop very well.

While I was away, I also drew a lot of shit in my sketchbook. Here's some that are worthy of showing:

A picture of Keke, getting her ass pounded by a gargoyle.
I can't really draw such creatures, so I rushed them...

Zu tentacle sketch.
I must learn how to draw more interesting looking tentacles...

Za buttfucking Ellie.
With a strap-on.

Run for your butthole, Zoo!!
I wrote a short little story about this picture, read it in the description.

Lucky Sixten...
Is lucky. I'm jealous :C

Zoo... Huh...
It's Zoo. Ya.

Impossible hair...
All combs fear Za's whirly, messy hair.

A summer picture I drew, because it was sunny outside!

That was all that I got, for now.
But I also got some new fan stuff!

First things is a short little flash by the creators of "Rock Candy Tribute 1":


Part 4 of "Zu and Ellie Get Lost" is also done!
Download! (Old Format)
Click here for reading a short snippet of it! Also leave comments on this page.

We, as usual, get some pictures to go along with it!
Zu drew her daddy! (DJ)
Please be nice to Ellie.

More fan art:
Zu is ANGRY?!
Drawn by DM DOKURO!

Wild Tentacles!
Za would probably love tentacles if they existed...

Uhhh... Something!
I don't really know what to say s:

Well, I think that was everything I had for now.
Tittypunchan is around 70~% done, I think. I hope it wont take long to finish it.
It's not a very long flash, so keep that in mind. I just want to get it over with so I can start working on Project Za...
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So, it has been a week since I turned 20! I've not done much this week, myerp.

I had to cut out all the sprites of Zu by hand, it took like a whole day and a half. It was over 900 frames. 905, to be precise.

Let's see if I can find a funny one... Ah, here's one:

Anyway, for those who are interested, I took some pictures of what I got for my birthday. Click on thumbnails for the full picture.
(Also I have no camera, so I had to take pictures with my shitty phonecamera.)
1. New TV:

It's pretty good. Better than my old TV, though I kinda miss it... It was easier to use, even though it was glitchy and only had mono sound.

2. A lot of pictures of me:

I guess this would be more interesting if you could actually see what the pictures are supposed to look like. Meh.

3. Some money:

This was the first time I've ever seen a 1000 kr bill. You always get 500 kr bills whenever you want some money.

4. Hats:

I like hats. So I got some. Though, it would be nicer if they were of a different kind... I have like three of these now, but in different colors... Oh well, it's still nice.

5. A picture!

One of the more awesome gifts I got :3

Thanks to all of you who congratulated me!

...oh, and I just got another thing to upload.

Fan art in flash format!
It's not actually animated, but it is nice anyway.

That's it for today. Tittypunchan is coming forward. I think. It's not a lot left to do now.
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