Hayo! Today, I have a fresh new bio of Zara for you all to read!
Shake it out!
I'm going to redraw her profile image at some point, I think I said so in earlier news post. Aside from that, do read up on her! I and my assistant have been working hard on her, so please take some time to read it through!
Next character we're gonna work through is our favorite troublemaker Sofi!

But wait, there's arts from both me and fans too to show off!

Mindblowing orgasms, featuring Zara.
Birthday Buttsex Girl, always count on Zu's asshole to cheer ya up!
Friday Fuck, Zara and Friday partaking in some buttsex antics!
Lexine and Zara and,
Lexine and Zu, drawings I made for dyveria
Bicycle Tentacles, featuring an unlucky Zoo!

That's a total of 6 drawings from me in a single week. That's almost a new record.

As for fanart, I've got two!
Zara's butt, made by Lynnea!
A cute Zu, drawn by kudosseac!
Thanks a lot to the both of ya!

I hope ya'll had a great week! And I hope some of my art will release some stress for some of ya!
As for myself, I'm gonna finish Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright before I go to bed. (I hope)
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I'm back home! I had fun! ...But the weather could've been better. It was way too cold and rainy most of the time, with only one or two days with real summer heat. Blah.

I've got some fanart to show today at least, so this update wont be completely void of content! Phew!
Zu gets cuminflated by Kitt Kitan!
Zu and Zara shares Lex's dick!

Thanks, you guys!
I've got a few drawings to myself, I hope to complete some of them during the week as well as keep working on the last flash trade.

And since Sixten's profile image is acceptable now, I feel like Zara's is complete garbage. I'm gonna make a new one, as well as start on Lollo's too.
Hooray for progress!

I'm quite exhausted, so I am going to get to bed and sleep for sooo looong.
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In my preparations for my trip today, I completely forgot to update the site! Well, here's a quickie before I go!

Sixten had his birthday recently, so I drew this picture for him!
I bet he wishes this would actually happen to him!

I also got two pieces of fanarts!
First one's from Daniel!
Princess and the Pauper

And the second one is a colored drawing of mine from Cinndire.
Psycho Girl's Birthday Picture

I also made some changes to the Sixten profile pictures. I hope they look better now, if not, be sure to shout at me again.
Sixten 1
Sixten 2
Sixten 3

I think that was all...
I'mma post the next update when I get back home. See ya then!
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Due to some maintenance work on the site yesterday, uploading was disabled. But now, it's all working again, woop!

So here's something I drew last week: Please stick in my...
Now we got both this and frontbutt. Perfect!

I also got a late birthday picture here:
From francyszz3! It's unique, I guess. Hoahoa!

Now about the Butt Bus!
It seems like the most vocal part of the fans were those obsessed with dicks on girls. Only one person actually had a guy to share, so that slot goes to him! Now there's like two or three left. This is yer last chance to have your male character to replace Sixten in Butt Bus with Zara, next week I'mma fill em out myself!

Speaking of Sixten, I've made some progress on Sixten's profile picture! They're not quite finished yet, but let me hear what you think of his new design!
Nude Sixten
Underwear Sixten
Clothed Sixten

Next sunday is the last sunday before I leave for Riddarveckan! I'm quite sure I will not be able to finish the Nicole flash before that. Sorry to disappoint. But it shouldn't take too long after that. It is a relatively simple flash to work with, yey.

I'm gonna eat some food and get back to working on it now, so see ya on sunday!
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Summer is all in full bloom here in Sweden, and I'm sitting inside drawing porn and playing vidya games. Ain't I a naughty one. But I'm gonna get my share of the summer in two weeks! Regulars around RC.se might remember that every week in july, I go back to my hometown and spend it in a trailer with a bunch o' friends and do all kinds of mostly outdoor activities. Since it is a relatively small and calm town, you can even go around barefoot. It is really refreshing and I can't wait to get there... But, moving on!

As it was my birthday on the 12th of this june, I recieved some late birthday drawings from people! Tasty Zu pictures, my favorite! Let's see what I got, ya?

High Heel Zu!
High Heel Zu 2!
Prison Zu!
Booty Zu!
Thanks for all the nice stuff, guys! I like 'em all~!

I drew some stuff too!
Fairness, starring fan favorite Beleth.
And Fairy of the Earth, a drawing I made for Taro. Yo!

I know it seems like I've done jack shit for a long time now, at least Flash wise. But believe me, besped's trade has been really taxing on me. And since I was told to not show anybody anything of it, I've not been able to show anything of it for all this time. But since I am done with it now, I've become a lot more workhappy since I get some much needed variation. I've started working on my last trade thing, which stars the character known as Nicole. It's a pretty unique flash. I'll be surprised if I get positive reactions from this one, hoahoa. I aim to get it done before I leave on july 4th, if possible.

As for my E3 experience... I can't say that it was anything but disappointing. Sure, there's EarthBound Beginnings, but... As a Nintendo fan, it was really awful otherwise.
Speaking of games, I and Raz might pick up streaming again soon. It seems we've been scammed on some rather expensive microphones we wanted to buy, so I had to buy a new pair, oof. I'll make another update when that becomes actual.

And I got quite a few replies for male characters to include in Butt Bus, though it mostly turned out into a mess of people screaming "I want my boy parts on GIRLS damnet!!". Which can be nice, but I'm looking for MALE characters, with a build similiar to Sixten's. And this means actual characters of fans, not some vague representation of some anybody! But if there isn't enough interest, I'll have to fill the remaining slots up by myself. I guess.

Let me know what you think. I'm listening and will reply to questions.
I'll see you with a new news post again next sunday, as per usual.

RC out!
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I'm finally done with besped's trade! I feel so free! But, I've been told to wait with the release til he's done with his part. So it wont be up for a while. As for how long, I can't say. But now that I'm free, I can start working on Butt Bus soon!

That, along with all the excitement of the start of E3 shenanigans, means that I don't really have anything to show off today. And yeah, update is late because of that Nintendo World Championship thing. Gotta say, it was a bit disappointing... But on the other hand, it's a great time being a MOTHER fan, since it's being released on VC! And Lucas is finally back in Smash, so I'm all happy n' stuff!

I'll try to at least have a sketch done by next week, or something!

By the way, for the Butt Bus flash... I might be able to add male characters from fans or other sources, if they fit certain criteria. Would this be of interest to anyone?
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We gotta lot a stuff coming down this week, gents and ladies! Mine and Raz's birthday. Lucas for Smash 4. E3 n' all that comes with that. It's gonna be a wild ride! Howee! You got any expectations for the E3, guts? Myself, I can't wait to see all the awkward stuff that's gonna be made fun of afterwards, haw haw haw!

Anyway, moving on!
I've talked to a lot of people lately that argues that Zu's secretly a little slut that loves to get raped n' suck dick n' such. It's been a real pain to keep 'em at bay, because I really like that concept, even if the real her is not like that! And I think last week's artwork of her did not help in that matter... Heh.

But this week I didn't draw no Zu! Have a look at these:
Beach Sodomy
Swedish Bikini
I'm pretty sure I'll be drawing during the E3 presentations. They tend to get a bit drawn out a lot of the time...

More spanish talking Rock Candies, fan art from francyssz3 is also included in this update, so go shake it out.

As for the secret project, I'm just waiting for voice actors and actresses to do their parts. They're not always able to give me immediate recordings, so I'll have to wait quite a bit for those... And then it's time to make soundeffects, haw haw.
I wish I'd made much progress on the trades, but I've just been busy with other shit... And I found myself playing GTA V Story mode quite a bit during the weekends. Quite an interesting trainwreck. Well well, I'm gonna head off to bed. See ya laters!
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Not that I'm much of a birthday person...
Sorry for the late update! As I said last post, I had a couple crashing at my place. They left yesterday, so I had no time to prepare stuff for the update! The girl could only speak japanese, it was very scary. I showed her my secret project, and she said "Sugoi". I'm pretty sure that is good.

Anyway, here's a drawing I made for this update: Simon Says!
There's been quite a lot of good posts in the request box lately, so I decided to mash some of them into one image. And this one is it.

But that's not all! Reptiliansarehere colored my two latest drawings!
"Lazy Birthday" Colored!
"Waiting for you" Colored!
Nice stoof~!

Hmhm, and now it's time for trades and stuff. However, my secret project is almost done. I worked on it while I had visitors, and got a surprisingly large amount done thanks to that. There's basically just audio work left to do now! I guess I'll have to alter between this and the trades, nyah nyah. Then, Butt Bus is going to get started!! Can't wait for that, I've got so many ideaaaaas!

I'm gonna go eat breakfast now. I'll try to not be late with the update next time. See ya!
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Ellie's birthday drawing, finally!
Being unintentionally lewd, or something!
But Zara has the intention to be lewd, and she's waiting for you~.

There's not much else to cover today. It's been a short week for me. And the coming one will be too, I'm going to my dad's the first half, and then I'm having visitors the other.

And it's almost my birthday soon. Time really flies past me when I'm bored. I really need to finish these trades. I'm too good at procrastinating. I feel really bad for not having anything to show or even talk about. When I get back, I must focus on getting them done once and for all.
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I'm back from awayness! Back to makin' porn and stuff!
Actually, I tried to yesterday, but I was too horny so I couldn't focus on anything. I had this dream where I was at a graveyard, then Zara appeared and started to suck my dick and balls. I was about to cream my pants, but I woke up and just barely managed to stop it. Why am I telling you this? Why not? Blah. I'll go and do something about it later.

Anyway, I was at a small playdate during the weekend. I played games and went to a retro game event and bought myself a N64 game called "Cruisin' World" which I'm not sure is better or worse than Cruisin' USA.
I also bought a Wario hat: Do the RC dance!!
It is now a fact, it is impossible to talk about Wario without referencing "Wario Policeman".

Moving on. I recieved colored versions of that one drawing I did of Ellie last week.
Ellie's Cosplay Trouble ver 1
Ellie's Cosplay Trouble ver 2
Ellie's Cosplay Trouble ver 3
Ellie's Cosplay Trouble ver 4
Thank Reptiliansarehere for these nice, colorful pictures!
There was also some more Zu fanart from francyszz3!
Also related to cosplay? I'm not sure, I can't read spanish.

I've yet to draw Ellie's birthday picture... I'll have to finish that before next update, huff! But something I did do before I left last week was update some of the character bio pages. Check them out while they're still fresh!
And if you want to help out, finishing the backstories n' stuff, either send me an email at [email protected] or add me on skype: crystallizedsugar

Well, thanks for all the ideas for the Butt Bus project. Several comments stated a lot of ideas I had already planned to add, I don't know if that's good or bad. But I'll release more info when I actually start working on it regurarly. I gotta get besped's trade out of the way first. I should be able to finish it up relatively quick if Raz doesn't bug me about playing GTA V with him all the time.

I also saw this movie "Kingsman Secret Service". Best ending to a movie I've ever seen, 10/10.

That's it for today, I'm gonna go and try to finish up that besped flash then! See ya around.
Oh, and a little notice, I can't reply to comments now, since my laptop has been sent away for repairs again. That stupid fan keeps making really annoying noises. That's why if you're interested in helping out with the bios, send me a message through email or skype, ya? Gut!
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