Sorry for being late again. The combination of trying to change my sleep schedule, dealing with a attention seeking cat and having my sister around left me being either too tired or too busy to write an update. But now here I am, typin'!

Right now, I and Fallow are trying to get the Sofi part out for a second beta release! There's loads of bugs and tweaks that we need to fix up, but we're hoping to have one ready in a week or two maybe!

Been too busy to draw stuff again, but I've recieved a piece of fan art this week too!
Zara Virgin Killer, made by SyncedUp on our discord server! Thanks, it's very nice!

Well, until that beta release, the updates are going to be rather short, probably. See ya next week!
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Sorry that I'm late once again. I'm sleeping during the day and am awake all night again, so I lose track of what days begin and end when.

Right now I'm waiting for the stores to open so that I can find something to make fitting soundeffects for the Sofi flash. We're getting quite close to having a second beta released of it soon. I just need to gather enough sound effects. I think sound is a very hard thing to get right, since I'm not really an audio guy. I don't know what you guys thought about the sound effects in the Ellie flash. I didn't see any comments about them at all, so I assume they were at least passable. No complaints is somewhat positive, ya? I'm hoping I can do better in the Sofi flash, but getting clean recordings are hard and so is finding fitting stsuff online. But I'm gonna try anyway.

Later this week my sister will live at my place for a while, so my production might go down for during that time... We'll see. I'm gonna try to have to fix my sleep cycle until then, hoahoa.

Before I go for today, I've got a single piece of fanart to show off!
Smugfi by Shrapnel.
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Hiya, hope your first week of 2020 has been good!

I've been working on upgrading the beta scenes for my horse project. Adding in new things that I doubt I would have even thought of back when I first released them and updating the art slightly where I can. I've updated Zara's face a bit in her part, she looks a lot livelier now. If I can get in contact with her VA, I plan on having some of her lines re-recorded and add a bunch of new ones. I want to redo her mouth animations anyway, since the way they're made is... Not the best. She kinda sticks to two expressions at most, and lately I've been trying to spice it up with several, ya?

I've been looking at Ellie's part too. It's the part that probably needs the most editing... I want to move the entire scene up a bit, but it'll require extending the arms and legs assets while also adding in hands for Ellie. I'm hoping that's easier than it sounds, hoahoa. I've got a few other ideas for it as well, but we'll see how it turns out.

Right now, I'm trying to finish up Sofi's part as best as I can!
I've added a few more options to toy around with and some extra animation details. Today I have to work on moving a bunch of assets because I failed to read the angle of her legs correctly, bleh.
Otherwise, what's remaining is adding sounds and making different skins for the horsedick.
And coding and playtesting, of course. But, FallowWing will stream his progress on that as usual.
I'm not sure when he's gonna stream next time, but here's his Picarto channel. We've merged our channels, so you can see both of us at the same page if we're streaming simultaneously!

By the way, coming up with different colors for horsedicks to have is... Not easy. There's not really a reliable way to research the subject matter. And then actually adding the colors is even more difficult, since I'm colorblind as fuck.

Anyway, I'm gonna go eat something and then get started.
See ya next week!
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Well, looks like 2019 is coming to an end. I hope you all have a fun New Year's Eve!
What has your 2019 been like? I feel like mine's been pretty meh. Lots of lows. But things seems to be taking a new direction now that FallowWing is helping me out with coding my horse project. I'm getting a lot of motivation back that I lacked before. I hope I can get the project done in 2020 with his help. In january, I'll be touching up the beta parts before moving on to the Zu&Jo part. I've got a pretty good idea what I want to do with it now and I've got some interesting things planned. So we shall see if I can manage to deliver!

I'll most likely stream some of the progress I'll be doing on the Zara part tomorrow. Doing the last of the eyenimations and beginning with making some different skins for the horsedick. Perhaps some other small things as well.

My Picarto channel.
I believe FallowWing is planning on streaming some coding of the same project as well.
FallowWing's Picarto channel.

I want to tidy up the project before he begins on it, because it ain't pretty... we'll see how that goes.

I'm still getting positive comments on Ellie's Exorbitant Extrication, which is nice. I really didn't expect it to do so well. Maybe it's a mix of a better developed art style, animation and great codan from FallowWing that does it? I'm glad it is appreciated still!

Anyway, I wish you all the best and I'll see you next year!
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I'm surprised, Ellie's Exorbitant Extrication has been really well recieved. Usually there's a bunch of complaints about this and that in flash releases, but I guess this means I did a good job finally. I hope it'll be something to return to from time to time, heh heh.

What happens now, you wonder? Well, FallowWing has already began working on coding my horse project. So that means after christmas is over, I'm going to start working on Zara's, Ellie's and Sofi's parts again as well as starting up Zu & Johanna's part. He's streaming the progress over at his Picarto channel, so follow that if you're interested. I'm thinking of streaming me working on the various parts as well at some point, so you could follow my Picarto channel as well. I'll post a notification in the discord when I begin streaming too, so yea. I might do the first stream on the 24th... Time I'm not so sure about, but we shall see.

Here's a few drawings too! It's probably the last drawings in 2019, I hope you enjoy 'em!
Prostitutes In Training, Tera training Zu and Trixie for their new jobs.
For A Good Cause (Remake), I made a remake of an old drawing I drew for this Fan fic starring Ellie!
Scotty VS. Rudolf, ScottyKat wanted me to draw this, since he hates the Rudolf song!

Well, I hope you all have a nice christmas and stuff. I hope my flash and arts added to the holiday joys. I'll see you next sunday!
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(yes this is a standard picture I uploaded to everywhere else, I'm too lazy to make an unique one.)

Play Ellie's Exorbitant Extrication!
It's a follow up to Rudolf's Revenge! Many thanks to FallowWing who programmed this project!
I'm hoping this is enough for today's update! Have fun!
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I've tacked off most of the drawings, most notably commissions and requests from my list now. I need some variation, hoahoa, so the rest will have to wait til later.

The site had some down time, so I'm sorry this update is a bit late.
Here are the new drawings:

Girlfriend Sofi, what if Sofi was your girlfriend?
Post-Halloween Problem, Zu's behind is left behind. Will you help or fuck her?
Womb-Pounding Bunny, a commission of this black bunny once again digging into Zu's pussy, this time really deep.
In the Hands of a Crazy Cult, Ellie is used as a virgin sacrifice for a demon summoning.
Atoning for Old Sins, a commissioned follow up to Victim of Opportunity. Will Ellie forgive Aisha?
Superior Evil 2, Lollo taunting Psycho Girl once again.
Breeding Programme 1, as a thanks for helping out with the character bios, I drew this for Miles.
Breeding Programme 2, this is the pregnant version.
Sisters Through and Through, a commission of Zu and Johanna getting attacked by tentacles.

I also have some fanart to show. Well, it's more like commissioned art by Tera that happens to include things I'm involved with, hoahoa, but still!

Trixie Ref, reference sheet made by Obakawaii.
Trixie in the Middle 1, made by Supersatanson.
Trixie in the Middle 2, made by Supersatanson.
Trixie in the Middle 3, made by Supersatanson.
Milked Sixten, Sixten attacked by Tera's amazonian woman, made by BodyAttk.

Neat stuff!

I've been told FallowWing is going to stream some more of the Ellie x Reindeer flash tonight. Bugfixing and making the preloader, I believe. He usually starts around 20:00 swedish time, so in around... One hour and 20 minutes from this news post?
You can watch the stream here!
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If you head over to the Characters Tab, you'll find that I've updated all the character bios as well as added one for Johanna, Zu's younger sister. Since she's a side character, I kept it short.
I'm not completely finshed with all the profile images, so some of the preview images there might see changes later.

It's really been a while since they saw an update, so if you're interested in the lore, do read them!
I and Miles have been working on them for quite some time!

I only managed to finish two drawings for today's update, but they were both in comic format so they took a bit of time to get done.

Time Traveling Wife Theif, The first time I draw something involving pre-death Lollo. And it's quite the ride.
Butt Pregnancy, Sofi never learns that striking deals with demons usually won't turn out in her favor.

I still got around 6 or so drawing projects to finish up, haw. So I predict that most of this week will also be spent finishing all of those up.

And some good news for you who aren't in the discord server; FallowWing, who took up the job of coding the Ellie x Reindeer project, has been streaming the programming process over on picarto.
Here's his picarto.

At this point he's mostly finished. I believe he'll stream today as well, around 20:00. I'm pretty bad with numbers and time zones, so I'm not going to try to convert it, but it's swedish time, so if you're interested, look it up and be there when it starts.
He's quite entertaining.
I believe he said he'd finish up the smaller details today, so yeh... If everything goes as planned, after today there's going to be a lot of playtesting and tweaking. So it's certainly looking good! Might get this out in early december. Which I suppose fits the project, hoahoa. (altough it takes place after christmas, rather than on it... Ooops, was that a spoiler?)

Well then! That was all for today. See ya!
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Unfortunately, the collab Zu flash won't go anywhere for a while, since I'm not getting through at the moment. Which is mildly frustrating, as you could imagine. So, instead, I'm going to see if I can't get some drawings and commissions done the coming week.

For now, I just finished up an early WIP of Sixten, so let me know what you think, ye?
Sixten Undies
Sixten Clothed
Good? Bad?

Also made the rest of Zu's alts here, let me know what you think of them as well.
Winter Zu
Summer Zu
Sailor Zu

I've also updated all the character bios, so I'm going to see that the character tab gets updated later.
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I'm glad to see there's people who are interested in seeing the full scale of my project still. But since flash is dying, the people availible to want to code in it will diminish as well. That's only one of the reasons I kinda want to finish this stuff up and see if I can find something else to work in. What that would be depends on which direction I want to go in when I'm done with my flash projects. But I'll tackle that then. Best to just focus on what's relevant now.

For whatever reason I can't even remember what I've been doing last week.
But, I've worked a bit on tweaking profile images further! Mostly on Zu and Psycho Girl, I'd like some feedback on them! Are they good now?

On Zu, added expressions and adjusted torso.
Nude Zu
Zu Panties
Zu Usual Clothes
Zu Work Outfit
Zu Dress

Psycho Girl, adjusted wrist, hips and legs and blood splatter.
Psycho Girl Nude
Psycho Girl Dressed
Psycho Girl Bloody

Next up on my list would be getting Sixten ready as well, character portrait wise.

I'm going to plan out the Zu collab starting today. When I've reached a conclusion about what to do with it, I'll share it with you all, ye? Good. Then that's all for this update.
also this
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