Time sure flies by. I hope you enjoyed the Sofi beta. I've taken some of the suggestions into consideration, though there are more ridicolous ones than sensible ones... I guess it's easy to look at something and think "why isn't this made differently?" without realising the work that went into making it how it is already and understanding the limits behind what you're able to do with a certain concept and assets! Well, no matter. I've started to animate the lipsyncing stuff, and it's looking pretty good so far! At least, that's what I think! I'm using a similar method to how I animated mouths in Spectacular Spectrophilia, and while that isn't ready for release just yet, it will be soon! And then you can judge for yourself!

Sorry for skipping the update these last two sundays. I got hit by food poisoning and was squirming about moaning for Mario to come and save me the first weekend. Then it sort of fell out of my mind because I was going to a little private gaming convention during the last weekend. But now I'm back!

I got a pair of doodles from my sketch book to show off from the trip!
Centaur Zu, something which I'm sure will open a lot of doors for creative people.
And Childret, a joke image I made for a friend on my second Japan trip. I cleaned it up during the last day of the con.

I also recieved fanart from Guillotine Gorilla, who made his own version of GBlastMan's Xu! Been a long time since I heard from him, though... Anyway!

Xu - Guillotine Gorilla ver.
Xu - Guillotine Gorilla ver. (Zu colored)
Very impressive! And frightening!

It'll take a while to do all the facial animations, so don't be surprised if I don't have a lot to say the upcoming weeks. Until next time, have a good time!
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Sorry to hear you had food poisoning. Stay safe and healthy, and try to stay happy too!
I came down with food poisoning as well so don't feel bad, it takes everything to not just die.