I apologize for not updating as soon as the site came back up again. I wasn't informated why it went down, but at least it's back now. My financial situation is getting worse by the minute and I'm not sure if things will work out in my favor. We'll see, I guess. I'd like to say it has affected me in some sort of way, but really I can't feel much else than apathy towards it.

So I've just kept on working with my various projects. I finished all of Ellie's lipsyncing! Next up will be making her eye animations. A task that I hope will go relatively quickly.

I've also managed to finish up a few of them character images.
Here are the current batch that should be all done:

Johanna Nude
Johanna Undies
Johanna Clothed

Ellie Nude
Ellie Undies
Ellie Doctor's Uniform
Ellie Casual Clothes

Zu Nude
Zu Undies
Zu Casual Clothes
Zu Maid's Uniform

I'm currently looking to touch up Zara. Increased leg-length and a few touch ups to the face are in store for her. Might tweak the skintone as well.

One thing I'm wondering is, should I add some additional information of the characters in the corners of the images?
Like, some small part of their bios like names, age, likes and a few such things?
Should I add some extra details that shows how certain things work or look? For example, Zu's nipples or how to draw specific parts or design philosophies behind the characters?

Let me know!
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yo and hello,

follow you around since 2014 I guess

Heve you ever hear of
"Rhubarb Lipsync" ?

some person devloped kind of a toolset to do semi-automatic lipsyncing quite adequate

free, opensource_? ,for different softwares

here is a demonstration of an indi game using that toolset

here is a demonstration of porting the toolset to blender

maybe there is a way to implment this into your workflow
this would greatly increase YOUR performance :D

i try to find a more modern way to contact you if there is anything I can assist you with

Magnus Härenstam wrote:
What an asshole.
Rock Candy wrote:
LaCroix wrote:
I tried to find you something for about 30 minutes and nothing....*BUTT* I don't think I'll quit and NEITHER SHOULD YOU! Honestly people have lately stopped caring about legitimately being open about sex (including kinky shit) here in the U.S. and that's really shitty, but still people like you persist and make things people do LEGITIMATELY enjoy even if you suddenly have to stop animating in flash fans like me will still love your art! ....Maybe im just kissing ass but the world needs people LIKE YOU who make things we can enjoy and use to relieve the stress of living in such a shitty world I think what im trying to say is that the world would be worse off if you stopped drawing/animating.
I wouldn't want to stop animating or drawing, but there's not much I can do about it if I'm not getting enough money to go around.
Yeah...uhmmm sorry I was just trying to be inspirational and help out at the same time....im not really good at it huh?
Magnus Härenstam wrote:
I can't.
Advice Guy wrote:
You should check out subscribestar. They don't block stuff like patreon does, so you can post as much kinky shit as you want, iirc. I want you to be able to keep doing what you love.
Sounds promising, I'll look into it.
You should check out subscribestar. They don't block stuff like patreon does, so you can post as much kinky shit as you want, iirc. I want you to be able to keep doing what you love.
Geared One wrote:
homie. Just ask for help. swallow that pride. sometimes you just gotta go "yo! (yeah i did the thing :p) I do need help this month. commissions are open too!" or something like that

I will donate a few bucks for no reason other than you deserve some love for all youve given us. and I know your paypal address, you cant stop me :p
It's not pride. I'll be denied money if I show signs of income.
So unless you want to donate a sum every month, I don't think it'll work out.
Frank wrote:
Can you update are flash for Johanna plz
Do you want to rephrase that
GrosserKurfurst wrote:
Rock Candy wrote:
GrosserKurfurst wrote:
If you finantial situation is dire, why not open up commissions? Assuming they aren't open already, I'd love to help by getting one!
Because I can't do commissions to cover all the bills and shit and still make flashes and the like.
And I don't think that's a good solution.
But I do a few commissions already. If you're interested, ask me on discord.
That I am, what's your discord?
You can find me on the rc.se discord server.
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