It's not good for you!

Fan art made by Guodzilla!

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Posted 4th of June 2012 - 02:50 | Download full version
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Yawrp! As I said before, at least she didn't shove down with the POINTY end.
omg she streched his dick with her spear into his own ass
Zerg Girl wrote:
Ouch! XP
At least (as RC pointed out) SaberZu didn't force the POINTY end down his ass!
Dunno how much GOOD that was, since she also knotted his dick around the spear and then stretched it out and knotted it about his neck, for good measure! }XD
Ouch! XP
a girl named Lynn wrote:
thank you Guodzilla
Nice kill SaberZu
She didn't kill him; Actually, he raped Zu and then TRIED to rape SaberZu, at which point she beat the ever-livin' snailshit outta him.
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