The new menu and UI stuff is starting to come together... We won't have everything we've planned ready for the next release, but I'm looking forward to seeing reactions to the new stuff at least. Fallow wasn't able to stream this weekend, so the release might be pushed back a little! I did a bunch of small things that has piled up during the week, and combined with a lot of bugs I found, Fallow has a lot of things to get through next time. We'll see once we get there, I suppose.

I've been working on a lot of drawings too, but I got a bunch of unfinished sketches just laying about waiting for confirmation from the people who asked for them... But I managed to finish one!

The Pepperspray Incident, Aisha comes back to see Ellie again.

I also had a spurt of creativity and created the audio for Rock n' Raz 19. That's something I might get to animating while the feedback for the next release is pouring in and before I return to the Zara remake.
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I'm back to the normal (for now) and I'm trying to make progress on a little bit of everything! Had a great time with my buddies, but it does feel nice to be back home and being able to sleep properly!

Just posting to let you know I am in fact alive, and that we're still aiming to get something out for the end of July.

Might have something meatier to write about next update!
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Alright, I talked to Fallow and he said that we might be able to get a release done by the end of July. It'll be a bit unpolished and a few features are unfinished due to various circumstances, but we've been working on getting a new main menu and UI elements working, so getting some feedback on things would be very valuable. Hopefully this is some exciting news.

I'm going to be absent the majority of next week though, going to have an annual meetup with some friends!

In the meantime, enjoy this fan art!
Dickgirl Zu fucking Dejiko by americo sunflower!
Zu Pixelbrush Art by SyncedUp!
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Hey everyone! We're starting to reach a point where we can probably push out a working version of the baby generator. Give it a couple of more weeks and we could probably push something out, even if it isn't super-polished. If you think you can live with some aspect looking a bit rough, that is! We'll have to do more polish and save that for the next update, which will be the Zara remake. Let me know your thoughts, I suppose. Getting the update out and then doing a mini-update based on feedback also works I suppose.

I'm gonna do the last of the lipsync stuff today and tomorrow, and probably get on the huge task of making "pages" for subtitles, so they look better and match up with spoken words over longer voice lines. After that, it's a lot of small tasks that are spread out all over the game. Gah.

I have recieved fan art commissioned by a fan, featuring Ellie and a horse!
Ellie Horse Titjob
Ellie Horse Sex
Always love to see it!

That's all I got for today!
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I struggle to come up with much to say today. Progress is going forward. I was catsitting last weekend, so I wasn't able to do much during that.

I think I got all the voice stuff I need now, so that'll help me out a lot going forward!

Finished up a commission though, have a look:
Unreliable Narrator, is she telling the truth?

Well, I'm gonna check up on all that audio stuff once and for all, so I don't have to worry bout that anymore.
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I've at least gotten a bunch of IRL things taken care of, and I've upgraded my computer so that there's hopefully not gonna be anymore freeze-crashes and whatnot. Anyway, like I said, I had people over for the majority of the week, so didn't really get a whole lot done. Returning to HHHW stuff today, I barely even know where I left off last time. Something about lipsyncing, I'm pretty sure.

I actually did get to finishing up that comic thing for EX though!
Sheep Shock, Johanna finds a Shearpie in the wild. Kinda.

It is however not the reason I am late with the update today. I just woke up feeling somewhat dead, so I didn't really have the brainpower to collect my thoughts and post something. Did however sketch up something fun that was commissioned of me.

Anyway, next up is a mix of birthday gifts and random Zu art I found!

Zu Butt, made by unknown artist!
Birthday 2024, made by destruteka!
Zoo's House, made by Fran-Chan!
Homeless Sofi, made by Oni-Garth!
Lah & Zu, something I found on rule34!
Futa Zu & Blaze, made by 34frames!
Futa Zu Animation, made by unknown artist!
I still need sex with Ellie, made by The Great Avv!

Ye, it's somewhat of a speed round, so if you see something you enjoy, why not leave a comment?
I'm off to try to figure out what to do next.
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Still making my way through lipsyncing, but I've gotten a good way through! Too bad I'm still missing some voice files for Zu. Ack, so frustrating. I still gotta go through all the voice lines and add line breaks in all of the subtitles. That's gonna take a lot of time too. Sometimes I wish I had an additional boy to go through smaller things like that while I do other more meaty parts.

Other parts of the game are also starting to shape up, we've figured out most of the technical stuff and we mostly need a cohesive design now for the presentation, menues and UI. Not my strongest side, but we'll get there.

I made an attempt at some digital art in time for Sweden's independence day, a simple Zu butt:
Zu Swe, she's dressed up appropriately for the occasion.
Zu Swe (Nude Ver.), honestly, there's not a big difference between the clothed and nude version. I think she may have noticed already.

We also have fan art! A lot of it, actually!
The first couple of fan arts come from Bromere, who's been working hard to improve!
Lady Yellow
Zoo From Behind
The pixel style in combination with the great expressions makes it very interesting.

The next art is from Fran-Chan, featuring Zara in her jocket outfit from HHHW!
Jockey Zara
Jockey Zara (Belly Ver.)
I helped out getting the belly shape right, and I think it turned out really good!

Next is something I happened to stumble upon by pure chance, an animation commission by someone featuring Zu!
The animation is made by 34 Frames, and it's pretty darn good looking!
Since we don't have video support on the site yet, you can watch it on X:
Futa Zu on Zeta Animation

The coming week I'll have a lot of people come over for various reasons. It's my birthday as well, so I might be busy for the majority of the week. Don't expect a whole lot next week in terms of content. I'm working on my to-draw list finally as well, and I got a comic page of something in the works. Maybe I'll have time to finish it before sunday, we'll see.
But ye, now you know at least.
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Boy do I wish flash was still supported. Or that I could upload video files to But alas, not yet.

Therefore you'll have to watch Thot Patrol on NewGrounds!
It is Rock n' Raz styled smut, a short little animation about 30 seconds long.

Finally getting back into things, next week I'll probably stream some lipsync progress. Been a while since I did, but it's kinda hard to stream when there are so many small, different things to do. Once this baby thing is all done I'll be able to focus more on the Zara part and I can stream more regularly again.
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I'm looking for someone who is good at drawing particle effects, like tiny details such as snowflakes, fog, cinders, sparkles and similar things. Send me a message on either twitter or discord if you're interested!

I wish I had more to share with ya today, sorry I'm late by the way, but I've gotten caught up in some soul cleansing after the episode I had with the computer. Been working on the Yulia Comp winner's animation to get back into the workflow. I'm almost done with it, should have it ready by the end of the week. Would've been done sooner, but the Paper Mario TTYD remake came out and I've kinda been binging it.

Meanwhile, just taking in all of the things I gotta do for the HHHW update has been a bit overwhelming. I've gotten over it though and once the Yulia animation is done, I'll hop right to it!
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Been working with some audio to begin with. Did you know that I forgot to even add SFX to the buttplug and vagtape animations? That's fixed now. Along with other some other audio related things. Still awaiting voice stuff to get recorded, too, as always.

To get all the baby stuff working, we gotta overhaul and make a lot of UI designs and such. Not something I'm really used to doing so it's been a challenge to put together something that's easy to browse.

Don't have a lot to say already, so I'll just leave this here as a sign of life. Might have something more for ya next week.
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