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Latest news
Though I have to say, there are a lot of ignorant people out there. I wrote in the description that it's a reskin with some additional features, and you complain that it is what I claimed it was! Other than that, there's been mixed opinions, but the majority seems to look at it positively! So that's neat.

I and Mittsies have begun coding the Lollo flash now too, so it might not be too long until we can get that up and running. I've tried to make Lollo really emotive, so there's a lot eye and mouth animations that need to work across many different stages. Turns out that's been really tricky to code together, hoahoa.

I've also started up work on the farm project again, if I didn't already tell you so. Sofi's part. It's nice to be back, but damn, I've forgotten where I was and how to put a few things together! I'll figure it out though.

Take a drawing before I head off to bed:
Dickgirl Schoolgirls, requested on the discord server.

Good night for now, and I hope I'll be bringing another flash release to us soon!
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