Huff, flash progress has come to a halt lately. Can't get ahold of Lollo's voiceactress, and many of the others still haven't delivered their lines yet either. Doing facial expressions is pretty much the only thing left to do, so I can't really do anything but wait until I get all of the voicework. That plus, I've mostly been playing Odyssey since it came out. Gotta take the opportunity and play it as much as I can while waiting, hoahoa!

Anyway, I've gotten myself an image editing software now, so here are some drawings for ya'll!

Night Shaft, request made for Moist Nugget over at discord.
Zu's Halloween Costume 2017.
Witch Dressup Escalation. Seems Zu's broom was magic. Off to have an orgy with the devil and his demon, as per witch tradition.
Demon Witch Orgy. Yum!

That's all I've got to say today really. Most of my thoughts surround Mario Odyssey right now, so excuse the short update. Hope you have an enjoyable Halloween n' stuff.
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Would've had a better chance if it wasn't for my computer shitting itself constantly. But now I have switched out the motherboard, and things seem to run smoothly. I'm positive that I should not have any more problems now.

Flash wise, I'm mostly behind in the sound department. Haven't managed to get some music, and I lack some voicetalents for some characters. Mittsies is going to be busy, so the coding will probably be delayed by some time. I've still got a bunch of animation, transitions and menu stuff to finish.

I wanted this to be a short thing, but I just couldn't keep myself from adding more stuff to it so that it wouldn't turn out a disappointment due to lack of content. Hope you can bear with me for a little longer. I'm trying to make this worthwile.

Does anyone with musical talent want to make a little remix for the Lollo flash? I've got a MIDI laying around of Lollo's theme and I'm not in need of anything super fancy... Just some spookish beats.

I've got some fanart to show though. I'd show some art I did myself, but I have not installed any image editing programs yet, since I had to format my computer. I'll get to that later.

Anyway, the fanart!
The Most Evil Craeture on Earth made by LeatherIceCream.
Shake it! and Bullied? by Gary Oak.
Thanks much! Always appreciate fanart!

I'm off to bed. The coming week should see the completion of major animations. From there on, facial expressions and background stuff. Woop.
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And I think I'm doing decent, progress wise. At least with the animations. But my computer has started to act up again, which is frustrating. Doesn't matter what I do to it, it always finds a way to fuck itself up. If I can't get it up and running again soon, I'll have to try to work on my tired old laptop. Bothersome.

Anyway, I'm glad most of you like the photos of the Zara cosplay. I actually asked her if she was willing to do nudes when I saw all the comments. She said she would if she was paid 3000 dollars.
So I added that as the final goal on my patreon!! I'm not sure if it would be awkward or fun to reach that goal, I can't really imagine myself as the photographer in a nude shoot.

But yeah, I did change some stuff up on my patreon otherwise too. Added new goals and rewards and made the worst banner ever.

Check it out if you're interested.

I'm going to head to bed for now. I've done some voice cutting today, and I just remembered I have to record sound effects too! Well, I suppose I have to learn to how make gelatin so I can fist it a little. Hyork.
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Pretty fun stuff! Now if only my camera wasn't so mediocre, I coulda snapped a lot more better pictures, hohaohao.

Well, I'm still trying to make the Lollo flash ready by Halloween, so I'm busy doing that. But I managed to squeeze out a quick loop while waiting for coding and whatnot.

Buttfucked Ellie Loop

At least the wait towards Mario Odyssey doesn't seem too bad when I need to put all of my focus on this flash, haw haw...
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Getting close to finishing up the cumscene for the Lollo flash. I always seem to wind up with things taking their sweet time. I've yet to animate any facial expressions though... But I need to get me some voice clips before I can get to that. Need to get me some music as well. Hmm.

Well, anyway, I'm making progress. I've had a hard time doing things that isn't the flash project, so I don't have much to show today. I'll probably have little to show until the end of october. (if I manage to finish it by then, but I'll work hard to try make it!!)

But until then, have this awesome sprite art Schmidkalkan made of Zu!
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I have now bought a new processor. I don't dare installing it myself, since I am extremely prone to breaking anything technical I touch, so I'm going to wait for Raz to come over and do it. But as soon as I don't do anything taxing, I can keep my computer alive. I've even managed to make progress with my Lollo flash. I'm in the middle of doing a cumscene. Whoop. My favorite part! (not really)

Might as well show off some of the sprite stuff I made for the new Zu in Project X: Love Potion Disaster.

Zu from the front. Ain't she cute?

Lollo and her Zu clone. With a nice dong to go along with it.

Before I go, I have some fanart to show as well!

First one by Absented Tangent:
Sofi as Ashley
Sofi as Ashley (Red Hair Version)

Secondly, a commission I had made:
Sister Gangbang

And thirdly, a piece of fanart from a cool person on our discord server!
Zu & Claire Clothes Swap

I'm going to try to have the Lollo flash done by Halloween. That sounds like a fitting release, me thinks.
Let's watch how it takes until summer until it is actually done, hyork.
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It seems that my computer is going back to being wonky. After getting a few bluescreens and it making some rather strange noises, I don't want to turn it on again until somebody who knows their stuff can take a look at it.

So I've spent half of the week on my laptop instead. Working on some side projects, like starting up the new Zu sprites for Project X: Love Potion Disaster. Mmm.

I really hope I don't have to go and buy replacements for even more computer parts. I might survive another formatting, but bleh. It worked fine before I moved, so this is really weird.

I was hoping I could make the Lollo flash a Halloween release, but with things as they are, I'm not sure if that's possible. Depends on how quickly I can get the computer fixed, I guess. Nyeh.
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Welcome to another sunday night! Have a screenshot again!

While working on it, I noticed that the assets had been resized. So I enlarged them so they're their original size, this image shows how large the characters are for real. In doing so I had to make a completely new background. Which I decided would be Lollo's house, instead of some cavern like in the original.

I've also made 7 different skins for the flash. I plan on having different voices for each! There are a few dudes and a few dickgirls from friends of mine! That way you can choose a favorite, hoahoa. Gonna start doing the blowjob animation tomorrow!

Other than that, I've got some fanart to show today!
First, two from Absented Tangent!
Ellie Paizuri
Ellie and Tentacles
Nice Ellie-centric arts, heh heh!

Chibi Lollo Buttsex
Cute buttsex, very fun!

I don't really know how describe it, but it's very Rock n' Raz-ish!

I tried to draw a bunch of Sofi's today, but... Most of my work was for nothing because I failed miserably. Pretty frustrating. Better luck next time, I guess. Some days you just can't get things to look like you want 'em to.
The best cure is sleep. So that's what I'm going to do!
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Sorry about that, but I was away during the weekend and got very little sleep. I was too exhausted to attempt to type something of value up while also trying to finish a thing.

And I did finish the thing too, here it is: Space Kitty. A short flash loop commission thingy. Hooray!

And here's a drawing I made for the discord server:
The Unwilling Happy Host. Some mindfuck.

Well that's it for me today. Gotta get back to the Lollo flash now.
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I've been thinking of what to add to my patreon thingy over the past week. I'm pretty sure I could probably do some sort of lighthearted art stream doing doodle requests or make some monthly drawings poll, although I'll have to look into how to one sets up both of those things. I've been trying to talk to people about it, but most are hyped up for the new upcoming flash, hoahoa! So I'm doing another attmempt at trying to make the ball rolling! What are some things you'd like to see or do with the Patreon reward kinda stuff?

I'm making good progress with the Lollo flash too. I've yet to decide on a context for it, which I'll have to do soon... Hauf. Anyway, better post some progress screenshots so you don't go hatin' me.

Like this, you'll see the gist of the cumshots animation. Without actually seeing it in motion!
Being done with the cumshot, I can soon move on to making the new blowjob animation as well. I just need to figure out and tweak a few things first...

Well, I also have some other arts stuff to show before I go to bed!
Fanart from Cinndrie!

Art Challenge Doodle.
Fan colored Zu & Tsal!

Yeah, that's pretty much it for today! Let's see where this takes us. Good night!
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