Unfortunately, the coding process will take a little longer than I thought. As the deadline had passed, I added some extra stuff that apparently was a chore to code.

Poor Mittsies.

I am not sure hut it wont take Onihole-long, hoahoa.

Anyway, I'll make a real update whenever it gets done. I hoped to finish it before the new year, but eh. The flash doesn't take place on the day of christmas anyway, so it should be fine to be a little late!! The most important thing is that it is well done, me thinks.

Anyway, I'm gonna go to bed, so see ya soon.
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Today (monday) is christmas here in Sweden. Christmas is on the 24th here for all you non-swedish people who browse this site and did not know.
Sadly, I was unable to finish my christmas flash in time, due to distractions from friends and games. But do not worry, I am almost done with it. Probably before new year's eve. If not, I am going to be disappointed with myself.

As for my presents, I got some T-shirts, a mug with my ugly face on it and a 3DS XL. Woop. Fantastic!

Anyway, as I've have been working and working on getting the christmas flash done, I have not made any other material. Luckily, there's some fan content to keep ya all happy.

Here's some stuff from FlashMasterXD:
Some TF2 mod thingy? I think.
Anyway, here's a link to a video of it.
And a link to download it.

La and Lollo keeps fighting, for some reason.

And... A lil' christmas story from Guodzilla.
Oooh, interesting preview!
Download here!

Hm... Well, I can probably tell you all the title of the flash now. Here it is:

Fantastic is it not? I'm pretty sure you've all figured out who the main character of the flash is now...

I'm gonna spend my christmas alone, working on this thing, so I'm happy. I hope the rest of ya will enjoy it as much as I will. I think I am going to head to bed early today so I wake up ready for flashwork tomorrow. Or rather today, huhu.

So ya, don't think there's anything else I want to share right now... You'll hear from me next week, if not earlier.
merry christmas and stuff, now go do something of value.
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Only a week left until christmas, and I am starting to make the animations for the flash today. Tried to make backgrounds all day last night, but I ended up hating all of them. Ugh. Spent a lot of time on the art, and wasting lots due to a horrible sleeprythm, friends coming over and Paper Mario and Wii U stuff. I hope I can get it done on time this time, huhu.

And yesh, I forgot to update last night once again, I really need to get my shit back together... uhm... Don't really have a lot to update with. I guess I'll give ya a small screen shot of the flash and then let you go on to do whatever.

Well, time for me to start this shit up. See ya next sudnay/monday!
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I have been quite lazy with updating lately, have I not?
Well, I have stayed up late every night working on the christmas flash, 'cause I really want to get it done in time this year! Sadly, I have not even gotten to the point where I start to animate yet...

People who lurk about might already know what my flash will be themed around due to my subtleness. I sent sneak peeks to the 15 guys on my 3DS friend list. Woaah. But I'll pretend it's still a secret for you who only browses the flash and front pages!

So uhm... Other than hard work, I have nothing else to say...
All the stuffs is coming around when I actually have something to do; Wii U, Paper Mario, friends and shit... It's distracting, but I have tried to put it aside for now.

But wait, there's a fan art!
The ZuBox by Guodzilla. A scene from his fan fiction!

So yesh, nice stuff.




Yes, it's back to work with me for now. I'm not tired enough to go to bed yet, so I'll just spend them on working! Yaay!
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Sorry for being late with the update this week, but I've been quite busy the last few days...

I bought myself a Wii U, so I've been playing with that and there's a visitor here at the moment, so that also eats some time.
But I am working on a christmas flash now, and I'm pretty sure it shouldn't take as long as Onihole to make, huhu. I only have a few weeks to finish it, so don't go expect anything fantastic out of it! The title is still in the works, so we'll see what it will be called. I can say it's a bit Rule 34-ish and original at the same time, but other than that, you'll have to wait and see what it turns out to be! I'm working on it as I write this...

It's 7 in the morning, but I'm not that tired. So I'm using my time working on the flash. Hah...

WELL, there's a fan art for uploading at least! From Brockus Dain:
Kirby Sofi? Kinda? I'm not sure what it's supposed to reference to, but it looks soothing.

Hmm... Well, I should finish up what I'm doing and go to bed.
Good night, and I'll see you all again on sunday!
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Today, I present to you, two kind of butts:
Ellie... "painting", or something. Her butt is showing, that's for sure.
Genderbent Zu, called Theodore. Even his butt is showing!

Yes, one large female butt and one smaller male butt. That just shows that any butt can get penetrated by stiff dicks. Oh well.

And have this:
Old characters that I drew anew. These will not be added to the character gallery or anything, they're just... there. They don't have any personality or backstory whatsoever. Hmph.

Fan art from Brockus! Some weird stuff is going on here... But weird isn't always bad!

Yus yus. That was that. That was it for today.

In other news... There is none.
Well, yes, acutally there is some. Zeta decided to put some characters to the side for some time, so they can focus on making more stages instead. We're talking Project X. Zu is still in, though. With fewer characters to make sprites for, it's gonna get a lot faster to progress with stages and such. I hope. Now is also the chance to improve upon old rapes, as the rest of the characters will sprited in later (hopefully by someone else than me!), and I really think some enemies could use some uppity in their rapeanimations. The spider and the Chao, is what I thinking of adding some to, so I'm gonna spend next week to do that. Sprites and whatever.

And, Raz and I also bought a streaming machine for our own amusement, so that we can stream ourselfes competing in various games. We've made a bet, that if he wins in 10 different games before me, he can shave my head. And if I win, my hair stays. Silly, I know. But fun, for us. I'll post the link to my channel whenever we get stuff going, if you are interested in other things that porn.

That's that, and now I'm heading to bed! Good night and good faps, to all of you!
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I spent this week mostly scanning in all the pictures I have, and it turned out to be a whole lot. I'm not sure what I should do with them though, maybe I'll upload my art-history for all to see here on site, but I don't want to flood my pictures gallery with lots of ugly old art. I have yet to sort them all out, so gyuh. I don't know...

Well, I have some new arts to post for today's update at least.

First out, some characters I drew for a friend. He didn't like them.
Sofi in a Tanooki Suit.
Sofi getting raped in a Tanooki Suit.
Some sketch I found, of Zara and Peach.
Another odd pic, of Zara and some crazy furry guy.
An early christmas picture of Zu. And penises.


I'm thinking about translating old childhood comics into english, so that anyone can download and read them. Some of them are quite funny, while some are just plain garbage. They consist of old characters I used to use, and they got pretty strong personalities. Well, most of them, at least. They're simple and much unlike Zu, Sofi, Ellie, Sixten, Zara, Lollo and Mikaela.

Maybe it'll be interesting. I think it is.

Other than that, I don't have anything else planned. Only the same old, which I have not really made much progress on lately, due to lack of proof-checking and stuff. I'm taking very small steps forwards! I need to get back into my flow, I'm still alienated to not having a super-project (a la Onihole) waiting to be worked on!

Well... Well well... Perhaps I should make another quicke flash for this year's christmas and hope it doesn't turn out into a second Onihole? I somehow got the crazy idea that I'd livestream me making a buttsex flash. A short one, that is. A tad longer than the Zu VS. Lollo flash maybe? Hm... Might be interesting.

I'll think about it.

As usual, it's time for sleep by now, so I shall say GOOD NIGHT! And I hope I'll get some interesting comments when I wake up.


SHIT I forgot to upload the finished Zee-sketch. Have it, have it.
Zee is made for taking stuff up her butt, it doesn't matter what she says!
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Due to moving last wednesday, I've been distracted form work quite a lot; most things I've been able to do is some spritework.

These last couple of days, I've just spent playing games and watching movies and being lazy... Made some livestreaming of me playing MegaMari, which NEVER turns out well.

Anyway... It's not much different from living with dad, but I still need to get adapted to this new way of life. It probably wont be too hard, but you never know.

Mmh, so yeah, nothing to post today... Well, actually, you can have this picture of old doodles that I found while looking for my stuff: No comments... Just look at it! Nyuh.

So yeah. Maybe by next week I'll be in shape to do more work! And stuff!
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Yesh, today's update is also lacking content from me. Luckily, Guodzilla made some stuff, so have at it!

Part 14 of Ellie and Zu Get Lost is finally here for your reading pleasure! Go ahead and download!

Not only that, but there's also two fan arts as well:
A little extra "La VS Lollo" picture for halloween!
And a Halloween Party picture for 2012!

Nice stuff, check it out, shake it out!

As for me, I "finished" a part of the trade with Besped. That flash with the furries in the cave, if you remember that screenshot from some while ago. It was... An interesting experience, I guess, the flash wasn't that hard to make, though it was a bit hard for me to keep focus on it, as I'm not that interested in furry work. But I did it!

But of course, mine and Besped's ever-changing minds decided to make us two collabs, one exclusively for his character, and one for mine. We'll be doing his first, which'll be... Something most people on this site probably wont enjoy very much, while mine will probably be liked more, due to the content.

So for now, I'm doing various work on other projects until Besped finishes his part of the trade... Then we'll post our flashes at the same time.
(When we do, it's probably gonna look really unfair, but we worked it out!)

As for now, I'm gonna go to bed. I wrote a bit on Psycho Girl's (Now named Mikaela) bio, and I hope it wont take very long to have it up to date. She's not as complicated as the rest of my characters, she's got no friends or relationships or job or anything like that. I just gotta take a day and dedicate it to writing... I have not done that in quite a while, and I believe that is very needed if I want to get somewhere with them. I have all this time, and I waste it on stupid shit, it makes me feel really bad about myself.


Well, good night all. I hope I'll dream about butts. I have not in a while...
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Damn, I've been forgetful lately... I have so much on my mind right now. I'm going to move very soon, and there's so much that needs to be done. I'm not used to all this stuff going on, so I've been a bit absentminded lately. So yeah...

Don't really have much to say today either.

Well, there's been this contest for Project X this month, which is almost over by this point... But it's supposed to be people making boy-versions of the characters in the game for some genderbending stuff or whatever, and as most of them are sonic fans and probably don't give a shit about Zu, I doubt she'll get any suggestion-pictures. Now, I'm not a guy who finds boys sexy, so I do not know how to make a boy-Zu look good and such... So if anyone's up for it, draw a quickie of boy-Zu, and I'll have some to choose from. Even a single picture would help, actually...

Well, enough about that. I'm going to continue work on Besped's flash soon, so I'll be out for now! Got any questions, just leave a comment and I'll reply if I can.

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