I should eat after this update.

Let me show you what I accomplished this weekend!
Louise's Profile Image Version 1
Louise's Profile Image Version 2
Louise's Profile Image Version 3

Because Lollo is like she is, I'm gonna have to make a few more reference pictures of her. Huff. I still think these came out really great though. She's been in a dire need of reference pictures.

I've also found fanart of Zu with the Rear Guard!
Well, actually, I didn't find it, it was a friend of mine. Neonmonkey apparently made this in April this year, but I didn't see it til recently. She's lookin' real cute, especially with the Rear Guard up her butt!

I've made great progress on the cumscene I showed a preview of a few updates ago, and it's looking real gut if I say so myself!

And since October is coming around soon, I want to ask you all something. Should I try to make a Halloween flash this year? Or would you rather want me to continue working on the Butt Bus? I've got a solid idea of what to do with a Halloween flash, but I don't know if I can make it in a month. Please let me know as quick as possible, 'cause I'll begin work on October 1st if so.

While I was walking outside today, a guy came up to me and said "Only the devil whistles at night." What's that supposed to mean!?

I feel like I really shouldn't had waited so long to update, I'm starting to lose focus. Eh.
I'll look forward to your replies tomorrow morning. Gut nights!
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Many different opinions and advice were posted, but one thing stuck out within all of it: Ravenxeo. Please stop, your comments feel almost white knight-ish.

Other than that, it seems most people like the weekly updates and want me to try to write more to them. Some say I should separate personal and work updates, but I feel that's just not going to hold up. It's kind of pointless. There's just going to be more news posts with less content.

Thanks for the feedback and comments. I took all of 'em to heart, but I don't really know how to express myself. It's hard to know what the fanbase expects sometimes, except for flashes.
it felt weird typing out expect and except so close to each other

Now for the actual updatey part of the news post!

I finished Zara's new profile images!
Zara nude
Zara underwear
Zara clothed
Whatcha think? Not bad, eh? I think it looks great this time around, it really brings out the character. Don't tell me ya don't want to stick your dicks in that! I love how her tits came out!

Speaking of which, Zara's tits is what I'm currently working on in Butt Bus. It is extremely fiddly to make tit movement the way I decided to make the tits. The boob itself and the nipple is OK to work with, but the somewhat gradient colors on the areolas are troublesome. I need to match that shit up with each new frame. Adding shading to it is also a troublesome process, but since I've found a new, very efficient way of coloring things, the time is almost cut down by half. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, it would have made so many other things a lot easier.

But ye, I want to make the tits move more in Butt Bus. The faster options are gonna have some great tit-bouncing action when I get there!

You might remember that I said I was hyped for Mario Maker. I've not really sat down with it a lot yet, but I did make one thing I'm sort of proud of, if anybody is interested in playing it. I based it on the first town in EarthBound.

"A trip through Onett"

Not sure if any of ya here is interested in things like these, but still! Give it a go if ya have the game!

Next week I've been called to have a meeting with the social security people. I wonder what they have to say... Something good, I hope.

I'm gonna have me some toast before I snuggle down into bed.
By the way, I dreamt some kid pooped his pants in my house today. I threw him out and told him to get cleaned up, but he shot himself in the head instead. Then his parents came looking for him. I remember feeling no empathy if the kid decided to off himself rather than getting rid of his poopy pants.
Sorry if I bonerkill'd somebody, but I just had to share this bizarre memory.

Have a good night, all of ya!
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Since I've grown to dislike the profile image for Zara over time, I decided it was time to make a new one! It's been in the works for a while, but I only work on them on saturdays. It's part of my weelky little schedule. I've become more efficient at doing these, so the next one should be done faster compared to before. I might go back and fix up the legs on Ellie, but Lollo's is the next on the schedule after I give Zara her full set of clothes.

'Nuff talk, here they are:
Zara's new profile image!
Zara's new profile image, in her underwear!

I spent a lot of time drawing dickgirl Zu in a bunch of different scenarios. The last one was appreciated, so I hope this will be too. I tried making her as cute as possible.

I also drew asleeping Zoo.

Cinndrie jumped on the girls with dicks wagon too, and made Futa Ellie and Dickgirl Zu interacting with each other!
It's scary to think of them like this, drawn in a more realistic way! But it's still a great piece!

And in the continuation of "Deal with a Devil", we see another character get involved in the story...! Pyreaus says he wants to keep a weekly or bi-weekly schedule releasing new chapters, which sounds nice~.

And to be serious for a while, in the last update I got a pair of comments upset about my way of updating the site. While some thought it's a bunch of nonsense, I don't think it's completely unreasonable. Just 'cause it's free it doesn't mean I'm above critiscm.

I'll quote and answer to the best of my ability:

The Final Straw
I've been a long time lurker and I noticed this trend way back and it's finally annoyed me enough to speak out. After every disappointment I cringe to still see some gullible people constantly believe your excuses and "can't wait for it to finally be done next week". Face it, you just can't be bothered and you've been lying to your fans for years. At least stop giving the more gullible people a false sense of hope and actually update when you have something worth showing!

This is a legit problem I have, I'm very bad at putting out ETAs and deadlines. Since I'm pretty much always making things with the help of friends and other people, I think "I'm basically done with this, so it should be finished pretty soon!", forgetting that other people don't have as much freetime as I do. Other times, I'm to blame. Sometimes I wake up and hit a wall, unable to make myself do anything. I do not know why this is, and I do not like it at all. But it happens.

I guess I'll try to not put up false hopes in the future? Should I stop making updates every sunday and post whenever I got anything to post? I feel like a bunch of tiny scattered updates wont make anybody happy. Sure, sometimes I might not have anything to show off, but what am I supposed to do? If I don't post anything, some people might wonder where I've gone.

Any thoughts on this matter?

Moving on to the next comment:

I have to say I agree-
Sure, life is sometimes tough, but these constant updates saying 'it's coming it's coming'.. why not tell us the storyline? Or give some more screenshots? Is it because there isn't much to show?

If there isn't much to show, you have a core problem as an artist. There needs to be lots of work.

Most of the time, there's nothing interesting to show. The way I work does not make for good screenshots, unless there's some craving for wanting to see bodyparts in different positions or blobs of white at 1600% zoom.

And I don't like revealing everything as I go, I want there to be surprises when I release the flash.

Even if there is lots of work, it's usually things that you wont think about when watching the flash, but is incredibly important to me. Making sure the animations is smooth and doesn't flicker about, for example. Tiny details that take hours to make, but does not wind up with much to show in a weekly update.

I like your Sunday updates, but it seems pointless every week to say "I played so much Smash this week woh hoh hoh, but I couldn't get any work done"
Like, prioritise that shit. If you want to be the best artist, and I know you do, because we have spoken about it, then you need to work HARD. It's hard work. And it needs to be as routine as you can make it.

Routines are a pretty difficult thing for me. Mostly due to there are no routined events during my days, and how my sleeprythm work. I have a very hard time falling asleep, even though I'm tired and it's very hard to get up in the mornings.

While I'd like to do something about it, I don't know what.
That doesn't mean I don't do my best when it comes to work. I set up goals and take breaks when I've reached them.

It's not easy when you're juggling a bunch of different stuff at once either.

So to make up for this, let me show what I'm doing for this cumscene. It's more movement than usual, so it's only natural it's gonna take longer, since I am not used with frame by frameing.


As you can see, there's a lot of arms to draw and shade. And then I've not even started sketching up the movements for boobs and semen.

Believe me, I don't want to let anybody down. I wanna make some good porn, but I'm a slow worker. I work for a long time, but progress might not be as fast as other people could reach in the same amount. I cannot help that.

I hope we can discuss these things in the comments.
I'm out for today.
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I've been fighting my scanner for a while now! I just wanted to scan a picture, but I had not installed scanner drivers n' shit since the computer offed itself. I needed some scanning program that came with the scanner too, but I forgot how cryptic it can be with finding the various settings in it. Finally, I came through, however. Only difference is that the scanned pictures come out whiter than before, for some reason. I don't think that's a bad thing though.

Anyway, here's the drawing in question: Sofi in the Tentacle Box!
Originally it was going to have more things going on, but since I started this before the computer death, I forgot what I was aiming for... Meh.

In other news, I've managed to overcomplicate the cumscene I was talking about in the Butt Bus project. Now it's gonna take some time to complete that shiet. I've gotta take note to not do this with the other animations left to make...

And hey! We've got chapter three of Beleth pestering Sofi with her giant dong!
Deal with a Devil: Chapter III

Can't wait to see what the end chapters are gonna look like... Haw haw!

I also got a nice drawing from a friend!
Ellie and Zara, sharing a moment.
Thanks, awesome~!

So Super Mario Maker is coming out this friday, ye? I'm pretty hyped for that, I like building things and being creative. I'll be making stages where you throw things into Zu's butt, haw haw. Maybe if I can make Raz come and visit some day, we could stream some of them!

I'm looking forward to sleeping today. I bought myself some new pillows, since my old ones has started to become rather worn out. Hee hee hee. Good night, y'all!
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Well! Drawing semen is tedious work! But I think I've made it look quite good.

It looks even better animated! Hooray!

I've also pretty much restored all of computer stuff I needed, while also throwing out junk that's just been lying around taking up space. So I didn't really live up to my goal of finishing the cumscene. From now on, there should be no more trouble. Just flashin' around! Haw haw!

I got some fanarts too, from Cinndrie this week! He drew some of a young Mikaela's first visit to the mental hospital!
Young Mikaela 1
Young Mikaela 2
Good stuff! I should draw some stuff myself soon. I've sketched some follow ups to that tentacle in the box scenario with Sofi. It's always a problem when your imagination works better than your drawing abilities. Bleh.

And to answer the comments of the last news post:

"you should do one with zu in a schoolgirl outfit on the bus your making I kinda want to see her in a schoolgirl outfit while getting fuck in the anal"

Sorry, but the bus is going to be centered around Zara. Zu will get other flashes centered around her at some point for sure. I'm not sure what a schoolgirl outfit looks like though.

"I had this idea last week while doing a major overhaul on a shitty car. Since I suck ass at drawing, I can't make a comic out of it to send in :\ Sorry for the wall of text.

(We are near a forest, right beside a small country road. Sixten is waist deep in an old, rusty ford sierra's engine bay with a distressed look on his face, while Zara sits on her volvo's bonnet with a cheshire cat grin, then suddenly Ellie jiggles in.) "Hi Za, what is Sixten doing with that hunk of junk?" "Hi... Well, he bought it yesterday, and I challenged him to a small race around the woods. I told him that if he wins, I'll let him take my butt for a ride... And he accepted my challenge without a question." (Meanwhile Sixten rushes to the cockpit, and tries to start the engine, but it refuses to run. Ellie looks at him with some uneasiness in her eyes, then turns to Zara again) "Why is he so nervous then?" "Because I just told him that if he loses, I will take HIS butt for a ride. With a strap on." (Zara's cheshire cat smile comes back, and Sixten's car puffs out a big cloud of diesel smoke before his battery runs dry, indicating that he will need some lube soon...)"

It's always great to hear ideas like these! Unfortunately, I'm awful at comic making, and flash making takes up most of my time. So if you want to make something out of it, it's up to you I'm afraid.

That's it for me today! Have a good week~!
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Thanks to Miles, computer-smart as he is, he managed to get back all my files without much problems. In the end, it was my SSD that became kill, so I had to get a new one of those. I've just today gotten pretty much everything sorted out and back on track again.

So the bus will still pick up you anal starved fans. At least, next year some time... Going to take my time with this project! I've got no idea how I made semen look so simple yet good in old projects like Zu Triple. I've been redrawing a cumshot several times already... My goal for this week should be to finish the damn cumscene.

Anyway, I found some ol' artwork of mine for ya to oogle at until next update.

Reptilian with Zu
Reptilian with Sixten

See ya all next sunday!
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My computer has somehow killed itself. I cannot even make it boot anything. It is very puzzling. Seems like both my harddrives became corrupt at the same time. It might be saveable, but it remains to see.

Anyway, since I can't access anything on it, have a screenshot from some of the most recent stuff from Butt Bus.
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Cute things. Takin' care of them was a lot more time consuming than I expected. And it was hard to leave them be, too! When I arrived I had to feed them with syringes of cat baby formula stuff. But when I left today, they all knew how to eat real cat food! They sure learn fast!

However, the flash I was going to do did not turn out as well. While I did not have a lot of trouble with it, it just turned out so extremely generic and boring that I couldn't finish it. In the end, it felt like it would please nobody. And I don't want to release or even continue working on something like that. I discussed it with Mittsies, and we both agreed on that our likes are too different for us to find even a middle ground. So I'm sorry to disappoint on this part, but I instead talked with another artist about a potential flash collab. I shall talk more about this in the future. As for now, I'll just continue workin' on the Butt Bus.

Have some fan art!
Lollo and Allena by Mitsuki, with a small backstory in the description!
Zu in a dress by Francyszz3!

I also recieved chapter 2 of Deal with a Devil. The story starring Sofi and Beleth, written by Pyreaus.
It links to Hentai-Foundry, so don't be scared.

And to answer NINJA MAC's question, I do not plan on getting a Patreon thingy unless I really need to get one. I'll be sending in a new form asking for moneys soon, so I'll know the answer in a few months. It would also help to actually have some flashes released before I get one. I doubt anybody would like to donate moneys when I've not had any flashes released in such a long time. Gyeh.

That's all for me today. I'm gonna go and get me some sleep now!
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Wow, I've had a really shitty week. It was raining almost constantly from monday to friday, which put me in a really laid back mood. I barely worked on anything. Then the news came that dad's cat who's had kittens was run over.
So now I'm at dad's. Gonna stay here for a week and help feed them since he starts working monday, thus he cannot. Now I'm in bed with a head ache. It's not nice.

To make up for this shit, I'm gonna make a quickie flash collaboration with Mittsies while I'm here. Since Butt Bus is a pretty large scale project, you're not gonna see it soon. I'm going to try to make a few short flashes in between, so that the wait isn't forever.

You might wonder about what happened to Nicole and the besped flash as well. Nicole flash is put on hold due to the guy I'm trading with being absent due to business. And besped's monitor apparently broke, so he can't work on his part of the trade. So I've got some real bad luck going on here.

But I do have one thing for you all. It's not made by me, though. It's made by Pyreaus, the creator of Beleth, who many of you seemed to take a liking to. It's the beginning of a story, featuring Beleth and Sofi in the main roles.

Chapter I
Since I can't upload documents, and I'm not at the liberty of using a second party to upload it at the moment, here it is at Hentai Foundry. You can watch him to get notified when the next chapter is out, if you wanna. I'm still gonna put it up in the news posts when they get done.

Let's hope he's not a lazy butt and gets typing on the next chapter. Dicks cannot wait long to stroke it to Sofi getting reamed by demonfutas.

If things go well, my collab flash with Mittsies might be done already by the next update.
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I started to work on Butt Bus animations a bit. So far, I managed to make the first loop of the thing, which was a bit more difficult than I expected. Maybe I'm a bit rusty. I'm pretty sure I could've made some better desicions while building it up, but it's too late now, haw haw. I'll get through it sooner or later. Most likely sooner, with all the stuff I've got planned for it...

Anyhow, here's a continuation of Bicycle Tentacles. While drawing it, I had this idea of an animated movie of this concept, haw haw. If it wasn't for everything else I have to do, I'd probably give it a shot. But eh.

Some wannabe gangster decided to puncture all the bike tires near the apartments I live in. Very mature. Now I've gotta walk everywhere. My poor body can't take all that exercise, so I've mostly been sitting at home bein' a tired sack. Worst. Worst style.

Well, I don't have much else to report today. I'll probably work away on some animation or such like usual. Summer's almost over here in Sweden. This year's been really, really bad for me. I don't like it one bit. I hope it'll change before it ends. Nights~.
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