This week I rediscovered just how many different projects I've got to work on, hoahoa. I went back and forth on all on them, it was a nice change of pace. Anyway, I managed to finish the boob stuff in GBlastman's flash, here's a little tease. Or whatever you'd like to call it.

I stayed up really late a few days ago to watch that thing, Video Game Awards, or something like that? I don't know why, I guess I was curios of what Nintendo was going to show? Always expecting the most unrealistic things, like EarthBound getting some kind of recognition or a remake, at least I got to enjoy Lindsey Stirling, awkward jokes and WOOOOOOOOO. While that was going on, I sketched something. This thing here.
I realize there's probably a hundred things looking odd with it, but I was pretty tired when I drew it. It started as an idea of Zara doing mean things to Sofi's butt, but I kind of expanded on it. I might clean it up and finish it some day. But it'll probably take a while, hoahoa.

I've barely touched my Smash Bros since I discovered just how much bullshit Classic mode is at higher difficulties. It's been a long time since I felt such anger towards a video game. It really manages to bring out the angry caveman in me with the constant random luck based outcomes and clusterfucks of input-reading CPUs who juggles you around or gets cheap KOs with items. And then they expect you to go through some shitty ass fortress with insta-KO lava shit along the walls.
It's just not fun. Instead, I've been playing Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It feels so much more generous in comparison. And that's not a good thing. Fuck.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. I have been asked about this Patreon thing that is popular amongst pornartists nowadays apparantly. Is this something that you, the fans, think would be something to look into? I'm not really sure why I should get it since I can't really offer anything that I'm not already showing on site, but some people really want me to get one.

Let me hear what you think about that until next sunday, ya?
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I wish I could say I've done a lot this week but...
Since I got Smash 4 Wii U, I've been playing it nonstop trying to clear those bullshit challanges. Very unfair. My body doesn't like that apparently, and I've had a slight headache for two days now. Hnf.

And yea, I said there would be a stream today, but Raz had to go and switch apartments or something this weekend, so he couldn't make it. I should have told you earlier but... I got distracted by Smash too much. Sorry bout that. I've been informed we may continue our Paper Mario Stream though, since our third man Haplo might show up on wednesday or thursday. Wouldn't that be something, eh? Maybe we can actually finish that shit. We ended on a game freeze on the moon last time, if I remember correctly. Hoahoa. Anyway, I hope that will happen. As for Metro, it'll have to wait...

Anyway, I got some fanarts n' stuff for you to look at meanwhile!
A gun wielding Sofi with robots, made by Daniel!

And I'm not sure what to classify this as, but it's a colored panel from that Zara comic I made.

Neat stuff, indeed~!

Now, I'm wondering if I should stay up all night and play some more smash or rest my poor brain. In any case, I'll have to get back to flash tomorrow as well. GBlastman trade n' stuff needs to be made.
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Edit: Raz says he'll be free on sunday. So expect Metro 2033 being streamed at that time!

I talked to Raz, and he said he'll be free a few days in the beginning of next week, but I'm not sure just when that'll be. He was supposed to tell me today, but I guess he fell asleep or something, 'cause he's not answering. I'll update this newspost with the date as soon as I know.

We've switched from twitch to this other streaming site called "Hitbox". It's got way less delay, so we can now actually reply to what people say in the chat. It's like 5 seconds or so instead of 30 seconds. Very good, it also seems to be more stable in general, so if you're interested in our streams, go watch or subscribe us over there at:
Don't miss out, yo!

Anyway! November 23rd was a certain somebody's birthday! Therefore, I sketched up this little birthday drawing for that person! I hope she's happy about that cake, because some special ingredients went into it. Hmhm.

I also scanned a picture of a batting Lollo, which I guess is quite humorous!

I also sketched up a new profile picture for our favorite pyromaniac Sofi!
Is it good? Is it bad? opinons please~!

You can also have this screenshot of GBlastMan's trade flash. I've really put a lot of hard work into it so far. I may have to cut out some of my original plans for this, because it takes forever to do all of this! It was supposed to go quick, but nyah! I'm not sure!

This week, it's back to the besped trade. Hopefully I'll make great progress on that one instead!

And I guess Smash Brothers Wii U comes out as well here in Sweden soon. From what I've seen, classic and All-Stars seem to be pretty disappointing. As well as the stages... Meh.
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Apparently they're caused by some scrap code or somethin' that fills shit up a lot faster than they should. I hope we can get rid of those now that we know what the problem is.

Anyway! I've got some arts for you today!

Sofi meets an old... Friend?
Zara has some fun with a new friend!
And Lollo teases a poor guy a bit.

I've also been trying to sketch up a new Sofi profile image, but it's a lot harder than I imagined! I hope to get it sketched out next week. And also to progress with writing as well.

I also got some fanarts today!
It's inspired by my Scary Porn Month flash! It was made by redriot over at Furaffinity! Thanks a lot~!
(I think Sofi chose a very unfortunate alias, since it's so easy to pair her up with animals because of it...)

I was also thinking of streaming this game called "Metro 2033". It was free for a while and I was forced to download it by a certain guy. Apparently it's some sort of horror game? Since I am the biggest wuss ever (I was afraid of Luigi's Mansion... And the people who watched me stream Resident Evil 4 should know too.) I'm going to try to get Raz over here and aid me in my quest if people are interested in seeing that. Please let me know~!
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So! It is that updatey time again! Today, I have some shit to show you all! And you will enjoy it, damnet.

First of all, two sketches of profile image designs:
Louise sketch
Sixten sketch
What cha think of em? I'm gonna give Sixten a bit of a redesign, since his role in the canon story will change quite a bit. I have been forced to alter many scenarios, sadly. I think Zu and Sixten wont end up together anymore...

And a sketch of a sticky, cummy Zu. I'm not sure what to do with it. Anybody got any ideas?
If not, that's OKay, I guess. I'll just scrap it.

And uhh, have an update on GBlastman's trade flash! Contains odd penetration, so be aware of that.

I also have a Halloween fanart thingy drawn by our favorite serbian Shrapnel! He sure has come a long way since the beginning.

Speaking of Shrapnel, he and his brother visited me in Sweden this summer, if you remember. We streamed some games while we could, and here's the highlights of those funtimes!

My personal favorite part is around the 17:00 mark. It's just so perfect. It's became my new catchphrase, I believe.

That's all for this week, next week it's back to the Besped trade. I hope it will go well! And I hope you'll fap and share your fantasies! Yes! Have a nice week~!
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Here's the flash.

Not much, but maybe something for a quickie!
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Man, October just flew by. At least for me. I suffered a bit from artistic depression for a while, so some days I didn't do much but sleep and watch movies. Or playing Smash. But it seems to be over now, so that's great! Hooray! I hope it stays this way, too.

Anyway, I stayed up late in the night to finish this little bonus thing for the Halloween contest: Salty Zara.
It was a long time since I made something in comic format. So this is pretty good, for me, I think! Now I just need to finish the ACTUAL thing in time. Haw haw. I got until friday, but I can always cheat and say "Well it isn't sunday yet..." in case I don't. Tee hee hee.

As for smashing, that went pretty well. I almost forgot, but a friend of mine reminded me. It was quite fun, though I made a complete fool of myself the first round hoahoa. So yeh, I'm gonna try to be on the same time every day for a short smash round this and maybe following weeks, depending on demand. The time is around 20:00. My timezone is GMT+2. So I'll hope to smash ya some!
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It's always nice to hear what you guys can come up with, porn-wise. I chose one of them and I started working on it now. If I wasn't such a slow, terrible person, I'd draw more of them. But anyway, I'll show it to you all at the end of Scary Porn Month, so hang in there. Oh, and Trick won by far. I'm sure Treat will be kind of salty for a while now.

For now, have some fan art!

A sad Sofi, drawn by Cinndrie. I like depressing art. Maybe because I can't pull such things off myself.

Another sprite Zu drawing again made by franciszz3. Of a sprite that never made it in to the game. Cut content, oooo~!

Chibi Lollo drawn by our favorite scapegoat Shrapnel!

Very impressive work guys, thanks to all of you!

As for this smash thing, it seems like I can never find a time where other people is online. We should decide on a time and date and get together and smash. Hopefully we can agree on something in the comments!

And yeah, sorry for being late with the update. I've been trying to fix my broken daily rythm, with very bad results. Egh. Anyway, it was fun to hear you all get together and discuss porn and I shall inform you all of my progress on sunday.
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Or something. I got most of my stuff sorted out now, so nothing should stop me from doing stuff no more.

Sorry I've not been on smash much either. I went on a few times, but I found nobody to fight with sadly.

Anyhow, I have this picture made along with a little bonus! Since it is Scary-Porn-Month and everything, I'll have a little "contest" or whatever you'd like to call it. Choose either "Trick" or "Treat" or both, pick out a costume for them, and then scribble down an interesting idea. Since it's too late to make something like a flash at this time, I'll at least make a colored picture out of it. Or a flashloop, if I feel like I can make it in time. Sounds good? Yes? No? Whatever, I'll go with it!

I believe that is all I had for this week, sadly. So I'll see you next week with the results of this contest-ish thing, ya? Byes~!
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After some more troubles, including a city-wide power outage and internet being kill for quite some time, I'm finally able to fix my damn computer. If everything goes well from now on, we might be able to stream more Paper Mario 2: The Crystal Dicks. I'm putting up a embedded window.

I absolutely can't into timezones, but we're expecting to start the stream around 21~22 Swedish time. Since we have to set up more than usual due to reinstallations, it might be more towards 22, but you never know! We might stream on thursday too, but I'm not sure about the time yet.

Also, I'm gonna add the rest of you who wrote in the friendcodes in the last newspost now. If anybody are still interested, write yours in the comments. As a reminder, my Friend Code is: 3394-4125-3811

I'll try to get online sometime soon. I've not looked into online play at all, so I'm not sure how it works. Knowing Nintendo, it's probably not possible to send messages, so it's probably just joining or creating rooms and hoping somebody joins.

I'm looking forward to see you all there!

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