Lollo Ghost
Lollo Ghost Nude
Lollo Ghost Underwear
Lollo Nude
Lollo Underwear
Lollo Winter Clothes
Lollo Clothes

Lollo sure got a lot of variations, huh? The three first are obviously her ghost form.
The other four are when she was alive, during the 1920s. The winter clothes is what she was wearing when she decided to go out hiking for the last time, and the last picture is what she'd be wearing normally.
She's married, though... So I guess I shoulda added a ring on her finger. Perhaps I'll go back and do that...
Anyway, after the ring, I'm going to see if I can touch up Sixten and make a Psycho Girl. Psycho Girl was actually supposed to be the first, but due to complications she's now the last. Kind of sad.

I also drew some this week.
Demonic Threesome
This is getting kind of out of hand, don't you think?

Where am I?
I bet waking up like this would be really frightening!

HM. I just noticed I've been wearing my T-shirt inside out all day. How annoying.
I've also been fighting some really bad, what should I call them, depressions? This week. I wake up and have no will do to anything sometimes. And I don't know what I should do to make it stop happen. If there is anything at all in my current state of life. Meh. I'll just have to sharpen up somehow.

Eh, I'm going to try and see if that twitter thing worked. If I shout at that thing, then ya don't need to sit here and F5 for the sundaily updates. If anybody ever does that. I'm not sure how it works tho, so we'll see how successful it is. When I'm writing this I've got 34 followers. That's way more than I expected.

Oh, and if you missed it, here's the link to it:
I should probably put it on the home page. I'll do that... Later, some time. I'm too sleepy now.
Anyway, let's see how it goes!
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After the domain problem was solved, we had some bad luck with the server instead. No idea why it took so long to get it back up... Probably lack of communication. Bleh.

Anyway, I think I did manage to fix up Ellie's profile picture to the end of the day. I also realize I forgot to show the changes I made to Zu and Zoo, so have a look at all of them now!

Zu Nude
Zu Underwear
Zu Clothed

Zoo Nude
Zoo Underwear
Zoo Underwear 2
Zoo Clothed

Ellie Nude
Ellie Underwear
Ellie Clothed

So far, I think Ellie has the most significant changes. It's almost unbelieveable how much fast it was to make this compared to last time. I say it a lot, but I really do think this new way of coloring stuff is so much better. Should I try to explain how to, or is it an uninteresting topic?

Next, I shall try to finish Louise and after her, I have to touch up Sixten some. He's a really troublesome boy...
Speaking of those two, they've continued their possession adventures!
Possessed 2!

And ye, since the site was down most of the week, perhaps ya missed the update I wrote in the few hours the site was up between the domain trouble and the server trouble, but I managed to get in an update there! So go and look at that if ya want, I uploaded some images in it.

Also, I'm not quite sure about this, but I got the site a twitter account. I have no idea of how to use it, or any interest of using it at all for communication or whatever, but I thought it might be a good thing to post updates on incase the site goes down and shit. It might also be a good for announcing when streams are about to start and flashes about to be released, so uh... Follow it, I guess? Or don't, it depends on how much you're interested. I and Raz definately want to start to stream soon, so if ya don't want to miss us live, it should be good for that. Hopefully, this will go well.

So ye, I'm gonna go do some stuff and then go to bed. Nightsies to all of ya!
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Apparently it had something to do with the domainregisters. Had to wait for support stuff, but now we're alive again.

The Halloween flash was well recieved... I guess?
Most commentors are confused about how to get the good ending. It was fun at the beginning, but when 75% of them was that it became a bit annoying, haw haw. Some even asked me personally on skype. Worst! I've recieved many requests of more boybutts since I released it too, so I assume they're related. Do I have to draw Sixten getting it up the butt again?! Rudolf's Revenge wasn't enough?! Well, I guess you want more if you see something you like. It's natural. I'll draw some Sixten bein' buttfukt some day.

The days after the Halloween flash was a mess. I woke up and felt like I had no reason to get out of bed. I've become the saddest man when the only reason I have to get up is to work on flash stuff. Like I said, I'll try to update my Character Profile Images and then start working on Butt Bus again.

Speaking of which, here's an old scrapped scene that was supposed to be in Butt Bus. I touched it up and gave it some new context, though. Now nobody needs to know! Except that I just told ya'll.

I went back to try to make some adjustments to Ellie's original profile sketch in an old sketchblock, that's why I decided to finish that one up. Another unfinished sketch I found and finished is this: You might remember it. I remember being asked to put it in the gallery since it was hard to find it in the news archive. Well now it is, and it is done as well.

I hope to have Ellie done by the weekend, but hers is in the most need of touching up, so we'll see.
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Zu's all dressed up and ready to go!

And here's the flash that was promised! Without sound, but I didn't want to wait for them. Might've taken forever.
Rock Candy [Redheads in the Dark]

Have fun with it, it's a bit different from normal stuff. Dunno if you can call my stuff normal to begin with...
It was kinda fun to work on it.

Anyway, before I go back to work on the Butt Bus project, I'm going to take some time to finish and update my character profile images. Once they're all done, I'll get back to regular flash making. The Zu up there is a bonus costume, which I plan on doing more of on saturdays after I'm done with all of 'em.

Hope you have a good spookday! I might go and watch some scary movie myself.

Edit: to answer sum questions on the last post;
The Pharoah:
Have you ever considered making money off of your work?

Nah, I'm not really into it. It would be nice, I guess, but I'm not the best with money stuff. Actually I'm awful with it. I thought about putting up a patreon with only donation stuff, but I keep postponing it because I don't want that stuff.
The sad thing is that flashes is pretty much the only thing I do with my time. Flashes and sleeping are two things that I spend most time on... I think.

So do you plan on releasing the flash on Sunday or tomorrow for Halloween itself?

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What's so spooky about the update?
I'll let ya take a look for yerselves!

Haffy brfday!
What a mess!!
Demanding Ellie!
The Volunteer

Them frontbutts sure are spooky! I made them with Guodzilla in mind, who's been writing Ellie and Zu Get Lost for a very long time! The final chapter(s) have sadly been delayed due to personal business, but I still think he deserves a bunch o' stuff for keeping at it for so long! And since he likes frontbutts more than regular butts, this is how it turned oooout!

I now have a craving of drawing some really good buttsmut with that butt of hers, though...

There's also this, which I drew today!
Witches n' Demons
It's... Beleth and Sofi, big surprise, eh?

And I also recieved a colored piece of my own art!
Miles and Zara Colored!
I think the guy who made it is called "Lost", but I'm unsure. Anyhow, very thanks!

As for what most of ya are probably wondering about, how's the Halloween flash doing?!
Well, I've finished all artsy stuff at this point. Now I just gotta get my butt together and find me some sounds and music and voices before it is too late! And, also hope that Mittsies doesn't kill himself. Ye, he's on the codan part this time. Apparently he didn't like how I built it. Seemed logical to me, but I'm no coder so...

In any case, it'll probably be done by Halloween. If I can't get all the sounds I need in time, I think I'll just go with it being soundless. We'll see how it goes.

Good nights everybody!
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And I'm at the point where I've pretty much finished all the animations in the flash! Now all the scripty stuff starts!
Getting ahold of SFX and voices starts now as well!

I still don't want to give away much, so there's not much to say...
Since I've worked on the flash most of the week, I don't have much to say in general!

I did finish another sketch, though!
Gotta get them spooky art ideas out when you're doing October stuff!

Hm. I really can't think of much else.
The reason today's update is late is because I stayed up entertaining Raz while he waited for his night train to the airport. He's going to Japan for two weeks and a little more.
That's all... I think.
Yeah, that's it.
I'll say, the flash I'm doing is a bit gimmicky, though.
Good night to ya!
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Server acted up again, apparently. Should be OK now.

Phew, the Halloween flash seems to come along pretty gut. I'm not really comfortable with doing this style of animation, so progress has been slower than I wanted to. Yet, it's still come long way.
I need to look into voicing and sounds soon, but I have a bad habit of ignoring that until I finish all the art and animation. Heh.

Well, I did sketch some things up during the week, but I only finished one thing, namely this:
Zu's made a mistake. Will ya help her or take advantage of her? I'm curious!

I've also recieved some neat fanarts this time around!
An amazing Ghost Sofi made by Cinndrie!
There's also a Cum version, for some reason.
Quick reminder that ya have to press "Download" on the picture page to view the full version of the image. The preview version doesn't do it any justice, I noticed. I've been trying to get that stuff looked at, but not been successful in making aybody care.

I also recieved a neat Dickgirl Zu sketch from katsugan at FA. It's nice to see sum of dat action too!

And for those of ya who likes the lesbo kinda stuff, I've recieved two fanfictions from the same author, Kattlarv, covering some of that action. I know I don't like it, so reading them was kinda erk, haw haw. But they're still good, so shake 'em out if you're interested!

First one's "More Than a Mouthful", which is Sofi getting what she deserves, apparently!

Second one's "Thorough Swabbing at the Bar", which covers Zara toying around with some new friends.

Since it is Halloween times soon, I've been pondering about what would be my characters' worst fears.
So far I've only come up with one good thing, which is for Zu. I think what would completely destroy her would be neutering the poor girl. I'm not sure if she would recover from that.

Thinking about it too much makes me a bit depressed myself. I better go sleep it off.
See ya next sunday!
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I really can't tell very well. I have a schedule where I do flash work during the week, character profile images on saturdays and whatever I feel like on sundays. So throwing that away for the Halloween flash really messed with my head. That cannot be good. Anyhow, the flash itself is going to be a sequel to a previous Halloween flash I did. I don't know if I should reveal what it is, or keep it a secret til it's finished.

I have to say, starting up work on a new flash is always a weird experience. I've been working good with Butt Bus for quite some time, but then I drew the assets for the Halloween flash and I just sat there for a while, not knowing where to begin. I swear this happens every time I start a new project, it's like ya forget how to make flash every time you start.

Last week I actually had a drawing to show, but I forgot. I blame it on being tired and hungry.
Here it is: Buttbang Brothers!

And I finished a little something very text heavy for this update too:
Zara & Miles 2: Computer Trouble

I hope they are to yer likings.
I actually wanted to work more on Lollo's profile images, since it was surprisingly fun. But it'll have to wait, sadly... I look back at Zu's profile picture and see things I want to improve there as well. This is starting to get ridicolous. I've not even had much progress on the bios either, since my assistence man has become busy as an article-writer! That's good for him and such, but it really cripples progress for me, haw haw.

I've been sitting here now for a moment, as it feels like there was something else I wanted to type out. But I just can't remember what it was. Well, whatever.

Newspost end.
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I should eat after this update.

Let me show you what I accomplished this weekend!
Louise's Profile Image Version 1
Louise's Profile Image Version 2
Louise's Profile Image Version 3

Because Lollo is like she is, I'm gonna have to make a few more reference pictures of her. Huff. I still think these came out really great though. She's been in a dire need of reference pictures.

I've also found fanart of Zu with the Rear Guard!
Well, actually, I didn't find it, it was a friend of mine. Neonmonkey apparently made this in April this year, but I didn't see it til recently. She's lookin' real cute, especially with the Rear Guard up her butt!

I've made great progress on the cumscene I showed a preview of a few updates ago, and it's looking real gut if I say so myself!

And since October is coming around soon, I want to ask you all something. Should I try to make a Halloween flash this year? Or would you rather want me to continue working on the Butt Bus? I've got a solid idea of what to do with a Halloween flash, but I don't know if I can make it in a month. Please let me know as quick as possible, 'cause I'll begin work on October 1st if so.

While I was walking outside today, a guy came up to me and said "Only the devil whistles at night." What's that supposed to mean!?

I feel like I really shouldn't had waited so long to update, I'm starting to lose focus. Eh.
I'll look forward to your replies tomorrow morning. Gut nights!
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Many different opinions and advice were posted, but one thing stuck out within all of it: Ravenxeo. Please stop, your comments feel almost white knight-ish.

Other than that, it seems most people like the weekly updates and want me to try to write more to them. Some say I should separate personal and work updates, but I feel that's just not going to hold up. It's kind of pointless. There's just going to be more news posts with less content.

Thanks for the feedback and comments. I took all of 'em to heart, but I don't really know how to express myself. It's hard to know what the fanbase expects sometimes, except for flashes.
it felt weird typing out expect and except so close to each other

Now for the actual updatey part of the news post!

I finished Zara's new profile images!
Zara nude
Zara underwear
Zara clothed
Whatcha think? Not bad, eh? I think it looks great this time around, it really brings out the character. Don't tell me ya don't want to stick your dicks in that! I love how her tits came out!

Speaking of which, Zara's tits is what I'm currently working on in Butt Bus. It is extremely fiddly to make tit movement the way I decided to make the tits. The boob itself and the nipple is OK to work with, but the somewhat gradient colors on the areolas are troublesome. I need to match that shit up with each new frame. Adding shading to it is also a troublesome process, but since I've found a new, very efficient way of coloring things, the time is almost cut down by half. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, it would have made so many other things a lot easier.

But ye, I want to make the tits move more in Butt Bus. The faster options are gonna have some great tit-bouncing action when I get there!

You might remember that I said I was hyped for Mario Maker. I've not really sat down with it a lot yet, but I did make one thing I'm sort of proud of, if anybody is interested in playing it. I based it on the first town in EarthBound.

"A trip through Onett"

Not sure if any of ya here is interested in things like these, but still! Give it a go if ya have the game!

Next week I've been called to have a meeting with the social security people. I wonder what they have to say... Something good, I hope.

I'm gonna have me some toast before I snuggle down into bed.
By the way, I dreamt some kid pooped his pants in my house today. I threw him out and told him to get cleaned up, but he shot himself in the head instead. Then his parents came looking for him. I remember feeling no empathy if the kid decided to off himself rather than getting rid of his poopy pants.
Sorry if I bonerkill'd somebody, but I just had to share this bizarre memory.

Have a good night, all of ya!
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