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Latest news
Still making my way through lipsyncing, but I've gotten a good way through! Too bad I'm still missing some voice files for Zu. Ack, so frustrating. I still gotta go through all the voice lines and add line breaks in all of the subtitles. That's gonna take a lot of time too. Sometimes I wish I had an additional boy to go through smaller things like that while I do other more meaty parts.

Other parts of the game are also starting to shape up, we've figured out most of the technical stuff and we mostly need a cohesive design now for the presentation, menues and UI. Not my strongest side, but we'll get there.

I made an attempt at some digital art in time for Sweden's independence day, a simple Zu butt:
Zu Swe, she's dressed up appropriately for the occasion.
Zu Swe (Nude Ver.), honestly, there's not a big difference between the clothed and nude version. I think she may have noticed already.

We also have fan art! A lot of it, actually!
The first couple of fan arts come from Bromere, who's been working hard to improve!
Lady Yellow
Zoo From Behind
The pixel style in combination with the great expressions makes it very interesting.

The next art is from Fran-Chan, featuring Zara in her jocket outfit from HHHW!
Jockey Zara
Jockey Zara (Belly Ver.)
I helped out getting the belly shape right, and I think it turned out really good!

Next is something I happened to stumble upon by pure chance, an animation commission by someone featuring Zu!
The animation is made by 34 Frames, and it's pretty darn good looking!
Since we don't have video support on the site yet, you can watch it on X:
Futa Zu on Zeta Animation

The coming week I'll have a lot of people come over for various reasons. It's my birthday as well, so I might be busy for the majority of the week. Don't expect a whole lot next week in terms of content. I'm working on my to-draw list finally as well, and I got a comic page of something in the works. Maybe I'll have time to finish it before sunday, we'll see.
But ye, now you know at least.
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