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Latest news
Hey, a little heads up! I'm going on a trip next week and I'll be away for a while, so don't look for a new update until the end of April! I really wish I wasn't though, because I have so many things to do... Well, I'll leave some things for my collaborators to do in the meantime. Recently, I've started up a bunch... We'll see if they lead anywhere. But, the Gooper Blooper remake is still on hold until EX can get working on and finish a commission I asked him to do before the alien stuff even came up. That's what we're gonna get done first now. Hm.

Well, I finished the work on the extra feature for Zu&Jo, and it's basically finished right now. I'm still waiting for voice work though, so hopefully I'll recieve those voice things while I'm gone and I can put it together. I considered showcasing it in motion before I left, but it looks kinda drab without the girls reacting to it so I'm holding it off for now.

Here's one thing that I spent the last three days or so finishing up before I leave as well!
Shoplifting Shenanigans Page 5, the page that was gonna be the last one, until it wasn't anymore.
Drawing all of those extra details on Zara took a whole lot of time.

Someone commissioned a thing from Red Eye Samurai, who's doing Project X modding stuff, to do a Zu animation in the game style. It's pretty thorough, so definitely take a look.
Zu & Velociraptor

That's it for me. I gotta go sleep and then prepare for the trip.
Hope to see ya guys when I get back again.
I'll be active on discord every now and then though, most likely.
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