Hello everybody! I didn't get much done this week, I've been quite distracted with pre-moving activities. Because, well, we're moving next week. So I'm not sure if I'll get a lot done by then either. I also will be without internet for a week or two, so that's gonna be a bit annoying.

Well, let me give you what I have for this week!

A parody of REAR GUARD, animated by LeatherIcecream, also known as FMXD.

And, the third in the series, where I get my hair shaved off. Not for the weak of heart.

I wish I had something more interesting to say, but I don't. So I'll see ya when I see ya!
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Here ya go:
I made a scene selector for REAR GUARD. It's a seperate flash, because... It was the easiest way for me to do it. I did it myself so it's very simplistic, but it should be enough for your fapping needs.

And as you all knew, Zu's birthday was March 6th, so I hope you all gave her a birthday fap. And if not, it's never too late.

Seeing as it was her birthday, I made some Zu related drawings.

Zu, cosplaying as a certain someone.

Zu, Sixten and his brother Hampus partaking in a threesome.

Not too shabby, me thinks!! I've been working on updating Psycho Girl and her design, and to make a reference sheet of her. Maybe that'll be finished some day next week.

Speaking of which, I got some fan arts of her too!
Psycho Girl fan art by Deven!
The same image, but with a photo-like effect!

Very intimidating. Almost works like a desktop background too.

And here's some more fan art of Zu!
This time she's been stuffed with eggs, along with some friend of hers.

And a picture of Zu's birthday party, made by DM DOKURO!

So I hope you'll enjoy the content of this week, and I shall go on to do some shit I've been asked to do. Byes~!
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I hope you enjoyed the Rear Guard flash! Most people seemed to like it, though felt a bit disappointed that there wasn't enough fap material! Well, it's not really supposed to be! It's a funny and sexy flash at the same time, yo!

Anyway, I don't usually have a lot to say the week after I released a flash, and this is true today too.

I drew an Ellie, trying to get back into drawing again... Decent, I think?

And I also got a nice piece of fanart!
It's a bit gay, so don't look if you're afraid of that stuff!

So yash... That was it for this week. Hmhm.

Well, no stream this weekend, due to mud... Sorry bout that.
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Yeah, that's right!! A flash is finally finished! And it's not the christmas flash!? Well, a flash is a flash, I guess. This have been something of a side project of mine for a while now, and it's now complete. So go shake it out!

And as usual, we're planning on streaming this weekend. Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze!
I'm not sure yet, but it might be even on thursday, depending on if we can get Haplo to guest star in this stream! And I know you all love Haplo, so you should definately watch on thursday! It'll be around the same time as usual, and I'll put up a window when it gets close!

This is our new channel, so go follow that one if you want more fun with Rock n' Raz!

Streaming over for this week!

It seems like commenting was borked, and I didn't realize something was wrong until recently! I thought no one had anything to say, hoahoa. We've fixed so you can comment, but we should try to smooth it out even more. It's a bit slow now, but at least it's working.
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No flash yet. Sorry. Again, can't hurry up the process at this point. So wait patiently.

I made some brainfuck in flashformat for you while you're waiting.
Watch Rock n' Raz 3! It'll make you wonder what the meaning of life is.

I also got some fan arts this week, which is neat.

A very unique picture of Zara...

And another picture of Zara!

I shall go back to working on the Besped flash, so see ya all on friday, when we shall stream Wario World. Raz was absent last week, so that's why there was no stream at that time.

Oh that stream was nice!! I hope you didn't miss it. Next week is the Donkey Kong streeeam!
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It seems like my Christmas flash has been confirmed to be Onihole 2.0. Coding goes slooowly, due to me wanting a lot of shit in it. But I'd rather wait it out than remove the features. It's been stressful to me this latest month, and I've been acomplishing almost nothing because of that. I've done everything I can with the project now, so it's in the hands of other people right now. Though, coding is not the only thing that is not done yet. I asked a bunch of other people to do stuff so that it would be done quicker, but they've not done shit yet! It's annoying, because if I knew they wouldn't do that, I'd do them myself or ask someone else that I trust more!! And it'd be a lot quicker!

So far, I'm waiting for...
1. Music. I asked a new music guy to do the music for me this time, because he wanted to. But he's been quite quiet for a while now... Every time I ask him about it he says "Just gotta loop it", and I'm starting to question if he's even working on it!

2. Special arts. Though I cannot be angry with Extreme Brah, he's in the hospital right now. He's been trying hard to get the pictures sent to me, but due to a misrender, a few pictures are unusuable and I need him to re-render them. But I have not heard from him in over a week, and I'm starting to get worried... I mean, if he passes away, I wouldn't know. And if he does, I guess I have to cut that part. But I really hope not, because he's a very good friend!

3. Some other miscellanious shit that I can't even remember right now.

But seeing as I can't do shit with that anymore, I've moved on to the next project! This being my collab/trade with Besped, which I was supposed to start with 2 years ago. Somehow, I've not gotten started until now. It's crazy. He doesn't want me to reveal any details, so this is all you're getting to know now.

As we've not had a regular update for a while, it's been a while since I uploaded arts and fan arts. I've not felt like drawing much lately, due to the shitty ass flash progress, but I'm uploading what I got.

Gingerbread Zu Butt. I showed this off in one of those hatchopening videos, but here's a photo of it! It was tasty, just like I'd expect Zu butt to be.

Zara Face Test. I'm getting tired of all my characters sharing the same faces. So I tried out some new ones. To be honest, I'm mostly just changing the eyes... But those happen to be the thing that stands out most, doesn't it? At least it's progress. Anyway, I still need to work on this.

Weird Outfit. Ya know... I looked at that old picture of Zoo in that wierd outfit, and redrew it. Is it better or worse? Hmhm.

Sofi Art Info. If you ever wanted indepth details of how to draw Sofi, take a look at this. Maybe you can help the growth of the fan art section, hoahoa!

Pre-Death Lollo. Ya that's right, I've made a design for a living Lollo.

Long Ghost Tongue. A request from Extreme Brah, and I did my best. He liked it!

Fanarts from Kai:
Piranha Plant rapes!
Stuffed Lollo butt!

Fanart (Read: Commisioned art!) from Aza.
Beleth and Sofi1
Beleth and Sofi 2
Beleth and Sofi 3
Beleth and Sofi 4
I didn't commission them though, a friend and fan of mine did! That's his character there.

Don't be afraid of the giant tentacle raped Zu on the fanart page. That's just a bug. You should be used to that.

Anyway, I'm going to bed now. It's almost 6 in the morning!! My sleep cycle really sucks, so I'm getting less and less done these days... It really sucks. It's hard to turn it around, because I can't sleep unless I'm really, really tired. But I can't keep myself awake long enough to do an allnighter unless I have some sort of activity to do that doesn't need much energy. The worst part is that I usually get alert when I want to sleep!

Enough rambling for now. I'm sorry for the no-flash stuffs, but I can't help it and I can't do anything to speed up the process at this point.

Look out for potentional streaming next weekend. You know the time. Around 12 hours from now when this was posted. I'll put up a window when we're about to stream, so look for that. We finished EarthBound, so next is Wario World!
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Sorry for not updating in a while. Have a half-assed video of me explaining why.

Posted 31st of January 2014 - 07:34 by Rock Candy | 6 comments.

Oh yeah, it's another sunday, another update, another not christmas flash.
But, as I said in update, I uploaded a new flash unrelated to the christmas thingy. So go look at that. It's called "Project X Scrapped Bonus Animations Collection." and is placed in the Misc category in the flash tab.

Stream was crazy!! But we didn't win just yet...

Mmmmyes. Enjoy your lifetime. Good bye, see you next sunday. Hopefully, the flash will be mostly dony at that point, if my coderguy doesn't have the busiest week of his life. Let's hope not.

Merry christmas.
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I explain all the situations in the video, if you can bear with it!

Our streaming channel, where we stream Mario's 3rD World for the night. We're starting in about 20 minutes from when this news post is posted!!
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Finally, I can work in peace.
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