Boys and girls, Zara's part is now availible for all to enjoy!
Play Zara's Zany Zoolatry!

Many improvements have been made to it, I hope you'll like it!
Thanks to all who supported me on Patreon, these funds will help me a lot when it comes to paying VA's and other sound stuff for future parts!
As usual, I can't really come up with anything to say when releasing. So, I'll see you next week. Look forward to seeing the comments on this thing.
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Earlier today, we launched Zara's part of the farm project on Patreon!
It's a playtesting version, so there are still a few bugs left to fix. I've already gotten a few comments about bugs being found, so apparently it's not as stable of a release as we thought. So before we release it publically for all, we gotta get those things fixed up. I'm just hoping it won't take too long.

I don't have much else to say today, so I'm gonna keep it short. Been working on Zu's part as well, trying to get a hang of how to animate her part. I know I said I'd post screenshots of the dicks today, but I haven't colored them in yet. I wanna do that first, but I'm waiting on assistance with that. I'm colorblind, and what's a natural looking red and pink are hard for me to judge. But once they're colored in, I'll get them to ya.
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Hi all, I've finally finished up the missing outfits for Ellie!

Ellie Gardening Outfit
Ellie Winter Clothes
Ellie Swimwear
Ellie Painting Outfit

That means I'm done with all of the characters' outfits! Now I'm going to try to put some info about 'em on there so they serve as a summary of who they are as well.

The Zu part is coming along well. It looks like this now, and I consider this finalized.

I'm working on drawing the dicks now, so that's going to be what I'll spend this coming week on.

The Zara part is coming along pretty well. There are still a few glitches that need fixing, but we've already fixed a lot and made small improvements to how it runs and sounds.
Even if it is just a reskin of a reskin of the old April's Fools flash, I'm positive this new spin on it will make it seem almost as new. Haohoa!

If I manage to finish up all the dicks by sunday, I'll make sure to show 'em off. For now, I'm heading to bed!
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Fallow's gone through some rough stuff with his other project, but says he'll be focusing on getting Zara done next. I'm not sure, but I'm hoping we'll get it ready before the end of the month.

But since all the graphics are done, as I think I've said before, I started sketching up the Zu&Jo part.
And this is how it looks right now:

It's not finalized yet as you might be able to tell, but I'm going to try to have her done by the end of the week.

Also got a few more drawings to show off!
Have a Sit, a commission of Lollo using the commissioner's character as a chair... and more.
Ellie on Vacation, Ellie is bothered by a man during a stroll.
Demonic Corruption Process, Ellie gets dicked by two big demons.

Well, my friends, that's all for today. Next week I'll probably have some Sixten outfits to show you all.
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Going through the Zara flash to find things to fix and tweak right now. Fallow made a pretty fancy system for tweaking sounds while playing in-game, on the fly, which is pretty mind boggling to me, hoahoa. It's easy to work with too, so it's going to be super useful for the upcoming parts as well.
Some things are still wonky though, for some reason the head and mouth won't sync up during a coughing animation. Very annoying. And I noticed I had completely fucked up a transition animation, so I had to change that this morning. It only took a few minutes though, but there are a few other things that needs to be looked into as well.

I spent the previous week drawing some, finishing up Psycho Girl's new character images and streaming a bit with Raz, since he's out of a job and we're trying to raise awareness and help him pay his bills. If you feel like helping him out, you can do so at paypal;

Here's a commission I finished!
A New Hero, Zu, Ellie and Sofi are in need of help.

I've also got a bunch of fanart from Cerberus Carmine again!
Aisha's New Farm
Barnyard Fun at Aisha's
Aisha and Ellie Hang Out

Thanks a bunch! Good work on all of 'em!

And now, the Psycho Girl images.
Psycho Girl Axe
Psycho Girl Wire
Psycho Girl Sledgehammer
Psycho Girl Garden Fork
Psycho Girl Baseball Bat

I'm pretty satisfied. What do you think?
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Fallow's getting pressured to finish up a thing on another project he's working on, so Zara's part is taking slightly longer to finish up than first estimated. Bleh.
Well, so far, most major things are working fine. I'm not sure how much is left, but he asked me about the sound menus and stuff, so I assume it's not too far from being ready for a playtesting release. Hopefully.

As for me, I've been working on drawings and stuff! The things I've been working on have been really complicated and elaborate, so I only managed to finish up two this week, I also did a bit of tweakings on the character profile images... Adjusting some details to the faces and colors mostly, but also adding outfits to Sixten. I've only got one and a half outfits left on Sixten, which is great!

But for now, let's take a look at those drawings.
No Match, Johanna tries to take on a challenge.
Hike Gone Sexual, past Lollo gets interrupted during a hike abroad.

So along with finishing up the rest of my drawings, I gotta start planning out the Zu&Jo part of the horse project.
I've got a pretty idea of what I want to do, it's going to work much better than what I originally planned. Ye ye.
Well, I should go to bed... So we'll see where we are next sunday!
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All of a sudden, the weather changed from freezing to mild and pleasant in just two days. Nice.
What bothers me is that the sun rises earlier and it gets brighter much earlier in the morning when I'm about to go to bed... I don't like it. I prefer when it's still dark when I'm getting tired, hoahoa.

Well, I've got a couple of drawings to show off! Both requests from a dude on my discord!
Sofi Blowbang, Sofi gets stuff to suck on.
Blacked Dagny, Dagny is Lollo's daughter!

I also have some fanart from Cerberus Carmine!
Lollo Bustin', Aisha and Sheelah attempt to catch Lollo!
Cute Couple, Anthro Zu?!
Zu Gets Rammed, Anthro Zu gets rammed by an... anthro ram!

The coding for the Zara is going well. I don't think there will be any particular complications going forward. We've yet to implement a bunch of things, but Fallow will stream his progress when he can!
Before we release this part, we're probably also going to make some changes to the Sofi part, since I got a lot of useful feedback. I've yet to discuss the details though, so I can't say what will and won't work out.

That's all for today! I've had a slight headache bothering me all day, so I'm gonna go to bed and hope it's gone by the morning. Nights!
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I'm finally done with all of Zara's animations, I think. The rest is coding, sound stuff and a lot of playtesting, but it'll probably be ready for release towards the end of the month if we're lucky.

So while that's going on, I'm gonna try to scratch a few drawings of my to draw list. There are still like 12 things left on there, which they've been for way too long.

So ya, expect drawings and an update on the Zara part next update!
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Been working on Zara's part, specifically the cum-vomiting part. It sure is a lot of particles that needs to be added in. I'm not that great at drawing liquids, especially not in large amounts, so I'm not having an easy time. Blergh.
But, I should be done with that by next week if things go well. I sure hope so, because it's all pain.
Once I'm done with the cum part, I don't think there's actually a lot left to do. A bit of new eye animations and some additional details. I look forward to it.

I also finished that comic!
London's Payback, where dickgirl Zara gets violated.

Well, don't have much else to share today. See ya next sunday.
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I managed to shave off a few drawings I've been wanting to draw this week! Most of them are Sofi-centric, so Sofi fans will be happy (maybe).

She Just Doesn't Care, I put Sofi in one of those anal plug swimsuits, it was requested on here a while ago!
Sofi Meets Kurupi, I was made aware of an interesting creature from the south american aera and just had to do something with it...
Kurupi Follow Up, He's the perfect guy for All-The-Way-Through stuff... So naturally, I had to draw that as well!
Prostitution Gone Wrong, Sequel to the "Prostitutes in Training" drawing with Trixie, Tera and Zu.
The Magic Trick, Sofi gets bullied by a magician.

Also working on a comic page sequel to the Casual Conversation comic featuring London and Dickgirl Zara. That is just the sketch, but I seldom show what they look like here on the site. Thought maybe it'd be interesting to compare when I finish it up later. I've cleaned up the 2 first panels so far, but I think I'm gonna focus on getting some animation done in the Zara project next week.

I did say I finished the lipsyncing, ya? I'm going to be making some additional animations for the second cum animation and Zara orgasming. If I do it well, I can probably get it done this month. I'm not sure what the coding looks like, but FallowWing says he's got things sorted out and improved on things since the Sofi beta.

Well, I'll update you on that next sunday!
Also yey I updated before I went to bed for the first time in a long time. Sorry for slacking off with that before... I'm just forgetful or tired when I finish up for the night usually. Hope you enjoyed these new drawings, at least.
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