Apparently, some of ya can't keep track of what I've been talking about lately. I won't blame ya, I always write my news posts before I go to bed, so I might be a bit unclear sometimes. So, to make things clear:

Spectacular Spectrophilia:

Project awaiting coding. Mittsies will finish it when he's got time over, since it's a big hurdle to work with.

Butt Bus:
Cancelled project. This is all that remains of it. While I'm talking about it, here's a sketch + more of an old idea from way back, that someone wanted to see again. I'll finish this sketch up later.

Farm Project:

I'm working on this currently. I've had to upgrade to CS6, since CS3 farts itself when trying to load this.
CS6 is such a bitch and I hate to work with lines in it, so I've been a bit reluctant to work on it. Gyeh. I've finally finished all of the belly work and must go on doing cum animation. I've had such a bad time with this in particular in CS6, it hurts. I'm really not looking forward to doing it, but I have no other choice.

Also if someone who knows some basic actionscript wanna help me out, we can get the Ellie part out for a beta release, too.

Winter Zu collab:

Currently on the backburner. Might consider streaming parts of the making of this sometimes during the week.

Speaking of which, I and Raz did a stream of Gal*Gun2 last saturday. Here's our twitch channel, we've reached the patreon goal to try and do streams at least once a month, so if you don't wanna miss out, check out or twitter, patreon or discord server for stream dates.
The flash stream will probably be on picarto. I haven't fully set things up yet, so... If you wanna watch that, keep a look out at the places mentioned above.

And before I go, I drew this for Meriyel, since it's her birthday! Congrats!

Well, a good night to you all!
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Today I have a lot of nice fanarts from GBlastman! Let's shake them all out!

Hallie Gwen does Sofi
Agatama VS. Lollo
Jenny Yoshi Analsex
Cheerleader Trio
Xu & Liele
Horny Zu (Fixed version)

What a bunch of different stuff! I really appreciate them! Even going back so far of drawing fan art of the stuff I drew when I was a kid. I'd say it was kind of childhood ruining, but to be honest I drew smut back then too. Haw haw. Makes me feel a little bad though, as I'm supposed to work on the trade thingy...

Because the Christmas flash has made so much progress. It's almost finished now, actually. It's fully playable, with a few glitches here and there that needs to be fixed. The only major stuff that's left is the music and some guest art for a special thingy~.

Anyway, have a screenshot. Soon, it'll be done! For real!
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Yo! Today I've got a bunch of clothing alternatives for some of my characters to show off. Getting close to making a complete set for all of them soon, feels gut for sure.

Let's start with Zu:
Maid Zu
Summer Zu
Sailor Zu
I'm pretty happy with the new Zu and how her outfits turned out. I changed her swimsuit from blue to yellow. It seemed to fit her better. The other ones are pretty much the same, but they probably look a lot better when Zu herself looks better. And they're also visible from the front.

Swimsuit Zara
I realized I did not give Zara a swimsuit, so I dressed her up in one real quick. I'm very happy with the results myself!

Fancy Ellie
Casual Ellie
I started with Ellie today. So far I made these two outfits for her. Other than these, I'm thinking I'll make a gardening outfit, painting outfit and a swimsuit for her too.

Also got some fanarts to show off!
First two are from Jeremy Melchor, which stars some of his girls dicking Zu.
Aisha and Zu
Sheelah, Rose, Aisha and Zu
Something for those who enjoy huge girls with dicks fucking a tiny little Zu, haw haw. I know I do!

And one piece from Cinndrie
Girldick Testing
His character Rebecka using Sofi as a test subject for some unique type of pill.

Thanks a lot!

I'm going to continue with some more Ellie outfits before I go to bed, so you'll probably have that to look forward to when the next update hits.
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It's been up and down with these voicers for the missing voicelines. I've got two people on it, so whoever delivers first I'll use. We're using some placeholder audio until then. It feels great to have the coding started though. I have no idea how long it'll take, Mittsies is hating me as usual because I always make such complicated, tedious or weird functions, hoahoa. But it's moving forwards again, hooray! I'll have to throw together some sort of main menu, man do I suck at those!

Here's something else for that Zu flash perhaps. Something anyone never ever asks for, a Zu titjob!

Pretty cool, isn't it?

And here's a drawing I managed to finish up!
I should really finish up more drawings, but I'm not feeling it right now. Blegh. I've been really frustrated about the voice thing lately.

But we'll see, hopefully it'll solve itself during the week. Soon! Soon we'll see the release of Spectacular Spectrophilia!
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Hey, sorry for being late. I stayed up late trying to finish the first page of the comic and was so tired when I finished I had no energy left for writing an update. Had to sleep, hoahoa!

Here we go: The Centipit Page 1
It took longer than I expected to finish up these. I'll probably have the second page out by sunday, since it's not as much to draw on that page.

Here are some other drawings I drew as well!
Butt Break
Teasing Mommies
Dick Lowers Intelligence
And this one that I forgot to upload last week: 1 Zara 3 Ghosts

I received half of the voice stuff for Zoo yesterday, and it sounded really good! I should receive the second batch sometime this week, and then I can start editing and cutting things out. When I got them done I can give you all a preview of what it'll sound like, perhaps!

But now, I gotta go out and get me some food, am really hungry!
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Bet you've waited all week for the conclusion of The Centipit!

The Centipit Page 2!
Comics aren't really my forte, but it was at least interesting to try making one, even if the subject might not interest all that many people. I'll probably not try to draw comics again, I find animation more interesting. Speaking of which, I've been extremely restless not being able to do any of that... My VA has been delayed further. It hurts, but what can you do...

I've been trying to draw things, but I mostly sketch up things and don't finish them, huff. I want to make some halloween themed things, but I don't have many ideas... And I've been bothered by wanting to change up Zara's bangs to something that's less obtrusive.
I made a sketch of a possible change, though I'm not entirely sure if this fits her. (It's also an attempt at a halloween themed thing. Both Zara and Sixten might get the dick from here...)

Tell me if any good, ya?
There's also this here sketch that I drew up, but am unsure of if it's worth continuing with...

Anyway, I have two more drawings to show off today!
Zara Working Out!
Roxy Rocks Zu's Rectum, another art trade I made.

Well, that's what I've got for today. I should try to finish up more drawings this week and hope I don't go insane from not being able to continue with my flash projects.
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What was supposed to be a good update today quickly turned into an awful one. Somehow both my main harddrives failed at the same time, like an hour ago or something. I can't access either of them at this point. I'm going to have it looked at tomorrow, so hopefully we'll be able to salvage all of my stuff!

Anyway, like I promised, have the new and updated Zu![Zu_&_Zeta's_Zoological_Zone].png

Stuff was looked at, and it's completely dead. I've put the HDD in the freezer, so maybe I'll be able to save the most important things in the morning.
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Shortly after I wrote the last update, I got a nasty cold. In the middle of summer, of course. I'm pretty much OK now though. I have to say, the worst things about colds are the runny nose. I can take pain in the throat and nose, but when ya get a runny nose it'll get sore from all that paper on nose action, and I hate that. Bluh.

Well, since I was sick I tried to do some writing and profile image work, but it was tough.
I got started on Ellie a little. She's going to get quite a revamp. And with that make her ability more clear on how it works. I also finished Psycho Girl's new bio, but lo and behold, doesn't let me update it for whatever reason. So until I can get that looked at, I'll give a link to the file on my dropbox.

Meh, anyway, I made small changes to some of Zu's costumes and also removed some stuff that had accidentally been left in. Here they are again, if ya wanna see 'em:
Zu Profile Image 1
Zu Profile Image 2
Zu Profile Image 3
Zu Profile Image 4
Zu Profile Image 5
Zu Profile Image 6
Zu Profile Image 7
Zu Profile Image 8

I also started to draw up Ellie's new profile image. Here's what it looks like so far, what do ya think?
Ellie Profile Image WIP

I see there's quite a lot of different opinions on making Butt Bus a movie instead of a game. I just want to clarify that I'm not going to make it literally like Rear Guard. If I make that, it'll be more focused on the porn and you'd have to click your way forward or something similiar to that. You'd get more scenes and variety instead of less control, or whatever ya called it. I wasn't aware that the little options I had in my flashes so far counted as being in control, haw haw.

I'd make the movie so that you wouldn't have to miss anything or wait for stuff to happen if you so wish to just watch a single part. I think it'd be fun, too. The only problem I'll have to tackle is to not make it too ambitious and add too many scenes or make it too lengthy. But ye, I'll have to finish that ZZZZ flash first. Right now it just looks like a huge boulder that I need to get rid off before I can start my Butt Bus project though. Mgh.

I'll have to get my ass back on that tomorrow!
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Tentacles are so BORING to animate.
I've not worked a lot on the flash this week. I suddenly got the urge to play through EarthBound, so I'm currently doing that at the moment. Stupid wonderful game, being all awesome. Oh well, I'm near the end, so I should be back with working on flash soon.

I don't really have a lot to share this week, just two fanarts from Guodzilla.

Picture 1 & Picture 2!

Also, my Wii broke, so now I can't get distracted by playing Brawl all the time. I guess that's a good thing, but that's also what made me pick up EarthBound again.

I should go to sleep now. I need to get up early tomorrow... Today, I mean.
Bleh. I hate making tiny updates, but I really don't have anything else to talk about.

So, G'night~!
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Apparently there was some sort of IP trouble making only the wonderfully crafted the only site on the server to be downed. Blargh. Some day I'll find a way to get this piece o junk updated. Anyway, I didn't have a lot to report last weekend anyway. Smash Ultimate released and I spent pretty much the entire weekend playing it. And a good bit of the following week too.

Well, even if I did slack off a lot last week, I did manage to make a new Ellie! And a new Zara and Lollo too, but I've progressed most with Ellie. Her work outfit design is a whole lot better now I think, take a look:

I've also changed her skintone. Don't know if I mentioned before, but I did want to differenciate all my characters' skintones slightly. Since Ellie is of french ancestry, her skin isn't as pale as us regular swedes. I and a friend of mine are still tinkering with the colors of the other characters, but I'll show that progress when we find something we're happy with.

That's it for me unfortunately, but I did receive a whole lot of fanart during this period of time, so enjoy all of this!

Fun at Sheelah's Place, Cerberus Carmine drew a follow up to his previous drawing and it seems Sheelah made true of her words!

Next up, a set of drawings from GBlastMan, who drew Sixten being bullied by his older sister Malin!
Dominant Sister 1
Dominant Sister 2
Dominant Sister 3
Dominant Sister 1 (Textless)
Dominant Sister 2 (Textless)
Dominant Sister 3 (Textless)
Interesting motif, I have to say!

And lastly, some art I received in an art trade!
2 Cats, featuring Zu, Zoo and a whole lot of giant cocks. Drawn by Bumbleborb18, if I read that right.

Well, it's nearing christmas times, so I better try to finish all the drawings that's started to pile up on my todo list. I'd like to start of the new year fresh and with only eyes for flashes and updated character art.
It's bedtime for me now, so I'll see you later!
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