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Latest news
I was in Japan for two weeks, and when I came back, my PC wasn't starting up. Being the PC pleb that I am, I couldn't fix it by my own, so I was unable to get it working again for around a week, until a friend from Norway came over and solved the problem. That explains my long absence. I've been very frustrated the entire time. I have so much to catch up on now, it feels terrible. Barely even know where to start.

I'll have to figure that out soon I guess. Got myself a new disk, so I have some file migrating and such to do as well.

Anyway, won't bother you with the details. Let me post some art & fan art I recieved while I was away.

Something I drew before I headed off to Japan, I exchanged drawings with Jessie while we met up over there.
He guided me around Akihabara and I got some cool loot with me!
Panty Treasures

And here's some of what Jessie gave me! He's so fast at sketching up things, and so consistent too! And he said he wasn't good at traditional art!
Sofi Zoo Wong
Jessie Sketches
Sofi and Jessie (I requested this one!)

Next up is one from Avv, based off of one of our Worms Armaggeddon sessions:
Fat Ass Nun Sofi

Here's fan art of Sixten made by americano sunflower!
Sixten in the Water

And some 3D scenes of Johanna, recreated in Honey Select I believe, done by Martux!
Johanna Glory Hole 1
Johanna Glory Hole 2
Johanna Glory Hole 3

Really amazing stuff from everyone!

Well, I need to catch up on a lot, so I'll leave it at this for now. I really just needed to post an update.
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