Thanks to a nice guy, Damien, I've finally gotten this thing coded. I've been waiting for such a long time, but people kept pulling out for one reason or another.

There's no sound yet in this release, since there are still a bunch of stuff I've not decided on.
A good few things will be added and changed in the final version, but what you see here is a good ground!

There is once again no preloader, so keep that in mind. Refresh if things seem to be wonky.

Rating: 4.31
Votes: 357
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credits: Rock Candy & Damien

Uploaded 11th of August 2018 - 04:53 | Download
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wait-how do you play?
My favorite of all your flashes so far!
Can't wait for sound if this will have any.
maybe pull her back or ponytail it so it shows it sliding down and expanding her throat?
sorry if this had already been recommended but I would be interested in seeing some jizz shoot out of her butt during the cum animation. Dunno if it is possible but it would be neat.
Would you kindly make the body art and outfits separate things, another idea: An option to lactate without being milked, just lactating on the ground.
Icle wrote:
I just hope well be able to fuck her with her belly still inflated.
I agree
I just hope well be able to fuck her with her belly still inflated.
Definetely needs the background darkening a bit so the foreground sticks out more
This definitely needs all the way through and some nice lipstick smearing
Looking excellent so far.
All the little variations in the animations that play make it feel way more alive. Keep it up.
Tanaqud wrote:
Really like what I'm seeing so far. Any chance of you doing more with the lactation element?
I agree. I would love to see more flashes that involved breasts, lactation, BE, etc.
Would totally get my full support if he did.
Pack it in, horse. If her belly ain't touchin' the ground, you ain't workin' hard enough! >:3 If her eyes ain't rollin' up and her mouth ain't drippin', you're not done. <3

In all seriousness, I love the animation, it's amazing. She could always be bigger though. :3
definitely needs to go all the way through my dude. Keep the amazing work!
Simply amazing!! All the details are awesome.. great work Rock Candy!
please add a viewable navel that protrudes from the cuminflation.
Please add a viewable navel that protrudes from cuminflation. More of the same, sure, but I love it.
Plz add anal action :D

Very nice animation! I wait for the final version.
is it the same version of zara beta but this is a blowjob?
Will a fuck be possible?
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