Heyo, sorry for being late. I was really tired yesterday and I didn't sleep so well, so I've been kind of a zombie all day today.
I've been working on Zara and some extras for Spfi & Zu&Jo, because I keep having dumb ideas I wanna include.

Wings sort of work right now, but they're gonna need some tweaking to look just right. So far so good though! Of course, you can't really tell their movement by just this screenshot.
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I have been adding some extra new stuff for Sofi, again... I keep getting new ideas and I need to strike while the iron is hot.

Some new hats, new eye expressions for Sofi's first mood (Yes, she actually has 4, not 3.) Also got Sofi's VA, MacStarVA, to record some more voice lines for her, so that there's more variation during sex. Previously, she would repeat the same voice line over and over, but now I've made sure that won't happen any more! For real! There's also been slight changes to earrings; each option now has different weights and chain links, so they'll bounce around differently. And I've even made an anti-gravity UFO earring! All that's missing is a hitbox on Sofi's head, so that the earring doesn't clip into her head. The last new addition is a "Wings" option, where you can attach a set of fake wings to Sofi's back, although this is a WIP, so I can't show them off just yet. Here's a little image featuring a few of the things I mentioned:

And as for why this update is late, I wanted to finish up this darn comic page so I could post it in time for the update, but it took way longer than expected. Well, here it is!
Shoplifting Shenanigans Page 2

And so, I'll be spending this week doing more bug testing and stuff for Sofi and Zu&Jo while also trying to make progress on Zara and sketching on the next comic I gotta do...
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Finally got the courage to attempt to animate the Zara remake. Starting out with a small practice/testing animation... I think it could work, it looks pretty decent to me, but you can check for yourself by following this link: https://twitter.com/i/status/1647246887727034372
Sure wish I had video embed support on rc.se, but no such luck.
But, not having visible penetration will surely make it less time consuming to animate, which will probably result in some more leeway with various cosmetic options and such. We'll see what I can do, I already have plenty of ideas.

Here's a drawing, too!
Futa School Exchange Student, Zu goes to Japan?

I've got a bunch of comics to do next, so expect less drawings in the near future.

And of course, I had some new ideas for things in Zu&Jo and Sofi's parts too... Minor ones, but some that I definitely wanna implement. Once I make some assets and Fallow programs them in, I'll show 'em off. He's back to streaming saturday and sundays now finally, too, so we'll see some progress once again!
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Been starting to work a bit on Zara since I'm still waiting for stuff for Zu&Jo. For some reason, I thought starting making glasses would be the best option, so I made a bunch. I guess it's a good idea to start with the cosmetic options so that I can actually animate them into the main animations and not tack them on as an afterthought, but... There's not really a lot I can do with Zara without disrupting the animation. Hers is going to be much more active, especially around the belly and chest area... Can't really put shirts on her. I guess I'll see what can be done beforehand this time though.

I finished a couple of drawings as well!

Summoning Sinners, Zu & Sofi attempt to summon something spooky.
Sleepwalking Dickgirl Zu, Zu has been having some weird reoccuring dreams lately.
Sofijerk Redix, Special version of last week's colored thing.

Anyway, some glasses highlights, these are still a WIP tho:

I'll try to get Zara up to shape so I can actually start animating her next. It'll be pretty interesting, I think.

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Hey, short update today too. I'm almost done with Zu's lipsync, after that, I just gotta touch up some visual bugs, then I'm pretty much done with Zu & Jo until Fallow can code things together. Also still waiting for Jo's VA to deliver, so I can finalize new expression groups. I guess I'll have to start working on Zara again in the meantime until then!

I have some art to share, still got a few things sketched up that I'll finish til next sunday, but here you go for now!
Delicious Zu Cake, Zu does the dummy with her butt.
Sofijerk Redux, I remade an image since it was her birthday April 1st.

That's all for today!
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I've reached a number just above 70%, just finished the huge amount of short moans. Now there's a lot more talking left to do, but it's really the non-spoken lines that are the most difficult to get right. The orgasms are gonna be the most difficult, and those are what's coming up next... Argh.

Well, I've been drawing quite a lot this week too, so here are some of that!
Shoplifting Shenanigans Page 1, Zara gets framed for a crime.
Zara's Cock, how I want it to look like.
Knotted Hunter, Action in the woods.

Don't got a lot else to say, so I'll leave you with this.
Maybe Fallow will return to coding this week? We'll see.
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And Zu now has around 950 voice clips all by herself, rather than the shared amount between the two being around the same amount.
I'm already done with 10% tho, so maybe it won't take forever?

I only started I think... Wednesday or thursday, because I tweaked and added some extra stuff elsewhere beforehand. I added in a few new expressions for Sofi's first phase, to make it more distinct. I thought it was sorely needed. Also changed two of Zu's horny eye variations, because I thought they looked kinda bad (the wide open, small pupil ones.) They're now replaced with these two:

Now there's nothing left to do with Sofi or Zu&Jo, so lipsync is all I'll have to look forward to for the near future!
If you wanna catch me streaming the process, I do that here: https://picarto.tv/RockCandy.

I also finished a couple of drawings.
Foal Breeder, you want to know what Zu looks like after a session in HHHW?
50 Butt Babies?!, someone posted something silly and I had to doodle it.
I have a comic page in the works, it is around 55% complete. Featuring Zara, 'cause there's actually 0 Zara on the current to-draw list, this is a bonus thing unrelated to that.

Sinsigat colored the Sofi marriage follow up!
Sofi Marrying 2 Colored
I added the wedding cosmetic options for Sofi in Sofi's part because of these drawings.
Oh ye, I totally forgot to show off some of the Sofi cosmetics last time, but here they are for those who are curious:
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This week I got a lot of small things done, that had been piling up on the project... Next, I'll actually get to doing that lipsync.
It seems that Jo's VA will take a bit longer to deliver though, I saw commissions were closed recently. I was told she had troubles with her studio, so maybe it's related to that? Not that it matters a whole lot, since Zu's is gonna take me a while, and FallowWing is going to move because of a new job he's gotten, so he won't be able to do coding for some time... So I'll have time to sort things out by the time he's ready to get back to tying things together. And if I finish lipsync before that, I can always start working on Zara again.
Means the update might get delayed further though, which sucks. But know that progress is still being made! Don't really have anything to show off, since it's all so minor.

I do have this drawing though, that I had a lot of fun doing!
Staring Contest Calamity, Avv uses his hypnotism powers on Sofi.

I also got this art piece commissioned by Big Pain!
Butthole Values
Utterly delicious execution of my idea, I love it.

Before I go, I'll probably stream some lipsyncing progress next week, so check in on my channel if you wanna see how it's done.
My Picarto Page.
Streaming schedule will be extremely sporadic as per usual, so... Ya, be ready for it to start any time I suppose.

Until then, have a nice one!
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Been doing a lot of work on Sofi this week, giving her a lot more clothing options of various types. I'm pretty much done, I just gotta iron out some mistakes I made in the making of them. Here comes a little showcase of them all!

I finished up a commission!
Sophia's Stallion Sodomy Stakes, Horse cock anal marathon betting.

I also received some Sofi fan art from NoramiKagenori!
Lollipop Sofi
She's cute when she's angry.

I've now received all of the voice stuff for Zu, so I can finally get to doing lipsync! Something that I'll start up sometime next week, I got a bunch of other minor stuff to work on as well. Jo's VA had some trouble with her recording equipment, so I'm not sure when I'll hear back from her though. But Zu will keep me busy for a while, so that's not a problem right now.

Anyway, that's all I had for today I believe. Time for me to have a rest!
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Been working on small things this week, while waiting for things to get coded in and such.
Visually upgrading certain graphics, along with adding in more stickers to play with.

Even Sofi has recieved some new outfits and some graphical improvements.

I'm gonna have to prepare myself mentally to delve into the more technical stuff next, to make sure things appear in the correct spot, are visible for a good amount of time and such. Wish me luck.

Good news are that I've received almost all of the new Zu voice stuff, I'm just waiting for 3 lines to be re-recorded due to some ugly audio popping. So soon I can get on lipsyncing all of Zu again, wahoo. At least it gives me an excuse to start streaming again, yea?

Also managed to do a little quickie: Parasite Attack
I need to get workin' on some of the drawings I've got piled up again as well.

Well, think that's all I got for today, hoping I'll have something more fun to show next week!
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