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Latest news
There's actually snow here in december for once, and it hasn't melted away... yet. Maybe this'll be a rare year where the snows stays all thorough the holiday season?! I would like that.

Well, I've used this downtime to catch up on commissions and art trades n' stuff. I'm waiting for reply for the last option on the list to actually get that commission going... In the meantime, doing requests, trades and gift art that've been piling up as well. It never ends.
I've been told that Sofi voice clips should arrive sometime this week. So once I get those, I'll be returning to set that up along with other small bullshit stuff that needs to be done.

Anyway, here's my part of the art trade with Sinsigat!
Free Souls, featuring Sinsigat's character Zailey.

Also got some guest fan art as well!

First, additional Hachiroku and Zu art:
Balancing Act

And some commission I got from a guy who needed some quick cash.
Sofi & Beleth Comic 1
Sofi & Beleth Comic 2
Sofi & Beleth Comic 3
Sofi & Beleth Comic 4

I'm feeling quite overwhelmed brainally, because I'm trying to juggle several art related things in my head right now, so I'll leave you with this for now. Sorry if it feels sorta short.
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