As the last week's update was a complete failure, I hope this one will make up for it.

Let's start with the fanfiction and the fanart I got from Guodzilla!
Download it now! It has lots of smexy scenes and what not!
Along with the story, comes two pictures:
Moneymaker Shaker 1 and Moneymaker Shaker 2!

He also made another picture of Ellie, not connected to any story:
Ellie with a Sabertooth!
As well as a Happy Halloween picture!

Not only that, but Soda decided to color one of his pictures; Friday and Za!

Great stuff, great stuff! :3

And, now for a some completely unexpected:
DM DOKURO got tired of being at Breakbit, so I let him advertise and "blog" through here until he finds a new place to be at. He'll be giving links to his albums too, for free.

Dokuro's corner:
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Yeah. I left Breakbit. Shoot me. But here's some good news: I'm posting my songs up on Bandcamp. I'm just hoping there isn't too many of you out there, since there's like 200 download credits a month or whatever. So yeah. Expect updates on the character themes as well. I'll be getting to work on those as soon as 32x-bit Rejects is done. Anyway, since I'm starting off new, I might as well post something old.

SHADOW OF LIGHT: Promises and Lies

This was the first album that I posted on Breakbit. Be warned, though. It's very noobish compared to my other works. Anyway, I'm glad that I'm on this site. I'd rather be here than on a label with 6+ jackasses that think that they can create music.

Oh, and here's the instructions on how to download the album free:
-Click on "Buy now (Name your price)"
-Set the amount of money to 0
-The "Checkout now" button should change to "Download now".

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If you don't remember or know who Dokuro is, he's the guy who made the character themes for my characters! Go check his other stuff out too! There's a limit of 200 downloads a month, so you have to be quick if you want to get it...

Anyway, I have yet to show what I've been doing lately.
First, let's start out with some PICTURES. The whole three of them.

1. Worst Captcha Comic ever made. The title is very true.
2. Depressed Pomsy. A picture I drew for Dokuro.
3. Lollo being mean! And another picture I drew for Dokuro!

And the last thing we will look at today, is a Halloween flash I made.

(Press the picture to go to the flash.)

So uhm... I tried something new this time, with a lot of help from Mittsies, we got it to work, so do check it out.

That was all. Have a nice halloween and don't get killed by trick or treaters. See ya!
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Stupid glitch that makes empty newsposts.
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Server is being a sausage.
Can't upload any content, hopefully it'll be fixed soon. The next update will be a lil' bit bigger, I guess...
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So, uhm. Yo!
I have finished all the sprites I have to do for Project X, or at least I think so...

I have been told that the next demo will be released around the end of this month, so you'll have that to look forward to.
Here's the trailer, once again:

(Yes, I just learnt how to do that...)

Hmm... What else... Oh! Right, fanart!

First two thingies made by FlashmasterXD:
A response to Guodzilla's picture: Oops!
And some random comic.!

I also got a new fanart from Guodzilla!
Zoo gets her revenge on DJ (and Callie)!

Five, writer of "What Some People Do For Love" decided to re-write his story, so here's the first part in the new story: Download!

I hope you enjoy all that! I shall go play some Brawl before starting up a new project...
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Edits; New trailer for the new Zu in Project X was released!

Please let me know what you think!
(The only problem I see is that the spin-attack only goes up, and not in a circle...)


I'm so tired... I'll just post what I got and then go to sleep...

Stuff I made while on the train:
Train Drawing #1
Train Drawing #2

Fanarts from ChestnutNinja:
Hugo & the idiot!
Got Milk?
Zu the cowgirl!

I'm still writing and spriting, blah blah blah.
It's going slowly forward, as usual when it comes to me.

Night everybody!
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Don't have anything to show this week either, sadly.

I got some spritework to do, for Project X, and that was quite a while ago.
I have to make lots of lesbian stuff, which I personally find boring. I don't think there'll be much orginality in those rape-scene-sprite thingies... I'll make sure it looks nice at least.

But, we have some fan-art & fiction, so hooray!

It's been a while since the second part of Death List, but now part 3 is finished!
Download!(Old format)
Written by The Storyteller.

And, a creepy picture made by ChestnutNinja.
Creepy picture.

Hurf, I'll go back to writing and spriting now, see ya next week.
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Sorry for the downtime and the late update... There was some trouble with the server and shits.

Today, I have a few things to share.

First up is a picture I've drawn in MS Paint.
It's most of the Touhou characters in the Windows series!
That's all I have finished this week...

So that means, it's time for new fan stuff!
We have here a short story written by The Storyteller!
It's very very short!

I also got a very very short fan flash from FlashmasterXD!

I'm a bit distracted at the moment, so I cannot write much now.
See ya next week!
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... Time goes by too fast.
At least I prepared two pictures for this update.

Za spanking Zoo, as requested by rivals, from the forums. Yay!!

And a quick picture of Crosstail, his aunt and a mean guy. Characters made by DM DOKURO.

I'm getting closer and closer to finishing Zu's backstory!
If only I didn't get distracted by Touhou, Smash Bros. Brawl and the Touhou lossy music torrent so much...
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I still have not finished any of the character bios.
Due to me being extremely sucky at writing, I keep ADD'ing out, but at least it keeps from just writing shit down without thinking about it first.
I think I'm about halfway through Zu's backstory...

Anyway, I have not been drawing or anything lately, but I did find these old comics I drew when I was really young. If anyone is interested, I could try to translate them and put some of 'em up here.

There's new fan content, luckily:
Part 7 of Ellie and Zu Get Lost, by Guodzilla!
Short comic made by FlashmasterXD!
Teaser for a new fan fiction by DM DOKURO!

I hope I'll get stuff done by next weekend...
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The third part of the tribute series, done and finished!
Even though it doesn't have much to do with the site, it's pretty damn funny, you should give it a watch.

I also got some new fan art:
Friday does Za!
Drawn by Guodzilla!

And I managed to draw two whole pictures during this week:
But I didn't cut them apart, so they're both in the same image!

As for other news...
I'm still working on updating the character biographies.
Mittsies has college n' stuff so he cannot progress on Project Za as much as he wants to, so I cannot really continue work on that still.
I'm working on the character bios in the meantime, because I can and want to.

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