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And the rain makes me sleepy~. I better try to keep today's update short!

Let me cover some drawings first! Both from me and from others!
Mine first!
Stuck in the Swing! Zu unfortunately gets herself into trouble again...
Punished Girl 2. Lollo and her possessing shenanigans are up to no good once again.
Sofi the Bully 3, poor Zu just isn't left alone these days.

I tried to draw some more things this week, but I hit sort of an art block or something halfway through, couldn't get things to look the way I wanted. That's really frustrating sometimes.

Anyway, there's some nice fanart this week as well!

Public Sex with Aisha, Sheelah and Ellie, Cerberus Carmine's huge tittied and dicked girls make a comeback!
Zu Does a Peace Sign 1 & Zu Does a Peace Sign 2. Riosthename made these nice sketches for me!
Zu Emote. I signed up for this thing a while ago, Satannie was offering. So, here's a sad Zu emote!

I wish I could tell you I had some samples of Sofi's voice to show you, but in the middle of trying to get things just right, the VA got a nasty cold! That's going to slow down the Sofi part for a while, since she needs to get over the damn thing and get back on track. While the worst symptoms of a cold usually passes after a few days, the voice is affected for a longer period afterwards. Drat.

Well, at least there's more progress being done on the Lollo flash as of now. Mittsies got some free time again to continue with the project, and I made some changes in it to make it a bit easier for him. It's still pretty buggy, but it's starting to shape up. The abundance of various voiceclips and different facial expressions is making it quite difficult to balance out. But it's making slow, steady progress at least. And I'd say that's positive.

Lastly, I want to show you another sketch I made, which I think will work out great for the Zu/Johanna flash part.

It's very rough, I'll have to redraw it and fine tune it for the final art later of course! This position will make the action up close and good, while also being relatively easy to work with! I have high hopes for it.
I also redrew the background completely, hopefully it will make the main scene pop out more against it. I'm still really bad with colors due to colorblindness, so I don't know yet. But eh, this one is a bit more optimized, I think the previous background made things a bit laggy during certain animations. It's not as busy.

And I guess I can try to cover some of the questions you asked last time. I'm glad to have recieved so many comments, it makes it easier to judge what I should try to include and what I could change for the better. Or leave out completely. I appreciate the sketches and picture references that was posted too!

"Remove pubes option?"
Got this a lot. I might include one. I don't think there's any garbage area behind them in any of the animations, but I would have to check. It wouldn't be super hard.

"I liked the pose where she was handcuffed to a pole and I think that pose covers all of your criteria pretty well. I sketched out what the pose could look like in the flash as a warm up and figured I'd post it here if it'd help you pick a good direction for the pose."

Not really a question, but I wanted to to highlight these sketches CountMoxi made! Big, fatass Zu and Johanna, hoahoa!

"While I'm not a fand of voice acting outside of general sounds and moans the artwork and aination you have going for this is fucking fantastic and just the quality has me just counting off the days As for the pose i think it really depends on the animals that are going to be in it."
Personally, I think the additional voicelines adds a more personal touch to the flash! I also write my lines with a bit of comedy though, so it might be understandable that they're not likeable by all. But I don't really like the generic "oo fuk my pussy" kind of approach I see in most other porn.

I had a little suggestion time at my discord server a few weeks ago too, where I asked what sort of animals that people wanted to see in it. I got a lot of request for dog, pig and horse. And a whole lot of other things too, but those suggestions weren't animals and thus didn't fit the context. The thing I got out of the whole thing was that an overwhelming amount of people wanted Zu pregnant one way or the other.

"Can there be an option to add dicks? A feminine penis would be nice."
Not this time. If I want that option to be implemented well, I'd have to do a lot of work to not make it look static or tacked on. I'd also want to make it go hard, soft and ejaculate. The balls would probably also be problematic, since they'd hang down over the anus which makes it difficult to make them co-exist with various anal penetration animations.

"if youre keen on just equine maybe an option for color variants too, and a sweaty option for her skin perhaps"
I did add color options in the Zara part, so it might be possible. We'll see, I don't remember the requirements for not making them completely glitch out, it had something to do with having them on the same layer or appear at all times, which is kinda difficult to do when I'm planning on having a few different kinds of cocks. But, we shall see.

The sweaty skin option might be nice. I'd have to figure out how to draw it well, though. We'll see about that too.

"One thing that I'd really appreciate is the cumflation stuff being optional. I know it's kinda your thing, but it's just kinda gross to me and the option to have it not happen would be really appreciated"
Usually, cuminflation has to be animated in manually into the scenes, so it's not always easy to make it optional. With these flashes, considering their complex and rather lengthy animations, it's not possible to do so.

"You wouldn't suppose you could have them suspended in air and arms bound behind their backs. It could fit the theme since it would be simple and less movement to animate, and would also allow could allow the other conditions set. "
The "suspended in the air" thing is actually pretty hard to pull off. You need to include the swinging factor in every animation you make, and that can be pretty difficult to get right.

"Will this be like the christmas one where the more you fuck her, her attitude gets more lewd? Or at least will she be cuming/squirting? Or is it more of a simple animation style."
I'm not sure which of the projects you are referencing, but I am planning on doing something similar with them. We'll see how it plays out, though. The amount of facial animations I make usually makes flash really laggy and difficult to work with, but it's a thing I'd like to add.

"Will they eye brow color change too or nah? Just seems off for the hair color to match."
The eyebrows will be animated frame by frame when the facial animations kick in. Having them switch color will make it difficult to code in.

There, I hope this update was satisfactory. It took a rather long time to write it all out, even if I tried to keep it short.

Ah, it stopped raining... I was hoping to fall asleep to the sound of it. How unfortunate. I'm still pretty tired though, so sleep should come quick.
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