I'm sorry I didn't update last week, but I just felt very eh.
I recently got to know my VA can't do the voiceacting due to personal issues. Which is understandable due to the circumstances, but it still left me a bit bummed out. I'm going to see if some of the VAs I've previously worked with can do a fitting voice, but it sucks that I got so close and then have to cancel it.
I do have the choice of waiting it out though, but I don't know how long that will take. But on the other hand, I've finally gotten my computer fixed so I can once again work on larger projects! Which means, I can continue doing the lipsyncing and facial expressions of the Sofi farm flash!
So I'm not sure if I should wait it out and do the Sofi flash, or try and get a new VA for Ellie altogether. Any thoughts? I'm a bit split on the matter...

Well, during my downer time, I made another Rock n' Raz episode!

It's as bizarre as usual, I hope.

I also have a few drawings planned out. But they're not quite ready yet.

Oh, and also some further progress on Zu and Sixten's colors.

Feedback is always welcome. I want these to look as good as possible, after all.
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I finished up a few more drawings this week!

Trixie gets Trixxed, in which Trixie gets buttfucked.
Drink up!, I made a joke about a silly theme day.
Victim of Opportunity, a drawing I'm vary satisfied with.

And also, I decided to release this animation as a standalone: Sofi Anal Animation.
It's from the Spectacular Spectrophilia flash, from the bonus end. Without the text or the background.
If anyone's interested in coloring it, I've got the source frames all transparent and ready. I'm not feeling up for the task myself...

I also said I'd make a new Sixten and Zu reference image, ya? Well, here's the current progress on those. Feedback is welcome as always.

Zu is sporting a new skincolor and Sixten will too... But what it'll be is not decided yet!

As for their general design, I feel only tiny details have changed since the last versions. Mostly how I draw hair and eyes. But it's a big enough step to warrant updating 'em. At least I think so.

Well, I look forward to hearing what you think.
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My Ellie VA unfortunately caught a cold again so I decided to take some commissions while waiting. They took longer than I expected to finish, but here they are!

Orgasm Intensifies, Zara volunteers for some sort of crazy experiment.
Crushed by her Crush, in which Zu gets seducted.
Team Bunny Attack, Zu happens to wind up between two horny bunnies.
FERTILIZED x2, Sixten impregnates both Ellie and Zoo, while leaving Zu out of the fun.

I think I've noticed a theme here... It's like nobody wants them sweet butts anymore :c

Anyway, this is what Zoo looks like with colors slapped on! Her new skintone should hopefully make her look a bit more asian in nature.

Tell me what you think, ya?

I'm going to make a new Zu and Sixten too, since I became really bothered by tiny details that has changed over time. At least I can make them a lot faster now!
Here's a sketch of the new Zu, I think it will work well.

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I streamed the making of a new Sofi character portrait yesterday. There's no color or details yet, just the basic outlines.

What do you think?
I'm going to have to fix all of these up real quick since I need the new skincolors for all of 'em in the story bits in that Ellie flash I'm working on.

I was also recently made aware of some commissions someone had made, featuring Zara. That's pretty cool, me thinks!
Slutty Zara 1
Slutty Zara 2
Slutty Zara 3
Slutty Zara 4

I'm awaiting voice stuff for Ellie now while I'm drawing story comics, so I'm curious to see how those turn out.
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I made some Ellie drawings for Valentine's. Three different scenarios.
Valentines Ellie Variation 1 - "Innocent" Approach
Valentines Ellie Variation 2 - Broken Bitch
Valentines Ellie Variation 3 - Forced Love
Hope at least one of them speak to your tastes...

I also finished up a bunch of sketches I've had laying around!
Install Zu in Wall, continued art trade with Tera.
Butt Breeding in Progress, an art trade with Styles, where Zoo and Imala gets huge horsedongs up their butts.
Crybelly, Zoo with a belly full of cum.
Sucking Zoo, just a little drawing of Zoo sucking a dick.
Cramps, in which a secret(?) is unfolded...

I also streamed saturday, and I made some progress on Zara. She's almost done, I still probably need to make some tweaks to the lips. Also, don't mind the facial expression on the clothed version, I made it like that on purpose since it looked so funny. I shall change it later.

It's starting to shape up, ya?
We'll see what I shall stream next. Maybe some lipsync stuff?
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I listened to your feedback and asked a friend to help me out with the problematic areas. Hopefully this looks a lot better! I also streamed the process of adding clothes to her just before I wrote this update, too. They're not completely done yet, but they're close to. Just need to add a few more details and shade 'em.

I had a bunch of drawings sketched up, but I spent most of tonight streaming so I couldn't finish any.
But I did get a few bits of fan art! So let's go through them before I head to bed!

2 Cats 3, Zu and Zoo find themselves in a sticky situation.
Zu Titties, it definitely is. Drawn by Oni Garth!
Ellie Drawing, a nice Ellie drawn by Ledgy!
Zara in Peril, this piece is part of an art trade!

Hey what do you know, all 4 main girls got a piece of fanart this week. That doesn't happen often!
I'll probably stream again this upcoming saturday. Not sure what yet, but if I can't find something else, it'll probably be the continuation of the Zara character portrait!
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Got a few things to mention today! First, Zara! I've made a new nude model of our favorite butt enthusiast, featuring a new skintone and some changes to her hairstyle. Take a look and lemme know what you all think! I'm pretty happy with it so far.

Underwear and clothed versions will come later!

I got some regular arts to show too, a commission, an art trade and a joke image.
Shackled and Exposed, Zoo being afraid of what's about to happen to her tiny, unprotected butt! (Buy your Rear Guard today!)
Tera, Zu and Dog, further Tera Shenanigans...
Giantess Sofi, I drew this in MS Paint. Shrapnel thought something else I sketched was a giant Sofi in a door frame, so I made this version to mess with him.
The fun thing is I could think of a million things a giant Sofi could do...

And a piece of fanart!
Sailor Couple, I missed to post this a while ago when I received it! It's part of an art trade, too.

The Ellie flash is coming along nicely, I think. There's still a bunch of stuff left to make, including the joy of adding voice and sounds to it. Unfortunately the VA I was hoping to voice Ellie has caught a cold so I'll have to wait for her to get over that. There's quite a bunch of other things to do to fill out the time, though... Most of that time will go towards making a introduction comic similar to the Red Riding Zoo Reskin I made a while ago.

And since we've reached our $500 goal on Patreon, I should start doing some of those art streams again. Maybe I could stream the progress of that. Either that or I could stream the making of the clothed versions of Zara. I might give it ago this weekend, we'll see what it'll be then. I just have to figure out how it works again, I've forgotten, hoahoa!
If you're interested in watching, either follow or check out RC on Picarto on saturday or sunday.

The second shared $500 goal I had on Patreon was to get that Ellie tribe comic done digitally! Since I'm godawful at digital art myself, at least when it comes to anything more complicated that simple flat colored drawings, I've asked GBlastMan to help me out with finishing it. He'll be tracing my outlines and coloring it under my supervision, and so far we've got a preview of a page 1 up for patrons.
Check it out here!
Once the page is colored and finished, I'll post it here on RC.se.

Well, I think that was all I had to say today. Now it's probably time for sleeping for an RC. Good night to you all!
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Hello again! I'm back with some new arts to show off!
Fast Bunny, a commission I drew. I don't usually do 'em, but eh.
That's all I drew, really. Mostly been focusing on flash work.

There's some fanart though!
2 Cats 2, which is a follow up to Zoo and Zu in the monster pit. Once again drawn by Bumblebotb18.
Wendys Zoo, which features Zoo dressed up like that brand mascot! Drawn by Oni Garth.

I took your feedback into consideration and made Ellie's skintone much more subtle. I think it looks a lot better now.
The dudes over at the discord says it looks swell as well, so I hope the rest of ya will be satisfied too!

And I also made an underwear and new work clothes version for her as well.
Ellie in her underwear.
Ellie in her working clothes.
Looks much more professional like this, me thinks.

And this is how the flash looks with Ellie's new colors.

I've finished the base animations now, so it's all the fluff and details that need to be added in now.
I'm currently writing up a little tie-in story for this thing, which hopefully will make it fun to play even though it's going to be a rather short flash. I think the different endings in Spectacular Spectrophilia was pretty popular, so I'll probably do something similar if possible.

Well, as always I'd like to hear what you think. I might be bad at responding to all of your comments, but I do read every single one.
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There's been a few people asking where to find the main song in Spectacular Spectrophilia. The answer used to be nowhere, but now I've uploaded the music to the music tab! It's been updated with an intro and an end, too.

Listen to it here!
The track was made by tdot.dot here on Soundcloud, big thanks to him!

I've also tweaked Ellie's skincolor a whole lot, with the help from a bunch of friends. Hopefully this should be a lot better and less banana-colored!

Next up is going to be Zara... I don't think I should run into too much trouble with her.
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With Spectacular Spectrophilia all done and released, it's time to look forward! It feels very uplifting to have this off my mind, I tell you. The reception seems to be mostly positive as well and that helps too! A lot of confusion regarding the good and bonus endings, too, while others managed to find it on the first try around. Amusing how that works, hoahao. I also hope you've enjoyed how expressive Lollo can be. We had quite a bit of fun with them in the discord server!

Well, with that out of the way and computer parts still on their way, I'm going to focus on something you might recognize from way back. I've been working on it to and fro, but now that I've collabed with a coder we are going to try and do something nice out of this:

It's pretty basic looking right now, sure, but I'm sure it'll shape up as I keep working on it! I don't want to say too much about it yet! Mostly because I've got a lot of decision making left to do! It doesn't even have a name!

So ya, you can probably expect a bit of a low dip in content in the updates during these next weeks. I'm going to focus on getting all of the base animations done for this Ellie flash for now. Hope you can have some continued fun with Spectacular Spectrophilia until then!
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