I listened to your feedback and asked a friend to help me out with the problematic areas. Hopefully this looks a lot better! I also streamed the process of adding clothes to her just before I wrote this update, too. They're not completely done yet, but they're close to. Just need to add a few more details and shade 'em.

I had a bunch of drawings sketched up, but I spent most of tonight streaming so I couldn't finish any.
But I did get a few bits of fan art! So let's go through them before I head to bed!

2 Cats 3, Zu and Zoo find themselves in a sticky situation.
Zu Titties, it definitely is. Drawn by Oni Garth!
Ellie Drawing, a nice Ellie drawn by Ledgy!
Zara in Peril, this piece is part of an art trade!

Hey what do you know, all 4 main girls got a piece of fanart this week. That doesn't happen often!
I'll probably stream again this upcoming saturday. Not sure what yet, but if I can't find something else, it'll probably be the continuation of the Zara character portrait!
Posted 10th of February 2019 - 18:04 by | 9 comments.
Got a few things to mention today! First, Zara! I've made a new nude model of our favorite butt enthusiast, featuring a new skintone and some changes to her hairstyle. Take a look and lemme know what you all think! I'm pretty happy with it so far.

Underwear and clothed versions will come later!

I got some regular arts to show too, a commission, an art trade and a joke image.
Shackled and Exposed, Zoo being afraid of what's about to happen to her tiny, unprotected butt! (Buy your Rear Guard today!)
Tera, Zu and Dog, further Tera Shenanigans...
Giantess Sofi, I drew this in MS Paint. Shrapnel thought something else I sketched was a giant Sofi in a door frame, so I made this version to mess with him.
The fun thing is I could think of a million things a giant Sofi could do...

And a piece of fanart!
Sailor Couple, I missed to post this a while ago when I received it! It's part of an art trade, too.

The Ellie flash is coming along nicely, I think. There's still a bunch of stuff left to make, including the joy of adding voice and sounds to it. Unfortunately the VA I was hoping to voice Ellie has caught a cold so I'll have to wait for her to get over that. There's quite a bunch of other things to do to fill out the time, though... Most of that time will go towards making a introduction comic similar to the Red Riding Zoo Reskin I made a while ago.

And since we've reached our $500 goal on Patreon, I should start doing some of those art streams again. Maybe I could stream the progress of that. Either that or I could stream the making of the clothed versions of Zara. I might give it ago this weekend, we'll see what it'll be then. I just have to figure out how it works again, I've forgotten, hoahoa!
If you're interested in watching, either follow or check out RC on Picarto on saturday or sunday.

The second shared $500 goal I had on Patreon was to get that Ellie tribe comic done digitally! Since I'm godawful at digital art myself, at least when it comes to anything more complicated that simple flat colored drawings, I've asked GBlastMan to help me out with finishing it. He'll be tracing my outlines and coloring it under my supervision, and so far we've got a preview of a page 1 up for patrons.
Check it out here!
Once the page is colored and finished, I'll post it here on RC.se.

Well, I think that was all I had to say today. Now it's probably time for sleeping for an RC. Good night to you all!
Posted 3rd of February 2019 - 16:16 by | 18 comments.
Hello again! I'm back with some new arts to show off!
Fast Bunny, a commission I drew. I don't usually do 'em, but eh.
That's all I drew, really. Mostly been focusing on flash work.

There's some fanart though!
2 Cats 2, which is a follow up to Zoo and Zu in the monster pit. Once again drawn by Bumblebotb18.
Wendys Zoo, which features Zoo dressed up like that brand mascot! Drawn by Oni Garth.

I took your feedback into consideration and made Ellie's skintone much more subtle. I think it looks a lot better now.
The dudes over at the discord says it looks swell as well, so I hope the rest of ya will be satisfied too!

And I also made an underwear and new work clothes version for her as well.
Ellie in her underwear.
Ellie in her working clothes.
Looks much more professional like this, me thinks.

And this is how the flash looks with Ellie's new colors.

I've finished the base animations now, so it's all the fluff and details that need to be added in now.
I'm currently writing up a little tie-in story for this thing, which hopefully will make it fun to play even though it's going to be a rather short flash. I think the different endings in Spectacular Spectrophilia was pretty popular, so I'll probably do something similar if possible.

Well, as always I'd like to hear what you think. I might be bad at responding to all of your comments, but I do read every single one.
Posted 20th of January 2019 - 13:04 by | 45 comments.
There's been a few people asking where to find the main song in Spectacular Spectrophilia. The answer used to be nowhere, but now I've uploaded the music to the music tab! It's been updated with an intro and an end, too.

Listen to it here!
The track was made by tdot.dot here on Soundcloud, big thanks to him!

I've also tweaked Ellie's skincolor a whole lot, with the help from a bunch of friends. Hopefully this should be a lot better and less banana-colored!

Next up is going to be Zara... I don't think I should run into too much trouble with her.
Posted 13th of January 2019 - 03:25 by | 23 comments.
With Spectacular Spectrophilia all done and released, it's time to look forward! It feels very uplifting to have this off my mind, I tell you. The reception seems to be mostly positive as well and that helps too! A lot of confusion regarding the good and bonus endings, too, while others managed to find it on the first try around. Amusing how that works, hoahao. I also hope you've enjoyed how expressive Lollo can be. We had quite a bit of fun with them in the discord server!

Well, with that out of the way and computer parts still on their way, I'm going to focus on something you might recognize from way back. I've been working on it to and fro, but now that I've collabed with a coder we are going to try and do something nice out of this:

It's pretty basic looking right now, sure, but I'm sure it'll shape up as I keep working on it! I don't want to say too much about it yet! Mostly because I've got a lot of decision making left to do! It doesn't even have a name!

So ya, you can probably expect a bit of a low dip in content in the updates during these next weeks. I'm going to focus on getting all of the base animations done for this Ellie flash for now. Hope you can have some continued fun with Spectacular Spectrophilia until then!
Posted 6th of January 2019 - 15:01 by | 8 comments.
It's finally released!

Play it now!
Posted 3rd of January 2019 - 22:07 by | 13 comments.
I've spent the days since christmas trying my best to finish all the drawings on my to-draw list and just barely made it. Like, drawing from morning to night several days in a row. It was quite heavy on my drawing hand! So, without further ado, here's all of 'em!

Christmas Party Preparations, Ellie doing some teasing for the upcoming christmas party at the Bitch Breaker Foundation this year.
Bitch Breaker Foundation Xmas Party, A little gangbang!
Daddy's Welcome Home Piggy, a drawing that came to be only because of the lame puns.
Sissy Dog Fuck, I drew the gay dog.
Clam Snitch Tipping, a comic I drew as part of an art trade.
Fight for the Zoo, The return of the Tentacle Donut Box! Who will claim the ownership of Zoo?
Fooled by her Sweet Tooth, Look who else is also introduced to the Tentacle Donut Box.
One Drink Too Much, A New Year's present for the guy who wrote that fan fiction that started the whole Bitch Breaker Foundation thing.
Mom & Daughter Massage Parlor, Zu and her "daughter" the nympho baby now named Trixie opened a "massage parlor". Part of continuous art trading.

The thing that took the longest was probably the comic, that one was a lot of work. I don't think making comics is for me still...

Anyway, there's also a bunch of fanart to check out!

Anon buttfucks Zu, A silly drawing made by Oni Garth.

And another set from GBlastMan of his Peppermint hiring Sixten for some... Interesting work in her workshop. Might she have some ulterior motives?
Santa Mint & Elf Sixten 1
Santa Mint & Elf Sixten 2
Santa Mint & Elf Sixten 3
Santa Mint & Elf Sixten 1 (Textless)
Santa Mint & Elf Sixten 2 (Textless)
Santa Mint & Elf Sixten 3 (Textless)

Zu & Trixie Insect, As part of continuous art trading!

That about covers it for the art stuff.
I took your feedback about the new Ellie skincolor to heart and will be looking into changing it to something less banana-ish. I'll have to find something better soon, because I'll start off 2019 by finishing a sideproject flash involving her!

I'm also sorry about the Lollo flash still not being released! A weird bug came up that ruins the the mood quite awfully and Mittsies hasn't gotten around to figuring out what makes it happen yet.

Hopefully 2019 will be a better year for me. I'm awaiting some computer parts to fix some issues I've had for a long time, which is why I've put the Zoo Beta Scene on hold for a little while. It takes awful long to save on my other harddrive, making it very bulky to work with when you gotta wait like 10 minutes each time you save the damn thing. They sure are taking their time delivering the packages, perhaps it's because of the christmas season? It's always chaos during it.
But like I said, I'm going to work on the smaller project until then. Hope you've had a good 2018, and here's to a better 2019!
Posted 31st of December 2018 - 04:41 by | 7 comments.
I'm not home during christmas this year, so I won't be able to post anything. I'll update you all again when I do return.

Have a nice holiday!
Posted 24th of December 2018 - 08:52 by | 4 comments.
Apparently there was some sort of IP trouble making only the wonderfully crafted RC.se the only site on the server to be downed. Blargh. Some day I'll find a way to get this piece o junk updated. Anyway, I didn't have a lot to report last weekend anyway. Smash Ultimate released and I spent pretty much the entire weekend playing it. And a good bit of the following week too.

Well, even if I did slack off a lot last week, I did manage to make a new Ellie! And a new Zara and Lollo too, but I've progressed most with Ellie. Her work outfit design is a whole lot better now I think, take a look:

I've also changed her skintone. Don't know if I mentioned before, but I did want to differenciate all my characters' skintones slightly. Since Ellie is of french ancestry, her skin isn't as pale as us regular swedes. I and a friend of mine are still tinkering with the colors of the other characters, but I'll show that progress when we find something we're happy with.

That's it for me unfortunately, but I did receive a whole lot of fanart during this period of time, so enjoy all of this!

Fun at Sheelah's Place, Cerberus Carmine drew a follow up to his previous drawing and it seems Sheelah made true of her words!

Next up, a set of drawings from GBlastMan, who drew Sixten being bullied by his older sister Malin!
Dominant Sister 1
Dominant Sister 2
Dominant Sister 3
Dominant Sister 1 (Textless)
Dominant Sister 2 (Textless)
Dominant Sister 3 (Textless)
Interesting motif, I have to say!

And lastly, some art I received in an art trade!
2 Cats, featuring Zu, Zoo and a whole lot of giant cocks. Drawn by Bumbleborb18, if I read that right.

Well, it's nearing christmas times, so I better try to finish all the drawings that's started to pile up on my todo list. I'd like to start of the new year fresh and with only eyes for flashes and updated character art.
It's bedtime for me now, so I'll see you later!
Posted 16th of December 2018 - 20:41 by | 12 comments.
I'm going to come out and say this bluntly. Don't expect anything special for christmas this year other than some themed drawings. I have the Sofi flash to focus on right now. And my HDD is scratching itself to death, so I need to replace it very soon. I can however promise that the Lollo flash will be released in December. I only need Mittsies to do a few tweaks to it and it'll be ready for release! Wahoo!

I don't have a lot to report today. I started to redesign Ellie's working clothes and making her a new profile image, since the old one is... Not that great. Zara and Lollo will receive upgrades as well, with Zara seeing the most changes probably. I'm trying to change her hairdo into something less obstructive and easier to draw as well as making a few changes to her clothes.

I've sketched some stuff too. A few of them turned out to be some bigger projects so they might take a while, but here are two that I finished today!

Dick Goes in, Baby Comes Out, the final image in the Tera set!
Baby Nympho, which is what their baby turned out to be...

And finally a funny fan art drawing!
Feeding Zu Spaghetti, a spoof of a popular image.

I'm hoping I can show you a picture of Ellie's new look later. I've asked a friend to help me find a better skin color for her, so she'll stick out a bit more. In fact, I plan on giving all my characters their own skintone to make it easier to differenciate them.
Posted 2nd of December 2018 - 19:50 by | 13 comments.