Sorry for not updating in a while. Have a half-assed video of me explaining why.

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Oh yeah, it's another sunday, another update, another not christmas flash.
But, as I said in update, I uploaded a new flash unrelated to the christmas thingy. So go look at that. It's called "Project X Scrapped Bonus Animations Collection." and is placed in the Misc category in the flash tab.

Stream was crazy!! But we didn't win just yet...

Mmmmyes. Enjoy your lifetime. Good bye, see you next sunday. Hopefully, the flash will be mostly dony at that point, if my coderguy doesn't have the busiest week of his life. Let's hope not.

Merry christmas.
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I explain all the situations in the video, if you can bear with it!

Our streaming channel, where we stream Mario's 3rD World for the night. We're starting in about 20 minutes from when this news post is posted!!
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Finally, I can work in peace.
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A little late... A little much too late, but still.

Tomorrow I'll make progress on the flash!
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Like we say in the video.

Our streaming channel, where we stream Mario 3D World for the night. We're starting soon ohh shit!!
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Sorry about the no update yesterday.

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Ya, haven't been able to do much flashwork with all the people around.
Sorry bout that.
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Happy new years and stuffs!!

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Obligatory video:

As for the people talking about donation stuff, I don't really want money...
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