Been a while, ye? Parts of the server broke down, and had to be replaced. And now they've been so! I don't know the full story, since I'm not involved with the hosting and whatnot, but ye. Apparently it's been mostly a economic problem for the server owner. But now is back up again! Hopefully forever now, hoahoa! These downtimes are really annoying.

I suppose I should try to type up some significant stuff that's been going on while site's been dead now. So in no particular order, here goes.

I guess the first thing on your minds are "RC where the fuck is the flash you piece of shit", so I'll start with that.

Flash goes OK! I've pretty much had a month and a half long hiatus from it due to getting to play Breath of the Wild and then shortly after traveling to Japan for two weeks. But I've now returned to flash making, which feels good. Not working on flash makes me feel bad :c
And since it's been a while, let me let you in on a few secrets or so that I've kept, but now feel are worth revealing. Gotta make up for all the downtime, eh?

I present to you, my WIP main menu of the project! It's pretty much going to be a 4 in 1 type flash!

Since there are now subnames to the flash, I can't really call it "ZZZZ" anymore, ye? I've tried to come up with a name for it, but... With little success. Anybody got any clever ideas? I'm open for suggestions!

Another thing I was about to post just before the site died was a update on that small Ellie contest. I instead posted the whole thing on furaffinity instead, where I didn't get much response, hoahoa. I'm just gonna copy-paste what I wrote there into here, so that you all can have a good look at it.

Hi ho, some of you might be aware of a flash I've been working for quite some time! (and willl continue to do for a further quite some time because I keep tacking things onto it)
I've showed off Ellie in her cow costume in her part of the flash which I've named Ellie's Equine Erotic Endeavours. This is actually a reskin of another unreleased flash I've made, which is why she might look a bit weird in some spots. But that's probably just me, she looks fine animated! And apart from coding and some tiny details, her part is finished. There's only oral in Ellie's part, which might be disappointing to some people. And since I'm already working on so many other things related to this flash, I didn't really want to add even more to it. But this is most likely the last time I'll do one of these farm flashes so I thought it'd be a shame to leave out Ellie getting buttfucked by a horse! Sofi and Zara has already been so, and Zu is about to be.

So I had the idea, if some fan could draw an Ellie in a position where she would be ready for some anal, I could trace it and animate it in!
I've already got a few drawings since I put up my offer on my site a while ago. But now the server is dead so it's down and nobody can read it, hoahoa.

Interested in drawing an Ellie? You'll get credit if I decide to use your drawing in the flash.

Instructions of how to succeed in doing an RC-freindly Ellie drawing below!

Obviously the most important part of wanting to see Ellie take horse dick up her butt, is knowing what she looks like! And if you're interested in that, you probably already know what she looks like. But still, might be a good idea to get a refresher.

Ellie Reference Naked
Ellie Reference Underwear
Ellie Reference Clothed

You'll have to draw her naked though!
I can maybe add costumes in afterwards, but that requires precise planning, or else it'll become all fucked up. So naked! Perhaps apart from the ribbon in her hair.

Good question. First off, let me show off some edited images I've prepared for this!

The flash without the background.
What should remain untouched.

Since I want this to be relatively easy to make, I've decided to reuse the horse assets, so the horse needs to stay in place. The horse's front legs can be moved around though. And of course, the whole Ellie needs to be redrawn. Any position is fine, really. But if it is too weird or complex, I might turn it down for being too difficult to animate well.

Simply drawing an image is quite difference from drawing an image that is going to be used as a base for animation. So here are some of the most important things to keep in mind while doing so.

1. Make sure Ellie's torso can be moved easily towards and away from horsedick. If Ellie is too far away from the horse, it may lead to some probems when going for deep penetration and such things. I can animate the horse and Ellie's arms and legs moving as well, but since I want to keep it simple, I want to avoid doing too much of it. But this is mainly a problem if Ellie is going to be on her back or something; unless she's on a swing it can be difficult making the horse reach all the way! Like, don't have her arms completely outstretched in neutral position, that'll make it difficult to move her back without having to move her arms to rest on something else.

2. Try to keep Ellie's face visible. Facial expressions are sort of important, ya? Try to make her face to be in such a position that it can be always visible. I want to avoid her face being in profile, at least if she's facing away from the horse. I'd also suggesting giving her a fitting facial expression. Not too happy with the situation.

3. Keep limbs, boobs and hair in relatively simple positions. For limbs, it can be difficult to make them animate well if they're in odd positions. This is pretty difficult to predict though, since even I've ran into problems with my own drawings, hoahoa. Boobs, try to keep them away from being squished or being lead into a non-natural resting state. It's easier to animate them like that! Same with hair!

4. It is fine to add additional objects that Ellie can rest on or is restricted by. So don't be afraid of drawing in a table or a rope or something if you need to!

5. Giving a good view of the belly can be pretty important if things like cuminflations or dickbulges are to be animated in! Keep this in mind if you'd like this to be a thing.

6. Maintain my artstyle, if possible. Use the same colors, facial features and somewhat round and simple style for the body. If it is too different or detailed, chances are that I can't redraw it in vectors!
As a side note, I'll probably make some changes while redrawing it, for one reason or another. This almost always happens when I trace off of my own drawings too, so it is nothing to worry about.

7. I almost forgot, but try to keep the resolution the same. If I have to resize and shiet it can result in wonkyness when redrawing in vectors. Things wont match up and whatnot. So keep it 1600 x 900!

Uh, well, I suppose somewhere I can get the fullres image. A reply to this or a PM if you're shy or want to show a sketch and hear my thought is fine.
I'll probably leave a comment stating my opinion and thoughts about the drawing wherever you post it!

Well... I'd like to have one, but I really don't. I consider there to be a long time left before I can get back to Ellie.
The deadline is around the same time I feel I'm getting close to finishing the other parts of the flash. So I'll simply notify you by a journal message or something similiar when that happens. But it'll be a while. Months most likely. This year? Maybe not. You've got plenty of time, even if you're reading this after three months have passed!

Aside from me removing the submissions that wont work for whatever reason, I'll pick out the ones I think are most fit and/or interesting and make a poll or something.
If there are enough submission that is! I hope there will be at least!

(dat is empossible)
for several reasons, but the most important one is that it is unnecessarily complex and it'll look completely awful and you should feel ashamed to suggest such a thing.

And that's probably it. Got more questions? I'll answer those in the comments as well.


I'll probably post this up on Hentai Foundry as well... Maybe. Just to get some outside attention as well, perhaps.

So what have I been up to while I was gone? Well... Like I said, mostly Zelda and that trip to Japan.
I posted a few images to my Twitter, so go check that if you're interested in some fun photos of me and my friends and whatever else I thought was interesting. Have this picture of my bookshelf right now, though!


Ellie's bio have been updated further!
Read all about big tittied doctor!!

And I've made more Character Profile Images as well!
Lemme post 'em for ya.

Bad End Zu, if Simon woulda gotten his dirty claws on Zu!

Sixten Swimming Trunks
Sixten Fishing Clothes
Sixten's last outfits!

And now, for some side characters of interest! I haven't made all of them yet, but most!
Simon, who's mostly known for bullying Zu through school. He's now pretty obsessed with making Zu his submissive little bitch. So it's going to be troublesome for the catgirls if he ever returns to Granköping.

Matilda, the head maid of Zu. She's not too happy about having to order around a sometimes unfocused and playhappy Zu, so naturally Zu fears her!

Felix, who's a resident of the mansion! Zu really, really likes his body. She's a sucker for cute boys and big strong hunks, and with how flaunty Felix acts, Zu has a hard time taking her eyes off of him. A change of panties might needed if she watches him for too long!

Lotta, Felix's younger sister! She aims to be a writer, and enjoys Zu's company due to how unique her ideas can be sometimes! She also lends out paper to Zu that she can draw on, but doesn't go outside that much!

Johanna, Zu's long lost sister! Or something! Since they were separated a long time ago, and Zu had her named changed (originally named Therese Nilsson) the search for Zu has been a difficult one! Not that she's had much time since she's still studying... But some day, they'll be reunited for sure!

Hampus, Sixten's younger brother! He's, unlike Sixten, extrovert and eccentric! He wants to be popular with the girls, but tries way too hard! Zara rid him of his virginity, making Sixten very jealous!

That's all of them for now! I'll add them to the character gallery soon with a longer blurb about them!

Time for some arts! I've actually drawn a whole bunch of more drawings, but I'm waiting for collaborators to color them! But if they take too long I suppose I'll have to post the sketches themselves! Anyway, drawings!

Mixed Foursome
Zara Birthday Comic
Birthday Party at Work
Punished Girl
Aisha Does Ellie
Monday Morning
Small and Big
Easter Revenge
Too Much of a Good Thing
Buttfucked Sisters
This last one isn't a drawing, but it's the best thing I've found in nature ever:
Creampied Ass Mountain

And then, some fan art too!

Cactus Hands
Classic Style Sofi
Leprechaun Zu
Zu and Aisha Comic

Thanks to all three of ya!

And the very last thing I have to share (I think) are two short clipshows of weird things that occured while I've been playing games. Because I'm sure you're all interested in that!

TF2 stupid things

PAYDAY2 stupid things


Well, that's all I have to say for now. I hope you've not missed me too much, hoahoa! I'll have to get used to writing updates again, mama. I'll see you around then!
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Finally, I've got a working demo of the main part of ZZZZ. My initial reaction was "wow this sucks", so I definitely have to rework a lot of the animations. If you're curious as to why I think it sucks, it's simple. General movement is too stiff, a bit too fast and moves too little. Loads of stuff are also coded and/or not animated properly. So re-animating things and making many fixes will be my next step with that. This is why I haven't started working on Zeta yet; Zu's my test object. I'm glad I didn't work blindly on this. So many things to fix, haw haw haw... :C

But it'll have to wait a little! I've been making some good progress with the Ellie reskin, reanimating her boobs, hair and some other details. There's a small explosion of splooge at the end of the flash, and that's what I plan on reanimating next. I've started adding outlines to semen now, it actually makes it easier to animate rather than using none.

That right there is a little preview of Zu's butt being creampied, just to give you an idea of what to expect, I guess.

I've also had to add the horse's head in the animation, since the original used different dimensions and it wouldn't show. But now it is necessary! And I'm not used to drawing horse heads at all, but this is my attempt. Looks kinda dead when there are no animations to it, but eh. We'll see how it turns out. It's seldom fully in frame anyway, but that's more additional animations to make!

I'm also going to have to start looking for a voiceactress for Ellie. And think about what sort of sounds I need... Bluh. Lots of choking n' coughing n' stuff, I suppose.
Anybody know any willing girls? Or maybe you are one yourself? I've only asked friends... And I don't know that many girls. Even less with decent recording equipment!

I've also recieved a bunch of Ellie sketches for the bonus anal scene. Some of them will work, others sadly wouldn't. It's great to see there's an interest in making it happen though! I'll accept new sketches and wont decide on which to use until I'm getting ready to start working on it, so feel free to keep trying if you want to. I'm going to be quite busy with the main scene for quite a while, so there's lots of time left. When I've decided which to use, I'm going to post a picture of the results, so you'll all know when it's no longer necessary to send them in. Not that I think that I'll get sketches in a few months when I actually get to it, hoahoa.

Let's not forget about those costumes I promised to make for Sixten, either. His costumes was so quick to make. No curves, skirts or other flimsy material... Feels refreshing, hoahoa. Managed to make two in just a few hours!
Sixten's Working Clothes
Sixten's Sailor Costume (To match with Zu's!)

Hope this update put some light on what goes into making this flash. And that it was somewhat interesting!
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I can't wait to start animating this beauty!

Hoahoa, but naw, I am just joking. I'm glad to hear that there's interest in making an Ellie for horse anal sex.
I'm tediously working away at reanimating her boobs, which is pretty boring. I'm going to need some really good sound books to get through this...

Anyway, a thing I made for the Conscientious Objector thingy in TF2: "She sees your dick."

But that's nothing compared to the stuff Cinndrie made! Look at this!
The Rear Guard™ (Blue BG)
The Rear Guard™ (White BG)
A Rear Guard in 3D! It's close to becoming a reality!
I'mma buy me a 3D printer and start selling merchandise, hoahoahao.

That's all I had for today.
There's no near deadline for any Ellie drawings, if you want to give it a shot. I'll probably say stop when I recieve one that fits the bill the best. I'm not going to finish the flash in a while, so ya, plenty time!
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I'm glad you all like the new Ellie preview I showed. It's nice to hear your impressions and suggestions and wishes. But you people going "Hey can you pls animate this????" need to read the written text, not just look at the pictures.

Since the flash is "finished", I don't have to do much else than to re-animate a few parts to fit Ellie more. This will take some time still, I've gotten halfway redrawing lips and tongue at this point only. Parts like hair and breasts need to be reanimated or have additional parts added. I've tinkered with some other stuff as well, to make it fit the new dimensions better.
I also need to find some girl to choke on mic and record it, hoahoa.

But I've looked at your wishes and expectations, and while some of your ideas sounds nice on paper, I'm not sure if I can make it work if I add them. I'm considering adding optional suction cups for milking maybe, or perhaps a very suggestive cow costume.

If you want me to add buttsex, then I must make completely new animations! I'm not sure if I want to go through all that trouble, since the rest of the flash is already going to take some time to finish. This will just add more to the pile and will drag out on the process even longer. So if you want the extra scene with Ellie getting creamed in the ass as well, then you'll also have to do some work, me thinks.

Make a base of Ellie for me to trace and animate in. Of course, it needs to be a presentable Ellie, so it can't be some shoddy MSPaint stuff, hoahoa. If anybody is up for the task and gives me something that I feel I can work with, then I shall do my best to make an additional scene.

There are only a few rules to follow.
1. Try to keep Ellie's body proportions as close to the original as possible.
Ellie looks like this!

2. You must use the template below.
Template image! (Original image for size reference)
The horse's frontleg positions can be changed to match whatever you draw up.
Additional objects like a table or something can be included for either Ellie and/or the horse to rest on.

3. Try to keep the pose and drawing animation friendly.
It's rather easy to make the mistake that just because something looks good, it'll be good for animation.
You've got to keep in mind that the horse needs to be able to reach Ellie's rear quarters, while also being able to relax in the idle stance without touching her.
The same goes for Ellie! She needs to be mobile enough to move towards and away from the horse without adding too much complex movements.

Succeed with these instructions, and I'll fill Ellie's tummy with enough horsejizz that it bulges out n' stuff.
Sounds fair, ya?

Other than this, I've been starting to sketch up some side characters to color as well. It'll probably take a lot of saturdays before they're all done.

And I've also fanart from Cinndrie!
Saleswoman Zara
I'm not so sure she should be wearing something that fancy, though, hoahaohao.

With that, I'm off for today!
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It's sunday today, better write an update or something aaaaaa

I changed the blood on the knife for Mikaela. Is it any better now?
Bloody Mikaela

Other than that, what have I accomplished this week? Hmm.
Well, I started to work on a tiny flash collab project. I want it done before february is over. I'll start working on it full time starting tomorrow. It'll be a change of pace, hopefully it'll do me good.

And, uh... Remember that besped flash I was talking about a long time ago? That one that I was never able to show off, n' stuff? Well... I began to reskin it and rework it to be a part of the ZZZZ flash. As some sort of easter egg, I suppose. Haven't heard from besped in over a year, so to not waste the work I put into it, this is what I've decided to do. Of course, it's going to have to go through a lot of extra work to make it fit the changes I've done.

I made this today and I feel like showing it off:

Pretty obvious what it's going to be. If not, it's going to be Ellie saying "om nom nom horse cock". eh heh.

oh dear, look at the time, i should probably go to bed now
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How's the new year treating ya? Recently, there's been a lot of snow and cold over at my place, which I find very cosy. If I wasn't such an asspie, I would take a walk or two.

Anyway, I've been working on finishing up some character stuff while waiting for coding men to be availible. I was told he was going to be free after tomorrow, so I am hopeful that I'll be back on the flash stuffs soon. Feels sorta nice to take a break from that sometimes, to be honest.

So first thing I did was to redraw all those Sixten profile images. I lost them all in the harddrive death, so I had to trace 'em back up. A few miniscule changes were made, but nothing drastic. Only major thing I did was to change the color of his pants. Here are the results:
Sixten Nude
Sixten Undies
Sixten Clothed
Gotta figure out some costumes for him to wear as well! Some obvious ones would be working clothes and like a sailor outfit or something. Perhaps a pair of swimming trunks, since all the girls got swimsuits, hoahao. And when I'm done with Sixten, then... I can start designing and coloring all the side characters. Yay? I bet nobody is interested in that, but I'm gonna do it anyway, 'cause I'm interested in it!!

And I've also touched up Mikaela a bit. And finished all of her costumes!
Psycho Girl Nude
Psycho Girl Clothed
Psycho Girl Bloody
Psycho Girl Zara
Psycho Girl Zu
Psycho Girl Zoo
Psycho Girl Ellie
Psycho Girl Sixten
Psycho Girl Lollo
I ain't a 100% sure about the blood. It's at times like these I feel like my colorblindness is a huge setback; I can't tell if something looks passable or completely awful. Eugh. I'm hoping some of you can tell me what to do with it. If it is really bad, I can just remove all of it.

And I've gotten Sofi's bio proofread and finetuned as well, so shake it out!
Sofi's little cute butt bio

As a little bonus, I added two new info rows: "Linguistic Quirk" and "Top Kinks" for all the main characters. Neat, ya?

I was also feeling a bit creative lately and wanted to try to make some gingerbread butts again. It was harder than I expected, but at least they were done, even if some got burnt.
Peppercookie Butts
Peppercookie Characters
I made a huge Zu butt of dough, but it melted in the oven, sadly. I was real proud of making that butt though, it looked great. Didn't take a photo of it, 'cause I' m stupid. Shoulda done it in clay or something instead. But yeye, I had fun at least.

Since I was forgetful last week, I forgot to post this piece of fan art on the site. But now here it is! A Zara's head that came out of some drawing practice my friend Squid was doin'.

Now I think that was all I had for today, so I'm going to bed for now!
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I hope you all had a neat New Year's. I had fun myself! Resulted in the further fuckings of my sleep rhythm though.

Anyway like I promised last year, here's that set of drawings I told you about!

It's a set of Sofi doing a crossover with PAYDAY2! Hooray, right?
Sofi's Solo Heist
Sofi's Solo Heist - Taser
Sofi's Solo Heist - Cloaker
Sofi's Solo Heist - Bulldozer
Sofi's Solo Heist - Captain Winters

It was fun and challenging to draw more realistic styled things. I avoided to draw any guns though, because... I'm just bad at that kinda stuff. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

There's also this thingy:
Sofi the Fannypack Shareware Version

Because Sofi can never get enough dick attention, it seems.

And since I had very few ideas of what to do with Zu's further costumes regarding her profile images, take this bonus thingy instead!
Delicious Brown Zu
Would fuck, ya? I know ya would!

And I finished up Ellie's costumes finally!
Ellie in winter clothes

That means I've only got Sixten and Psycho Girl to finish up! Hooray, I'm almost done with these, after who knows how long...

I also recieved a Sixten doodle from a Cadabra!
Very rare to get Sixten fanarts! So it is nice to see some once in a while! This one reminds me of Jerry Seinfeld though, something with the face... Just reminds me of that.

But alright. Let's talk about 2016. The first half seemed to just disappear from me. I was in some sort of depression state. Made a single short flash. Then I started up Zu & Zeta's Zoological Zone. I wanted it to be a short project, but it turned out to taking a whole lot longer than I expected. Mostly because I thought a simple thing was actually THE most complicated thing. Or at least, tediuos thing. I also got a fling of inspiration and wanted to make easter eggs for the flash! I got so inspired that I actually made the whole easter egg part BEFORE the main event.

And just when I finished it, my harddrive died. Everything on it was lost. But luckily, I had put that easter egg part in my dropbox for coding purposes, so it made it through unscathed. Incredible luck, for once. If I had lost all of that... I don't think I'd ever want to make anything else ever again. Is enough to make me shudder.

The things I did lost within the main project was just a little bit of basic animation and a new pose for Zu, which I had taken a lot of screenshots of. It was just for me to trace it back up again. I've made quite some progress on it since then, but I hit a point where I just wasn't sure if things looked good enough in motion; I need coding to check if the thing actually animates well. Continuing before I know that would be quite terrible if it turned out I needed to reanimate stuff in the middle of all the progress.

It was at that point that I noticed that it is very difficult to get ahold of people who know to code things in AS3! Since the beginning of december I've been waiting for my main coder to become free enough from school to be able to do some coding for me. So all I can do is wait at this point, and make like... Improvements to side stuff or work on other projects. That's how the ZZZZ situation is like.

And then we've got Butt Bus. A flash I've talked a lot about, ya? Well, since I've decided to made the jump from game-style to movie-style a lot of details have changed. Most noteable is that I plan on using characters from people who've supported and made fan art or similiar things for me. The second thing is that I'll be able to use a lot of more creativity with it! I plan on giving each character a cameo fucking Zara, either solo or with others, depending on what kind of character they are. I've also written up a little script for this... I think I might be overdoing it again, but I guess I'll have to be more efficient on making each scene simple but impactful. And if it turns out to be too much, I'll have to try cut things out and rework parts.

But I need to finish ZZZZ before I start with that! Which will PROBABLY take quite a while at this pace. I hope the time it takes will make it so that it's a good flash, though...

And to further pad out my workpace, I want to make a little collab flash with a certain person for a certain holiday. Using a character that's seldom seen in flashes. Just to get something out in the near future... But we'll see how that goes!

Other things to mention... Remember how I asked about music for ZZZZ? Only one of the four or so people offering their musical talents actually went through with their offer. The one track I got is really good though! So if there's anybody else up for the task, do tell me so! I need at least one more track for the flash, since I want a different track from the easter egg part and the main part.

I can't think of anything else of value to say right now. So I hope this puts some light on what's been going on during last quarter of 2016. And yea I know I'm one day late with the update, but I was really tired yesterday.

So for now, have a jolly time! I'mma go and... Do stuff, I guess.
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I'm late as usual. Gyeh. I'm sorry, but my christmas gift was getting only 2 hours of sleep thanks to my neighbour, who felt like he had to share his shitty taste in music with everybody in the morning. So here I am, with a sleep schedule even more fucked up than usual!!

Anyway, I hope you guys had a better christmas than my mediocre one. I've got some drawing for ya, but that's pretty much all I can share for now. Until 2017, there's not going to be much activity from my side, sadly.

Sofi the Fannypack
The fan favorite demon Beleth is back, and is as usual terrorizing Sofi with her huge dick.

Santa is Going to be Late
Another fan favorite (I think?) is the group of classic buff reindeer having some fun with Zu. And here they are, pushing the limits.

Princess Tentacle Buttsex
My part of an art trade, altough I've not received my part yet!

Hungry for Cockoa
A drawing for a friend, in which Zu is in her maid dress, teasing him with her butt.

Looks like the next update will be on the first of 2017! When that update comes around, I suppose I'll have to try and post my goals for 2017. And what I thought of 2016 in full detail. 2016 was a rather meh year. Dates don't really matter much to me, but hey, it's fun to pretend and follow traditions, yay. At least when they're harmless.

I might finish a little set of drawings before the year ends though. You'll still have to wait until next year til you can see it! haw haw haw haw haw haw haw!
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Just a little less than a week left. This December sure has gone by fast, while I've done surprisingly little. Or at least it feels like so. But it is the time of the year when I spend a lot more time with friends and family, so I guess it's only natural.

OK, so time to show off some stuffs I've managed to make for today!
Starting off with Ellie in her swimsuit!

I just realized I mostly made drawings for collaborations this week... But I got a few things to show at least!
Aisha Does Zu 1
Aisha Does Zu 2
Aisha Does Zu 3
Ya, that's right, it's some fanart for Jeremy, for drawing such a large amount of fanarts for me! I do enjoy the lighthearted and straightforward tone of his work.

Speaking of which, I received another fanart from him, too!
Sofi Got Caught!
Thanks once again!

I have to show off this book I got to enjoy this weekend as well! It was very interesting, and very funny too. If you're an EarthBound fan, I highly recommend buying this.

Also, who hype for Last Theorem of Chocolate Parfait?
I already preordered a copy, myself!!

I've been really tired today. I don't know how I could keep myself awake until this late. But it is finally time for bed, hooray!
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I've been quite occupied with things this week, but I can't exactly recall what I've done, for some reason. The only noteworthy thing I did was go to a show! I saw a swedish comedian, Johan Glans, on his World Tour show. Gotta say, I really enjoyed it. He keeps his jokes around himself, rather than joking about others. That's kinda unique, not many other comedians do that. Haw haw!

Anyway, time to talk about things you guys actually care about! I've reached my first "What the fuck do I do now?" moment in the ZZZZ flash, so that must mean I've made some progress on it, right? There's only a thousand things left to do now. But in any case, I still need some code to see if the shit actually works as I intend it to. Gotta wait for somebody to become free so they can code that stuff up. In the meantime, I'll continue doing other stuff like facial expressions and other various things that also need to be done. And do some drawings.

I've already got two other arts collabs in the work, one with Magmamork who did that one Sexecutioner piece and one with DefiniteSin who made that other fan art piece! So you'll have that to look forward to. Can't say when any of 'em will be finished though. I must try to draw some more stuff as well, since my drawing list has been ignored for some time now... And I want to draw some sort of christmas themed drawings, too.

But if you want flash, I actually received a fan flash! That's rare!
Zu's Rear Guard, made by neonmonkey! Check out his other stuff on HentaiFoundry as well!

And I also got a very nice looking Zu in sprite format! Gotta press the "download" button to see the image in full quiality; for some reason the site creates a downscaled shitty jpg preview image.
Zu Kat Pixel Art, made by Schmidkalkan.

You'd think I have nothing to show myself this week... But I do!! Because I forgot about this last week!!!!!
A fine-tuned Zara bio, including some new parts to fit in with some of the new information about Ellie!! Also, I shortened it down a bit and changed a few things regarding her childhood. Made it sounds more plausible than before, I hope. Let me know what you think, ya?
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