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Latest news
Been working on making new poses and animations for the results screen. Zu & Jo are both done, gonna finish up Sofi this week. The other two can wait until later.
Here's what they look like now:

Once I'm done with these, I can actually move on to finish all those baby assets so I can show an example of what the results screen would look like in full.

I also have some fan art to show today! Does it count as fan art if it is commissioned...? Well, either way, got some good stuff today!

A little something I commissioned from K3MaMi, came with a lot of alts! Check out her art, it's very cute and colorful!
Babysitter Zu - Clean Version
Babysitter Zu - Sweat Version
Babysitter Zu - Graffiti Version
Babysitter Zu - Cum Version
Babysitter Zu - Sweat & Graffiti Version
Babysitter Zu - Sweat & Cum Version
Babysitter Zu - Graffiti & Cum
Babysitter Zu - Sweat, Graffiti & Cum Version
Babysitter Zu - Happy Version
Babysitter Zu - Happy Sweat Version
Babysitter Zu - Happy Graffiti Version
Babysitter Zu - Happy Cum Version
Babysitter Zu - Happy Sweat, Graffiti & Cum Version
Came out really nice, I like 'em a lot!

Got a really funny piece from rollaby, too! Based on the profile pic I use on Discord;
Thumb Up Lollo

I'll leave you with that for now, I got a bunch of stuff to get to today!
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