Everything I've made contact with today has been just... Terrible. Awful. Horrible.

I start the day off by being waken up by my annoying neighbour's shitty music taste, followed up by having a mysterious ghost experience in the shower. Then I use Flash CS6 in a collab with Mittsies, and it is the worst piece of shit I've ever had the chance to work with. And to top it off, RC.se is broken fucking everywhere. So if stuff seems not right, it's because it's not. It's probably worse. Don't expect the forum to be up anytime soon, because why would someone ever want to make something work.

I am so sick of life right now. I want to kill. Strangle. Murder.

With that said, I uploaded the fan stuff that I showed in the previous news post. Everything is still wonky as shit, but at least it is showing.

Before I explode out of anger, I have some good news for the fans on (the barely functioning) Rockcandy.se.

I have no idea what to do with this christmas flash. All I have is the character you see above. So I decided to make something I almost never do.

It's a poll.



Vote on what character you want to see with Rudolf the Black!
And make a wish for what the content will be. I have not decided yet, so most popular or interesting idea will be made. Write that wish in a comment either here in the news post or at the pollsite itself. You have until Nov 30 to vote and comment, so take your time. Or something.

Now let's hope this piece of shit works or else I will end my life prematurely.
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Sorry for the late update, but I was so tired yesterday I went straight to bed. I had lots of fun at the playdate, but the car trip home was really bad.

I came closer to my goal to getting a max score in Luigi's Mansion, but I gave up after failing repeatedly at a few certains rooms. New tricks and techniques were discovered, and I set a worldrecord in ragequitting and I found out you can pause the game before you reach E. Gadd's laboratory immediately when you start the game. Maybe I'll try to stream when I try again, if anyone is interested.

So uhm, yeah, the content for today. I have a couple of drawings.

An old sketch I found of Ellie.
Zara making some poses.
Robot girl & Zu.

I also have some fan stuff to show, but I just noticed that uploading stuff to the fan stuff section was borken! So I'll direct link here in the newspost for now.

First off, a short little story from Guodzilla, starring Ellie once again!
Download Ellie's Pickle!

Secondly, an animated gif of Zu! Made by GBlastMan!


Mh. That was probably everything... Well, actually, there was one thing I wanted to point out as well!

I found this picture, which strikes a very strong resemblance to a flash of mine. Coincidence, or inspired by my work? We might never find out... But it's a fun thing nonetheless!

I catched a slight cold while I was there, because some stupid guys there arrived while they were slightly sick. Luckily for me, it's just some minor throat pains that can be easily avoided. Raz on the other hand got much more affected, and is sick in bed at this time. I'm gonna order me a pizza or two becuase I mostly ate shitty microwave food at the playdate, and it all tasted like plastic. Worst.

Anyway, we'll see what happens on sunday. Perhaps my sickness grows worse or I'll get lots done. See ya then!
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Once again we are back, suffering yet another lengthy downtime. I don't even know what the problem was, but I was close to giving up this time. Therefore, I was spending most of my downtime doing... Mostly shit. I managed to finally clear out and sort through all that music I started downloading sometimes in january this year, which is pretty sweet. And I streamed some games and stuff too.

But I'll dig up what I mustered to do while the site was down!

I drew one drawing!

I made some sprites for LeatherIcecream's Spelunky Mod. You can now enjoy exploring dangerous caves as Sixten!

And also, Zu became a prostitute.

Download here!
There are a few graphical glitches and some such, but I hope they'll be fixed in future versions of this.

I also participated in a Spelunky "race" prior to this mod.

It's best to just listen, as awful videoediting made all but one video totally unsynced with the audio! It's a hour and a half long, so if you're bored go watch me suffer.

I made a shitty flash, that only swedish people (if even they) will find funny!

I'd add some kind of youtube-ish subtitles to this if I knew how to.

And I guess I can post a screenshot of that flashy flash... That I was working on. (I have not touched it in a week... :c )

It's not a normal flash by any means!

I have a few... That I want to start up! But I'm waiting for a voiceactress for that girl up there! I had some potential girl that was willing, but my contact guy got busy and I've not gotten ahold of him in a while, which is annoying! So, in the meantime, I shall make up with Besped and finally made my part of that trade we made like... A year or two ago. Sounds good, because whenever the hell am I gonna do that anyway? Better now, or it might become never! I don't know what that flash will be about though, because Besped was gonna make the art and I was gonna animate it, and he didn't want to show me the artpiece! So that's gonna be something, I hope.

And yush, if you are a unshy girl with a decent mic and a decent voice, do send me a message or something such! If I never get a hold of that guy again, might be good to have someone else there!

So yeah. It's good to be back. I think. I'm gonna be absent almost all of next week, due to another of those playdates that I sometimes visit.
But perhaps I will stream some sort of game in the next 2~3 days! So keep an eye out, if you are interested. I don't know what game yet, but I'm sure I can find something.
My streaming channel is here.

Now I shall enjoy some Julmust. Good night!

I also noticed you cannot post comments. I hope it shall be fixed soon. Along with the forums.
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This week, I made some quick sketches to try to get rid of my art blocklike problem.

Crappy Zu & Sixten Sketches.
CCrappy Zoo sketches.

Nothing much to go hooray for, but I was told that some people might be interested in seeing them anyway. I don't have anything else to update with right now anyway, so there you go.

My sleep cycle is really fucked up, so I have not done a lot lately. It's already almost 3 in the morning, dammit! And I'm not even tired. I was planning on going to bed early today, but I guess not.

Well. I've been waiting some time now for a bunch of different people to give me some stuff I need to continue certain projects, so I feel like work has been clogged up lately. I need to try to push on without those things though.


I shall try to go to bed now, though. I have a hard time falling asleep though, so I don't think it will go well.
Especially since I take like a hour or more to get out of bed in the mornings.

Anyway, good night!
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Damn, I don't know what happened this week, but it went over in no time. Somehow I managed to waste the whole weekend on shopping and doing laundry, playing games and finding highlights in our Pikmin 3 stream that we did forever ago. I had to do 5 machines of laundry today!! Crazy. At least I only have 3 hours left of Pikmin 3 video to watch... Perhaps we shall stream the Wonderful 101 and Wind Waker HD some time as well.

Not only that, but we defrosted our freezer by punching it. Pat & Mat solutions are the best.

But the good thing is that I at least made good progress on the flash!
I just realized that most of you don't even know what flash I am talking about, so I'll post a screenshot of it right here:

I wont say just what it is just yet though!

It's really the only thing I have share today. I tried to draw some stuff, but I couldn't make it look the way I wanted it, so I gave up for now. Better luck later, perhaps!

See ya next week again!
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Altough motivation is low, I managed to recreate most of what was lost. Some parts even became better than last time, so that's something at least.

So I don't have a lot to show today. I attempted to draw something, but for some reason nothing I drew turned out well. Still, I finished this in time for the update: Happy Zu!

And I forgot to post this last sunday, because of the corruption:
Mikaela Spy, the last TF2 crossover picture thingy!

So now that that's over... It's back to regular flash making for me.
I feel like it's going real slow at the moment though. Lots of stuff going on at the same time. I bet it will solve itself soon enough though.

I wish I had more to show and say.

See you next week.
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Well shit. It seems like progress went backwards rather than forwards.

Of course, Flash decides to corrupt one of my flash projects, deleting a good chunk of animationwork. Very not fun, as I aimed to finish that project next. But the lost work sapped a lot of my motivation, but I guess I'll have redo it.

Other than that, I don't have much to share. I was supposed to hear from some people about voice and arts stuff, but they all disappeared! Saddening.

Well, I hope next week will bring happier news. Huff.

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I'm rather tired today, so this update will be rather short. I don't have a lot to show anyway...

So I was gonna start this new flash, right? The one I said was gonna be the next "Onihole".
Well, somehow, I got involved with 4 other flash projects. So now I'm kinda stuck doing small work on each one of them. It's horrible. Well, at least they're all short ones. Ergh.

Anyway, here's a Pyro Lollo.
It's the only thing I managed to do artways this week.

While looking through very old art, I found this... "game" thing drawing. Now my brain is stuck on making a such a flash game, starring Zu captured in a building. She somehow gets out and has to sneak around avoiding enemies and solving puzzles to save her friends, which all has their own unique ability. So it'd be kind of a platformer-escape-puzzle-stealth-action-porn game. Or something.

Just wanted to get my thoughts out there.
I get these stupid game ideas all the time, but I'm always too busy or think too large to actually get them made. It's frustrating, really.

Well, we'll see what happens next week. Something fun, I hope.
Have a nice week!
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Yo! Update ahoy!

Here's Medic Ellie.
And here's some DM DOKURO characters getting tentacle'd.

I also put up the new part of the Zu story in the forums.
Go here to shake it out!
I need opnions and feedback, so please comment if you feel like it.

I can't show you what I'm working on in flash way yet, as I helped out Mittsies with a project of his, and I'm stuck trying to draw a good male body on mine.

Also, if there are any girls out there with a decent microphone brave enough to voiceact, do not be afraid to come to me and say so! I'd like to put in more "personal" dialog and moanings in my flashes. Ripping from porn and hentai gets so boring... Sadly I cannot pay you anything, but I can like... Draw you a picture or something? Hoahoa.

Oh, and if anyone's interested, I and Raz will stream Resident Evil 4 later tonight. Probably in 3~4 hours after this newspost is posted. It's not 100% sure we'll play though, but I'll shout in the forum if we do.
My channel is: http://www.twitch.tv/rockcandyzubutt

Other than that, I don't think there was anything else I have to show for now.

And if anyone cares...
I've only beaten DDC with Sakuya A and Reimu B so far. I've lost most of my skills... Sigh. Well, I'm playing on Hard after all. Huff.
Posted 25th of August 2013 - 08:17 by Rock Candy | 7 comments.

It took us almost all night, but now we've got most things fixed up. I and T_4 ran into lots of broken stuff when trying to upload content, but he managed to get everything working again!


Let's start with a bunch of artwork from during the downtime and such.

First up, some Yoshi buttsex. Yes, you read correctly.
Johanna and Hampus. Sister to Zu and brother to Sixten.
Dark Zu sketches. Contains male buttsex.
Busty Sofi. Because the other characters have already gotten similiar treatment.
Pervy Sofi sketches. I like how they turned out.
Futa Ellie, colored by KaizoMartin. Nice stuff, shake it out!

And after much trouble, I managed to finish and upload a whole [u]THREE[/u] flashes for you this update.

Let's begin with a sequel; Rock n' Raz 2!
Judge for yourself if it is better or worse than the first one!

Secondly, a parody of the ever so popular BAD APPLE! music video:
I recommend watching it on youtube, as I made it to be watched in movie format rather than flash format. In flash, there's probably gonna be lots of choppyness and such and it will loop endlessly.
So here's the youtube thing:

DM DOKURO was awesome for making the extra soundtrack to it.

And last and probably least, a little porn flashloop!
It's that character called Kitty Katswell! You know, that one... From that... Cartoon?
I don't actually know anything about her, so if you know her and like her, happy fapping.

That's it from me this week! Don't expect too much from the upcoming weeks, hoahoa! But I'll try to get that update on Zu's story next week uploaded in the forums. I'll tell you when I do.

And I'm not ready to reveal what the big project is to you just yet, so please be patient.

Oh, and I did play DDC. I liked it, I found the 5th and 6th boss stage themes very awesome and will await many great arranges of them. (Hopefully dBu will make a good job, huhu.) The Extra boss was a bit meh, though. Didn't beat it yet, because I was working my butt off on these flashes!!

Now, I think that was all. I need to sleep now, so night every body!

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