For me, it feels like I'm just preparing things perpetually. I haven't gotten back to actually animating anything yet, there are so many other things to take care of as well. Right now I'm trying to sort of audio stuff of various kinds.

I made an effort this week to finish up a comic I've had laying around for a really long time. That's what this update is all about, so I hope you'll like it.

The PAWG Mobile Page 1
The PAWG Mobile Page 2
The PAWG Mobile Page 3
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Hope you all had a nice New Year's Eve! I spent mine with a bunch of friends, and it was generally pleasant! Kinda needed the next day just to wind down from all the social interaction... Not used to that all that much. But things are settling down back to normal so it's time to get back into things again!

So, I haven't really been able to draw or such lately, but I do still have some things here for today's update!

First up is Rock n' Raz 16, which you can watch here on youtube. Guess you can't really view it in the embed due to uh... Well, it'll become apparent once you view it.

I should really find an alternate place to upload these to... In the future, I want to just be able to post 'em here on site too!

Next up are some fan arts, commissioned by various people!
Tera, Trixie and Tera's Xmas
Used up Sofi ver 1
Used up Sofi ver 2
Used up Sofi ver 3
Used up Sofi ver 4
Used up Sofi ver 5
Used up Sofi ver 6

These are very much appreciated, great stuff!

And for those who are interested in what my plans are for the new year, well... I'll try to go through my plans real quick here right now.

First, I've made a new to-draw list. It turned out quite long once again, due to many interesting commissions and requests being sent my way! Currently, I'm working on finishing a 3 page comic that's been delayed for way too long.
If you're interested in what the new list looks like, you can skim through it below here!
1. Rabbit boy Richard "Dick" fucking, cuminflating and impregnating Zu
2. Dickgirl buttfucking Zu
3. Dickgirl Zu dominated by Bunny
4. The catgirls dressed as high heel whores
5. Fat Ass Zu - "Zu's Butt Examination" continuation
6. Ran getting swallowed and bred by an alien tentacle plant & horses, leading to more plants spawning, swallowing more girls
7. Trixie's Cucking Session Ending
8. Kurumi - Vampire Girl from PC98 Lotus Land Story
9. Jungle Story 2 - Ellie
[Locked] Jungle Story 3 - Zu & Sixten
10. Goth Ellie and Bimbo Zu getting blacked
A. Zara VS Soccer fans gangbang
B. Clown Zara + Bonus "Blacked Zara"
C. Housekeeper Matilda getting impregnated
D. Blacked Marching Band Trio - Jenny, Jilly & Jonna + Bonus "Blacked Johanna"
E. Goth bitch Ashley Schiumeat getting horse dicked
F. Ellie Nelson DP'd by Goat brothers + Bonus "Goat bros & Zu Xmas DP"
G. Sofi's pantyshot photo
H. Sleeping Booty Zu - 100 years of buttsex with a sleeping, unaging Zu + Bonus "Zu's Butt in a Box"
I. Beleth cuminflating and impregnating the Scarlet Sisters
J. Ruby turned public cumdump on the beach

It's numbered weirdly because I'm also using this as a poll on my discord server, and there's only so many number emotes availible... And yes, I had to condense it to fit the max reaction limit as well.
But yeah, I'm keeping up the polling thing to decide what on the list I should draw next. I find it fun and engaging.

I'll also continue working on the Zu&Jo part! Perhaps I'll return to doing some streaming again, couldn't really do that the last couple of months since testing the game and getting it ready for release isn't really a streaming friendly process.

There are also a bunch of other minor things that I won't bother mentioning, but that I still have to do, blegh.

Thanks for all the feedback on the HHHW release, by the way! It's unfortunate that there are so many people who are unable to play them, but we're gonna look at your error reports and see what we can do with 'em. We want the majority of people to be able to play it, after all!
Also unfortunate is that the whole being unable to play it thing has been the main topic, so not a lot of feedback on the flash itself has actually been posted or discussed! But I am grateful for the little we did get and we'll do changes where we can. A lot of people do ask for things that just aren't possible to change or add, so you're always gonna disappoint somebody. But that's limitations for ya. I'm just one guy doing all of the art and animations, after all.

Mm, I think that's all I wanted to say. We'll see what 2022 has in store for us, ye? Good night for now!
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Play Horace's Hoarse Horse Whores here!

We've updated the game, hopefully issues with being unable to click stuff are now gone.
If you still have issues, do leave a comment.

Now that that's out of the way, here's some stuff that nobody will care about due to the game release:
Mistletoe Mistreatment, a drawing I made last minute for the season!

Two pieces of fan art for the season as well!
Zu Buttfucked by the Devil, made by amethbelle!
Christmas Johanna, made by hime!
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Like I promised last week, the demo is now releasede on patreon!
Go here, Ellie Tier patrons!

For the rest of ya, you'll have to wait til next sunday, after christmas.

We managed to finish up the majority of the bugs in time, but we'll see if any feedback drops in during the week. I'm excited to hear what people think of it.

For now though, I'm working on Rock n' Raz 16. I'm gonna have it be ready for New Year's Eve.
And once we're in 2022, it's back to business again!

Until I see you again, merry christmas and such! Hope you have a nice time with family and friends!
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Next sunday, we'll push out a demo. Even if there are some bugs still persisting, they're probably so minor that they won't bother anyone. And we'll fix those bugs later on and release another demo with those bugs fixed. First week will be patreon exclusive, though.

Until then, here are the last batch of the drawings that I had on my to-draw list:

Jessie Katcat on the BBC Beach, fan art for Oversleepergirl!
Madwoman Ellie's Predicament, Disturbing things are happening in Ellie's basement.
Kindred on the Floor, an YCH drawing that I colored.

I've got a new to-draw list that I'm gonna be start working on next year, and it's pretty long already. Huff.

Well, that's it for today. See ya next week.
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I've been awake for too long, I can't recall what I've been doing last week at all.
What I know now at least is that most of the bugs on Sofi have been smoothed out. I can't imagine anything else will be popping up once these last things have been patched up.
o ye now I remember what I did most of the week, I was messing around with the sound stuff. That was completely awful, I had to cut the silence out of up to 700 sound files, and the go back into the editor and check that every voice line was still matching the lipsyncing. Absolutely soul draining, no wonder I had repressed those memories.

Anyway, Fallow's gonna be away for a bit during this week, so I'm gonna try to finish up what's left on my to draw list. I've got almost everything sketched up, so I just gotta clean 'em up. Look forward to that!

And before I go, some super cool fan art!

Fan art from Oversleeper!
Annoyed Sofi

Fan art from TioZenko!
Ellie's Gift

As always, thanks a lot! Great work.

I'm off to attempt to sleep. See ya next week!
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I had sleeping issues these last few days, so days kinda blended together and I was all around tired. But I'm still here.
Let's see, what do we got for today... A bunch of drawings, it seems!

Slut Ran Meets Butt Breeding Tentacles, and boy do they get it on.
Cat Attacked by Lamb, Chen gets her butt in trouble.
Surprise Titfuck, Scottykat up to his tricks again, this time with Ran.
Angel Costume Ellie, self explanatory!

I'm hoping to get rid of that to-draw list before the year is over! I even put some of the more complex ones onto the next list to make it less heavy... It's just now resulted in the next list being 20 items long instead... Drat. Well, I'll keep myself busy next year too I guess.

Game news: Those sounds I've been looking forward to made for further problems as added silence to the end of each sound file had unforeseen consequences in game... So now I gotta go through each individual soundfile and cut away that silence... Over 500 of them. Blergh.
Still, bugs pop up, tweaks are still made and there are still a few small things that needs to be made!
It's a neverending cycle of things popping up and creating issues where there were none before. Still, it should at least be able to be released during this year. Otherwise I'll be gravely disappointed.

Anyway, FallowWing is running out of things to do while I'm gonna animate the next part of the project, so we're thinking of starting up a small side project. We're thinking of doing a small RPG game featuring the catgirls and various other things and characters in the city and lore I've created.
However, we need people for that! If you're interested in game design, sprite making, writing or other useful game making things, do send me a message on discord. FallowWing is working on a custom engine to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.
It'll be a fun and smutty game, if we can get it going.

Well, that's all for now. Hope to see ya soon again!
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Here's a drawing!
Zealous Zuccubus, Beleth turns Zu into a succubus!

While I recieved almost all of the edited voice clips I was waiting for, it turns out there was a dozen or so missing. Drat. Gotta wait for 'em to get back to me. Also, I had to ask Sofi's VA to record some more noises for a specific thing, since the current ones makes things look real weird for technical reasons. So I'm waiting for those to arrive so I can have the sound guy look over them. Pleh, sometimes it is the most unexpected things that set you back.

Well, it's not all bad since during that waiting time, we've implemented some features that was originally put on hold.
Much hype features like earring chain physics!

And the re-implementation of crying!

And yes, you're able to turn them off if you so wish to.

I'd show off a video, since it's kinda hard to make out from still pictures, but... There are still some bugs and tweaks we need to do before I want to record stuff.

I also got a guy working on hacking in html5 support for, so that the game can actually be uploaded here on the site.

So things are still looking positive!
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Keep seeing comments wondering about how and where you will be able to play the game.
The whole reason we've been doing this new engine thing is to have it be playable both on your PC and in browsers via html5. I'm still working in flash, but it's not exported as an swf any longer, so Fallow has worked on optimization and other visual problems along with the animation coding. So don't worry about that, you'll be able to play any new releases on most things.

Right now, I'm unsure if I'll be able to add new SFX before the demo releases. Sound guys are being rather... unmanageable. Would be quite a shame if they don't deliver on time, since I don't want to just keep on waiting and waiting for an unknown amount of time.
We're smoothing things out currently, though. Most things are working properly, leaving just tweakings to this and that and making small improvements.
I am probably gonna make a small effort to include some more particle effects before the demo will be released, which shouldn't be anything complex at all. Just gotta animate some of it, maybe I'll stream it even.
But I'm gonna aim to finish a drawing by tuesday first! I spent a lot of time today failing to get anything done because everything I drew wound up looking extremely stiff and unnatural. SO I'm gonna go at it from a different angle tomorrow and hope it goes better.

Today, I have a comic page for you though! The story in it was created and voted forward by the community on the discord server.
Ellie's Unlucky Vacation, Ellie's day in the country of Dickgorlia.

Also recieved some fan art!
First is from The Great Avv!
Sofi - The Division
Second is from franc's cousin!
Happy Zu
Thanks a lot to the both of ya!

That's all for today!
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The aliasing issue has been solved, now the game should look as crisp as possibly can be!

Along with the worst of the bugs ironed out at this point, I have to make some additional tweaking to various things, then do another play test run. I can't imagine there's gonna be any more major issues other than further tweaking past that. Don't want to promise too much, but I'm feeling a new demo test release is coming soon.

Got another horse X Sofi themed fan art piece this week as well, this game sure is making things difficult for Sofi!
Sofi Marrying
Drawn by Sinsigat!

Guess I'll report back on how playtesting and such goes next update.
See ya then!
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