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Latest news
Since it's been a while now, I think it's time to show off some stuff.
Let's start with this:
A preview of Sofi's flash scene.
It's one of the animation loops in the Zoo-phobia flash part. It might not look very lively right now since there are no facial animations yet, but still. It's something! I've still got a bit to do with her part, but it's starting to shape up at least. I've got a bunch of other shit to take care of right now though so it'll be on hold for a short while.

Next, is another reskin-type flash thing I'm doing. I found an old project from 2012 that looked pretty good, though I'm reskinning it to be Lollo. It's also part of the reason I'm putting Zoo-phobia on hold, this will be easy to finish up.
Lollo's gonna work that dick.
This ain't the final look, I'm going to shade and add colored outlines to it. I'm afraid there will be no sounds or music though... Unless there's a lot of want for that.

Well, before I go to bed, I gotta share some drawings I've got in store too.

Fat Ass Zara, some butt expansion I guess, it was a request from the RC.se discord server!

Hypnotized Dicked Doctor, a sort of spiritual sequel. Miles and I worked out a story for this thing!
Read how Ellie becomes hypnotized and taken advantage off here!

Feels live I've forgotten to mention something once again... But I'm tired so I'm just gonna drop it, bleh.
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