I sure hope it won't act up again. Getting tired of this shit.
Well, time to post an update now. Whenever I miss a sunday due to site being down I always feel like procastinating til the next one. And now here we are. What's been going on since the last update? I'll tell ya.

First, I've finished up story art, menues and the other little details I needed to do for the flash. Which feels great! All that's left art-wise is the deer faces. I was going to write I need to wait for the VA to record his lines last week, but I got them during this week, so that's not an issue anymore! And I'll return to finish them up once I'm done catching up on my drawings backlog.
Gotta record & scavenge the interwebs some SFX n' shit too, but that shouldn't be too difficult. I've also hired a person to make a good tune for the project! Thanks to you people who support my (very neglected) patreon!
I feel bad for not posting there a lot, but... I can't really post of my stuff on there. Geh.

Secondly, let me post all the commissions, requests and drawings I've finished so far!

Amazonian Cum Storage, Sofi gets a new job. Of sorts. or something.
Double Possession Trouble, Commissioner's character Misty and Lollo team up to frame Sixten for rape against Lucy, another of the commissioner's character.
Mina Meets Mischevious Monsters, Commission from Omegalife. His character Mina Zue gets attacked by some winged and wanged monsters.
Superior Evil, commission of Lollo taunting Psycho Girl after possessing her.
New Bimbo Ready to Serve, A comment on the "Flower Girl Deflowering" by Noramil inspired this drawing. I hope you're happy.
Long Haired Ghost Parody, The only Spooktober request I got. I've not watched the movie where this ghost appears from, but Ellie gets tangled up in the hair of it and is promptly dicked.
TV Butt, I had this idea after drawing it, so I made this like a little follow-up.

There will be a few more by next week! Most feature Ellie. So if you're a fan of her, you'll be glad.

I've mostly finished up the Lollo profile images. I plan on adding some addition information on them from her bio, to not make them so separate. I just gotta get 'em proofread and stuff first. But here's what the new stuff looks like so far!
Lollo Alive Nude
Lollo Alive Undies
Lollo Alive Casual Clothing
Lollo Alive Hiking Outfit

The Sofi and Psycho Girl images will be worked on later as well.
I'm also going to edit the Zu one slightly since I made her torso a bit too tall. It's a thing I noticed I did pretty much always, so I've been working on making torsos shorter in general when I draw things. But you'll see those when I get to 'em.

To finish off this update, how about some fan art?
First one's from HeavenFlower!
Full Nelson Psycho Girl
The rest are made by Lola!
Big Mama Maryin
Age of Zara
Two Lo's One Room

Thanks a lot, I appreciate 'em very much!

If everything goes well, I should have finished up the remaining drawings on my backlog by next week and began working on the facial expressions for the deer. See you then!
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