It's been getting cold fast. I'm hoping we'll get a lot of snow when winter comes. But for now, it's still just the beginning of October. I suppose I'll have to try and get some spook themed drawings out, eh? I'll see what I can do.

I've yet to recieve voice clips from my VA, since she's got a life to live unlike yours truly, but from what she's told me she's done a lot of practicing and recordings while she can. She wants 'em to be real good, so I hope it'll be worth the wait. I'm curious to see how they sound myself!

Well, I still have a few drawings to show off! I've been working on sketching up a comic too, so I might try to finish that by next week. It's two pages and I've sketched like 90% of the first page out, so unless I run into an art block or something, it should go smoothly from here. Anyway, those drawings...

Self loathing, Zu's got problems alright... You don't see her in this state a lot!
Invisible Buttfucking, I looked through the requests here on site and saw this idea... I think I wanted to make this a lot more than it is, but eh. Can't succeed every time, I suppose.
Feeding on Tera's Dick Milk, continuing Zu and Tera's little interactions.
Butt Break, a fun pun idea I had...

Also received a piece back from the Tera drawing;
Lollo Dominating with a Strap-on!

Hope you all are getting cozy. October is a good month for coziness. I think so.
I'll see you next sunday!
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