My sleep cycle is fucked again, so days blend together...
Well, I'm currently working on making phonemes for Sofi. It's basically the last thing we need to do, graphically. We still need to match them up with each voice clip, manually though... But it's faster than animating a custom animation for each one! And Fallow will try to make a tool to streamline the process as much as possible, so hopefully it won't take forever! After that, it's just coding and sound left for Sofi's part.

I attempted to get some drawing done, but I couldn't make it look like I wanted to...
Instead, I received fan art from Oversleeper which we can admire!
Another Sofi drawing!
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Other things came up, so I've yet to finish the last one. I'll see to that it happens til next time though. I also gotta cross check all the current bios, so I might have to update them as well a little. Huff.

I've got a bit of a headache today, so I'm keeping this update short.
I finished a drawing, here's what that looks like:
The Bin King, Cerberus' Samson having fun with Zara.

I also took your advice on Ellie last post and made some changes. Here's how it looks like now:
Ellie Nude
Ellie Underwear
Ellie Clothes

Is it looking any better? I made adjustments to the waist, ankles and face.
I think it's an improvement myself, at least.
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What a week, I've been working on all kinds of different things. Cutting voiceclips, doing eye animations, drawing traditionally, working with some digital art and writing stuff... Usually I just do one or the other. Well, I did wind up with a few things to show off, at least.

Let's start off with some arts. I managed to make a couple of them.
Jungle Story, a remake of sorts of an old idea from Shrapnel.
Ran Through Gaps, commission featuring Ran & Yukari Yakumo!

I've also been working on a new Ellie ref. I'm really unhappy with the face and the tits in the old version... So, here's the new attempt!
Ellie Nude
Ellie Underwear
Give me some feedback, ya?

The stuff I've been writing is some info about the side characters I've been showing off lately. I'm probably gonna have them all done by next week, so I'll wait with posting them til then.

I am also looking for someone who can help out with sound editing for the flash! I'm in need of someone who knows how to leveling and sound mixing for voice clips! So if you're good with audio, please contact me! Discord works best, but if not, you could send me a message on twitter, perhaps. Also, if you're good with creating SFX, or know somebody who is! My own doesn't really hold up and I want to improve.

Finally, I have some... accidental fan art from Oversleeper.
Sofi's new panties
He was gonna request me drawing this, but while working on the ref image, he kind of finished it himself, hoahoa!
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I've just received the recordings for Sofi. I'm gonna listen to 'em later and start cutting tomorrow, it's gonna be interesting to see how it turns out.

I'm late again, but I forgot that yesterday was sunday. Meh.
I have a finished Felix for you today, along with some fan art!

Felix Nude
Felix Clothed
I gave him a bit of an update, I hope he's appreciated!

Effortless Takedown, by Cinndrie!
Crushed, by Cinndrie!
Ellie Standing, by Oni Garth!
Ellie Standing with Horsecock, by Oni Garth!
Bearjo, by Bear!
Sum Sofi, by Oversleeper!
Sofi Lewded, by Oversleeper!

Lots of fan art lately, which is great! Thanks to all of you!

So ye, I'll probably continue to stream face stuff progress this week. There's still a bunch of eye stuff left, so we'll see if I get to the mouth before the end of the week.
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A voice actress for Sofi has been decided! I think we got a real fitting voice for her this time, I'm currently awaiting the lines to be recorded. Perhaps I'll post some previews once I get 'em.

Anyway, I spent last week catching up on some drawings, so here are a bunch!
Mega Blacked Zu Part 1, I gave the raunchier version a shot!
Mega Blacked Zu Part 2
Mega Blacked Zu Part 3
Trixie's Cucking Session, a Tera commission once again!
White Cock - White Flag, a request I got here on, a follow up to No Match.

This week I'll go back to making new facial expression for Sofi.

But before I go, I have some fan art to show you as well! From Cinndrie, this time!
Rebecka Gangbang
Rebecka Gangbang (Cum Version)
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Got a few good facial expressions sent to me during the week, I'll try to make good use of them if I can!
I've received a bunch of auditions for Sofi now, so now comes to difficult choice of choosing which one's best fit for the job... Perhaps I'll have a small sample of each played during stream later today, and we can all come to a conclusion together?
Picarto link here.

Until then, I'm gonna work on some drawings that I've sketched up during the week. I feel rusty as always, but we'll see how they turn out.

I recieved some fan art for you guys to admire today though!

Zara in a wooly turtleneck, drawn by SyncedUp!

And a drawing of Zu getting dicked in the ear by Bear!
Variation 1
Variation 2

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Thanks for all your comments on last week's news post! I really enjoyed hearing all of your opinions. Thanks to you, I decided to not bother with the extra excessive belly shirt animations. I instead a bunch of different tops for her to wear, so we're not completely out of luck when it comes to clothing options.
Here's an example:

So, next up is going to be facial animations. And here I have a chance for any artists out there, to draw a face for Sofi that I might include in the flash! Obviously, I'll choose the ones that fit Sofi the most, more out there expressions might not be included.

You can send in the picture through our Discord server, Twitter or email: [email protected]

I'm also in the middle of looking for a VA for Sofi. Not many want to be part of the project due the rape and bestiality themes, so uh... If you happen to know anyone who are OK with those things, send them my way, ya? I need to find some for Jo & Zu as well, so even if they don't fit for Sofi, they could fill those roles instead, perhaps.

I'm gonna prepare and start working on the face stuff this week, so I might show some off at next sunday. It'll work different from now, but I'm hoping it'll look good still.
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I've made a lot of small changes to Sofi's part, and some bigger ones are to come.
One of these things are a few more cosmetics options for her, I made a bunch of hats.

But when it comes to shirts, if I want to add additional shirts, I'd have to do a whole lot of additional frame by frame animations to make them work. This will probably take a lot of time, and I plan on only doing 5 to 8 extra shirts. But only three of them would actually need this animation to work out...
Is this worth it? Or should I save that time and move on to other things?

Here are some images of the shirts themselves:

For the first shirt there, I was thinking I could animate it so that the bulge comes out from between the gap where the buttons are. Which would be at least something visually different? But ye, should I do that, or cut these and just try to keep it simple?

Also, as you can see, I redrew her eyes to be a bit more rounded. They're not actually going to be positioned like that once I get to making expressions, so don't worry if it's a bit soul starey.
I also slightly tweaked her jaw, to make her head less egg-shaped.

Let me know what you think.
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My sleep rhythm is back to normal... I think. Let's hope it stays that way.

Anyway, don't have a lot on my mind right now, so... I'll just post the new Hampus refs I made:
Hampus Nude
Hampus Clothed

And this.
Some old Ellie angel sketch.

Also, if there are any flash animators out there still, if you wanna help me out with my project, send me a message! I could use some assistance to make the progress on this project faster... Or if you wanna help out or collab on some smaller side project that I've got laying around.
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I'm late again with the update, drat. My sleep schedule fucking sucks so I barely know what day it is anymore.
Anyway, I've managed to get far enough into Zu's animations to have them work out in a playable state. However a beta release if still kind of far off. There's still a lot to add to it. For the time being, I'm gonna try to improve upon Sofi's part further! I'm going to have new voicelines recorded for her and such... Maybe some animation tweaking and other things. I'll stream some of that in a few days perhaps, so if you're interested, keep an eye out on my Picarto page. Or in the discord, where I annoyingly post a ping every time I start.

There's been fan art of chocolate Zu this week: Black Dickgirl Zu!
From ToiletPrinter on our discord server.

I also finally finished Lotta after a long break. Rock n' Raz 14 took up most of my character time, but now she's here!
Lotta Nude
Lotta Dressed

Next character seems to be Sixten's younger brother Hampus, at least if I'm to trust the poll I had on discord.

I think that was all I had for today. Hm. Ye. I think I'll say this is good enough. See ya next time!
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