The baby thing is getting better and better, soon we'll probably have a few examples to show off. I'm currently awaiting some hair color palettes (I'm colorblind) and once I've got those implemented I can start applying them to the various dicks. I really hope I get some replies from voice people soon, because I'm starting to lose my mind over here.

I had a crazy dream last week, and I sketched up something that appeared in it; Twin Dick Orin.

I have been doing a bunch of sketching last week and I will continue to do so this week as well. I drew a lot of bonus for the commission I'm doing, and I'm working on getting through all of that.

Mmh, well, looks that's all I had for today. Feels bad.
Posted 16th of October 2023 - 12:55 by | 9 comments.
This little silly competition we had is done, and I've posted all of the submissions here in the fan art channel! But I'll show you the first, second and third places here!

First Place: hime's Team Yulia!
Won $100 and a 30 second animation & audio recording of Yulia.

Second Place: Bibimission's Yulia in Stockholm!
Won $75 and a 20 second audio recording of Yulia.

Third Place: Vandoom's Dominatrix Yulia!
Won $50 and a 10 second audio recording of Yulia.

If you want to read Yulia's comments and ratings on each picture, check out this Yulia Art Competition Final Results Document we made!

The full size of the rest of the submissions (and some bonuses) you can find below:
Oni Garth's "Stool-Breaking Yulia"
invader_8757's "Size Queen Yulia"
Avv's "I want Yulia to kiss me and hug me guh"
v0x_Ai's "Officer Yulia"
S.H.I.D.O's "Delinquent Yulia"
Dinodile's "Strong Yulia"
Dippin's "Yulia"
JustTaylor's "Beach Yulia"
S.H.I.D.O's Bonus Submission 1
S.H.I.D.O's Bonus Submission 2
S.H.I.D.O's Bonus Submission 3
All of the submissions were great, and I and Yulia had a great time experiencing and discussing them all!
Maybe we'll do something like this in the future again.

We've also been blessed with more fan art from Fran-Chan!
Zara Pile Driver Position
Lollo's Supernatural Boobjob
The latter is even animated, gotta make sure you see it!

Finally, we've been blessed with seeing Lollo's Supernatural Boobjob in action.

I've also been slaving away at finishing up drawings. I really overdid it with the current commission I'm working on and did some bonus stuff as well. Here's three of the bonus drawings, I'm saving the rest until I've finished them all.
Chen Ass
Chen Ass Penetration
Chen Ass Plapping
I couldn't help myself.

In game related news, Fallow has made improvements to the editor and now it should actually work properly. I'm gonna have a reaaaal fun time typing in numbers now. A lot of numbers. A whole lot. Wahoo.
Still no reply from the VA's I contacted either. I'm not sure if I should hold out just a bit longer or start looking for someone else again. This stuff is pretty frustrating.
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I was hoping to have the results of the Yulia art contest we held during September, but Yulia got delayed so it'll have to wait til later. That's why I'm late today. Once we've got the results, I'll post the submissions we got!

Spent the week doing a lot of sketching. I did a lot but I felt like I didn't get anywhere! I still have parts left of the commission on hand to draw, but if I can sketch those up soon I can get to cleaning them up and it'll feel like I actually make progress.

Fallow made the improvements to the editor that I asked for, so I'll possibly also have some WIP screenshots of the baby stuff soon. I gotta add in a bunch of colors and palettes... Not my strong suit, since I'm super colorblind, but I've asked some people to help me out with that. Hope the results look good in game. It will be really interesting to see how it will turn out.

I recieved a couple of surprise fan arts this weekend, from Fran-chan!
Thick Sofi and Building a Snowman! Cute stuff!

Oh ye, I also finished some drawings.
The Golden Ticket, a beginning of yet another story line.
Easy to Misinterpret, Zu doesn't always know what her ideas might look like in the eyes of others.

And, I updated some bios and summaries to be up to date.
Did a lot of tweaking on Lollo; especially on the latter part of her backstory. Read it here if you are interested.

Elias Summary
Simon Summary
Lotta Summary
Felix Summary
Matilda Summary
Hampus Summary
Malin Summary
Mikaela Summary
Johanna Summary
Sixten Summary
Ellie Summary
Sofi Summary
Zu Summary
Zara and Lollo are coming, I got an error trying to upload those for some reason.

Mm, and I think that was all I got for today. Hope to have some good stuff to show off on sunday, along with the Yulia submissions.
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I have now finished all of the baby assets, which means I now have to set how likely it will be for each one to show up on each girl and for each dick type and skin. Something which will take... a lot of effort. I'm hoping Fallow will make some improvements I suggested to the editor to speed up the process by a whole lot. Gotta wait til next weekend for that though. Until then, I'll have to find something else to do. And there's plenty, I just gotta pick. The baby calculator itself is working though; but it's not yet in a presentable state. I gotta apply skin tone, eye and hair colors first, right now they're all the same template color I used.

I'm still awaiting confirmation from the stand-in VA, which is slightly worrisome, but I guess I can't do much else but to wait.

I also don't think I remembered to mention last week, but now all the Rock n' Raz episodes (1 to 18) are all on my NewGrounds Page, subbed and everything! The reception has been quite mixed there, but that's to be expected.

Now I should probably do some drawing, I need to catch up on that again.
Posted 25th of September 2023 - 04:16 by | 16 comments.
Been working on making new poses and animations for the results screen. Zu & Jo are both done, gonna finish up Sofi this week. The other two can wait until later.
Here's what they look like now:

Once I'm done with these, I can actually move on to finish all those baby assets so I can show an example of what the results screen would look like in full.

I also have some fan art to show today! Does it count as fan art if it is commissioned...? Well, either way, got some good stuff today!

A little something I commissioned from K3MaMi, came with a lot of alts! Check out her art, it's very cute and colorful!
Babysitter Zu - Clean Version
Babysitter Zu - Sweat Version
Babysitter Zu - Graffiti Version
Babysitter Zu - Cum Version
Babysitter Zu - Sweat & Graffiti Version
Babysitter Zu - Sweat & Cum Version
Babysitter Zu - Graffiti & Cum
Babysitter Zu - Sweat, Graffiti & Cum Version
Babysitter Zu - Happy Version
Babysitter Zu - Happy Sweat Version
Babysitter Zu - Happy Graffiti Version
Babysitter Zu - Happy Cum Version
Babysitter Zu - Happy Sweat, Graffiti & Cum Version
Came out really nice, I like 'em a lot!

Got a really funny piece from rollaby, too! Based on the profile pic I use on Discord;
Thumb Up Lollo

I'll leave you with that for now, I got a bunch of stuff to get to today!
Posted 18th of September 2023 - 05:14 by | 12 comments.
I have finally found a temporary solution for Rock n' Raz. I've made subtitles for all of them and have planned for them to be on NewGrounds shortly. Until new comes out, that's how it will have to be. The upload limit on NewGrounds is 2 per day, so I'll have to release them in pairs over a week. I've scheduled them to automatically publish, so I hope that works out. I wonder what reaction they'll get from the crowd over there.

You can visit my NewGrounds account here: Rock Candy on NewGrounds

The VA I contacted says she's recovering from sickness right now, but will contact me once she's feeling better again. I'll have to hurry and finish all the baby assets in time for that.

So that's what I'm gonna get to now!
Posted 11th of September 2023 - 05:51 by | 2 comments.
I've found a good stand-in for Dorn, I'm just awaiting confirmation. I'm really hype for that. If I can get 'em soon, I'll put the baby stuff on hold and focus on getting the main game stuff ready for an update ASAP. All this waiting has been weighing me down.

Well, I've been doing some drawing too. I want to get through my commission list as well, next time I make one, I shouldn't take on as many things at once probably. Oh well.

Scotty & Ellie Makes Babies, For ScottyKat!
A Cat Character, drawn for HentaiCore!

So ye, until I hear back from the VA, I'll do more drawing and baby related assets. The next commission will have a bunch of Ran & Chen stuff, so look forward to that.
Posted 3rd of September 2023 - 17:15 by | 10 comments.
Hey, short update once again! Been doing a bit of this and that, trying to make progress on a little bit of everything.

Here we have the final part of the parasite set.
Parasite Finale, now they're stuck in a wall...
It's been so rainy and humid, my papers have turned difficult to draw on. I hope it doesn't show too much, but it really held me back on this drawing in particular.

Been rushing forward with the baby results screen, at least I only need to do Zu, Jo and Sofi for now. Still gotta do facial animations for all of 'em, but hopefully that won't be too painful! I still haven't finished all the baby assets yet, either...

Getting the results screen into something solid also isn't as easy as you'd think... So many things to consider and design! I'm working it out as I go!
Posted 28th of August 2023 - 06:55 by | 5 comments.
Sorry for the late update, I just had a couple of extremely shitty days in a row and I was both tired, angry and frustrated. I won't bother you with the details.

I finally, finally finished this comic I've been talking about. It's conception started about a year ago, if not more... And it's hardly even recogniseable from that original script. It's changed a lot! I'm just happy to be done with it at this point.
Zu's Butt Examination 2
I'm sure there'll be further followups to it.

So, some updates on the game!
I've recieved some more voice updates for Sofi, which I'll be getting to at some point this or next week. She's gonna sound way more livelier!

Begun work on results screen for babies and such.

Hired a guy to do these, but it didn't come through, so I gotta do it myself... Why is it always like this? I hoped to save some time, but no such luck.

Waiting to hear from VAs I've contacted about being stand-ins for Jo. There are a few potential good ones, I hope they get back to me soon.

Getting that comic outta the way is one step to getting caught up on my huge backlog, so I'm feeling slightly lighter.
We'll see what comes up next.
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I forgot to mention last week, but I was away during the weekend, and just came back yesterday. That's the last of my summer activities done, so now I can get back into things again fully. It's been fun, but I feel bad for letting so many things pile up... There are so many different things to get through, I barely even know where to start.

I gotta keep this update short, because I'm pretty exhausted.

Only thing I got for show is this piece of an art trade I got from HentaiCore. I've yet to make my part yet, but it'll come... Eventually.
Ellie Skewered

I've already started sketching on that comic that's been delayed for like over a year, so... Maybe we'll see that soon.
Gonna go through the game more and weed out what's fixed and what needs fixing. Gotta make new assets for the baby function.
Also been getting into contact with a few VAs to see if anyone can do some stand-in work for Jo's VA. I've got a few positive replies, so I just gotta get 'em to record some test lines to see if they can imitate her well for the new voice lines. I'm very excited.

But ya, I'll write again on sunday!
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