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Latest news
Last sunday I went on a long bike ride, and I was completely exhausted when I came home and was too tired to type up anything for the update. When I then wanted to write this morning, RC.se was down due to internet maintinence with the providers or some dumb stuff like that.

That bike ride went to crap anyway, since when we got halfway we needed to ride a ferry, which had closed down just before we arrived so we had to return the same way we came. So horrible, hoahoa.

Anyway, been working on the flash this week, so I don't have a lot to show off. Actually, I've got nothing. Let me find something... else that recently resurfaced thanks to reminiscing with my friends! It's something I had completely forgotten about, from the time before I started drawing human beans. Shows how I was different yet the same even back before I started posting stuff online. All of these were characters I had made up, although I don't remember much about them now, hoahoa.

But if it is something more recent that you want, here's something:

It's a gaping butthole! Not much of it will be showing, since it's going to be covered by cum gushing out probably. I'm just animating the main animations for now, and will probably animate in the cum when I'm done with all of those. I'd say I'm close to halfway. There's just one short animation left in this set, then I'll have to do another set with the same amount of animations. Huff. These take so long, because I have to animate in the cuminflation... And it's just getting more complex with each new animation I make! I wish I had another fetish that was less annoying to animate, hoahao.

I'll probably going to need to find a voiceactress for little Sofi too before I start doing the cum. I might need some audio cues when doing the... Cum coughing thing. Mmh. Same with music, I've got one great track made for the flash, but I still need two more tracks! Or possibly, three. I'll have to ask around with my musically gifted friends and see if they're willing to make some music.

But now I'm just typing out my thoughts. I've fucked up my sleep schedule again, bleh. Gonna try to get some sleep. Nights!
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