It seems that the Ellie Beta reception has been mostly positive! That's great. But also a lot of features has been asked for, so I thought I'd take my time and answer some.

"All the way through cum/cock would be awesome :3"
I get this a lot for some reason. I don't know how you missed it, but her body is longer than the dick. And even if it wasn't, the assets weren't really made for that sort of thing. It's a reskin of a previous project plus a major touch up of some of the animation (the boobs especially.) All the way through is just something that won't be a thing in this, sorry.

"Huh, and here I thought ZZZ would be a prority since it's been in development fo so long"
This is the ZZZZ project, though the project has changed name for now. I just call it the "farm project" or "horse project". The reason for that is that it's basically going to be 4 flashes in 1 as I've stated before, and that name only covers 1 of the parts.

"I think the milking cups need to be wider, covering most or all of the areola, but the nipples should stretch into the glass with a nice rhythm. (maybe have a little bit of areola bordering the edge of the cup, which gets sucked in with each pump) I'd look to those old flashes by Besped for reference. This would probably require altering the zoom level a little, or allowing the camera to move down a bit (assuming this doesn't reveal unfinished art), but it'd really improve the milking aspect hugely. Great work, otherwise!"
That is exactly what it would do, there's nothing below the borders of what you see. The original art was sort of poorly planned in that regard, since the boobs dip so low at later stages of the animation. But that's too late to fix.
Milking was not a planned feature in the original (neither was clothing options), this was just something I added to add a little spice to the animation since I saw it easy to implement and people would probably appreciate it.
Unfortunately, it's not possible to easily make the suction cups much bigger, since the nipples and areolas move around a lot. It might be possible to redesign the suction cups to work with it, but I don't remember exactly how it was built. I might look at it again later when I return to it.

"Looking good, it's cool that there are variations in each part of the loops if you wait, it's a nice addition of detail. Will the animations in the other parts of the flash have this as well?"
No, but the other parts have more loops and animations already. Since this is so short, a few variatons spices it up a bit more.

"Absolutely love the body writing. Great touch. Was curious to know if you intend to let her belly stay full in the full release? Easily my favorite feature that you do since you always make it so perfect!"
Another frequently requested feature. I considered it, but it would require so much work and animation editing that I didn't think it was worth all the trouble. Maybe if I was planning to include it from the beginning, but since it wasn't, it'd just be a huge bother to do. You'll have to take it for what it is this time.

"Really like what I'm seeing so far. Any chance of you doing more with the lactation element?"
What do you mean, just in general, or within the flash...?

"Plz add anal action :D"
There will be a second scene where Ellie is turned around. That's pretty low priority within the project now, though, I plan on doing it last.

"Please add a viewable navel that protrudes from cuminflation. More of the same, sure, but I love it. "
This is possible. An easy addition that I'll add to my notes.

"This definitely needs all the way through and some nice lipstick smearing"
While lipstick would be nice, it would be pretty awful to add it to each indivudual frame. Not sure how I'd add the smearing on the cock, but I suppose it'd be possible. Perhaps if I feel brave some day, I'll consider adding it, but don't get your hopes up.

"Definetely needs the background darkening a bit so the foreground sticks out more"
I plan on redrawing and simplifying the background later, across all of the parts. Making them outline-less like in many other projects, like Onihole and the recent reskin. I reused the colors from the Zoo-Philia flash, to bring out the nostalgia factor, but I think it's better to optimize it and make it not so clustery.

Another feature I've added is a hairstyle change so you can more easily see the throat bulge, if you so wish.
I'm also going to give her a voice in the future. We'll see how it goes!

Here's two drawings I finished up as well!
Sofi the Bully 1
Sofi the Bully 2
I sure got a bunch of flack for these at a few places... Apparently it's not OK to add a little psychological trauma in a picture, but it's completely fine to draw all other sorts of fucked up things. Bluh.

I'm still working on Mittsies' project, in flash news. Ooo, it hurts to work on something you've not been involved in with the planning phase. You feel so lost! And I've had the "luxury" of trying to figure out how to implement all of the features without making things haywire or having to spend a deathly amount of time into animation criss-cross variations of all sorts of options. Luckily, we found and agreed on a way that isn't too bad, but bleh. The art itself isn't very well suited for the options and features planned.

Well, enough ranting. I'm off to bed.
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I know I said I would focus on drawing last week, but I managed to sketch more than I actually finished shit. Trying to draw things I'm not used to, so it takes a lot more effort to get things looking how I want.

But, a nice guy, Damien, helped me out with coding the that Ellie demo I've been having laying around for some time! So finally, I can show you guys this! I've been waiting for so long, gah!

Ellie Scene Beta Release!

Tell me what you think about it! The core animation won't be changed, but I might go in and touch up on a few things. Some things aren't done and there are is no sound yet, so keep that in mind.

And as for the Lollo flash, I and Mittsies made a deal. I'll help him out with a flash of his, and he's going to push through and finish up the remaining coding needed for the Lollo flash. So I'll be occupied with his project for a little while, just so ya know.
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Hey there! Site's back up, huh? Apparently, our server guy was moving and I wasn't informed. Typical. But I got a few things to show off today!

First of all, I finished up that Little Dick Riding Sofi Reskin!
Hopefully it looks a lot better. Every art asset is updated, and I even tinkered a little with the animations, redoing the cumscenes completely while still trying to make it look similar to the original. Added as well are an intro and ending in a comic format. And yes, there is a hidden ending. You should know how to find it by this point.

Secondly, a few sketches that were supposed to be collabs... But then never was.
Zara and Ursula - Tittyfuck
Zara and Ursula - Buttfuck
Zara and Ursula - Pussyfuck
Unfortunate, I suppose.

And then two drawings I finished up recently!
Hot, Hot Summer! The weather this summer has been unusually warm, so I was inspired to draw this energic Zara!
Street Slammin', a drawing based off of this fanart thingy from LeatherIceCream, who thought this chick in the background of some basketball game called Street Slam (or Hoop depending on where you live) looked like Zara.

Lastly, I put together a highlight video that Gal Gun 2 stream I and Raz did a while ago.

Hope you enjoy today's update! I'm going to focus on drawing for a while now!
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This summer sure has been something else. Must be some sort of heat record. It's impossible to exist without all the windows open and fans running everywhere. Even at night!

I worked on the reskinning of Little Dick Riding Sofi all week, and now it seems that I've completed all of the animation! That only leaves the little comic intro and ending things. And a little bit of coding, but getting this one done shouldn't be a problem. I did stream some of the process of the flash making, so I might do that to the drawing of the comics too if there is interest.

I might look into doing a reskin of something else too, but like I said... A lot of the flashes are too old to easily reskin them. Either the artstyle is too different, or the way the flash is built is too old and it's a hassle to work with. Sometimes both. You guys mentioned anything with Ellie, but... She's not in anything recent. BHEE and GBR are too old and would be better off remade from scratch, and that'd take quite a while!

Should I bother to look at some of the other projects? I know Titty Punchan was mentioned, but I haven't looked at it yet so I don't know if it is possible. Gimmie some suggestions and I'll at least take a look and see if there's anything I can do.

Or if you'd rather have me continue working on the new stuff, that's an option too of course.
I'm going to try and finish up a bunch of sketches I've got lying around too. It's been too long. But my ereaser has become so stiff and dry in the heat that it's impossible to erease things without leaving be smudgemarks that are impossible to remove. It's incredibly frustrating. Bleh.

But ye, leave a comment so I know what you guys want!
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My feet are starting to feel like normal again, yey. I did a lot of sketching during the week, but then I got the idea of trying to update the graphics of one of my older flashes, which ended up taking up the latter part of the week.

This flash was Little Dick Riding Sofi. A flash that I'm not really satisfied with. But I went through it and updated and changed some of the graphics of it. I'll touch up some of the animation too. Shouldn't be too difficult.

Here's what it looks like currently:

If you compare to what the original version looked like, I hope you think it's a vast improvement, because I sure do.

I also went and made a sketch for a little story accompanying it.

This also means I'll have to make some sort of ending strip for it too, I suppose!

Anyway, it's something quick and refreshing I could work on. I hope to get it done soon!

I also recieved fan art from LeatherIceCream: Zara and Sofi Talk. Thanks much!
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I'm here again. Sorry I didn't manage to squeeze out an update before I left, but I kept procastinating packing, so I had to run real quick! I had a lot of fun, but I'm in so much pain right now. I walked on sizzling hot asphalt barefoot and now I can barely walk. At least I can still draw and shit, but urgh. I sure hope it heals up sooner rather than later.

I'm gonna try and draw some stuff today at least, then we'll see how it goes. I'm feeling like drawing Ellie, so you might get some of her later!

No words from Mittsies on the flash still, but I've asked Meriyel to see if she can do something with the Ellie part of the farm project. Her computer is currently borked though. But it's at least a possibility!

So ye, will let you know how all of this goes on sunday! Now there aren't any more planned trips on my part.
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I wish I could experience the summer, but here I am, sitting inside my room, drawing jizz. Takes forever. And I'm only halfway done, such a bother. Doesn't help I'm completely terrible with animating fluid either, hoahoa. But I am getting closer to not having to animate it again for quite some time, at least.

Oh, you might want to know what I'm talking about, too. Here.

I've spent the entire week doing this belly button spurt. It's been taken a step or two further compared to the original, so you've got that to look forward to. There are two different cumscenes this time around, so I've gotta start on the second one tomorrow! Wohoo!

And, well. That's pretty much the only thing I've been working on, so I don't have a lot else to say. I really want to finish up Sofi's part. I'd say don't expect much else than further updates on this next week's post. Maybe I'll try to do an art stream or something before I leave for Riddarveckan this year. We'll see!

Anyway, I'm pretty tired, so I'll see you then!
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Man, that sickness stayed with me for almost an entire week. I don't think I've been that sick for years. I'm glad to be feeling better finally. It's good to be back drawing and animating again after such a long absence, I tell ya.

Here's a new drawing + some I forgot to post before I left:

Zara Mating Press, covering some requests I've gotten here on site.
Failure to Please Self, Zoo unable to get off while masturbating.
Playing Dress-up! Zu and Zoo dressed up like popular swedish cartoon characters.

I also have recieved a commissioned piece as payment for one o those Katswell animations I made: A Zu gangbang! Noice! Can never go wrong with that!

Also, I finished the sketching of that one comic I showed a long time ago. I've been working on it to and fro, but I finally reached the end of it now and would like some feedback before I add text and start cleaning it up. I already plan on changing a few details, but it's always good to get second opinions! Also, I always add fluids and such when cleaning it up, so don't be confused to as why it seems so dry right now. But ye, have at it:

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Sorry for being absent these last days, but on the plane ride home I got really sick. I've been in bed sleeping for like two days. My throat is killing me right now, it's terrible. I wanted yo draw some stuff when I got back, but alas. Only sickness for me.

Well, if you followed my twitter adventure, you should've gotten a good enough idea of what went down while I was gone! Except for the last days where it was just raining and then I got too sick to even think about taking pictures. I'll update the twitter with the loot I brought back soon after finishing writing this news post.

I'd reply to some of the comments on the last news post, but there's just so much whining. If you're unhappy with what's posted on site, join the discord where I'll post WIP shit and stuff if I can. Maybe it'll help out a little, since I announce when I'm about to stream there and whatever. Or don't and continue to whine or leave, it's up to you I suppose. It's not like I'm happy with the current situation either. But yeah, everything's just an "excuse", whatever that means. I'd like to hear hat's classified as not an excuse for once. Bet it's just shitposting.

Anyway, I go ttwo nice birthday drawings while I was gone!
One from Cinndrie!
And one from Absented Tangent!
Thanks much guys, appreciate it very much!

Can't really think of anything to write at the moment, but I wanted to get an update out there.
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I was away over the weekend, so I procrastinated the update a little. Sorry 'bout that, heh heh.

A guy recently came to me, offering to help me out with some coding! I gave him the Ellie part of my farm project, so I canget a beta out soon. I'm not sure how skilled or fast he is, so I can't say when it'll be released. But I'm glad it's being worked on at least, I've yet to hear anything from Mittsies and the Lollo flash. Bleh.

Today, I've got some erotic fan fiction for you guys to read!

Beginning with Rudolph's Therapist!
It's a story about Sixten and Rudolf, written by FlamingFlamingo. Contains some gay stuff, if that wasn't obvious already. So for those who enjoyed Sixten's side of Rudolf's Revenge, perhaps this is right up your alley!

The other one, I had donate-commissioned from a guy almost two years ago, and he got to writing it just recently, hoahoa. Still faster than me finishing a flash.
Playing Stork!
Written by Jesse Graves, you can find more of his stuff here: Lisa's Nook on Tumblr. This one's about his character Lisa and Zu.

Give 'em some feedback or comments, I'm sure they're eager to see what people thought of their stories.

As for myself, I'm sorry I haven't uploaded a lot of things recently. It's been mostly bigger projects I've worked on.
I'll also be going to Japan for round 2 weeks on thursday, so the site won't be updated until I come back! But I'll try to be active when I can on our discord server and I'll make sure to post photos of our adventures on Twitter! I did it the last two times as well, so check that out if you're interested in what we can find and do.

And if that Ellie beta flash reaches playable state while I'm away, I'll make sure to try and find a way to get it to ya. Might want to look out on twitter and discord for that as well, if so.
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