Something I worked on while my sister was staying here but completely forgot to show here are the character images!

I managed to to a good amount of work on Zara and Sofi! Here, let me show you:

Zara Summer Outfit
Zara Girl's Night Out Outfit
Zara Winter Clothes
Zara Bikini
Zara Kinky Wear
Zara Kinky Wear (Strap-on Version)

Along with slightly tweaked hair- and skincolor, I made her a lot more expressive.

Here's Sofi:

Sofi Summer Outfit
Sofi Fancy Clothes
Sofi Winter Clothes
Sofi Swimwear
Sofi Incognito Clothes

Some of these outfits are still up to debate in the color department. I'm colorblind, so I rely a lot on feedback and suggestions to get it right.

I also made some work on Lollo, mainly making her ankles a bit thicker and adding a little detail I forgot; her wedding ring.

Lollo Nude
Lollo Regular Clothes

I also had the skincolor of Zu and Johanna tweaked since a lot of people thought they were too dark! I hope this is better, then!

Zu Winter Clothes
Johanna Clothed

Is good, ya?

Well, I'm happy to hear so much feedback on Zoo-Phobia. A lot of pipe dreams of what they want to include as well...
It'll help smooth over a few things at least.
Now I'm going to continue with lipsyncing Zara. There's a lot to go through, but I've already made around 8 different lines!
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Mostly, at least! I've got a lot of feedback on various platforms, so I'll be trying to improve on what I can. But next, I'm going to work on Zara's part! I've got her voiceclips ready to lipsync, and that's going to take a while, hoahoa. But it'll make her more expressive for sure. Might add in a few more eye animations to spice it up further. There's not a whole lot to Zara's part after all, but I'll try to make the most of it.

Well, I don't have a lot of else to mention today. Keep posting your thoughts on Zoo-Phobia, it is very helpful!
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I know you've been waiting, so I'll keep it short!

Play it here!
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I and FallowWing have now released a new version of the Sofi Scene on Patreon! We will post a public version on here and other places sometimes during next week, so keep your eyes peeled.

For now, have some fanart! They're all from Cerberus Carmine, he's been doing good work and managed to squeeze out three pics these last two weeks.

Happy Valentine's Day From Zu
Horsing Around With Aisha, Zu and Zara
Making A Sofi Sandwich
Great stuff, I love 'em!

I actually managed to get something done myself, as well.
Scotty Finds A Collectible, which refers to dickgirl Ellie.

Well, that's all for today. I'm hoping you'll enjoy the additions I made to the Sofi flash. I think wednesday might be a good day to release it on.
By the by, I got all the necessary voice stuff for the new Zara stuff, so I'll be ready to start on that once March comes along! (as well as like a billion drawings and commissions I got planned...)
But ye, I'll see you wednesday!
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I've finished up Rock n' Raz 12! There will only be a youtube release, since I don't know how to make working buttons in AS3... But hey, the youtube release has subtitles!

I've been playtestin' the Sofi flash and most of the bugs have been smoothed out. There was one weird bug that made the entire flash play at like 3/4th the speed of normal, but it's been fixed now, hoahoa. It was really painful to playtest during that, I tell you. All that's left now are mostly tweaks to sounds. I'm really hopin' we can get it out soon.

For now, enjoy Rock n' Raz 12!
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The Sofi flash is getting along real well. Fallow made a menu and a preloader for it now, so it should be in a releaseable state! I'm just awaiting a few re-recordings of some moans (They didn't really fit, and were a bit annoying).
A final control check after that and ye, might be golden to go.

I've also contacted a VA about doing Zara's voice for her part, since I can't get in contact with the old VA. Which sucks, because I really liked her take on Zara. I'm gonna have to re-animate Zara's mouth completely, wee-hoo...

Well, right now I'm working on Rock n' Raz 12 when I can. Can't really tell when it'll be done, but sometime this month for sure.
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I've not really done much creative work, gotta be social n' stuff! And it's difficult for me to focus on working when other people are around, so I'm mostly working on this while she's away. I'm still playtesting and stuff for the Sofi flash, and that's going well. Getting closer and closer to something playable, altough there's still a few things that need ironing out! I'm gonna take another look at it once I'm done with this update, in fact.

And there's not a lot else to say! I'm doin' what I can.
I've started up work on another Rock n' Raz to have something that doesn't need a lot of my attention span to work on.
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Sorry for being late again. The combination of trying to change my sleep schedule, dealing with a attention seeking cat and having my sister around left me being either too tired or too busy to write an update. But now here I am, typin'!

Right now, I and Fallow are trying to get the Sofi part out for a second beta release! There's loads of bugs and tweaks that we need to fix up, but we're hoping to have one ready in a week or two maybe!

Been too busy to draw stuff again, but I've recieved a piece of fan art this week too!
Zara Virgin Killer, made by SyncedUp on our discord server! Thanks, it's very nice!

Well, until that beta release, the updates are going to be rather short, probably. See ya next week!
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Sorry that I'm late once again. I'm sleeping during the day and am awake all night again, so I lose track of what days begin and end when.

Right now I'm waiting for the stores to open so that I can find something to make fitting soundeffects for the Sofi flash. We're getting quite close to having a second beta released of it soon. I just need to gather enough sound effects. I think sound is a very hard thing to get right, since I'm not really an audio guy. I don't know what you guys thought about the sound effects in the Ellie flash. I didn't see any comments about them at all, so I assume they were at least passable. No complaints is somewhat positive, ya? I'm hoping I can do better in the Sofi flash, but getting clean recordings are hard and so is finding fitting stsuff online. But I'm gonna try anyway.

Later this week my sister will live at my place for a while, so my production might go down for during that time... We'll see. I'm gonna try to have to fix my sleep cycle until then, hoahoa.

Before I go for today, I've got a single piece of fanart to show off!
Smugfi by Shrapnel.
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Hiya, hope your first week of 2020 has been good!

I've been working on upgrading the beta scenes for my horse project. Adding in new things that I doubt I would have even thought of back when I first released them and updating the art slightly where I can. I've updated Zara's face a bit in her part, she looks a lot livelier now. If I can get in contact with her VA, I plan on having some of her lines re-recorded and add a bunch of new ones. I want to redo her mouth animations anyway, since the way they're made is... Not the best. She kinda sticks to two expressions at most, and lately I've been trying to spice it up with several, ya?

I've been looking at Ellie's part too. It's the part that probably needs the most editing... I want to move the entire scene up a bit, but it'll require extending the arms and legs assets while also adding in hands for Ellie. I'm hoping that's easier than it sounds, hoahoa. I've got a few other ideas for it as well, but we'll see how it turns out.

Right now, I'm trying to finish up Sofi's part as best as I can!
I've added a few more options to toy around with and some extra animation details. Today I have to work on moving a bunch of assets because I failed to read the angle of her legs correctly, bleh.
Otherwise, what's remaining is adding sounds and making different skins for the horsedick.
And coding and playtesting, of course. But, FallowWing will stream his progress on that as usual.
I'm not sure when he's gonna stream next time, but here's his Picarto channel. We've merged our channels, so you can see both of us at the same page if we're streaming simultaneously!

By the way, coming up with different colors for horsedicks to have is... Not easy. There's not really a reliable way to research the subject matter. And then actually adding the colors is even more difficult, since I'm colorblind as fuck.

Anyway, I'm gonna go eat something and then get started.
See ya next week!
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