Things are finally getting sorted out over here. I got my chair back, so now there shouldn't be anything hindering me from making stuff again! Actually, I warmed up my flash skills by making one of those crappy Rock n' Raz styled animations: The Right House!

My new coding friend is very efficent, the code is almost done. We've been clearing out glitches and stuff, so the future of the flash is looking bright. Though, there's a glitch or something that makes tweening jitter a lot when converting from CS3 file to CS6 file. The only way to fix it is to turn every tweened motion into keyframes. And there's a LOT of those. That's not gonna be a fun project... But I guess I have no choice, eh?
The only things left now are music and... A few special things that I have recieved yet. I've waited for this certain thing for 8 months now, but somehow there's always something preventing me from getting it every time I get the chance. Frustrating. Hopefully it'll solve itself soon, so that this thing can get done already!

Oh yeah, I was talking about the Christmas flash.

Other than that, it's back to those two trades for me. And I'll make you all a little ~extra something~ whenever I get the time. As for now, I'm damn tired and I should go to bed! See you all next sunday!

And also; we'll be streaming later today! (Monday)
I'm not sure what or when, but I'll put up a window here in the meantime. If I heard correctly, it's gonna be Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. So join and shout at us!

Stream over, and it was pretty... Mixed, I guess. It mostly turned into dicks and ass in the end, but hopefully it was somewhat enjoyable, hoahoa!
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The move went pretty smooth. I don't have any chairs though... So I can't really sit down and work on anything yet. There are still some things that needs to be done, but most have been done already. I moved to the big city, kind of, and there are so many burkas. Very scary for a aspie like myself.
It's a one-roomer, but all of my stuff somehow managed to fit. There's clothes all over the floor, because sorting that shit out is so damn boring. Meh. There's also a pile of boxes in a corner. What I don't like is that it's on the first floor, and the wndows are huge so everybody can just see everything I do. And it's easy for people to just jump in a window if they wish. Worst. Paranoia is a natural thing for me.

Anyway, I recieved comments on that I should give up on the christmas flash. I really don't want to give up on it. Besides, I recently got a very nice skilled guy to code the damn thing. What he did in three days has been three months of work for the previous attempters. I'm so stunned by the results that I don't know what to think. I've been so exhausted from actually doing things that I've not been able to look at it much. Huff. I should get a grip on myself. When not sorting things out, I've been playing on my Nintendo 64. Damn Paper Mario.

Anyway, the new About page finally works! It shoulda been rewritten ages ago, but at least it is done now? Yay? If there's something not making sense, do put a comment. I'll try to word it better, or something.

And to give you something to look at, I present to you:
A shitty painting of Lollo!
I'm not proud of it. But there it is.

So yeah, I can't really do anything until I get my chair back. Should be by the end of this week though. I'll try to whip up something special when that happens, for the waiting fans out there. As for now, I'm gonna go and laze about some more. Maybe I'll draw a picture or two as well! Mwah!
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Yeah, this week I'm gonna move. Hopefully it'll go smoothly. I never know how to start packing stuff up. I always find things I never use, but may come in handy... Some day, surely. And lots of crap that's just lying around. I'll start moving my shit on thursday, so I have to pack shit from monday to wednesday. If only I wasn't such a slow person.

Anyway, I got some really neat fanarts from Cinndrie this week!

A scary Lollo!
A scary Lollo! (Version 2)
A scary Lollo! (Version 3)
A scary Lollo! (Version 4)
A scary Lollo! (Version 5)
And also...
Lollo's Wand!
Lollo's Wand! (Version 2)

I think it is some very impressive work! I couldn't handle coloring and shading this complicated... I'm a little jealous too. Nyuh.

For some previews of my stuff, I put up some stuff in the forums! Just scroll down to find some more. There's some Zara pictures, 1 Zu picture and a preview of a flash in the making.

I wonder if my new apartment will be nice. I hope it's not haunted. That'd be worst. Or if it's right next to a disco palace or something. I've not seen it yet, so I'm a bit nervous... or something.
Well anyway, I'm off to bed. Once again, I'll update on sunday if I have internet connection by then!
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Sorry about not writing an update last week. It's been quite... caothic over here. I'm not talking about the downtime and stuff, but in the life of mine. I have to make sure all kinds of papers get made, and I am moving again. It's also been really hot, making me extra sluggish and tired. Huff, I hope the move is much smoother this time around...

So yeah, I've not made much arts other than some sketches, which I don't want to show at this point. I only got this WIP of my new Zara profile picture. If only the new bio of hers was done... My ghostwriter ran into some troubles with his computer, sadly.

Woah, she's kind of the same...! And naked. It sure is better than the old one though. It's not finalized, and I'm going to make some different outfits for her. I hope it wont take too long, but since I do flash work from monday to friday, and spend saturday and sometimes sunday to do character work, it might still take quite some time... Mh. By the way, I might rework and redesign some of my characters visually and not only in characteristicly. Talking to my ghost writer about the bios helped me a lot to get things straightened out. If he gets his stuff sorted out, I'm sure we can make the bios really good. And shorten them down slightly, since I always tend to go into too much detail.

I also tried to update the About page, but it exploded in a classic nature. I'll have to try get that figured out as well later.

I'm sorry I don't have much else to show, not even the Tomodachi Life stuff. Maybe later during the week I'll add some, quite a lot has happened since... Hoahoa.

I have no idea if I can get much done the coming weeks due to the moving and shit, but I sure hope so.

As for you who are wondering about the christmas flash, it seems to be stuck again. My codeman needs some help it seems, but I don't know anyone else that knows actionscript. So if you have some knowledge, send me an email or something. And I'll hook you up with my current codeman.

I am still working on my besped trade, and that's moving forward at a slow but steady pace. Next week I'm gonna work on another trade I did with an artist known as GBlastman. I posted a WIP arts of that in the forums, but looking back at it now, it looks kind of terrible. I guess I'll have to start over. I don't know where to contact him either, so I can't ask for his opinion, hoahoa!
I was told that making a flash for a bunch of pictures wasn't a good deal, though. I don't know what to say about that... I was never good with "pricing" things, so to say. Just an afterthought, I guess. I'd like to hear some opinions from all you fans about that, for next time. Or somethin'.

Lately, I've gotten more ideas for drawings than ever, but I can't seem to single any out. A bit frustrating.

Well... I gotta go pack down my new laptop and send it back for reparations, again. Don't know if I mentioned it before, but I bought a new laptop which the screen broke on. So I sent it in for repairs, and when I got it back, there was an annoying buzzing sound coming from the fan which wasn't present before. And I gotta camp all morning by the front door, because mail people are like ninja master pranksters. They ring the doorbell, and then they're never seen again unless you open instantly.

So yeah, lots on the schedule now. I'll give you all an update on how it goes next week if I can. Have a good week!
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Hello, everybody. The few people who managed to catch yesterday's stream should know that the two serbs, Shrapnel and FlashMaster/Leather Icecream was here and we had some fun and shit. By the way, I drew the results of that stream. Poor little thing.

I also made some other sketches, shake 'em out if you want to!

Streching Zara
Early Pyromaniac
Piggyback Sketch
Lollo with fancy magics

Leather Icecream made a fuckton of drawings while here, and here are some of them:
Tomodachi sketch stuff
"Plutonium Candy"
Turdy drawing stuff

A lot of random, like usual.
Shrapnel also managed to draw something though:

A loli Lollo getting fucked in the ass.

They're going back home to Serbia tomorrow. Such sadness. Well, I guess it can't last forever. I have to get back to work, hoahoa!

But anyway, I still have some more fanarts to show:

Sofi and Mikaela. Sofi's in a real tough situation... Drawn by Cinndrie!

Two naughty girls, drawn by Deena! The question is, do you watch or join? Hoahoa!

Great stuff, thanks to all of ya!
My little vacation was pretty nice, I think. It's gonna be weird to be alone for a while now, hoahao. I don't even know what to say about it. It was all over the place. All in all, had a good time, don't regret it. Hope the Peach flash was decent. I'll have to go back to work on tuesday, hooray!

Well then people, I shall head off to bed, it's getting late! Enjoy the arts, and have a good night!
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Today is streams. Come and see, update tomorrow.
<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" height="378" width="620" id="live_embed_player_flash" data="" bgcolor="#000000"><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always" /><param name="allowNetworking" value="all" /><param name="movie" value="" /><param name="flashvars" value="" /></object>[link=" style="padding:2px 0px 4px; display:block; width:345px; font-weight:normal; font-size:10px;text-decoration:underline; text-align:center;]Watch live video from RocknRaz on[/link]
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With a lot of trouble, I managed to squeeze out this little Peach flash. I couldn't have done it without Mittsies.

You'll find the flash here!

Now I'll go and enjoy my little... Vacation or whatever you should call it. I'll see ya when I get back home! Byes~!
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I really need to up my game when it comes to updating, don't I? Ah well, I don't have any excuses. I was just too tired and lazy yesterday to collect all the stuff I have and write something coherent. Today, however, I had to camp by my front door because I had to mail a package, and there's no waiting tolerance with mail people I tell ya. And I also took the liberty to finish a birthday drawing for Zeta, ya know the girl behind Project X n' stuff that I was involved with.

Zeta and Zu are together again, butt to butt!

And as you asked for screenshots, here have one of the christmas flash.

Looks a little dated to me, hoahao.

And, have another screenshot of the Peach flash.

I'm going away on the 5th of july, so I hope I can finish this before that.
It's time again for the annual riddarveckan (knight week, literally translated for you non-swedish people) and it spans like a week... And a little more. This time is special, because two fans from Serbia is coming to visit. Such dedication, they put the rest of ya to shame!

I'll try to keep ya all updated anyway.
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Another week passed. Man, time goes too fast. I've made some progress on my flashwork, but I coulda done a lot more I feel like. I think this is mostly because of Tomodachi Life. It's incredibly fun. I wont post a lot of pictures this time, even though I want to. It'd be too much to cover, hoahoa. If interest in what crazy antics my characters has been up to is high enough, I'll update with... An update about the life on my island! Well, if anyone is interested, I'll post my characters' QR Codes at the bottom of the news post.

I'm going to continue on the Peach flash next, and I hope I'll get somewhere on that quickly. It really feels like I've done jack shit this year, which I'm pretty sure I've said before. It's taking its toll on my motivation. Good news is though, that it's looking good for the very late christmas flash! It's actually playable now, to a degree!

I don't have much to show this week, sadly. I've sketched some new profile pictures for my characters, and I think my drawing skills are becoming better. I did get ahold of a ghost writer, but he seems to be busy with some steamy summer sale, so I'm not sure how quickly that will be done... The main problem with the bios now is that, I put too much damn effort into them. I put in all kinds of little details, and it's starting to become a novel or something. So I and the ghostwriter agreed to shorten it down, keep the important parts and I'll draw some pictures for it to make up for the loss. With that said, I hope they will be done before the end of the year. Bah.

OKay, since I don't have anything interesting to show, have a song I made in Tomodachi:

You can't help but enjoy it. Here's the QR codes for my characters, if you want them in your Tomodachi Life. The birthyear doesn't transfer, so I'll write that underneath each picture.

Birthyear: 1991

Birthyear: 1989

Birthyear: 1993

Birthyear: 1984

Birthyear: 1990

Birthyear: 1986

Birthyear: 1979
(Based on her age before death.)

So yeah, this is your chance to grab Zu and make some babies. Because sadly, there's no buttsex in Tomodachi. :c

Hoahoa, anyway, have a great week. I wish I was less of a failure, but I'll try my hardest. See ya around!
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Finally, everything is over. Birthdays, visitors, all that kind of stuff is done and I can have some peace once again. I couldn't spend much time doing stuff, but I did recieve various kinds of presents. Interested in what they were? Well... OKay. I'll tell.

3x caps, including one with my most hated gaming characters on it; Donkey Kong.
1 electric shaver
Some moneys.
Shorts that were already teared.
Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer: The Movie.

Amazing aint it?
Of course, I also got some birthday arts!

Birthday gift 1!
By Captain Eaglesmut!
Birthday gift 2!
Also by Captain Eaglesmut.
Birthday gift 3!
By Yellowpower!
Birthday gift 4!
By Timathor.
Birthday gift 5!
By kirbsuperstardude!

Thank you all, it makes me happy that we all can enjoy some stuffed Zu butts once a year! ...But any day is fine really, so keep stuffing that butt. I know you want to. I know I want to. Let's stuff it together. All of you at once! Mwahaha!

Oh, and E3 was quite nice. At least, I think so, from Nintendo's side.
Though, still no MOTHER character in smash. No Ness, no buy. Such are my rules.
And no, I'm not gonna draw smut of splatoot or whatever it was called. It looked fun, but damn was the pornartists all over it in an instant. I'm not really one to follow a bandwagon, so I'm gonna sit that one out. Might buy the game tho.

Speaking of games, I got my Tomodachi Life. I've been playing it a lot, I found it quite amusing. Let me post some highlights photos I snapped, ya?

Very important questions are brought up.

Sixten ate White Bread and flew into space.

Introducing the Lollo-phone.

Sixten and Zara starts dating.

Zu shows interest in my fingernails.

Sixten proposes to Zara and they get married.

Apparently only me.

RC and Zu are dating, but both fell asleep.

My apartment looks like Luigi's Mansion.

Sofi hates bugs.

Ellie's very unexpected reply was ignored, and Psycho Girl (who apparently has started talking) changes the subject to cheese.

Zu proposes to RC and they marry.

Zara wtf r u doin

Lollo also marries someone!

Sofi had feelings for Crosstail, and when he turned her down, she got pissed.

Sofi tries to lure him in with cake, but Crosstail doesn't take the bait. Amazingly, Sofi took this pretty well.

Ellie just loves flowers.

Then a boat from Christmas Island arrives at the docks.

This is the first time I've ever seen Zu angry, and she's fucking PISSED. She's even on fire.

She's angry at Yulia for some reason, and they kept throwing stuff at each other for several minutes until...

Sixten tries to sort it out.

It didn't go too well.

Zara and Sixten brushes their teeth...

And starts eating not soon afterwards. Disgusting!

This doesn't even need an explanation. It is simply the funniest thing I've seen in quite a while.

Oops, seems like it got a tad long there... But that's what happens when my aspieness gets to run free! Perhaps I'll update more next week... But I also have to get started on flash again, hoahoa! Tomorrow it's time to work on that Besped trade, so ya! I'll see ya next week!
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