I got my ass into gear and finished up those last cum animations this weekend. I'm now letting somebody string it together so a demo can be made. I asked my patrons what they thought I should do, release it without voice and facial expressions or wait til all that's done, and it seems like most of them wanted to wait for the voice. I feel like that's a good idea too. I've got a girl who's willing to voicing Zoo a try, so I'm hoping it works out!

I also had some time to think of what to do with the Zu/Zeta part. Since it's going to sport two characters instead of one, and all the previous parts have turned out to become quite laggy and possible crashprone, I had to cut down on some of the planned stuff, the major one being I got to work with two similar styles of bodyshape to be able to recycle animation a lot easier. Zeta didn't like this, so she instead opted to pull out of the project this time around.
I still want to have two characters featured though, so the question is... Who will replace Zeta?

I've been thinking of either Johanna or Sixten. Johanna has a more similar build though, so it might work a lot better with her. Besides, she hasn't been in a flash yet. Because she's practically not a fully fleshed out character yet... But people still want her to receive the dick.

I drew another thing, too! Tearing Tyrant!

Well, until I can get voiceclips to work with and figure out what to do with the Zu part of the farm project, I'm not sure what to do. I guess I'll have to look into side projects or something. We'll see.
I do want feedback and ideas about what to do with the Zu part though, so throw me some in the comments.
Posted 3rd of September 2018 - 06:27 by | 26 comments.
I finished that.

The weeks after I finish a flash are usually pretty content-less. So yeah, don't really have anything to show today either. I'll talk instead, as some people enjoy reading about me and my pathetic life. But first, have a look at this fan art!
Picture of Zu, made by Pinkarina!
Many thanks.

I finished the Zu sprites for stage 3 in Project X! I got the honor to re-design the two~ years old Eel rapes to make 'em look better. I like to think that I did a pretty good job with them. To think of it, I had to design the Mermaid enemy and the Squid enemy and make rapes for those too. So I pretty much set the base for all the enemies in stage 3 except for the Dolphin, which is one of those strong enemies that has a different rape for each character. Most people like the rapes to just be good 'ol fucking, so I made sure to include one in each enemy's rape! One old fashioned and one gimmicky, you could say. So the rest of the spriters are probably busy editing the rapes for the rest of the cast now. I wonder when the next demo will come out.

And I wonder if I'll ever find a good voice actress for Zu. The current voice is recorded with such an awful mic that it hurts your ears when listening to it. I don't know where to find girls that would like to voice act, and even if I did, I would be too retarded to even succeed in asking. Ugh. So if you happen to be a female browsing this site and doesn't mind lending her voice out for my flashes, or Project X, send me an email!

You should all know by now that I'm working on the trade with Besped, and that's going pretty well, except for the fact that I've been slacking off an awful lot lately... But it's coming along, at least. He and I have not yet decided what to do with our upcoming collab, but it's leaning towards two sluts and a bunch of aliens. It should be fun to attempt to make something that isn't rape or heavy inflation, as I've been making that... Far too much lately. Eugh.

Which leads me to another thing I've been thinking about. I have very, VERY, limitied knowledge in scripting and coding, so I'm constantly being held back by that when I want to make a flash. I'm too fucking stupid to learn how to as well. I have many great ideas, and I get many great ideas in comments and in the request box. Mostly, it seems like people want a flash where you can screw all the girls that I have created. Raping, abusing, loving and mindbreaking them, etc. I'd love to make a flash where you could make them into your cock-loving sexslaves and such, but as it is now, I can't make it happen.

So, in the future, I'll at least try to include stories to my flashes, to get out of the usual set of flashes I make. I'm thinking of doing kind of an "Choose your own adventure" flash where you'd play as Zu and get fucked and stuff. And perhaps collaborate with other artists to make other fun flashes. With their art and my animation skills, maybe we can create something better than what I could on my own.

Hmm... Actually I remembered some stuff that DM DOKURO made a while ago that I forgot. I'll upload those real quick...


Yes, here we go:
Stuff that DM DOKURO made when he was real bored one day:
Lollo graffiti
Sixten graffiti
Ellie graffiti
Sofi graffiti
Zara graffiti
Zu graffiti

Pretty cool, I think.

Also, is it just me, but has there been a lot of talk about Psycho Girl, aka Mikaela, lately? I feel like there's been several people wanting a real flash where you can fuck her in the ass, rather than the quick halloween thingy I did last year.

Hm. Well, that's it for this week. We'll see what happens next week. Hopefully it's something fun. I'm gonna go to bed soon, so good night for now!
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Mittsies hasn't been free for a while now... Nyurp. I hate waiting.

Well, I scanned some pictures for today's update at least.
Ellie tentacle sketch. Made by me and Yulia.

Raccons can't play tennis. Based off of a conversation I had on the 3DS. Huhu.

Irritated Sixten, another train drawing...

Yeah, I've been jumping back and forth with other projects while Onihole's waiting to be coded. There isn't really anything I can do to speed up the process. I really wanna see it done...

Oh well, it's time for bed. Next week it'll already be august...
Posted 30th of July 2012 - 02:51 by Rock Candy | 37 comments.

More stuff will be uploaded later.

Posted 21st of March 2010 - 23:19 by Rock Candy | 8 comments.
The biography is removed and replaced by "About"

There you will find info about Rock Candy and other stuff.
We have also added a fan stuff section where the RC will upload things.

Posted 11th of December 2010 - 14:15 by LM | 3 comments.
Sorry for being absent these last days, but on the plane ride home I got really sick. I've been in bed sleeping for like two days. My throat is killing me right now, it's terrible. I wanted yo draw some stuff when I got back, but alas. Only sickness for me.

Well, if you followed my twitter adventure, you should've gotten a good enough idea of what went down while I was gone! Except for the last days where it was just raining and then I got too sick to even think about taking pictures. I'll update the twitter with the loot I brought back soon after finishing writing this news post.

I'd reply to some of the comments on the last news post, but there's just so much whining. If you're unhappy with what's posted on site, join the discord where I'll post WIP shit and stuff if I can. Maybe it'll help out a little, since I announce when I'm about to stream there and whatever. Or don't and continue to whine or leave, it's up to you I suppose. It's not like I'm happy with the current situation either. But yeah, everything's just an "excuse", whatever that means. I'd like to hear hat's classified as not an excuse for once. Bet it's just shitposting.

Anyway, I go ttwo nice birthday drawings while I was gone!
One from Cinndrie!
And one from Absented Tangent!
Thanks much guys, appreciate it very much!

Can't really think of anything to write at the moment, but I wanted to get an update out there.
Posted 18th of June 2018 - 20:45 by | 15 comments.
This week, I got some fanarts from Guodzilla! By next week, the next part of Ellie and Zu Get Lost will probably be done as well.
The sabergirls trying on some new clothes!
Za being herself!

I have been working on animating tentacles for this whole week, and it is still boring. I'm almost done with the tentacles, but then I have to add juices n' stuff on them which also takes forever... Huff, all this effort I put into this, I hope it is not in vain...

Also, have some RC character Miis.

I'm getting tired, so I shall go to sleep, I guess.


Posted 27th of February 2012 - 02:01 by Rock Candy | 7 comments.
Hayo! Today, I have a fresh new bio of Zara for you all to read!
Shake it out!
I'm going to redraw her profile image at some point, I think I said so in earlier news post. Aside from that, do read up on her! I and my assistant have been working hard on her, so please take some time to read it through!
Next character we're gonna work through is our favorite troublemaker Sofi!

But wait, there's arts from both me and fans too to show off!

Mindblowing orgasms, featuring Zara.
Birthday Buttsex Girl, always count on Zu's asshole to cheer ya up!
Friday Fuck, Zara and Friday partaking in some buttsex antics!
Lexine and Zara and,
Lexine and Zu, drawings I made for dyveria
Bicycle Tentacles, featuring an unlucky Zoo!

That's a total of 6 drawings from me in a single week. That's almost a new record.

As for fanart, I've got two!
Zara's butt, made by Lynnea!
A cute Zu, drawn by kudosseac!
Thanks a lot to the both of ya!

I hope ya'll had a great week! And I hope some of my art will release some stress for some of ya!
As for myself, I'm gonna finish Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright before I go to bed. (I hope)
Posted 20th of July 2015 - 01:38 by | 3 comments.
Short update today, since I don't have a lot to share. Had various head aches during the week which made it hard to focus on things.

I did fiddle around with Zara's reference image though, here's what they look like currently:
Zara Nude
Zara Underwear
Zara Clothes
Zara Alternate Clothes

Tweaked the skincolor slightly, but I'm not sure if the lip color fits any more now.
Made adjustments to the face. It's a lot harder to make an appealing face digitally than when I draw traditionally, huff.
Thoughts and feedback are welcome, as always.

I've sketched up new reference images for Zoo, Lollo and Psycho Girl as well, so we shall see how they turn out later as well! I have a feeling that picking out skincolors for them is going to be another challenge too.
Posted 16th of September 2019 - 12:02 by | 1 comment.
Boys and girls, Zara's part is now availible for all to enjoy!
Play Zara's Zany Zoolatry!

Many improvements have been made to it, I hope you'll like it!
Thanks to all who supported me on Patreon, these funds will help me a lot when it comes to paying VA's and other sound stuff for future parts!
As usual, I can't really come up with anything to say when releasing. So, I'll see you next week. Look forward to seeing the comments on this thing.
Posted 8th of June 2020 - 13:09 by | 6 comments.