It's always nice to hear what you guys can come up with, porn-wise. I chose one of them and I started working on it now. If I wasn't such a slow, terrible person, I'd draw more of them. But anyway, I'll show it to you all at the end of Scary Porn Month, so hang in there. Oh, and Trick won by far. I'm sure Treat will be kind of salty for a while now.

For now, have some fan art!

A sad Sofi, drawn by Cinndrie. I like depressing art. Maybe because I can't pull such things off myself.

Another sprite Zu drawing again made by franciszz3. Of a sprite that never made it in to the game. Cut content, oooo~!

Chibi Lollo drawn by our favorite scapegoat Shrapnel!

Very impressive work guys, thanks to all of you!

As for this smash thing, it seems like I can never find a time where other people is online. We should decide on a time and date and get together and smash. Hopefully we can agree on something in the comments!

And yeah, sorry for being late with the update. I've been trying to fix my broken daily rythm, with very bad results. Egh. Anyway, it was fun to hear you all get together and discuss porn and I shall inform you all of my progress on sunday.
Posted 20th of October 2014 - 17:07 by | 5 comments.
Or something. I got most of my stuff sorted out now, so nothing should stop me from doing stuff no more.

Sorry I've not been on smash much either. I went on a few times, but I found nobody to fight with sadly.

Anyhow, I have this picture made along with a little bonus! Since it is Scary-Porn-Month and everything, I'll have a little "contest" or whatever you'd like to call it. Choose either "Trick" or "Treat" or both, pick out a costume for them, and then scribble down an interesting idea. Since it's too late to make something like a flash at this time, I'll at least make a colored picture out of it. Or a flashloop, if I feel like I can make it in time. Sounds good? Yes? No? Whatever, I'll go with it!

I believe that is all I had for this week, sadly. So I'll see you next week with the results of this contest-ish thing, ya? Byes~!
Posted 12th of October 2014 - 14:24 by | 5 comments.
After some more troubles, including a city-wide power outage and internet being kill for quite some time, I'm finally able to fix my damn computer. If everything goes well from now on, we might be able to stream more Paper Mario 2: The Crystal Dicks. I'm putting up a embedded window.

I absolutely can't into timezones, but we're expecting to start the stream around 21~22 Swedish time. Since we have to set up more than usual due to reinstallations, it might be more towards 22, but you never know! We might stream on thursday too, but I'm not sure about the time yet.

Also, I'm gonna add the rest of you who wrote in the friendcodes in the last newspost now. If anybody are still interested, write yours in the comments. As a reminder, my Friend Code is: 3394-4125-3811

I'll try to get online sometime soon. I've not looked into online play at all, so I'm not sure how it works. Knowing Nintendo, it's probably not possible to send messages, so it's probably just joining or creating rooms and hoping somebody joins.

I'm looking forward to see you all there!

Posted 8th of October 2014 - 07:55 by Rock Candy | 4 comments.
So, I don't think this week could have been more horrible for my workflow. First things that happens is that I fuck up my computer so that I have to reinstall windows. I thought it would be easy but no. I have to reinstall it AGAIN tomorrow, because I'm just the unluckiest. Combine this with the release of Smash 3DS, and I've pretty much done nothing creative. Huff.

Don't worry though, I didn't lose any work or stuff like that. Just time.

I was asked to upload the animation in the loading screen of Rudolf's Revenge, so here it is. Fap away! If that's your thing. Maybe it is just me, but I've drawn Rudolf getting sodomized so much that even if it started as a joke, I kinda like the idea of it. Hoahoahoa.
Next christmas flash: Rock Candy Futa Girls takes turn on buttfucking Rudolf until he passes out, and continues to buttrape his unconscious body!

But yeah, to all my fans who also has Smash 3DS, my Friend Code is: 3394-4125-3811
I will add everybody who writes their code in the comments. And I'll play against ya if I see anybody online. I've not quite played online a lot yet though, since I'm working on unlocking everything. But still, I'll check from time to time to see if there's people online that wants to play!

Since my main has been given some radical changes, I've not gotten used to playing him correctly. So don't expect me being any good just yet.

Sorry for the update being kinda late again. I was playing smash and was like "I'll just do this thing before I start writing..." several times in a row. I only stopped because the batteries ran out. Hoahoa! I should go to sleep...
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A new set of profile pictures of Zu has been made! I recommed you all go and shake it out~! Like Zara, she's got three sets of clothes: None, Underwear & Normal Clothing. Some day in the future she'll recieve more costumes, like her maid outfit, but it takes a very long time to make clothes. Mikaela is up next for a new profile picture.

I've made some good progress on besped's trade this week I believe. I'll do more of GBlastMan's on monday and forward!

I have some fanstuff for us here as well.
Something weird from LeatherIceCream. Really, I've got no idea.

And, rarely seen these days, a fan fiction! A short first part, written by Trinity. Give it a read and tell her what you think of it!

Super Smash Bros. 3DS comes out on friday. I hope you're all ready. I'm probably gonna be playing that the whole weekend, if I know myself right. Perhaps, there are people on that'd dare to fight me? I'll up my friendcode here next update, if there's enough interest, so please let me know!
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Seems like it was sunday yesterday, eh? I kinda forgot to update... I've been really tired recently for some reason. My bed feels so nice in the morning I don't feel like leaving it for a long time! Fun and games take up much of my time too. I really need to step up soon. It's been really quiet here since the christmas flash was uploaded anyway... Where did ya all run off to?!

Anyway, let me show you something I made this week.
It's boobies!!!
Haw haw! Takes quite some time to animate boobs, but I believe it is worth it! It's part of my trade with GBlastMan, who I also got some more stuff from recently! Let's shake them out, shall we?

The first one is more Yoshies! This time, Jilly Yoshi gets tittyfucked.
The second is the anti-version of Zu, Xu. She's jealous of Zu, because she got so much attention from spreading her ass! Hopefully, she'll get some too. If not, I heard bad things might happen.

We also got a little story running here as well! I put the story in the description of the images, so go there to read 'em.
Attack on the Dickgirls 1! (No text version)
Attack on the Dickgirls 2! (No text version)
Attack on the Dickgirls 3! (No text version)

And also a neat pixel-drawing of Zu's appearence in Project X! Neat stuff~!

Thanks a lot, guys~!
Well, I'm off to horse about. It's already 15:30, and I think I'll have to get me some breakfast. Getting quite hungry from writing and shiet.
Posted 22nd of September 2014 - 06:33 by | 6 comments.
I hope you all enjoyed the flash, or for you who didn't see it yet, will enjoy it. Don't really have anything to say about it at this point. I'm going to put up a more polished version soon, I think there was something odd with the preloader? My coding man said he optimized it or something, I didn't really catch the details. Anyhow, let's move on!

A drawing I made for SidSpazTyler has been colored, by the man himself!
Shake it out here!
Maybe we'll do something like this again some day.

I also have some fanart from Guodzilla! Long time, no see, indeed!

And yeh, I also made a little video of blooper clips of the Final Hatchopening video here.

And Raz got a request for you videoeditors out there.
Well it's not really a request as much as a hopeful wish, but still. I'll make sure to put it up in our next newspost if any is made.
Posted 14th of September 2014 - 15:12 by | 4 comments.

Yes, it's finished. It's actually done! Can you believe it?!
I hope there's no bugs or glitches in this now, because then I'd be severly disappointed!

A new version is uploaded, fixing a few bugs. It also has a comment page, so you can write your thoughts down! Please, let me know what you think!
Posted 11th of September 2014 - 19:11 by Rock Candy | 46 comments.
It's been a long week. I've had a hard time focusing on my work lately for some reason. Not only that, but I've had a big craving for playing games as well. Mario Kart and just recently Team Fortress 2 has occupied my mind. Ugh. Doesn't help that Smash 4 is close on revealing all its japanese secrets to the internet.

But I guess you're all waiting with cock in hand (Or pussy, I guess? Do I even have female fans I don't even know.) for the christmas flash. It is so almost done it's frustrating that it isn't! I'm also planning a little extra thing for the release, but if it ends up pushing it back, I'll just skip it. I hate putting out ETAs, but I really feel like it should be done by the next update. If not, you'll have to think of a good punishment for me.

While you're waiting, let Zu take good care of your poor penises. She'll make sure you're all gonna be alright!

Hm. So yeah. Terribly sorry to keep you all waiting like this. I don't want to release unfinished stuff and update it later. Releasing it early wouldn't keep the experience I had in mind intact. But I think we can expect the flash by the end of next week. Or this week, depending on where you live. It's 1 hour into monday here in Sweden, so I guess it's this week for me. I enjoy talking to you all in the comments as well.

I'm gonna go and work on one of my slightly secret projects for the rest of the night. I hope I see you sooner rather than later~. And remember, later is better than never!
Posted 7th of September 2014 - 16:38 by Rock Candy | 59 comments.
I know you're all excited and such, but you'll have to wait a little longer! There's still some art related things that need to be done! As well as original music for the thing. If we're lucky, I might have it completed by next sunday, but again, no promises. It depends on the availability on my dear collaborators. The flash itself has been ridden of all the glitches and bugs we could find, so it's pretty well polished now.

And since I showed a picture of Zu last time, I'll show you a picture of Sixten today.

That's a little tease for you who might be into that sort of thing!

But that's not all, I also drew a picture!
Fanart to Guodzilla!
I actually sketched a little more, but I've not finished anything yet.

Well, since I don't need to be so secretive about the trade flash I am doing for GBlastMan, I can show you a snippet of animation I made for it.

Haw haw! I think I'm gonna play some Mario Kart 8 before I head off to bed. I wish I could play some with ya all sometimes, if you have it too!
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