That animation is almost done, but we need a couple of more days to see it complete and working. Best case scenario, it'll be done tomorrow, even! Keep in mind though, patrons will experience it the first week before it goes public for everyone.

-- UPDATE --
The animation is released - for Ellie tier patrons.
It's not interactive, so sit back and relax.
Check it out on our patreon, or don't! Choice is yours; I'll be posting this for everyone to see on sunday!

I've spent this week trying to get caught up on some arts, but I still have a lot of drawings to get through...
Here are the ones I got done so far!
The Breeding Deal Colored, commissioner had it colored by Bathstory Entertainment!
Clown Zara, a dumb thing I've been wanting to do since Rock n' Raz 15 was released.
Clown Zara Colored, my coloring supplies are pretty bad, but I tried anyway. It fits the clown theme, but eh. Wasted effort perhaps.
Sofi Jump, digital piece of Sofi I drew for April 1st. I still have no idea what I'm doing.
Pervy Panty Photos, Sofi is getting harrassed by a perv with a camera.

OverSleeper made some fan art for Sofi for her B-Day as well!
Intimidating Sofi version 1
Intimidating Sofi version 2
Intimidating Sofi version 3
Intimidating Sofi's Summer Dress
Great stuff! Many thanks!

That's all I had for today. Now I'm gonna go take a shower and get ready for bed.
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I've spent last week working on a fun little animation, completely separate from the horse project. It shouldn't take too long to finish up, I'm hoping, FallowWing is looking at it right now. My estimate is that it'll be done by the end of the week, but I can't be sure since I don't know much about the coding side of things...

I have a drawing done today though!
Trixie's Cucking Session Part 5, the end of this comic series.

Got this nice piece of fan art from Ionshatter too!
Dinner with Zoo

Well, it was nice with a change of pace for once, so I'm going back to the Zu&Jo again now.
Posted 28th of March 2022 - 17:23 by | 1 comment.
When you think you're done, there's always more things popping up that you gotta look over, tweak and make.
Such has the case been with Zu&Jo's part progress, I was hoping to start lipsyncing, but it turned out there was a bunch of other things that needed my attention first!

Been working out something interesting that'll be exclusive for Zu&Jo's part that I'm hoping will add some fun, some custom body writing/doodle placement. Which means I gotta come up with a bunch of stuff and draw all of it, but... still.

I've also been thinking of expanding the number of skins available for the horsedicks. I'm rather colorblind so it's difficult for me to make some good ones, but perhaps if I make a template, fans might be able to provide colors and patterns for me to use.

Let me know what you think about that.
Posted 20th of March 2022 - 16:11 by | 4 comments.
Sorry for skipping updating last sunday, but I was feeling off last week. Was feeling real drowsy and slept more than I was awake. I'm back to my normal self now again though!
I think I've pretty much finished all of the animation stuff for Zu&Jo's part. I should now get into the technical stuff, like making sure animations play properly, balance out numbers and stuff, lipsync and do sound editing... Not really the most exciting stuff. But it's gotta be done, so I shall begin getting into that tomorrow!

Been sketching n' stuff, but I have not finished much yet, since I'm waiting response from commissioners before I finalize things.
I do however, have this: Pick Your Poison, fan art for Sinsigat.

Not much else to add today, that I can think of... So ya, next time.
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Beleth and Sofi got married, and there's video evidence of it! A whole whopping 5 minutes of it.
I and Pyreaus commissioned the animator DeepStroke to animate it for us.

Watch the full video here: Wedding Gangbang With Catgirls

And here is a commission I finished!
A Dick-Milking Party, where dickgirl Zu is the center of attention.

I've been neglecting posting fan art for a while too... So here comes a whole bunch of it!

From franc:
Valentine's Day

From BP:
Helltaker Sofi
Helltaker Sofi - No frame

From Cerberus Carmine:
Kidnapping Catgirls Finale

From Sinsigat:
Sofi Escape
Sofi Torture
Sofi Tangled Up
Sofi Horse WIP

From ZFX
The Mother

A lot of stuff today, for sure.
I'm still making progress on the Zu&Jo part. Got most of the mouth stuff done, so it'll be done soon.
After that remains making a bunch of other animation details. It doesn't feel like there's a lot left, but there's gonna be a lot of testing and tweaking included... So who knows.
Posted 27th of February 2022 - 20:40 by | 2 comments.
After being a mostly snowless winter, there suddenly came in a whole bunch yesterday. Feels a bit late... Just like this update, I guess. I'm really bad at getting these done on sunday nights, but I always am too busy or tired to write 'em. Blahgh.

I did finish up those animations, once I got into the groove again it went smoother than I expected. Now, I return to making mouth animations... Jo needs to get some expressions made. Was thinking of streaming some today, but it got real late all of a sudden, so I'll save it for tomorrow.

Have some drawings I finished instead!
A Different Kind of Wrecking Game, I am always skeptical of myself when drawing characters from a different art style...
Taking Action, a request from here on If you're still around, this one is for you!
Catching Up, Trixie has a revelation.

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Going back and trying to fix, edit or making new animations with old assets isn't always easy - after some time you've forgotten the flow you were going through when making it, and you sort of have to re-discover the efficiency you had at the time when everything was still in basic mode. This is what I've been attempting to do, and I've snail paced my way through one of the animations I wasn't happy with. Only three left to go. I sure hope I don't need to do more... Getting through the miscellaneous small details is what I'd like to do next, but eh. Hopefully I'll get through these fast enough.

Anyway, here's a commissioned comic page:
The Breeding Deal, Zu strikes a deal with a professional breeder.

Also got some fan art too!
Cinder-Ellie - From TioZenko!
Smilin' Sofi - From BP!

Much appreciated, like always!

I've also attempted to make a map of Granköping. I kinda messed up the numbering on it a little, but the jist of it should still be understandable. It could probably use some further work, but it's good as a base, I think.

That's all I had for today!
I've been going around VA hunting for a voice for Zara, since the old one didn't wanna do the role anymore. But the last couple of VAs that were interested in doing it, they ghost me after a while, for no apparent reason. Very frustrating.
Posted 13th of February 2022 - 20:33 by | 5 comments.
I've mainly got some updates to character art and such today, because most of the other stuff I've been doing is just progress on flash and arts. I'm currently waiting on some voice clips before I can continue doing mouth stuff, though. But I want to redo some animations that didn't look very good in action, so... I gotta make the animation twice now for both Zu and Jo :C

Well, anyway, I've updated some bios - Mikaela's is the most noticeable since I kinda rewrote a lot of her backstory. It's hopefully better than before, but I'm open to hear some feedback on it as well. Writing is hard.
Psycho Girl's Character Page

And here are some of the side characters updated for readability and the funny stats I made.

Posted 7th of February 2022 - 08:46 by | 2 comments.
No drawings finished yet, 'cause it turned out to be a comic page commission. So it's gonna take a while to finish!

I'm working on mouth animations now.

I finished cutting up Jo's voice clips, and there's almost a thousand clips in total.
I don't think Zu's voice clips will reach that amount, but, you never know.
Posted 31st of January 2022 - 18:26 by | 4 comments.
Spent the last two weekends touching up Lollo and Psycho Girl's profile images and summaries!

I also updated Psycho Girl's backstory and some other stuff about her - she's now a mute instead of just choosing not to speak. I'm not quite done with the changes to her bio though, but it'll probably be done soon.

I've finished up both Zu and Johanna's eye animations, woo!
Now I gotta make their mouth animations! They can share phoneme animations, but they'll have unique expressions, so I gotta plan out all that before I begin!

Still awaiting recordings from VAs though, I hope I hear back from them soon.

Been sketching some stuff too, so perhaps I'll have some drawings to show off for next update, we shall see!
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