The weather is getting warmer and brighter, and it is getting very pleasant outside! And I barely remember what I've been doing this last week. That can't be good. Think I had a bit of an art block or something, perhaps. I can tell by my unfinished sketches in my sketchblock that I haven't really made anything I'm happy with.

I think I've spent the rest of the time worrying and helping Mittsies out with the coding if I can. He's saying that the project is almost finished, but also far from it at the same time. There's a lot of trial and error with the coding he tells me. As per usual, I've made something really complicated without knowing it. But he's making progress and that's great. We just don't know when it's actually going to be fully functional yet. The base is there, we just have to... Make sure it's all working correctly.

I had no idea it would turn out like this, so I'm sorry if I've made you all disappointed. I'm still pretty excited myself. I'll try to see if I can find anyone to code together a demo or beta of the Ellie part of the flash. Might've even found a voiceactress for her! And like I said last week, I'm trying to work out how to make the remaining animations of Sofi's part look as good as I've managed to before I took my break from it. Sure isn't easy, so I'm happy there's only like one or two main animations left. There's still a lot of detail work to do, like semen, facial expressions and what not, so don't go round thinking that Sofi's part will be done in the near future. I'll try to keep you updated, though. Perhaps I'll even consider doing a little stream of me working on it, if there's enough interest.

Before I leave for tonight, I've got this drawing to share with you. It's something I made for someone who really like to brutally abuse Zu with cock. My version might be a bit tame, though... I'm not really good at the hardcore stuff. Neither do I think I should've tried out such an advanced perspective.

See ya next week!
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Though I have to say, there are a lot of ignorant people out there. I wrote in the description that it's a reskin with some additional features, and you complain that it is what I claimed it was! Other than that, there's been mixed opinions, but the majority seems to look at it positively! So that's neat.

I and Mittsies have begun coding the Lollo flash now too, so it might not be too long until we can get that up and running. I've tried to make Lollo really emotive, so there's a lot eye and mouth animations that need to work across many different stages. Turns out that's been really tricky to code together, hoahoa.

I've also started up work on the farm project again, if I didn't already tell you so. Sofi's part. It's nice to be back, but damn, I've forgotten where I was and how to put a few things together! I'll figure it out though.

Take a drawing before I head off to bed:
Dickgirl Schoolgirls, requested on the discord server.

Good night for now, and I hope I'll be bringing another flash release to us soon!
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It's out now!

Mittsies is a bit behind on his schedule, and such he hasn't been able to work on the Lollo flash yet. But, I've managed to get a playable beta of Zara's scene from the horse project to work! Availible for those $20 patrons right now!! I'll upload the beta here on sometime during the week. Tuesday sounds good enough to me. Think you can wait that far? I'm not even sure if it'll even work, but we'll see.

Other than all of this, have I accomplished anything this week...? Not really, it seems. Just a bunch of sketching and working on that Zu collab thing I showed off earlier.

But I've gotten some fan art from Guillotine Gorilla!
Zu Wants Baby!

I gotta go to bed, I'm going to some sort of meeting thingy tomorrow. Check back on tuesday, and I'll have that flash thing up and ready!
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I'm getting close to collecting the last things I need before the Lollo flash can be coded and completed. All that's left right now, is voiceclips from one dude, who hopefully can do his stuff tonight! Mittsies has said he'll try to code my project beginning tomorrow, if his schedule is on track! So I feel we're getting very near wrapping things up. Finally.

I've got a bunch o' drawings finished this week. Take a look, will ya?

Zu's New Job 1 - Follow up to that Zu Job Interview comic I made.
Zu's New Job 2 - Follw up of the follow up.
Axel Buttfuck - Some gay request thing I made for a guy on the discord.
Splatzoo - It's her birthday today, but this wasn't made for that. But maybe we can pretend it is?
Annual Anal - Zara keeps running into trouble each easter with M'bah the chocolate bunny.

So ya, if the planets align, we might get a flash next weekend. For real, this time. Oh boy.
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Like I promised, here's a new Rock n' Raz! The longest one so far, 3 minutes.
I also forgot one of the Yo!'s in the video, if you're watching that. There's actually 7 of them, not 6. So the full list is in the flash, but not the video.
Rock n' Raz 8 flash link.

Today I've also got a bunch of Sofi stuff to show off. Let's start with this:

An attempt by me to do something completely frame by frame. Not my strongest side, and the thick outlines I use don't work in my favor exactly. But I still wanted to try. Perhaps you'll find the finished thing in the Lollo flash!

And here are some requests I finished up:
Taming the Zoo
Further Zoo Taming
The Winning Loser

That they're all Sofi stuff is probably just a coincidence.

Well, it doesn't seem likely that the flash is going to be done this month. Mittsies is now focusing on his own projects, so I'm not sure when he'll be able to work on mine. If anyone out there is experienced in Actioscripting and want to earn some cash possibly, do contact me. The sooner I can have this wrapped up, the better.
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I put off writing a news post because I was extremely tired last sunday, then I forgot about it or procastinated it.
There's not a lot to say anyway. Mittsies started so small on it, but lost steam on it, so I'm not sure when he'll pick it back up. It'd be neat to have another guy who knew actionscript who isn't as busy with Mittsies around. With my new patreon money, I could even throw some cash at him.

I put my sadness of not being able to get this done on time into making a new Rock n' Raz. It'll probably be done by sunday.
I keep getting new ideas to add to the Lollo flash too, in form of bonus animations, though I'm not sure if it wise to act on these impulses. It's very tempting. But I think I'll just focus on finishing up drawings for now. I've got a bunch of sketches I've neglected to finish for some time now.

Also working on a little comic with story and actions decided via requests on my discord server.
Here's what we got so far:

Well, I'll probably see you on sunday with some finished drawings and a new Rock n' Raz. Until then!
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It's been up and down with these voicers for the missing voicelines. I've got two people on it, so whoever delivers first I'll use. We're using some placeholder audio until then. It feels great to have the coding started though. I have no idea how long it'll take, Mittsies is hating me as usual because I always make such complicated, tedious or weird functions, hoahoa. But it's moving forwards again, hooray! I'll have to throw together some sort of main menu, man do I suck at those!

Here's something else for that Zu flash perhaps. Something anyone never ever asks for, a Zu titjob!

Pretty cool, isn't it?

And here's a drawing I managed to finish up!
I should really finish up more drawings, but I'm not feeling it right now. Blegh. I've been really frustrated about the voice thing lately.

But we'll see, hopefully it'll solve itself during the week. Soon! Soon we'll see the release of Spectacular Spectrophilia!
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Not counting coding that is. All I need now is those last damn voice people to get their stuff recorded, then I can slap those in there and get it ready for coding and release. Grah. They still won't reply.

Anyway, here's a little screenshot of one of the last parts I made in this project!

I'm not sure what I should spend my time on while I wait. It's either make a silly trailer for the flash, make another Rock n' Raz or draw or make some other misc stuff I should do. Can't decide.

Anyway, have a WIP of a flash collab in progress. It's gonna be a short but sweet thing!

Meryiel, my collaborator, hasn't worked in flash before, so we shall see how it turns out! It's Zu getting dicked, so it can't be bad.

Well, I'm just hoping I get a reply from my voice people soon. I'm really excited for what people will think of my flash.
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Man, did february just fly by. Only two characters remain unvoiced, and I'm still waiting for the voice actors to record their lines. They've said they're going to get 'em done soon though, so they better. One was in the middle of moving, and the other was very self-critical of their effort when I asked.

I even recorded new lines and moans for Lollo during the week, replacing some of the old stuff and adding some completely new stuff. They'll be included in some minor additional features that'll make the thing a bit more fun to play through. I also was able to give better directions for the moaning this time around, since I've had a lot of time to think about how I want it. So that's always something positive. Now I have something to do with the project again, so I'm happy.

Before that, I gathered a bunch of game footage of me and my friends playing various games and either coming across glitches or saying stupid things, resulting in this hours long video:

You'll probably want to know swedish to want to watch it though. But I thought I'd throw it up here anyway, since it's still something I made. And I got to try out video editing. Sure wasn't easy to do the simple things I wanted to do...

Anyway, I still believe I'll get those last voicelines soon. Until then, I'll do some more lipsyncing.
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Recordings are starting to drop in, finally, though I'm still lacking a few. But I'm getting closer, at least, and that's always positive. I've got two characters left that needs voice, and I'm just waiting for them to deliver at this point, so there's none that is empty, at least.

I'm not sure what happened this week. Things sort of... happened. I managed to squeeze out one drawing, but this long wait is starting to get to me. I need to work on something flash related again soon.

Zara's Love Coupons, a Valentine's thingy from Zara!

Expect more drawings from me next week at least. I've got a couple of requests I've been wanting to draw.
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