Crosstail flash is finished, please go shake it out:

Onihole is going to be delayed for a while longer. While I finished up everything I could do with it, Mittsies is currently busy finishing a flash project of his own, so Onihole has to wait until he has finished that.

While waiting, I also made the Crosstail flash everyone's been waiting for, and that's why this update became a little late. I was working on it and forget to update...
The Crosstail Flash is also finished and is waiting for being scripted as well, so double the fun when he gets to it, I guess.

Anyway, I got two flashes and a picture from FlashmasterXD, so this update wasn't all flash-less after all!

The mystery behind Zoo's changing haircolor is solved!!
A quickie about pulling a prank on Death...
And the picture:
Another "Oops!"

So all we have to do now, is to play the waiting game.

I was going to make a trade & collab with Besped, but he seems to have vanished for the moment.


Well I guess that leaves me with some time to write some on the character bios, which I have not done in quite a while....
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Thanks to all of you who said congratulations on my birthday, I didn't expect anyone to say anything, really.
My birthday was not very spectacular by the way, however I did get a lot of stuff done on Onihole on it.

I did not finish everything just yet, though even if I did, coding and bugtesting would probably take some time anyway and it wouldn't be done by this week in either case.
I'm doing my best at making facial expressions right now. After I'm done with that, there's isn't much else for me to do with it, only small small details, which wont take long at all. Here's hope that it'll be all done until next sunday.
I really can't believe I'm getting to an end with it...

oh, I must not forget, Guodzilla finished part 12 of Ellie and Zu Get Lost! Be sure to shake it out!

Oh, and of course, another picture!
More failed magic!

Unless things goes way bad, expect seeing Onihole sometimes next week. Until then, bye bye and good night!
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Sorry, forgot to update yesterday...

I don't really have much to show anyway, I've been working hard on the flash now that E3 and all that jazz is over.

I can now say that Onihole is getting near to completion. There's only a few few things left on the main timeline, and then there's only facial expressions and a few other things that I have to do. I think I'll have it finished by two updates from now on. Maybe even the next one, but I doubt it.

So yeah, tomorrow (tuesday) is my birthday, wee.

Ah... Uh... Yeah, so sorry for the lack of content this week. I shall now go back to animating, I'm feeling very good about being so close to finishing it.
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I almost forgot to update today due to Nintendo's Pre-E3 stream thingy. It looked interesting, though I'm not sure all that stuff is anything for me. I'm looking forward to see what games they are planning for it. Hmhm.

Anyway, I have no content today, only fanart.
I finally finished all the cumshots, which is really NICE because it is booring as fuck to make. I'm now currently working on the aftermaths, which I hope shouldn't take as long as the damned cumshits.

Anyway, fanart from nice and awesome people!:

Something... I don't really know... FlashMasterXD made it, and you know what random stuff he makes.

Oops, more failed magic spells! Made by Guodzilla! He's a real champ, drawing so many pictures all the time...

Don't rape the maids! A "sequel" to those pictures I made of Zu in her maid suit being raped by that guy.

Japanese Psycho Girl. Now that's interesting... Drawn by Mugen.

Za boobs! watch out or you'll be smothered by them.

I hope you had a great week!! I... had a pretty lame week. I've mostly been hyped for E3. I want my Luigi's Mansion 2 damnit!

uhh... My birthday is next tuesday!
Just in case you were interested. Huff.

Well... Good bye, then. See ya next week.
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Summer has arrived to Sweden this week. It's been really hot and sweaty. Due to this, I have less time to spend at the computer, as dad wants to do stuff like play Tennis and stuff, and I have to cut grass all the time. And I have two yards to mow as well. It's awful.

Still, I've made some great progress, I only have 1&½ cumshots left to make in Onihole which is gooooooooood.
(I still have to fix facial expressions, belly inflation, buttons & coding, and some other misc stuff, though...)

I drew some pictures for ya all, so you have something to look at this week.
Za being angry for some reason. I thikn she may be angry with you...
Battered Zoo, walking away.
Zoo, covered in stinky semen. She's not happy.
Trash comic. Based off of something that happened to me a while back...

Oh, and I also got a fanart with a crossover with Zu and some disgusting vagina game.
FlashmasterXD drew it.

Hmph... That was all.
I'm going to bed, it's three in the morning and it's getting bright out already.

Have some nice music while you're watching stuff:
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Ah, I feel like I have progressed a lot on Onihole this week! I've not been doing anything complicated, more boring stuff like... Tentacles and fluids. Augh. Time consuming, but I'm at least halfway through that. As soon as I get done with the cumscene, I believe the rest should go rather quick to finish... I hope.

Anyway, I have mostly been doing flashwork this week, so I don't have anything else to upload aside from some old art.

Very VERY early picture of Zu and Za. It's one of the earliest I have left, I believe.
Vaccine time! Ellie & Zu...
Skin lotion... Myeha.

Anyway, that's it for me, I think I shall go for a nightly stroll then go to bed.

Ah, I almost forgot, have some fanart from Guodzilla as well!!
La failing...
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Sorry for being late with today's update, but I was reading a very interesting book all yesterday.

Well, perhaps that was a good thing, becuase Project X 3.5 was released this morning.
Go here for download links.
I found it to be a bit buggy...

Anyway, Ellie's birthday was 11th of May, so hooray! Let's have some Ellie pictures!! (I didn't draw any myself though...)

Happy Birthday Ellie! (1)
Happy Birthday Ellie! (2)

Oh, and Part 11 of Ellie and Zu Get Lost is now done!
Go Download it!

So, tentacles are still a pain in the ass to animate, so is semen. It's really time consuming, it took me a whole day to make one cumshot, and 3 to make the tentacle good.
Next time I make a flash, I'll go for something much more simple...
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I updated the "Welcome" text, the About page and added some stuff to the "rules box" at the Guest Book and Request Box. Please shake them out~! They should be a bit more informative, I hope...

Anyway, I didn't really make anything worthwhile this week, even though I hoped to. Stuff kept coming up. Meh.
I have at least gotten started with the cumscene for Onihole, though only the beginning of it. If things goes like planned, it should look very good without me having to put weeks of work into it. ... yeah ...

So I got some fanart this week!
Za Punching, made by Extreme-Brah in COLORS 3D, on the 3DS. It looks a bit better in 3D, but it's still awesome even without it!

And a picture of who knows what, by Guodzilla!
Guodzilla was supposed to have Part 11 of Ellie and Zu Get Lost done by this update, but when we discussed it, we agreed that there were some things that could be changed for the better!
So you'll have to wait a bit more for the next part, I'm sure you're all excited about the next part, am I right?

Well, I think I should go eat some hot dogs before I go to bed. Mmm...
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Just here to drop off this week's update.

I managed to finish two whole pictures, some sprites and an important part of Onihole this week. I would say it was a rather productive week, though I feel like it could have been better still.

Dickgirl Zoo. (it's a bit bloody, so don't watch if sensitive or some bullshit like that, blah blah.)
Zu Butt!! In all its colored glory.

For some reason, I got lots of fanart this week, from someone OTHER than Guodzilla!!!

We shall begin with fanart from a dude calling himself "Helm of Shit", for some reason.
Crazy Za 1
Crazy Za 2
Crazy Za 3
Crazy Za 4
It's always Zoo that winds up in situations like these, it seems like....

Next, I got some crazy mod-3D-models from a guy named Joshua!
Personally, I think they're really cool~!

And, this isn't really fan art for me, but for Project X. But Zu's in it, which is very rare, so I figured I could upload it here as well!
Project X: Airship Infiltration!

And last, but not least, a piece from an artist that wishes to remain anonymous!

This one is my favorite, and I think you know why! :3

And that was all I got for today's update... Tomorrow I must plan out how I want things to work out in Onihole... Hnngh. not easy, but it has to be done!
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I was away on a playdate from friday to sunday, and when I got back home I was too tired to update, not that I had anything to show anyway. Only two fanarts, which is always nice!

One from Guodzilla and one from DM DOKURO!
They're both Zoo-pictures, which is nice. You don't usually see people drawing her. :3

Anyway, work on Onihole is now back on, and I think it is going surprisingly well (aside from me being distracted from time to time), and I think while the art isn't top-notch for the flash anymore (it was supposed to be short, so meh), I still think that the animation and small details will make up for it. Cumscene is in work right now, I think I'm around 20% through. I really wanna make the cumscene good, but I don't want to keep you all waiting TOO long.

...It's already been too long, hasn't it? :C
Well, bleh. Hopefully it'll be worth it. I think I'm going to make a Zoo-edit of it as well, for those who prefer catgirls over onis, like myself. (Touhou porn isn't really my thing.)

Uh, so ya, I'm off to bed. Nights~!
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