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Latest news
It's sunday today, better write an update or something aaaaaa

I changed the blood on the knife for Mikaela. Is it any better now?
Bloody Mikaela

Other than that, what have I accomplished this week? Hmm.
Well, I started to work on a tiny flash collab project. I want it done before february is over. I'll start working on it full time starting tomorrow. It'll be a change of pace, hopefully it'll do me good.

And, uh... Remember that besped flash I was talking about a long time ago? That one that I was never able to show off, n' stuff? Well... I began to reskin it and rework it to be a part of the ZZZZ flash. As some sort of easter egg, I suppose. Haven't heard from besped in over a year, so to not waste the work I put into it, this is what I've decided to do. Of course, it's going to have to go through a lot of extra work to make it fit the changes I've done.

I made this today and I feel like showing it off:

Pretty obvious what it's going to be. If not, it's going to be Ellie saying "om nom nom horse cock". eh heh.

oh dear, look at the time, i should probably go to bed now
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