If we want a stand in for Jo, we need someone who can match her energy and voice! It's a very unique voice, sort of raspy, and I've yet to find anyone that doesn't use the generic anime-ish voice for almost everything. It would be best to have someone who can match her energy and voice, so if you know of anyone who sounds similar or could do a similar type of voice, send them my way or give me their name or info so I can listen to their demo or contact them.

Another thing, if any musician is around; I'm looking to hire someone to make music, jingles and such for my projects. Most people that I've gotten into contact with just disappear for whatever reasons. Even if they've created a track or two. It's weird. Well, if you are a musician, or know someone who is, that is interested in doing commissions, let me know! Discord or twitter DMs work best, I suppose. You can find links to both on the home page.

Myself, I've been basically been doing Rock n' Raz 18 the entire week. I was just gonna do a little, but I got so engrossed in it that I'll probably just marathon it til it's done. It's always refreshing to do something different for a while.
Once that's done, I'll be trying to finish up the baby stuff for HHHW. I hired a guy to do the art for that, but that didn't really work out so... Gotta do it myself. Was hoping to speed it up, but that rarely works out, huh?
Posted 24th of July 2023 - 01:44 by | 33 comments.
Bet you missed me.

Been doing some thinking while I was away. I haven't gotten any word from the VA for a while again, so I'm thinking I'll give it another month or so, and I don't get a reply by then, I shall find someone else to record the missing lines in her place. And depending on how it goes after that, perhaps I'm looking at a complete replacement. It's unfortunate if I have to resort to that, because I really liked Jo's voice as is.

Meanwhile, I and Fallow have been working on various things. The baby stuff, of course. I think Fallow is trying to make the game work on Android, but from what I understood, it's been difficult.

Well, that's all I've got for now. Gotta get back into it again now, so perhaps expect something more meaty next update.
Posted 17th of July 2023 - 01:32 by | 12 comments.
I've been hard focusing on these baby assets the last week. I'm reaching some sort of point where they'll be done in short already. Still gotta make graphics and such for the presentation, and I'm not yet sure how that's gonna look! Something I'll have to think about.

Other than that, I didn't really do much else. I finished up a couple of drawings, though. The last two parts of that Sixten related thing.
Flirtatious Foursome
Finishing Fertilizations

The next weekend and week I'll be busy, so don't expect an update then. So I'll be seeing you next in two weeks or so!
Posted 3rd of July 2023 - 03:02 by | 3 comments.
I started to work on the next feature for HHHW, the baby results screen. After impregnation, you'll have the option to skip 9 months into the future and see what kind of baby you get. I gotta make enough assets so that it's unlikely that you can get the same looking baby mutliple times, and piece them altogether so that nothing clips and such. That way players can share babies made and such! Maybe you could also save your favorite babies in a gallery or something.

Anyway, I have a drawing for you all today, something very unique.
Hyper DP, not often I draw stuff like this.

My HDD had some issue where it corrupted some of my files very recently. Lucky our project files are in the cloud, because they were fine on Fallow's end. I've bought a new drive so I've migrated a lot of files to that one now. Hopefully nothing important that wasn't in the cloud got affected.

We're still doing small improvements to the game. Many that still need tweaking, so I'll wait with showing 'em off for now. Well I guess there's one thing; flies now change size as they buzz about, making them look less flat. Hard to tell from a still pic, perhaps, but it looks very good in motion. We've also added flies in Sofi's part now too!
Posted 26th of June 2023 - 03:27 by | 24 comments.
My harddrive is doing some spooky stuff, semi-corrupting some files and stuff. I've ordered a new one so that I can migrate all of my files ASAP. I hope nothing irreplacable have gone corrupted, but I have a back up of most stuff. But there's always gonna be some stuff that's in between backups.

I've been in a slump these last weeks, 'cause of slow rate of people I've hired to deliver various stuff. Been coping by starting up work on the next Rock n' Raz. But I'm also considering just starting to work on the extra feature I wanted for HHHW myself instead, since the rest of Jo's clips are taking their time. Might as well, ye?

I and Fallow have been working on making improvements to both Sofi's and Zu&Jo's parts. Rebalancing the whole mood progress and orgasm rate thing in Sofi, I've also ordered some new sounds for her. The new voice lines I received a while ago are on a whole different level than the current pack, so I'll have those replaced to match them. So along with some new improved voice stuff, I'm also including a visual indicator for when Sofi is approaching orgasm.

Here's the title card for the new Rock n' Raz episode, if you're interested:
Posted 19th of June 2023 - 03:49 by | 6 comments.
I got caught up in making something I wanted to do for a while, so I'm a bit late. I wanted to post this yesterday, but well... Too late now. What I made is... Well, an extended ending for Rock n' Raz 9. When I was making it, I couldn't find a voice clip I wanted to use, so the ending was quite abrupt because of the joked I planned to end on had to be cut. But I recently found it, so I went back and added it back in. Here's the result, why don't you let me know what you think? If you even remember how the previous version ended...

Since the youtube guys are massive pansies, I've uploaded the extended ending to MEGA for the time being, until I can find a better solution.
Rock n' Raz 9 Extended Ending

I also was working on some drawings, but one of them I had so much trouble with it kinda threw me off course quite badly. I just wound up working on a bunch of whatever instead. Mostly video editing and some stuff like that... I really should get back to it though. I just kinda lost motivation there for a while. At least the first part turned out decent.
Fight for the Father, a Sixten centric drawing for once. It's gonna have three parts, but I got stuck on the second one. Blegh.

That would've been it for today's update, if it wasn't for nice birthday arts I got!
Birthday Cake, by Cii!
Maid Cake Zu, by destutreka!
Thanks guys, always lovely to see some Zu!
Posted 12th of June 2023 - 16:38 by | 13 comments.
Hey all! Got a bit of a mixed bag of stuff today to show. Let's start off with the simple stuff, just a drawing.

Parasite Proliferation, yet another parasite follow up!

Next up, quite a bunch of fan art!

First one is a commission I got from OverSleeperGirl!
Zu DP'd

The next two are some neat Zu sketches from metal pipe.
Big Zu
Small Zu

And the next couple are from TheGreatAvv, who drew Sofi in his fav avv costume.
Sofi Refuses the Avvcore Bikini
Sofi Accepts the Avvocre Bikini
Sofi Accepts the Avvocre Bikini (Shaved Alt)

Thanks to all of ya! Great stuff!

And now, for some features we've been working on for HHHW. There's so many small things we've done that I can't remember them all, but here are some major new features being worked on or that have been finished:

An achievement list!

It'll show requirements or hints, what you unlock and also explain some game mechanics.
The text needs to be split up so that the title is more easily distinguished from the description. It's a WIP, so there'll probably be further changes down the line.

Slappable belly!

You can now smack your progress around this way and that way. Surprisingly satisfying.

And something I can't really show, but we've got the option to use a female voice for the human cock now. And even on some special animal dicks!

Now Lollo is joining in on the fun, it seems!

Ya, most of these improvements have come out of the delay of the voice deliveries... So you could say that the bad brought some good with it?

Wow, next week is my birthday. It's already june? Time sure flies.
Hopefully I'll get the remaining Jo voices soon, 'cause I'm sure the update we're working on will make the game even more fun than before!
Posted 5th of June 2023 - 06:42 by | 24 comments.
A feature that's been requested by deaf fans, is subtitles. We're getting 'em to work, but I gotta type in and/or copy paste each one in manually! There are sometimes deviations from script to voiced line, so I gotta make sure I catch each! Here's what it looks like currently. Don't mind the placeholder graphics and such. I'll be able to change font and color of the text later, so we'll see how good it'll look after I've gotten all of 'em in there.

We're also working on making achievements more worthwhile, adding a bunch of bonus features and customization in the process. Otherwise new players might get overwhelmed by all of the things we've added. Along those also comes the much requested achievement requirement hint list, so you're not in the dark of what to do unlock the more out there ones.

Here's also a comic page I finished up!
Zu, Orc Masturbator Aid, a pretty fun idea, if I do say so myself.
I've got another comic page to do after this, so maybe I'll have that done in a week or two.

I'm all done with Zelda now, so things will return to normal again!
Posted 28th of May 2023 - 18:08 by | 10 comments.
Tears of the Kingdom released a while ago, and I've basically been playing that since. I just became so engrossed in it.

Project is still moving forward though, we're making progress with the coding and Jo's VA is finally sent me some voice clips. She'll be doing them in batches for now, so I still have to wait for the rest, but I'm happy that I got some!

I probably should have something more to say, but I'm kinda tired, so I forgot what that would be. Well, I'll be sure to remember for the next update.
Posted 22nd of May 2023 - 20:01 by | 2 comments.
Hello again, another shortie today. Working on the main animation for Zara, while trying to keep Sofi and Zu&Jo stuff up to date, so there's not a whole lot in terms of progress I can really show. But here are some progress screenshots nonetheless!

Wings, while somewhat unreliable, are mostly functioning as intended! It just takes a while for them to get into position properly, if you put some on immediately, they'll be pointing in completely off directions. I wonder if there's any way to prevent this from being seen.
Here's a little bumblebee Sofi.

I'm about to make the penetration animation for Zara! It's gonna be fun to see how one could improve both the penetration and the different speed options. Not to mention the cumscene.

I got a bunch of stuff to control check, so I'll see ya again next week.
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