Oof, it's getting close. Just a little more than a week.
I think I can make it in time. Though, animation quality has had to suffer quite from the deadline. To make up for it, I implemented some much requested options. Due to the simplicity of the flash, adding such things becomes much easier. Yeah!!

I don't really have much to show today. I've been working on the flash only, so yeah. Reaaally don't have a lot to say.

Yeah... Next sunday is two days before christmas, so we'll see what the situation is at that point! Hoa. For now, I'll go to bed and continue working tomorrow!
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Huff, I say.
It's already been a week!? I think I've made some good progress on the flash, though. I think I need to tell my voiceactors to start voiceact soon, hoahoa.

I don't want to say too much, so this'll be a short update.

Anyway, here's a picture.

And uhm. That's pretty much it. See ya next week!!
Posted 8th of December 2013 - 18:39 by Rock Candy | 7 comments.
We're streaming 3 player Super Mario 3D world here at RC.se, so go ahead and watch us play and eat pizza!
Here is our channel!!

We hope to have fun!!

Fun was had indeed. Now it's over and I sahll go back to flash!
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I'm gonna put this update up early, so I don't have to do it while I'm working. I haven't started yet, and that's kinda bad...
Well, anyway!

[url=http://rockcandy.se/?page=showpicture&id=308'>A picture for my friend Guodzilla!</a> It's two months late or some such for his birthday, but better late than never, I guess. Hoa.

I also got fan art from KoKittyGirl[/url], a longtime lurker here on RC.se, it features Ellie in different situations! She's awesome, 'cause she also offered help with voiceacting in my work!

I made
a short loop of Sofi sucking on a penis, and I don't know what to do with it. I don't have time to work on it at the moment, as I have the christmas flash to work on right now. Therefore I decided to <a href="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6347537/Sofi%20sucks.fla"]release the projectfile alongside with it. So go have fun with it, if you can!

So ya, that's it for today's update.
I got some help with the art for the christmas flash by Extreme Brah, so hopefully, it'll look better than usual this time around!

By the way, I have not found a voice I thought fit Sixten yet, so if anyone wants to try that out, feel free to send me an email or something.
[email protected]

Also, the forum is now back up.

Now I shall start work on the christmas flash!! See ya later, guys and girls!
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As I said earlier this week, it's time for gaming streaming with me and Raz! We have not played it before, so this is our first time. I'm sure it will be fun!
We're starting soon, depending on when you read this.

Here is our channel!!

So ya, feel free to drop into the chat and talk to us. We will be reading it as we play.

Aaaaaaaand, with that, the stream is over. It was fun!!
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Close to Dec 1st, that is! I have now a pretty good idea of what I shall do for the christmas flash. I just need to remember to look for voiceactors for Sixten and Rudolf in time. Hm.

I think it's time to reveal the title of that other flash I've showed screenshots of lately. Here's a fancy animated title for you all:

Though you'll still have to guess what the content of the flash is!

In other news, I and Raz might stream first impressions of Mario 3D World later this week, but it depends on if I get the game on release or not! The release date here is the 29th, on a Friday, so we can't be sure if there'll be anything or not. But if is not, I can't stream during december, as I have to work hard on the christmas flash!

Well I think that's it for today. Should try to get back to drawing sometimes soon, I owe many people some drawings. Huff.
Posted 25th of November 2013 - 05:59 by Rock Candy | 24 comments.
Oh hello there!! Today, we shall speak about... Flashes.

The first one is this:

It's a flash with a long history! Kind of. It started out as a schoolproject, that never got very far. It was the shittiest thing ever, but one day Raz decided that I should make a new version. So we recorded some voices and made this shit in like a week, before I had to stop and try to find someone to make the music. After a very long time, I got a piece of music and made the rest in about 3 days. And now it is finally done! Took me a few years, hoahoa.

You'll have to excuse the buttsex scenes, I got a little carried away...

Anyway, for those who didn't see it yet, the Makoto flash that I and Mittsies made together is up and has been for some time.

The third flash we shall talk about it the Rudolf christmas flash.
I have recieved about 20 emails with some good and some throwaway ideas. The good being those who actually had Rudolf in the flash, and the bad that didn't follow that single rule!!

What I could make out from these emails is the following:
1. Consensual is for losers.
2. Horses and dogs should cuminflate butts.
3. Sixten and Sofi are the main target for rape.
4. No love for Zu
5. "I whant to see rock candy fucked in vagina"
(That last one was just too funny.)

The most intruguing idea I got was a very elaborate scenario in which Rudolf revenge rapes Sixten. I'm pretty sure not everyone wants that, so I was thinking perhaps I could add either Sofi or Zu as an option as well. If I use Zu I can tie it in with the revengerape; Rudolf rapes Zu until she likes it infront of Sixten. Or something. Doesn't really work the same way with Sofi, but still.
It'd be very simple though, as I only have 24 days to finish it!

What are your thoughts on this, dear fans?
I'm thinking there could be another week of sending in ideas, but then I really have to choose an idea!

Send ideas and feedback to: [email protected]

Oh, and one last thing! <a href='http://rockcandy.se/Uploaded/Fanstuff/Cosplayers.png']Fan art!!
From Brockus Dain, hooray!
Posted 17th of November 2013 - 17:09 by Rock Candy | 23 comments.

It's a collab between and Mittsies, do shake it out!

Also, I've gotten some pretty nice ideas for the christmas flash. Reading all of them makes me want to put in a part of everything, but then I wouldn't be able to make it... Urgh. Makes me a bit sad.

Anyway, there's still time to send in ideas!

Email your idea to:
[email protected]
Posted 14th of November 2013 - 14:48 by Rock Candy | 8 comments.
OKay, so due to a lot of people cheating with the votes, I'm going to turn this into an idea pitch instead.

I'm really looking for the best idea, not which character to use. I already got a bunch of nice ideas, but I'd like to hear some more. Perhaps your idea is which I'll decide to do! I'll probably fuse the ones I like the most. It's fine to include a character in your idea as well, if you want to.

Send an email with your idea to:

[email protected]

Keep in mind that I have only 24 days to finish the flash, as I start working on dec 1. So don't send anything too elaborate, or I wont make it. Just look at Onihole, hoahoa!

Please don't emails that contains only a name or unspecific things like "Hardcore buttsex!", because that doesn't really help me at all.

And don't forget, the flash is centered around this guy!

The reason why I do this, is to minimize cheating! The comments on newspost are a bit bugged. 10 comments per page are supposed to show, but thanks to some miss in the coding, 10 only show on the first page, the rest only show 5.
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Everything I've made contact with today has been just... Terrible. Awful. Horrible.

I start the day off by being waken up by my annoying neighbour's shitty music taste, followed up by having a mysterious ghost experience in the shower. Then I use Flash CS6 in a collab with Mittsies, and it is the worst piece of shit I've ever had the chance to work with. And to top it off, RC.se is broken fucking everywhere. So if stuff seems not right, it's because it's not. It's probably worse. Don't expect the forum to be up anytime soon, because why would someone ever want to make something work.

I am so sick of life right now. I want to kill. Strangle. Murder.

With that said, I uploaded the fan stuff that I showed in the previous news post. Everything is still wonky as shit, but at least it is showing.

Before I explode out of anger, I have some good news for the fans on (the barely functioning) Rockcandy.se.

I have no idea what to do with this christmas flash. All I have is the character you see above. So I decided to make something I almost never do.

It's a poll.



Vote on what character you want to see with Rudolf the Black!
And make a wish for what the content will be. I have not decided yet, so most popular or interesting idea will be made. Write that wish in a comment either here in the news post or at the pollsite itself. You have until Nov 30 to vote and comment, so take your time. Or something.

Now let's hope this piece of shit works or else I will end my life prematurely.
Posted 10th of November 2013 - 15:40 by Rock Candy | 66 comments.