Apparently there was some sort of IP trouble making only the wonderfully crafted the only site on the server to be downed. Blargh. Some day I'll find a way to get this piece o junk updated. Anyway, I didn't have a lot to report last weekend anyway. Smash Ultimate released and I spent pretty much the entire weekend playing it. And a good bit of the following week too.

Well, even if I did slack off a lot last week, I did manage to make a new Ellie! And a new Zara and Lollo too, but I've progressed most with Ellie. Her work outfit design is a whole lot better now I think, take a look:

I've also changed her skintone. Don't know if I mentioned before, but I did want to differenciate all my characters' skintones slightly. Since Ellie is of french ancestry, her skin isn't as pale as us regular swedes. I and a friend of mine are still tinkering with the colors of the other characters, but I'll show that progress when we find something we're happy with.

That's it for me unfortunately, but I did receive a whole lot of fanart during this period of time, so enjoy all of this!

Fun at Sheelah's Place, Cerberus Carmine drew a follow up to his previous drawing and it seems Sheelah made true of her words!

Next up, a set of drawings from GBlastMan, who drew Sixten being bullied by his older sister Malin!
Dominant Sister 1
Dominant Sister 2
Dominant Sister 3
Dominant Sister 1 (Textless)
Dominant Sister 2 (Textless)
Dominant Sister 3 (Textless)
Interesting motif, I have to say!

And lastly, some art I received in an art trade!
2 Cats, featuring Zu, Zoo and a whole lot of giant cocks. Drawn by Bumbleborb18, if I read that right.

Well, it's nearing christmas times, so I better try to finish all the drawings that's started to pile up on my todo list. I'd like to start of the new year fresh and with only eyes for flashes and updated character art.
It's bedtime for me now, so I'll see you later!
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I'm going to come out and say this bluntly. Don't expect anything special for christmas this year other than some themed drawings. I have the Sofi flash to focus on right now. And my HDD is scratching itself to death, so I need to replace it very soon. I can however promise that the Lollo flash will be released in December. I only need Mittsies to do a few tweaks to it and it'll be ready for release! Wahoo!

I don't have a lot to report today. I started to redesign Ellie's working clothes and making her a new profile image, since the old one is... Not that great. Zara and Lollo will receive upgrades as well, with Zara seeing the most changes probably. I'm trying to change her hairdo into something less obstructive and easier to draw as well as making a few changes to her clothes.

I've sketched some stuff too. A few of them turned out to be some bigger projects so they might take a while, but here are two that I finished today!

Dick Goes in, Baby Comes Out, the final image in the Tera set!
Baby Nympho, which is what their baby turned out to be...

And finally a funny fan art drawing!
Feeding Zu Spaghetti, a spoof of a popular image.

I'm hoping I can show you a picture of Ellie's new look later. I've asked a friend to help me find a better skin color for her, so she'll stick out a bit more. In fact, I plan on giving all my characters their own skintone to make it easier to differenciate them.
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Time sure flies by. I hope you enjoyed the Sofi beta. I've taken some of the suggestions into consideration, though there are more ridicolous ones than sensible ones... I guess it's easy to look at something and think "why isn't this made differently?" without realising the work that went into making it how it is already and understanding the limits behind what you're able to do with a certain concept and assets! Well, no matter. I've started to animate the lipsyncing stuff, and it's looking pretty good so far! At least, that's what I think! I'm using a similar method to how I animated mouths in Spectacular Spectrophilia, and while that isn't ready for release just yet, it will be soon! And then you can judge for yourself!

Sorry for skipping the update these last two sundays. I got hit by food poisoning and was squirming about moaning for Mario to come and save me the first weekend. Then it sort of fell out of my mind because I was going to a little private gaming convention during the last weekend. But now I'm back!

I got a pair of doodles from my sketch book to show off from the trip!
Centaur Zu, something which I'm sure will open a lot of doors for creative people.
And Childret, a joke image I made for a friend on my second Japan trip. I cleaned it up during the last day of the con.

I also recieved fanart from Guillotine Gorilla, who made his own version of GBlastMan's Xu! Been a long time since I heard from him, though... Anyway!

Xu - Guillotine Gorilla ver.
Xu - Guillotine Gorilla ver. (Zu colored)
Very impressive! And frightening!

It'll take a while to do all the facial animations, so don't be surprised if I don't have a lot to say the upcoming weeks. Until next time, have a good time!
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Check it out here!

Zoo-Phobia is a remake of Zoo-Philia. I based the animations on the old ones in Zoo-Philia. But there's more to it this time. Most of the options are still availible, like hair color and clothes on and off. The only thing that did not return is the skincolor option, but I feel that that's not really relevant at this point. Her character is pretty much set now, so it'd feel weird to just change it on a whim.

I'll tell you though, making sure the shirt stays on and off consistent as an option was a lot of work. I am pretty proud of how it turned out though, so be sure to pay attention to that!

Since VA got delayed for so long and I decided to look for a new one instead, I slapped a blindfold and gag on her real quick, so you don't have a completely stonefaced expression staring at you. It was kind of unnerving, but this worked much better and I felt like I could release it in this state. I've also already found a replacement and she's done a real good job. I expect to get some more recordings next week and I can probably get to making the facial expressions.

People on my patron who's in the Ellie tier already played this for a while, along with the near finished Lollo project, now named Spectacular Spectrophilia. While that project is pretty much finished, it won't be released for everyone until I've had a sound guy level out the audio; many of the voiceclips are recorded with different mics and thus have different quality to them. A lot of them get drowned out in the music, while others are loud and clear and that's something I want fixed. When that's done and it's confirmed that replacing the voiceclips doesn't break anything in the flash, that will be released too. So November is looking great for us so far.

Enough about the flashes though. I finished a lot of drawings last week, ya? I hope they were appreciated. I kind of burned myself out on drawing, so I definitely need a break from that... But I did receive some fanart as part of an art trade!

Lollo Buttfucking Nath!
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I can't get any voiceclips out of my current VA due to continuous IRL business from her side. I talked to her and we said that it'd be best to try again another time. So I've gotta find a new VA. Huff. I barely know where to find them, so if anyone know any, do send me their way or the other way around.

Sorry for the belated update, I was away over the weekend and really wanted to finish up the last drawings I had on my list. It's finally clear, after a long time. So, here they are!

Rump Pumpin' Pumpkin, Zara receives a bit of an overhaul in design and also an excessive amount of pumpkin juice.
Judgement by Trick or Treat, Beleth sets up Sofi for lewd business.
Halloween Surprise Encounter, M'bah turns up out of season.
Fuckball Zara, as usual Zara gets it up the butt.
M'bah takes Sixten, and unusually, Sixten does too.
Biker Banging, Sofi accidentally kicks over some bikes and gets punished accordingly.
We Don't Want Nun of That Business, Ellie gets fucked by Beleth and Demon Zoo.
Firefighter's Hose, a silly joke, but also Zara with a cock. Win/win.
Spermbank Assistant, Zu's job at the spermbank takes a toll on both butt and mind.
Welcome to the Party!, Ellie welcomes the Bitch Breaker members to their Halloween party.
Auction Winner, The man willing to pay the most gets a whole month with Ellie!
Ellie Receives a Fresh Coat of Paint, And lastly, another scenario where Ellie loses to the cock.

Well, I hope you like the drawings. What to do while scouting for a new VA? Don't know, we'll see... The back of my eyeballs have been hurting all day and my throat is hurting for no reason, so I'll think more about that tomorrow.
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Mine's not so happy, with how things are currently turning out, bleh. No recordings yet, due to unfortunate events in VA's life. I'm going to have to start up on something small side project, I think. Hope that goes better. It'll keep me busy at least.

But, I've at least had a lot of time to finally catch up on all the drawings I've had on my list. So far, I've sketched them all up and I think I've finished up around 45% of them, so that's nice. I made some changes with the sketch I showed off last week too, and I think I'm happy with the changes I made to Zara's bangs. They're less obtrusive and easier to draw! Along with some changes to her clothing, but I guess it won't show as well here in this sketch, since they're all pulled up or ripped apart. I feel like these are good enough to keep as a permanent change at least.

Have a look!

And here are the remaining drawings!

Reverse Check Up, requested by Scotty Kat!
Grand Opening, requested by Kinky Kitty!
Grand Openings, follow up on the previous drawing!
Sagey & Zu Bonus, I've seen this kinda stuff around, so I gave drawing it a shot myself.
Swinging with the Aftermath, the aftermath of the Zu swing condondrum.
Swing at Home, the end of the swing story! Or whatever you'd like to call it...

I'm going to finish up the last drawings then see where things go after there! I have some ideas, but we'll see!
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Bet you've waited all week for the conclusion of The Centipit!

The Centipit Page 2!
Comics aren't really my forte, but it was at least interesting to try making one, even if the subject might not interest all that many people. I'll probably not try to draw comics again, I find animation more interesting. Speaking of which, I've been extremely restless not being able to do any of that... My VA has been delayed further. It hurts, but what can you do...

I've been trying to draw things, but I mostly sketch up things and don't finish them, huff. I want to make some halloween themed things, but I don't have many ideas... And I've been bothered by wanting to change up Zara's bangs to something that's less obtrusive.
I made a sketch of a possible change, though I'm not entirely sure if this fits her. (It's also an attempt at a halloween themed thing. Both Zara and Sixten might get the dick from here...)

Tell me if any good, ya?
There's also this here sketch that I drew up, but am unsure of if it's worth continuing with...

Anyway, I have two more drawings to show off today!
Zara Working Out!
Roxy Rocks Zu's Rectum, another art trade I made.

Well, that's what I've got for today. I should try to finish up more drawings this week and hope I don't go insane from not being able to continue with my flash projects.
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Hey, sorry for being late. I stayed up late trying to finish the first page of the comic and was so tired when I finished I had no energy left for writing an update. Had to sleep, hoahoa!

Here we go: The Centipit Page 1
It took longer than I expected to finish up these. I'll probably have the second page out by sunday, since it's not as much to draw on that page.

Here are some other drawings I drew as well!
Butt Break
Teasing Mommies
Dick Lowers Intelligence
And this one that I forgot to upload last week: 1 Zara 3 Ghosts

I received half of the voice stuff for Zoo yesterday, and it sounded really good! I should receive the second batch sometime this week, and then I can start editing and cutting things out. When I got them done I can give you all a preview of what it'll sound like, perhaps!

But now, I gotta go out and get me some food, am really hungry!
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It's been getting cold fast. I'm hoping we'll get a lot of snow when winter comes. But for now, it's still just the beginning of October. I suppose I'll have to try and get some spook themed drawings out, eh? I'll see what I can do.

I've yet to recieve voice clips from my VA, since she's got a life to live unlike yours truly, but from what she's told me she's done a lot of practicing and recordings while she can. She wants 'em to be real good, so I hope it'll be worth the wait. I'm curious to see how they sound myself!

Well, I still have a few drawings to show off! I've been working on sketching up a comic too, so I might try to finish that by next week. It's two pages and I've sketched like 90% of the first page out, so unless I run into an art block or something, it should go smoothly from here. Anyway, those drawings...

Self loathing, Zu's got problems alright... You don't see her in this state a lot!
Invisible Buttfucking, I looked through the requests here on site and saw this idea... I think I wanted to make this a lot more than it is, but eh. Can't succeed every time, I suppose.
Feeding on Tera's Dick Milk, continuing Zu and Tera's little interactions.
Butt Break, a fun pun idea I had...

Also received a piece back from the Tera drawing;
Lollo Dominating with a Strap-on!

Hope you all are getting cozy. October is a good month for coziness. I think so.
I'll see you next sunday!
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And what is more scary than a new episode of Rock n' Raz?!

And: Flash version, but no subtitles.

Still awaiting recordings from VA, so I finished up this and focused on trying to get more drawings done this week. Next week looks like it'll be the same. It's been a year since I started up work on that Lollo flash, and I hope Mittsies gets some time over to finish at least a playtest demo for October. :c

Anyway, here're too drawings I finished up!
Swinging with Zu, I had an YCH kinda deal going on with this, and this is how it turned out!
Sex Slave Zu, something more extreme than what I usually deal with.

And I also received some fanart!
Used up Sofi, fanart from Vandoom!
Orgy, an art piece that I received for drawing that Tera fucking Zu thing!

Well, I'm off to bed. It got really late. Sorry if I seem a bit short of breath today, but I can't really come up with a lot to say, am tired...
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