Ellie des Chaton
The sentimental nurse with healing ablities.

•Full Name: Ellie des Chaton

•Theme Song: Another Traumatic Night at the Hospital

•Age: 38

•Height: ~1.80 meters.

•Weight: ~80 kg

•Birthday: 1973/May/11

•Eye Color: Brown

•Hair Color: Blond

•Favorite set of clothes:
Ellie's closet is full of clothes. A lot of classy and expensive dresses, shoes and blouses.
She's usually seen in her working clothes.

A barrette decorated with a black ribbon.
Its main purpose is to keep her hair in check, but it also has a little cuteness factor.

A green scarf.
Sometimes when it's windy, cold air blows down her neck and inbetween her boobs, espcially if she's biking. It is very unpleasant, so the scarf is there to prevent it from happening.

A short-sleeved white doctor's coat.
Kept shut with buttons. The bottom one seems to always be unbuttoned. It keeps warmth pretty well. There's a nametag with her name and title on it on the left around her chest.

A black & white checkered skirt.
Stops just above her knees. It's not very tight, so it is easy to move around in. You can't play chess on it; there's only four rows.

A pair of long white socks with black heels, toes and lips.
Stops just below her knees. Pretty ordinary socks.

A pair of white shoes with black tounges and black dots on the white outer side.
Shoes that seems to be a size bigger than they should be. Ellie likes to have space for her feet, as she tends to wear her shoes all the time at the hopsital.

A little white piece of cloth tied to her tail with a red + on it.
Signaling to anyone behind her that she's a doctor.

A black bra.
Quite large. Keeps her breasts in check. Decorated with small white ribbons.

Black panties.
Cute, but nothing all too spectacular. Also decorated with a white ribbon on the front.

•Breast size:
Her areolas are large and puffy.

Sweden, Granköping. She lives in her own villa in the upper-class area of the city.

Doctor. She has her own little office in the city hopsital and takes in people who are hurt or need somebody to talk to. Due to her MABFD, she's often called along to assist in emergency cases.

Ellie is generally a nice woman. She can get strict and serious when working or talking about health, though. She's usually pretty calm and does not get worked up easily, which is good in emergiencies where someone needs to take control and sort everything out. If she realizes somebody has been hurt, she's always one of the first to take action.

However, Ellie can be a bit of an airhead at times, at least when it comes to things that aren't work related. When deep in thought or focused on a task she can become oblivious to her surroundings. If she's put on the spot or is suddenly pulled out of her little world, it'll take a little while before she realize what's going on around her. Making silly little mistakes, both verbal and practical, or being slow at putting one and one together to make two can be signs of Ellie being absentminded. She'll probably be the last person in a group to understand a joke. Her own humor is a little awkward and she'll often be the only one laughing at her sometimes rather weird and inept jokes.

Due to being disrespected by males during her upbringing, she's very distrustful and sensitive when it comes to relationship matters. There are not a lot of men that she's given the chance to come close to her, even though she'd love nothing else. Love as portrayed in romantic books and films is something she believes is real and therefore strives toward. Since that is rarely how things work in real life, she's acquaried a very high standard and is constantly rejecting anybody who tries to date her. Unsurprisingly, this has lead to Ellie feeling very lonely. She attempts to fill the empty gap in her heart with luxury gadgets and trinkets and of course, reading up more romantic novels.

She will not doubt to interfere in a fight if she happens to come across one. Hectic arguing and people getting violent is something she wants to avoid, even if she's not involved personally. Since she's got a rather strong body, she's not afraid of jumping in to stop and constrain a person in a fist fight.

It is very rare to see Ellie get angry. It would require a lot of irritation to get her to spill over. An unequalled foolhardy action or desicion could also turn her mad. She'll be more prone to being annoyed if health and safety rules are ignored, and will promptly lecture whoever has been caught in the deed.

Ellie likes to paint, using easel and canvas. Lots of practice has resulted in a high understanding of the medium and she can paint both portraits and scenery skillfully. Sometimes she takes trips to different places of the country to try to find a beautiful scenery she can depict. If asked, she'll gladly paint your portrait. However, it isn't free. Material costs money!

Gardening has become a thing that Ellie likes to do on her spare time. Wandering in a beautiful and florishing garden has been a dream of Ellie's since she was young. So when she moved into her own villa, she began to plant flowers, berry bushes and fruit trees around her yard. It's quite a sight during the summer.

Staying fit is important for Ellie. Since her healing ability has the drawback of making her consume a lot more food than a normal person to work, she has to work out regurarly, or else she'll turn plump. It is something she'd like to avoid, so she's exercising almost daily.

Ellie likes to be respected and wants to be met with pleasant behaviour, like how she treats people she meet. A mutual feeling of compassion and a will to help people in need in the community of the human race is what Ellie wants and strives for. Therefore, she tries to be understanding, tolerant and gentle. And hopefully, she'll get something similiar in return.

She donates money to organisations or people in need when she can. She is always happy to help out unfortunate people. What she wants to see is a better world, and she always tries to focus on the main problem instead of getting caught in details or sidetracks.

She likes to read books and watch movies about love and romance, no matter how cheesy or sappy they might be. Ellie is a sucker for happy endings and people meeting their soulmate, and it's easy for her to self insert as the woman main character.

Buying new, modern things that makes her household chores more effectively and easy to do. She spends money on things that she thinks looks comfortable or enjoyable, or simply looks beautiful.

Ellie also likes to be able to enjoy things that makes her body feel good, like massaging, hot baths and soft pillows. She's a bit spoiled that way, but she can't help it.

Ellie likes to reinforce rules and laws. Therefor she hates when people doesn't follow them. If for example somebody is smoking in no smoke zone, she'll promptly smack the cigarette to the ground and put it out for them and scold them. She'll speak up whenever somebody is doing something to disturb or subject other people to harm.

Ellie dislikes to be objectified, or to be seen as a bimbo. Since she looks like she does, it seems that some people either distance themselves from her or simply see her as a challenge to best and ultimately get her in bed. The times where she's been interrupted during her daily life by people who want to get to know her better or throw witty remarks her way are too many to count.

•Favorite Food:
Ellie is a bit of a gluttonous gourmet, but she's not an experienced cook herself. She loves sweets and desserts, so she often eats at resturants. But she ends up cooking common dishes if she has to cook on her own.

•Favorite Animal:
Cat. She has a white persian cat named Kitty. It's very a fluffy type of cat, so it sheds a lot.

•Music Tastes:
Ellie likes classical and calm, soothing music.
Beautiful arrangements from orchestras, but also a few pieces of smooth jazz and rock.

•Linguistic Quirk:
Often uses the phrases "Oh dear", "Oh my" and "Oh my stars".

•Top Kinks:

•Important/Dear items:
Her small car.
It has only two seats and is environmentally friendly, well, as friendly as possible at least. She doesn't use it a lot, she rather bikes or walks unless she's going far.

Queen sized bed.
A bed meant for two, but Ellie sleeps in it alone. She can really spread out on it, free from all space limitations. Very luxurious and comfy, with extra curtains around it so that she can make it into a small tent.

A jacuzzi.
Placed in her private bathroom, this jacuzzi is something Ellie loves to use. She and Zara has had a lot of fun in it.

An outdoor pool.
It's designed like a small oasis, complete with fake palm trees. She and her friends often swims in it during hot summer days. It is located in her backyard so that perverted people can't see her in bikini or swimsuit from the street.

Home Theatre.
Often used during weekends with friends or late nights when she has bought a new movie.

Brushes and canvases of very high quality.
Ellie is kind of spoiled when it comes to art equipment. She wants her paintings to look as good as possible, so only the best is good enough for her.

•Goal in life:
Ellie wants to heal and cure as many people she can during her life time, and make the world a better place.
She wants to meet someone who doesn't like her for her looks only.

Ellie has a bunch of collegues and friends at the hospital, but next to none in her neighborhood. She barely has any male friends.
She has many relatives in France, but none that she really knows.

Ellie is the legal caretaker of Zu, as she adopted her. Yet, Zu still sees Zara as her mother. Ellie is the one who helped Zu learn to read, talk and write as well as understanding social rules and behaviours and other systems, rules and laws that today's society uses. Mostly through contacts, but she did a fair job of teaching too. Ellie was quite stern with Zu during the first years, because she was very curious and wouldn't focus on the lessons a lot. While it was necessary, Ellie now feels that Zu is worried that she wont live up to her standards. Therefor she tries to spoil Zu whenever she can, with hugs and presents. Ellie is still interested in educating Zu further and try to raise her intelligence by playing games that require thinking and logic, like chess, scrabble, monopoly or card games. Not much luck so far, but she wont give up. Zu stays at her place very often, but she feels it might be a bit boring for her as she doesn't have much things laying around that a child might find interesting. Nonetheless, she's free to use her home theatre and pool at any time to keep her busy.
They have a very good relationship!

Zara's her best friend, and they often socialize with each other. While Ellie is more calm, she's usually the one who gets pulled along on Zara's new crazy ideas, or have to stop her when she's acting without thinking. Ellie thinks Zara is wasting her talents by sleeping around so much, and often tries to encourage her to go to classes or help groups that can help her. Zara tries to make Ellie not see masturbation as a taboo. She has lent out a couple of movies that she thinks Ellie would "enjoy," but Ellie feels somewhat reluctant to watch them. Zara can be difficult to deal with sometimes.
Even so, they have a very good relationship!

Sofi was brought in to her office after being found uncouncious on the street. When she had recovered, Ellie had to extort information out of her. She found out she was parentless, and that she used violence to make sure she'd stay that way. But Ellie managed to convince her to at least let her help her find someplace to live. She'd pay her rent to begin with, while Sofi would have to stay in school. The next thing Ellie wants to do is to make Sofi stop theiving, because she doesn't want to report her to the police. She believes there's a nice girl under her hard shell, and she wants to help that girl to come out. Ellie's willing to help her out if she runs into trouble, and doesn't mind her company. She can be a bit hard to deal with, but Ellie's determined to change her, and often invites her to dinner or smaller occasions.
They have a good relationship.

In Ellie's eyes, a laid back boy who seem to be able to take care of himself. She thinks he's a good match for Zu, who's too energic for her own good sometimes. They kind of level each other out, Ellie likes to say. While he can be quite humorous and brisk, he will usually quieten down whenever she's around. She figures he's a bit afraid of her status, and tries to act more casually to help him get rid of that feeling. He's a good listener, so Ellie finds herself talking about various subjects with him to wind down if he's around. They go along well and she's willing to help him out if he ever finds himself in trouble, and she feels like he would do the same to her.
They have a great relationship!

While Hampus might be straight forward, and perhaps a bit rude sometimes, he doesn't mean any harm. He's alert, sharp and a bit of a joker, which makes him great with crowds. If he's around, Ellie always suggest they play a game, because he's a good sportsman, team player and opponent. She likes seeing that kind of spirit in a young male, and she cannot help but get pulled along. Sometimes she wonders how he and Sixten can be so different when they're brothers.
They have a very good relationship.

Ellie's mom's name is named Estelle des Chaton, and her father's name is Gaylord des Chaton.
Ellie's parents are very rich, and she still has contact with them. They live in a big mansion a few blocks away from Ellie. They're proud of what Ellie has become, but doesn't like the people she hangs out with. Except for Zu, which they think was very noble of Ellie to take care of. Of course, Ellie doesn't know that. Ellie are on good foot with her parents.
They have a good relationship.

•Skills/Special Abilities:
Ellie has a systemic disorder called Metabolic Accelerant Bodily Fluid Disorder, MABFD for short. It's a genetic trait that only manifests rarely within catpeople.

Ellie's bodily fluids work as a catalyst, increasing the speed at which cells in the body multiply. This means wounds will heal up faster but at a cost of more rapid use of the body's resources. This also affects infections and viruses in the same way, so caution must be used when applying Ellie's fluids onto somebody. When her liquids are applied to another person, they are not quite as potent but will speed up their cell replication over twofold.

Due to the accelerating effect of Ellie's fluids and it's inability to distinguish between the body's cells and bacteria in an infection, it could worsen an infection if it is applied to the infected area.

Ellie would be sick for longer, but as her immune system, over the years has gotten a lot stronger, it would respond with more intensity to threats such as diseases. Therefore it could lead to her fevers reaching higher temperatures than those of a regular person.

She'd lose a lot of weight when enduring a virus, infection or recovering from an injury. It's important that she eats a lot in case something unexpected happens. It's important that the person her liquids are applied to also have a lot of energy to spare.

Because her metabolism being effectively three times faster than a normal person's, her periods come that more often but last only a third of the time. This means that if she were to get pregnant, her pregnancy would only take about three months. Likewise, a male person with MABFD would produce sperm at the same pace. Since Ellie has a normal mother, the number of egg cells remain the same as a regular human’s. Because her MABFD causing her periods to be 3 times more common, but her uterus takes only 2 days to heal, also her menopause is heavily delayed; daughters of a mother that has MABFD are very likely to be born with triple the egg cells, which would lengthen the time before they would hit menopause by three times.

If the pregnancy goes through and she has a child, the child will most likely not inherit her ability, Ellie's blood would get filtered out and replaced by regular blood over the course of a few months. But during that time, the child would be more susceptible to diseases, much like Ellie herself.

Since her cells replicate at a far higher rate than normal, Ellie will reach quite an old age. Because they are replicating as quickly as they do, the DNA of her cells oxidises and degenerates, or aging, at a much slower rate. Which results in that Ellie would retain a youthful look for longer.

Medicine for Ellie would need to be more potent and the effects of various drugs and alcohol would come in faster, and also fade faster.

•If You Could Have Three Wishes?:
Wish 1: "I wish for world peace and equality."
Wish 2: "I wish there was a solution to stop pollution."
Wish 3: "I wish crimes, corruptions and evil ceased to exist."

•Random & Miscellaneous Facts:
1. In early Ellie art, characters were drawn much shorter. Since Ellie is so wide, she looked fat. Calling her "Fat Boy Ellie" has become sort of an injoke.
2. Ellie's healing abilities has changed a lot during her character developement. In the beginning, she could heal any injury or sickness.
3. Ellie can speak French along with English and Swedish.
4. Due to her MABFD, her hair growth is accelerated as well.

Ellie was born to Adam and Estelle des Chaton, a wealthy married couple who moved to Sweden in their youth. She was conceived because they wanted to have a child who could inherit their wealth. Never did they expect their child to be born a catgirl who, after a quick sample check, had the rare feature of rapid cell multiplication, known as MABFD. Only found within catpeople, a minority within a minority.

Growing up, Ellie was kept inside and isolated a lot since she was much more susceptible to diseases in early life. She was quite a lonely kid even though she had all the toys she could wish for. Taught from a young age to stay fresh and keep clean to avoid catching unnecessary diseases, her parents were so wary of Ellie's health that they put her under homeschooling.

But after a few years of that, Ellie became sick of not being able to meet other kids. She demanded to be allowed to start going to public school. Ellie had never been the demanding type, so Adam and Estelle re-evaluated the situation. Feeling they perhaps were being overprotective. The decision made was that Ellie would have to wait until she turns 13 to start public school, since she'd have an easier time blending in when classes are scrambled when 7th grade begins.

Only a few weeks of public school made Ellie realize just how different she was from other kids her age. The MABFD resisting any change, resulted in her puberty beginning much later than normal, so while the other girls in her class were growing, she was getting no attention from the boys. Not that she sought any, but it strengthened the feeling that she was getting left out. Ellie lacking social skills and being considered somewhat weird did not help her case. That she eats a lot more than usual was something she'd get teased for, and for a period of time, she attempted to cut down on the amount of food she’d eat.

After speaking about it to a curator, she was reassured that she shouldn't try to do something like that, since her disorder needs a lot of energy, as it's perfectly normal for somebody with MABFD. The exchange with the curator left a big imprint on Ellie. She'd also like to be able to help people like that. With her unique disorder she could become a great doctor, she thought.

Even though she was a little awkward she never gave up trying to socialize with the other people in her class. Although she didn't succeed in the majority of her attempts, she managed to get along with the less popular girls. Her newfound positive and sympathetic attitude spread amongst the group, raising the mood during their school attendance significantly.

In 9th grade, Ellie’s body started going through puberty. At this point the MABFD could not hold back the hormones piling on over the years. Her body rapidly grew in size and she got a figure that no boy could take his eyes off. Suddenly, she had became really popular. Her little group of friends were constantly bothered by boys who wanted to become a pair with her. The attention was not lost on Ellie. In fact, she quite enjoyed it. She decided to hook up with the boy she fancied the most.

But the love didn’t last for long, if one could even call it that. The boy was not interested in her, he was only interested in her body. It was painfully obvious when her body received a lot of attention through groping and oral activities but her feelings were largely ignored. Though she broke up with him and gave another boy a chance, the same thing happened again. This in turn made Ellie very skeptical of the attention she was getting. It was not difficult for Ellie to discern the true purposes behind the countless attempts to win her over. They wanted her good looks, not her. If they could get her, they’d make everybody else jealous.

Therefor, Ellie turned cold towards the male gender. While it felt good to pass up any boy who tried to make a move on her, she was also saddened, because she wanted to have a boyfriend. Just one that actually cared for her. Since her graduation came closer, she hoped that she could meet new, more mature men at upper secondary school.

But such luck would not fall upon her. Because of Ellie’s interests, she had chosen to study towards health care and psychology, aiming for a Ph.D. Her new classmates would judge her because of her apparent beauty, and during the first time at the school, she’d hear people call her a bimbo behind her back. Some of them would ogle or hit on her, but make little effort to actually get to know her, mostly the guys with an inflated ego. Some of her female classmates felt jealous or insecure near her presence, making up lies about how she’d used her looks to gain various advantages. Once again, the lack of respect from certain classmates was severe, while she was scaring away the rest with her looks.

If it wasn’t for the understanding teachers, she probably would have dropped out of school due to depression. With some assistance and guidance, Ellie was able to establish that she was more than a stereotype and that she is being serious about her studies. While she still had trouble forgiving her classmates for treating her like they did, she was content with that she was now at least being respected.

On the side of her studying, Ellie wanted to find out if she somehow could donate blood or other fluids to help people out. Because of her MABFD, it could be very useful in certain situations, she thought. However, even though her efforts were appreciated, the rules for blood donations stated that you need to be at least 18 to give blood. Ellie argued that her disorder could perhaps have an exception, but this was not the case. The rules around blood donation are very strict, and people with MABFD actually have to wait after puberty, when their hormone production normalised, as during puberty they produce so many hormones that giving such hormone rich blood to another person would be almost like hormone therapy.

Somewhat disappointed, but still accepting, Ellie decided to wait. When her parents were notified about this, they immediately looked into the subject, wanting to help their daughter. After some research, they found out about international companies that were selling fluids from people with MAFBD at a high price to hospitals and private consumers who could afford it. One of the most prominent companies was called AntiLeto. Seeing as there are only a few hundred people with the disorder in the world, they’re at a constant lookout for new possible partners. Anybody who’s willing to become a partner would get paid well, as long as they deliver the expected amount at the end of each month. They would then run tests on the fluids to make sure they’re valid and repackage them as “Angelic Tears” and sell them forth.

Ellie was skeptical to this, but her parents were very persistent. It would help her a lot economically during her lengthy college education. All she’d have to do was to spit in a jar a few times a day, they so elegantly put it. Since Ellie trusted her parents to know what they were talking about, she agreed to sign a contract with AntiLeto. Some weeks later, a box full of 10 ml bottles arrived and she was set. Her initial quota for the month was about 250 ml of saliva, but the quantity requested was increased as the partnership continued. An important notice when supplying saliva is that a neutral pH value of the mouth was required, as well as no food with lingering odors would be consumed beforehand. It was also advised to drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated. Females with MAFBD had an additional opportunity to supply their milk during pregnancy. Since milk is a much more rare thing to acquire, it sold for much higher prices. It’s considered a luxury, since many can feel reluctance to putting someone else’s saliva in their mouth or wounds, no matter the sterile nature of the product.

Her parents’ inquiry around the subject had left some traces though, some of which had been snapped up by journalists. Requests for interviews and reportages with Ellie soon came flooding. Since she’s not the best at saying no, she accepted the requests, and soon the fact that Ellie had MABFD was public knowledge. It turned her into a somewhat local celebrity. The attention brought both negatives and positives, but the interest in her faded off rather quickly, since she was just only studying.

But during the climb to her goal, the journalists came back from time to time to update the masses on her progress. Over the course of a decade, Ellie moved away from home, bought her own villa and began and finished the lengthy education procedure to reach a doctorate. When she finally could call herself a licensed physician, alternatively titled doctor in popular speech, she was still single.

She was now working at the Granköping hospital as a doctor, doing her best to help each and every individual who were in need of help. It could be a stressful job at times, but it was nothing she couldn’t handle. However, she felt that her MABFD was being underutilized like this, and wanted to start undergo further education towards a medical specialist within the MABFD area.

But before she could begin, the whole incident with Zu happened. She fought to keep the poor child in her safe hands, rather than having her put in an institution or in a foster home. The girl was frail and easily influenced at this stage, and she felt that Zu felt safe with her and Zara. It was incredibly difficult to convince the authorities to let her keep her since she was single. With a lot of strings pulled by the help of Ellie’s parents, she managed to win, but with the requirement that she’d be assisted by a personal assistant and necessary specialists during the adaption phase.

A lot of her time and effort went into nursing Zu into a healthy citizen. Unfortunately, she seemed to have inflicted some type of damage to the brain, since she had a lot of trouble with pattern and symbol recognition, simple math and problem solving and logic exercises. But under no circumstances did Ellie ever regret to take Zu under her wing and teach her about life. The amount of happiness and gratitude that the girl radiated was invaluable.

Only two years later, a small unidentified catgirl was sent to the emergency ward, where Ellie was working at the time. She had been found lying unconscious in the street and a fellow human had found her and called 112. It turned out that the girl had pneumonia and was very malnourished. The girl was so thin and feeble that it looked like she could fade away at any moment. But Ellie was firmly determined that she was going to survive.

When the girl finally awoke, she was shocked and wary of her surroundings. She wouldn’t tell Ellie anything about herself except her name, Zoo, and wanted to leave. But Ellie explained that they could not just let a child leave unsupervised without their parents. After a period of struggling between the two catgirls, the smaller one gave in and started to tell her bits of herself. What she heard was another soul in desperate need of help, even though it was confined within a hard outer shell.

Ellie forced the girl to accept her help by making demanding compromises of what they both wanted. It was difficult, but she managed to get the girl to trust her. She managed to put the girl in a home and in school. It was a few more expenses on her part, but she again was willing to put out a sum of money to help this troubled child. She even managed to make her befriend her adopted daughter, which she became really happy about.

With both her cutiepies becoming more independent by each day that passed, Ellie could finally start her education towards becoming a MABFD specialist. About five years of specialist education, which she put her all into. She can now proudly shine with her new title, as well as utilize her MABFD exceptionally.

•Current Life:
Ellie's job can be quite stressful, so she likes to take it easy whenever she's free. Since she works a lot, it can be difficult to reach her a lot of the time. Her schedule is seldom consistent and late night shifts are common, so she can be quite tired at times.

And that's Ellie. A proud but whimsical person, would be a good summary. If you need to know anything else about her, don't be afraid to ask
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Ellie Weighs 90 Kg?
Is her hips made out of lead?
(Then it could really be "Buns of Steel")
512 wrote:
In Zu's profile, it was said that catpeople USUALLY had healing abilities. Out of 7 catpeople I've seen in this universe, only Ellie has the healing powers that catpeople usually have.

Has the "catpeople are usually healers" statistic been scrapped?
I'll cover that in Ellie's bio when I get to rewriting that.
In Zu's profile, it was said that catpeople USUALLY had healing abilities. Out of 7 catpeople I've seen in this universe, only Ellie has the healing powers that catpeople usually have.

Has the "catpeople are usually healers" statistic been scrapped?
My, my! What a good looking and very well made character, maybe even being my favorite one from all of the 7 (or more) characters that you created! She is lovely, sexy, cute, not-harmful...I just hope there is more drawings about her in the future
Happy Birthday yay party at some reasonable time.
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