Kinda had some bad weather while I was away. Mostly stayed inside and played Mario Party. Meh.
But we came to the conclusion that Mario Party 6 is the best Mario Party.

But anyway, I had fun and that's what counts!

So, we're back to Zu. Here's that seventh image that was complained about!
Zu Profile Image 7
Ya, it's Zu's swimsuit!

Thank you Card Game, for your lenghty reply! You gave me a lot of ideas, so I'll need to think about 'em! Going really sexual is tempting, but at the same time I don't want her to come across as a slut!
But that Pumpkin costume, she's already wearing something similiar in the eight image. I changed the pumpkin hat to a cap, though.

Anyway, I should start up work on ZZZZ again.
I've been thinking about flash stuff while I was gone, and I think I might want to start make flashes like Rear Guard instead of game-like stuff. I think I might turn Butt Bus from game format into movie format. It'll make it less bloated to work with and I can more easily do different positions, add a sense of progression instead of resetting or being limited to a single set of assets.
I mean, Rear Guard isn't that bad, is it? What's your opinion? Would ya like to see more movies instead of games? Both have their pros and cons. It's a difficult choice.
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I'm going on my annual knightweek visit with Raz in a few hours! I'm not going to sleep before I go, so I hope I can stay awake the whole of tomorrow... Nyeh!

Before I leave you, I'll give you some drawings to fap to. If they are fappable, that is!

Georgia & Lollo, something silly I made for some girl on deviantart.
He Makes Thou Cometh, Comet's turn with Zu!
Cupid isn't Stupid, Zu's favorite Reindeer, probably!

Hmm. I have not been convinced of any costume suggestions yet.
Perhaps something holiday-ish? It's pretty uncreative, but I'm not sure at this point.
I once made this Christmas Zu years ago, perhaps something like that, but... Better? Sexier? Hum.
Well, you've got until the 17th to throw ideas at me, if you'd like. Just... Try to not make it a cosplaying costume, ya? Or something that's too smiliar to what she's already wearing.

Here, have all of the images I've made so far:
Zu Profile Image 1
Zu Profile Image 2
Zu Profile Image 3
Zu Profile Image 4
Zu Profile Image 5
Zu Profile Image 6
Zu Profile Image 8

Mm. Yes. I gotta go now, so I'll see you later. Maybe I'll shitpost something on my twitter from time to time? Perhaps.
I'm off~!
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And thus, I'll be away from my working bench for a week! It's an annual thing for me and Raz, where we go and sleep in a trailer and play games, do various outside activities and more. I hope we get good weather!
Before I go, I'll try to draw up some juicy stuff.

I've finally started up animation on the ZZZZ project, and I've got to say I'm mighty rusty. It's difficult to put a line on what's good enough for a simple project and what's just rushed, I tell ya. I did find a way to make it look both nice and progress rather smoothly though. There's a lot of work ahead, since there's two characters that need to be made, but I hope that I wont get stuck on something for too long.

I also decided what costume I should give Zu other than that swimsuit.
Zu Profile Image 6!
This costume is for Sixten, tee hee hee. She wont be able to keep him off of her when wearing this!

But hey, I think I'll add another costume other than the swimsuit if anybody can come up with a good idea.

Don't really have a lot to show off tonight, so this'll be it for me. Good night and I'll probably update on friday.
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I've already got most of the content figured out, but I don't want to spoil your fun by just telling ya what they're going to be. It's fun to read your expectations though! Haw haw! Only thing I will say is that there wont be any oral, sadly. I'd love to do something else with triple penetration or such some day, but it isn't now. Anyway, since some said that Zu's eyes were too big, I tried resizing them somewhat. What do ya think? Better or worse?
ZZZZ changes

I also made some changes to Zu's arms in her profile picture. Here's what she looks like now!
Zu Profile Image 1
Zu Profile Image 2
Zu Profile Image 3
Zu Profile Image 4
Zu Profile Image 5
Zu Profile Image 8

I need to make two more costumes for her, too. I'm not sure what they'd be though... I'm thinking a swimsuit, but that might be uninspired? If you have any suggestions, do tell! Try to keep it to her character though! She prefers comfort and cute over all!

So, uh, I made some drawings too for today!
Beleth with an almost erection!
Beleth with a full erection!
Zoo makes a daring dare!
The third reindeer has some fun with Zu!
The fourth reindeer has some fun with Zu!
Hope ya like 'em!!

Oh, almost forgot! I put up a draft of Lollo's Backstory on google dicks! Go read it and tell me if it sucks or if it is awful. I'd really like to hear some feedback on this as well. I'll probably make some changes if something important is pointed out.

Lastly, I got this from LeatherIceCream. It's the usual stuff, haw haw! But he sure has improved since last time, ya. Not perfect... But very good!
Sins 2016

So, umm, ya! That's it for today. Hope ya have a nice week.
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Ya, sorry for not posting last sunday, but with birthday stuffs and E3 shenanigans, I couldn't sit down and try to write something. Still feels like I can't, but that's probably just hunger and tiredness talking.

Anyway, like I said, I was going to show off the flash thingy, ya? Well, here ya go then:
Zu & Zeta's Zoological Zone
Do tell me your opinion of what it looks like.
I'm going to try to keep it somewhat simple, but we'll see what happens. I don't want to say too much yet.

I also stayed up late to finish this drawing.
Friendly Foursome. This wasn't easy to draw! I feel like I've got lots of learn when it comes to drawing spunk on people's bodies.

I've been tweaking some of the Profile images I've been working on for so long, a little bit of Zu and a little bit of Lollo... Starting over with Ellie. Can't really finish Psycho Girl's costumes without getting those done first, haw haw. But it'll be a while before I can show ya those, since now I gotta get back into schedule and work on that flash. Yeye.
But you can have this Beleth Picture! I was asked to make one with a full erection too, so I guess I'll try to have that done by next update.

Also, gotta show off some of the neat stuff I got for my birthday! Some of them aren't really birthday gifts tho, I just recieved them around the same time... But I see them as such anyway!

Zara Double Anal!
Zara Double Anal Creampie!
Zu riding a dildo!
Zu Buttday!
Birthday Zara!
Birthday Ellie!
Voxel Zu!
Voxel Zu Side!
Thanks to you all! I really like 'em!

There's only one thing left for me to show, and that's a project I've been working on for over 2 years on the side. And that's this!

Finished just in time for Raz's birthday! It's his birthday present, so it was getting somewhat stressful near the end, haw haw! It was pretty fun to work with though! I hope ya enjoy it for what it is, since it's pretty much the last non-porn thing I'll work on.

I... Think that was everything. I'm pretty tired so I'm not sure! Sun's already rising, I must go to bed!
But ye, leave comments about the flash thing, I appreciate feedback when it comes to stuff like this.
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Which I'm barely taking part of, 'cause I'm sitting inside drawing smut. Well, I don't like being outside when there's other people around anyway. Bleh. Today, monday, is Sweden's independence day, so I'm sure there's going to be an awful amount of noise and shit all day. Bluh!

And the upcoming sunday is my birthday, as well. I turn something like 25 or close to that, and that's apparently special to some people. To me, it's not. I just want to continue doing ze porns. Mmh.

Anyway, speaking of the porns, I got some drawings done today!

Dashing Progress. The first reindeer has some fun with Zu!
Like a Dance. The second reindeer has some fun with Zu!
Throatfuck stuff. A quickie with Ellie, can't say it's my best work...
Dori Green. Some fanart for Dori Green on Hentai-Foundry, since she added Zu to her comic, Creamy Cream.

And, Mikaela should probably try to kill people her own size...
Psycho Girl Costume 3

That's all I have for today, guys. We'll see each other in a week again! At that point, I should probably have something of value to show of the new flash. Didn't get much done, since Zeta was slow with the reference material! Bluh! And I'm also not entirely sure on how to build the thing... But it'll be figured out as I make progress on it. Ya. Ya!
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And I don't feel particurarly well about that fact! But like I said, I've got a bunch of drawings made for ya!
Also, I am finally able to upload flashes again! Some might have noticed, but I've uploaded two already!

And those would be Rock n' Raz 5 and Closet Peacocks. Feels good to have that sorted out, ya. And if you've missed 'em when I posted them earlier, they're probably news to you unless you follow me on other places. Now you can find them here as well, so it's all gut!

Soooo, my drawings, ye? I've got eight for ya!
The first three are centered around our favorite ghost, Lollo!
Ghostly Butt, where she teases us with her ghost ass.
Anal Sex with a Ghost, where she lets a lucky dude put it in her butthole!
Death Decides, where she's making two boys work hard for her!

Then we got Blowjob Practice, in which Zu attempts to please Sixten with her mouth.
Don't Resist Your Fate! Poor Sofi is being molested by everybody's favorite demon, Beleth, again.
Buttsex is Best Revenge, thinks Sixten as he releases his load up Zoo's guts.
I made two drawings of a Demonic Sofi, 'cause why not. She's like a little devil anyway...
The last one's a Foreign Anal Slave! Well, not so foreign to us perhaps, as she's pretty well known (used) over here. Still... You might not know what she's talking about, haw haw!

Other than that, I've made some research on the reindeers I was going to make a set with. There really wasn't a lot to find. I base these reindeers on a really bad movie, as you might know from earlier work, like Headlights and Christmas Ham and Rudolf's Revenge. Well, Rudolf is the main character of the movie, so he's not that hard to figure out. His dad, Blitzen, has some screentime, but is mostly a generic personality void dad character. But, the other seven reindeer... Barely has any screentime, and only shout out their name at two points in the movie. So I've scanned the movie for bits and pieces where each reindeer is shown. All reindeer but Dancer has a close up of their face, but that's all they've got. A close up of their faces! And since I want to add some more personality to each one of them, I've mostly been going off their name and design... Haw haw. I guess I'm taking this all too seriously, but ey. I like doing it that way!

Oh, and I just remembered these!
Psycho Girl Costume 1
Psycho Girl Costume 2
They're not entirely finalized yet, but what do ya think of them so far?

And since Butt Bus art is still going to be on hold for a while... I've decided to do a short little flash with Zeta. You know, the Zeta that's doing the Project X Love Potion Disaster game? Ya, she's given me a description of what she thinks would be a fun flash for her. She doesn't want it to be anything too complex or lengthy, but it'll be a fun thing to toy around with, I hope. I'll be starting that up the coming week. If I get far enough, I might show a little preview of what it'll look like.

That's all for today. If I don't have a flash preview, I'll at least try to get a reindeer drawing done! I'm gonna do those in order from first reindeer to last, so we'll see Dasher doing what he can with my little girl, haw haw. Good nights!
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It felt like recently I wanted to start over with Butt Bus, but it's been like a month already. Urgh. I've been struggling with getting my Paypal to work so that I could get some art assets for Butt Bus, and just now they managed to get my account to work. So now that I finally could make my payment go through, I hope I'll get what I want soon. And since it has really been a while since I made anything flash, I should probably do something that wont take forever to make. Sound good? I hope so!

I spent this week sketching a lot, but not really finishing anything. I'll have to be a good boy and finish 'em all for next update, ye? I've also been having trouble drawing some stuff for Psycho Girl's costumes, which really put me off. I'll have to find an audio book or something so that I can draw and don't feel the need to go get distracted by something.

However, I found two images I forgot to post last update, eheh. So there's at least an illusion of new content!

Zoo ready for Payday!
I drew this 'cause I've been playing a lot of Payday 2 lately. I think Sofi would be a pretty fun heister. She'd probably bring a few stealthy heists with her, and her loud weapons of preference would be firebased; she's holding a flare gun here. One can dream, ya?

Haunted Kimono.
Ellie bought a kimono at a second hand store, but what she didn't know is that a spirit haunts the kimono! The spirit will only accept japanese people, so since Ellie is swedish, it decides to expose Ellie's goods to the world! Such naughtyness.

That reindeer drawing I made a while ago seemed to be quite popular, too. I'm thinking maybe I should make a set with each reindeer giving Zu a good dicking. Might be fun!

So ye, basically, my shit luck continues to be shit, and I'll try to make up for it somehow. If I don't give you all a bunch of drawings next sunday, you'll have to think of a suitful punishment for me.
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Due to some net fluctuations over Kristianstad, where our server is located, there was some downtime for two days or so. But it could be worse, I heard in Göteborg and nearby, an internet mast was sawed down by some hooligans. How terrible that must be. Or maybe it'll make people actually go out and interact with each others, instead of with their phones.

Anyway, here's the remaining Zu drawings, and Ellie's birthday drawing!
Donut Box Tentacle Loves Zu's Donut
Mean Maid
Sleeping Birthday Girl

Thank you for your ideas, by the way! Most of them was difficult to implement in a birthday scenario, but yeah. Always fun to hear 'em anyway! I'm sure Ellie had a great night, even though she slept through all of it, haw haw.

For a while now, I've attempted to make a new version of Psycho Girl's profile image, with little success. However, I think I've finally made something I'm happy with. Tell me what ya think of it, ya?
Psycho Girl 1
Psycho Girl 2
Psycho Girl 3

Her coming costumes are going to be a bit unique, I'm sure you're gonna like them though!
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Ya! I'm finally happy with all of her now! Here's all of them, I'm holding off posting them in the gallery, in case I find any errors in them. It's happened before!

Half clothed
Fully clothed

Toyed around a bit with her haircolor n' stuff, what do ya think?
Pretty gut, ya?

And last update I promised you all some Zu, yes? Well I did finish two drawings! I wanted to finish the third, but due to good weather and wasting effort on redoing Psycho Girl's profile image made that impossible! But they're pretty, me thinks! A little complicated for being me, if I say so myself.

First one's kind of a follow up to Rudolf's Revenge.
Reindeer Games.
Second one's a fun demonic threesome! With Zu, Beleth and Aiyoku!
Lack of Foresight.

11th of May is Ellie's birthday. What do ya say we all put our perverted minds together and suggest ideas of how to celebrate it? I'll choose one of 'em, or combine some, draw it up and have it ready for next update! Sounds good, ye?

Well, go! I'll look forward to reading your ideas!
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