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Latest news
I listened to your feedback and asked a friend to help me out with the problematic areas. Hopefully this looks a lot better! I also streamed the process of adding clothes to her just before I wrote this update, too. They're not completely done yet, but they're close to. Just need to add a few more details and shade 'em.

I had a bunch of drawings sketched up, but I spent most of tonight streaming so I couldn't finish any.
But I did get a few bits of fan art! So let's go through them before I head to bed!

2 Cats 3, Zu and Zoo find themselves in a sticky situation.
Zu Titties, it definitely is. Drawn by Oni Garth!
Ellie Drawing, a nice Ellie drawn by Ledgy!
Zara in Peril, this piece is part of an art trade!

Hey what do you know, all 4 main girls got a piece of fanart this week. That doesn't happen often!
I'll probably stream again this upcoming saturday. Not sure what yet, but if I can't find something else, it'll probably be the continuation of the Zara character portrait!
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