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Latest news
Well friends, I've formatted my computer and upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. A change that didn't go too smoothly, bleh. I've solved most of the problems I had with it, but there are still some I need to get fixed. For example, I couldn't scroll in the timeline in flash because there was some new, weird hidden away option that made it impossible somehow. That was extremely frustrating. I also need to reinstall a bunch of shit that I have not gotten around to yet as well. Nyeh.

But anyway, I have now created this Discord server I talked about earlier. Even though the interest seemed low, I made one just to see how it goes. It is rather experimental right now, so things would need to be smoothed out with feedback from people who want to use it, ya?

Click here to join!

I hope it will work out, I'll probably post various screenshots and work in progress stuff there.

Before I go, I have some fun fanart from Absented Tangent!
Ellie Booty and Fucked Sofi
Thanks a lot, man!

By the way, I suppose you could more easily show fan art (or other art!) in the discord server too, instead of having to send them by email and not fear it'll accidentally disappear into junk mail. See it as a replacement for the long-dead forums, yeh. I've gotten a guy on making a new version of RC.se too, so there's that to look forward to. Don't expect anything new in the near future though, it is probably going to take a while. Let's see if I manage to finish my horse flash project before he finishes the site, ya? I feel so far away from my goal right now, huff...
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